Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz and Patti Smith

I have long been an admirer of O'keefe, whom I learned about coincidently from Patti Smith. I specifically recall seeing a documentary on O'Keefe while in my teens. O'keefe was in her early 90's. I clearly remember thinking how interesting and beautiful she was still, even in her 90's. I think it was through the still very intelligent and beautiful 92 year old O'Keefe that forever removed the sheen of the younger and younger (pedophilic?) male masturbatory gaze forever from me, that sick gaze we're all groomed into believing.

This is a wonderful article on Patti's discussion of Stieglitz's letters with a few MUST LISTEN TO highlights! Enjoy! And what better way to send out the year, with two very intelligent, strong, talented, and unsubscribing to the gender straight jacket women!

Be strong and proud of yourselves ladies! Most of all, be a rebel!

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The Gender Straight Jacket at the Heart of FemaleTransition and Fear

From a board I was emailed a link to this morning, where 'bouts this space is being whined about how "anti-feminist" it is:

A young female transitioner who clearly hasnt found happiness in her ongoing transition BUT in what she feels is a perk of that ongoing transition, not having (like other females) to where a skirt to court. So rather than work to challenge the ignorant patriarchal notions of the gender straight jacket that these courts are upholding, she prides herself in hiding her own femaleness behind facial hair and a lower voice. Sounds rather "anti-feminist" to me, no? Also it is yet more proof of how the internalization of misogyny and the gender straight jacket are working to develop this trans disorder among females.

Challenge patriarchy, challenge misogyny, challenge the gender straight jacket, do NOT cower in the face of fear by turning that fear inward! Change society, not your brain and body!


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So Much Fear and Hatred From This Trans Community

A few comments awaiting moderation AND on Christmas of all the days of the year.

Not surprisingly both comments (perhaps from the same girl?) were on the poignant guest post from a female transitioner who decided to take steps to detransition as best she could. To those who develop this societal disorder, transition is the fairytale-happily-ever-after-story, when the book is closed and they're confronted with reality, violence and anger set in. The fact is there hasnt been a single happily ever after transition story, not one. There is no happiness found when the troubled mind remains troubled. Brutalizing the body to achieve mental happiness and stability remains a fairytale, comments such as these prove that.


Christmas Gifts

Given that its nearly Christmas, I was thinking about the gifts children ask for and the gifts children receive strictly due to their sex and the negative messages both send to children. Such as when a girl sets her little heart on Santa bringing her the race track set she's begged for, for months. Then Christmas morning comes and with every present that is opened that's a doll or a dress her heart sinks more and more till all gifts are opened and not one was the only present she'd asked for. Or worse, her brother gets the gift she asked for and many others she would have liked.

What are some of your experiences and particularly your feelings when you received a gift that was bought for you solely because of your sex, not because it was a gift you wanted? Sexed gifts that caused your heart to sink or worse, a deep sense of shame?

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Vera Brittain-Testament of Youth

I surprisingly found Masterpiece Theater's moving portrayal of the feminist Vera Brittain's autobiographical account of her personal experience's with WWI, titled Testament of Youth on YT. See link here...

I have been rewatching it for the past few days and just finished it this morning, with both tears and smiles. I watched it originally when it aired in 1980. I recall even as a 12 year old, being quite moved and motivated for the next few years to learn all I could about the First World War, particularly the artists and poets that both died and survived its horrors.

Testament of Youth is both a good watch and an ever better read, I hope some of you take the time to watch the piece. Vera Brittain is an inspiration to all females, past, present and future!


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Transition ends yet another relationship-Chaz Bono and Jennifer Elia's

Since Chaz and Jennifer's break up are already being discuss in the comments....

The once lesbian couple weathered many ups and downs during their more than a decade together, but transition, like a hurricane, completely leveled the foundation and any remaining structures of Chaz and Jennifer's relationship. Apparently Jennifer had some previous drinking issues that not surprisingly resurfaced when Chaz sprang her transition on Jen. Seems all the talk from Jennifer (like we hear all too often from a lesbian partner in the pre and/or initial stages of her female partner's transition) regarding how wonderful transition was for their relationship was just that, talk!

I definitely had many fears and trepidations regarding Chaz Bono publicizing and glorifying transition. Worried that her lauding to the media that transition is actually some viable solution for female self hatred in the absence of a fundamental feminism would only increase the already towering numbers of Trans Trending that is occurring among young women and girls today. But some assured me that Chaz as dual poster boy  and public spectacle for female transition might actually be have an opposing effect. And the more we hear from and about Chaz, her transition and its many fall outs, I think now that they were right.

Chaz truly has become the poster boy for female transition:

1) She was your basic tweener dyke, who still make up the majority of female transitioners.
2) Four years into transition and she still appears quite female.
3) Testosterone has not only redistributed her weight to her waist, it has also dangerously increased it.
4) She has odd facial hair growth.
5) Her long term lesbian relationship has ended due to her transition and obsession with it.

While Chaz is only one female who is in transition, everything that has happened to her, her body, her relationships can easily happen to any woman who falls prey to this gender straight jacketed nonsense!

Chaz Bono: A warning to the dangers of female transition if there ever was one!

And yes, I too suspect that if she hasnt already succumbed to a desire for dick, it is only a matter of time.

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When Trans Trending isnt enough lets TEACH our Children HOW to BE Trans!

The move to teach children the current ignorant homophobic notions of "trans/ition" (rather than the reality of this disorder, how its developed and brutally treated ) highlighted in this article is nothing short of fucking frightening! Should children be taught to see/live beyond the gender straight jacket shoved down their throats? ABSOLUTELY! Especially female children, as the gender straight jacket has been created/updated to hold/keep them down as well as sexualize them for the masturbatory male gaze that is gazing at females at younger and younger ages. But certainly, children whom are most impressionable, should NOT be used by trans advocates to fortify their draughty identities and ever changing sexualities.

This quote is spot on with a clear trans agenda: "Transgender people include those who have had sex change operations and people who have both male and female sexual organs". The large bolded part is a flat out lie! Those born with a combination of xx/xy biology are INTERSEXED, not trans! Trans advocates are trying to confuse their social disorder with that of a clear biological birth state. This is a serious breech of political ethics that is both dangerous and a flat out immoral co-option of the Intersexed in order to lend legitimacy to faux trans identity.

Using children to legitimize their social disorder is reaching an all time low for trans advocates! We can teach the ills of bullying in our schools without proliferating social disorders as licit birth states or life choices! We can teach our children that their sex should never be informed by misogyny and the gender straight jacket for starters which would stop this disorder from ever developing in the first place! 


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

The future of our young Trans Trenders and it aint pretty.

We can and should forgive the misogynistic warped thinking that would desire such horrors. What we cannot forgive is the sick fucking male medical machine committing such horrors to our female youths and soon, female children!


"If you could rape anyone who would it be?"

The above was on a questionnaire created by and for frat boys at the University of Vermont.

This egregious expression of rape culture is only the most recent example
of systemic sexism at UVM. The past year alone has witnessed rape, multiple sexual assaults, and anti-abortion chalking in public spaces. While the university administration has laid off long-time Women's and Gender Studies faculty and supported sexist institutions like Sigma Phi Epsilon, it has refused to take concerted action to combat sexism and rape culture. We
demand that instead of diverting resources into vast salaries for its
administrators, UVM should launch an aggressive campaign against sexism and rape culture, and it should expand institutions such as Women's and Gender Studies and the Women's Center at UVM. Furthermore, UVM must immediately disband Sigma Phi Epsilon. An institution that discusses who it wants to rape has no place at UVM or in the Burlington community.

 Please take a minute to sign this petition towards ending rape culture and holding these misogynistic males and university responsible!  

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When Behavior Determines Sex, We need to Retrink our Perception of Behavior

A regular reader ran across this link on her FB friend's page and fearing liberal/queer attacks were she to respond there, she instead chose to comment here in a safe space. This is what she had to say about the article linked:

So its not socially acceptable for a boy to wear a dress but is becoming acceptable to suppress his natural hormones and have encourage surgery at 18 young years to fit into what our culture says is sexual/gender "appropriate"? And for everyone to pretend that he is a girl? He's male. Some boys are like this. Really. Some boys like Barbie and dress up and high heels. How about the culture deal with THAT? Cutting off his penis or even just pretending he's a girl will not change his sex. It does enforce strict gender roles. And getting him to buy into this all is brilliantly sad! Because it's not acceptable to like Barbie and fancy dresses as a boy we will all encourage him to become a girl? That's the progressive, brilliant choice? There is no such thing as being born in the wrong body. I swear. We are born into the bodies we are born into, and it's our job to deal with it, individually and as a culture. We are in fact born into a gender binary society! There is something wrong with our culture! What has happened to us all? Are we asleep? I do feel for this kid and his family family but cant help but protest the gender straight jacket we all getting behind. (Dirt, I've adopted the gender straight-jacket phrase!)

I was a kid that would have been called trans if I was growing up now -- in fact as a young adult I've been encouraged to transition many times in my life... I'm still wearing "boys" clothes, underwear. Never once payed with a Barbie. I wanted to be a boy. Wanted a penis, wanted to fuck girls, wanted to play boy sports... I've been wearing boys clothes almost exclusively my whole life... Never a Barbie or a baby doll have I played with. Its been a struggle esp in the last 15 years of trans glorification to resist the temptation for an easy fix. It seems like a pill (shot) you can take and start over from a different form factor. And wallah! everything is better.

Raising a little girl -- even in progressive San Francisco bay area -- watching gender being fed to her in so many subtle and not so subtle ways ... has made the gender binary system even clearer to me. (Although so many parents do not hardly see it) And honestly, she loves being a girly girl but its so obvious that it is enforced and rewarded... There is so little choice for GENDER expression in our culture. It's kind of a nightmare!

It's not about me, or my daughter, any individual though. It's about a progressive movement that is acting *super conservative* about gender. I've been upset about this for at least 15 years and its only getting worse and mainstream. There was not one thing in that article that was revolutionary about gender. It is so disturbing that so many kids are just trying to fit into whats acceptable to the culture in terms of gender. People are willing to hate their bodies and themselves in order to fit into society. As adults in this society, we must fight for all of our precious bodies and minds. We must learn to love our bodies. We must be clear where the problem lies.

It's so PC wrong to be saying all this but I can't just sit here and watch smart people encourage or applaud this narrow mindedness and call it revolutionary.

All hail gender transgression! Barbie's for boys! Princess dresses for boys! Freedom for girls.

We are not born in the wrong body, we are born in the wrong society! The brave dare to change their world, not themselves.

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ATTENTION: To all Females who identify as Boy, Male, Man, He or Him

I'll point out first and foremost despite it being clearly stated on the blog itself, this is a FEMALECENTRIC SPACE! This means if you do not embrace or work to embrace yourself as the female that you are, this space is NOT for you.

If you are a female who ID's in the masculine and wishes to comment, then before each and every comment, state how you ID, why you deserve to comment on a femalecentric blog and then leave your comment.

If you are a regular reader and use a registered account, I'll make note after your first explanatory comment and you will be free to comment without further explanation.

ALL non registered comments and ALL anonymous comments will be subject to ID, explanation on why you deserve to comment, then your comment with ever comment left.

If you cannot follow these simple rules, your comments will be removed.

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"Gay" Transmen

Seeing how I receive many hits here for those seeking info about "gay transmen", let me dare to pose some common sense and reason to those seekers: THERE ARE NO GAY TRANSMEN!

Transmen are female's who legally only change there sex. It is impossible to literally, by that I mean biologically, change one's sex. Posing and passing as a man does not in any way shape or form make you a man.

Given that the "man" in transman is legal status only and not true sex, a female who dates/is sexually attracted to males would in fact be a heterosexual female. 

Hope that helps with any confusion.


The Gender Straight Jacket

What are some of the ways you buy into the gender straight jacket on a daily or regular basis?

Example: If you have ever purchased something because it was labeled for men or women, you have bought into the gender straight jacket.


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Lesbian, a NEW Old Dirty Word

A very special young woman who has worked to go from thinking/feeling she was trans to embracing both herself as a female AND as a lesbian has emailed me this image taken from another young lesbian's Tumbr page:

Not surprisingly this lesbian has been attacked by the queer/trans hooligans who ignorantly misread her message as "transphoic" rather than the sharp cry for lesbian pride and lesbian visibility that it is. Lesbian clearly is still dirty word and a serious threat to patriarchy.

You would be hard pressed to find a single lesbian only org. among all university in the US. Between uni's that have GlBT groups/orgs, the "L" is either silent or non existent. It is not at all uncommon for queer/trans females to attend lesbian meetings and/or dances outright ignoring LESBIAN in the "lesbian meeting" or "lesbian dances". Lesbian Studies have been completely removed from uni curricula and Women's Studies are nearly extinct in favour of Queer Studies or Gender Studies, both of which work to erase feminist gains from 2nd/3rd wave feminist and reinforce strict gender norms.

Leading lesbian figures both political and popular must begin extolling and reflecting lesbianism in a way to give rise to a lesbian visibility unseen before AND challenge queer/trans groups usurping lesbian identity and lesbian spaces. For if we do not, we will continue to lose young lesbians to a combination of misogyny and lezbophoia that takes shape in the form of transition. And for those who do not succumb to the trans disorder, these lesbians will just continue to be lost amid the queer alphabet.

To the young lesbians reading this: All is not lost. Even if few others see you, I see you and recognize you and recognize myself in you. I will continue to fight for you, for your/our spaces, for our lesbian identity, our lesbian visibility and for the sheer right to just be a lesbian!


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