Trans Propaganda and Struggles to Silence the Female Voice

At some point the other night several trans tumblrs tried to utilize their Tumblr accounts to reach excessive membership in hopes they would assist them in a hate campaign to have this blog shut down by reporting to Blogger that this space "incites hate". I know, both laughable, ignorant and emotionally reactionary without any internal insight as to why they're strongly reacting in the first place.

Zero internal insight is a prime factor in those who develop the trans disorder. There is such a high concentration on the external that the internal seemingly becomes a byproduct of the external, rather than the other way 'round. This enables the trans disordered to ignore their core self in order to construct a pseudo identity based on the construction of a fantasy physical self that is never fully realized through medical means, leaving the core self vulnerable to any internal insight that manages to penetrate the masculine veneer of testosterone and mutilative scars. 

These are some of the prime reasons this blog or rather the information this blog provides and the misogyny it challenges and works to dismantle are threats to those who cannot afford to contemplate its messages and meanings. Because to the trans disordered these messages and meanings are like arrows that DO penetrate the male medically created trans veneer, hitting their core self like the target of a bullseye!
What those suffering from the trans disorder do not understand is that silencing me (as if) will silence the muffled screams coming from their core self. It wont.

Needless to say both campaigns to have this blog shut down were removed by Tumblr, as both illegally were spreading the "hate" they were accusing me of, as well as using trans riling propaganda in efforts to silence this space.

I must say I find it incredibly heartbreaking to see other females trying so hard to silence a single, individual female voice working to undo or outright change the world in a way to pave a smoother road for future females. Females who wont have to feel they need to alter their exteriors in order to open up the world of possibilities to them as well as feel whole. Feminism and the feminist lens are needed now more than perhaps they ever were in our entire female history.

Fuck spreading the love and fuck spreading the hate, spread the seeds of feminism if what you dream of is a better future.


A Weekly Reminder:

Feeling wrong in your female body is a symptom of internalized misogyny and the ever tightening gender straight jacket. Both with knowledge, time and maturity can be overcome without hating your body to the ultimate self hating degree: transition.

Transition is nothing more than the male medical machine's homophobic response to misogyny and the gender straight jacket. Do NOT Be fooled!
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Topic/Off Topic

If you are going to comment on a specific post, please indicate which post before your comment. Thank you.

Relevant questions also welcome. 


Blog Commenting

The copious amount of nescient comments from this post has made it clear that most from the trans camp do not have either the intelligence, the maturity or the self control (perhaps due to negative emotional affects of "T"?) to have any reasonable discussion on any topics written about here. But because I fervently believe in the art of discussion and feel many others who comment here do as well this is what I'm going to do.

In order to preserve both the integrity of each blog post AND give way to discussion, I will continue to keep each post closed for comments BUT after every few posts I will open up a "topic/off topic" post where readers can comment on the last few posts or topics relevant to this blog. I will allow comments from any biological female regardless of how you see yourself. What will not be tolerated are comments related to me or my presumed character as neither are up for discussion.

If any of you have other ideas to keep ignorant immature comments to a lull, I'm open to suggestions. If you think the above sounds good, let me know as well. This space is yours as well as mine.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitiong

Another week of female products of the LONG backlash against feminism via Post modernism/Queer Theory.

Trans Fantasy vs Trans Reality

Females suffering from anorexia have a distorted image of their bodies. Which is why when they look into a mirror, despite being at states of only skin and bone, they still manage to see themselves as "fat" or find areas of "fat" on their bodies, all of which leads them to continue to starve themselves.

Female transitioners suffer from a warped distorted body image, warped because like their "male identity", it lies in fantasy. Many females who develop the trans disorder, as the disorder is developing begin conjuring up a future image of the "man" the will be once they transition. The trans fantasy image is likely an amalgam of males they have envied both for their looks and their male privilege. In the full development of the trans disorder regardless of looks, build, size, height etc they hold fast to their belief that "T" and surgeries is going to make all their "man" fantasies come true.

But the reality is testosterone isnt a magic wand into manland, and "top surgery" will NEVER give you a male appearing chest. If you already have weight issues, your transition results will be much worse earlier on, but long term many transmen wind up bald, over weight and unhealthy unless they consciously work against the natural effects "T" has on the female body. And even that only minimizes some of the negative "T" effects, it doesnt halt them altogether.

Like identity, trans fantasies also cannot be sold and bought.


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A Friendly Reminder

As plainly stated on the front page, this blog is a " A Space for Women to Discuss, Dissect and Dismantle Misogyny and the Gender Straight Jacket. 

I can only assume that there are either some very confused transmen commenting here who call themselves men yet still consider themselves women or that they have absolutely no respect for women's boundaries or women's spaces.

If you are not a woman, if you do not embrace yourself as a woman or if you arent seeking to embrace your woman self, then your thoughts/comments are not welcome here. If you are a transman and feel you have something constructive to add to a post, state why you feel you should be allowed to speak here and then add your comment. If your reasons seem lawful, I'll leave your comment. Otherwise all other comments not from women will be removed.


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Identity Cannot be Bought or Sold

There seems to be some serious lack in comprehending the complete difference between gay/lesbian identity and trans identity coming from many in the trans community. To clarify: When you require the male medical machine to establish your identity, there is NO legitimacy!

The male medical machine has a LONG continued history of harming gays and lesbians. The male medical machine has a LONG continued history of trying to remove/alter our homosexuality/lesbianism from us. It has tried confining us to mental asylums, it has tried using a multitude of different drugs on us, it has tried removing internal organs from us, it has tried raping us, it has tried  burning us alive at the stake, it has tried torturing us, it has electrocuted ever fiber of our beings and used countless other barbarities, all to no avail. Our gay and lesbian identities remain!

The trans identity however was and continues to be created and upheld by the male medical machine. The trans identity in ALL its manifestations is 1000% completely reliant on the male medical machine. Yes, the very same male medical machine that has worked so hard to destroy us, our identities, our lives, our loves! I reiterate: When you require the male medical machine to establish your identity, there is NO legitimacy!


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Dysphoria Does NOT Equal Trans-A Weekly Reminder

Dysphoria does NOT equal trans!

Transition does not CURE dysphoria!

Dysphoria can only begin to be helped through a clear, critical understanding of how and why it develops.

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A Reminder-De-Transistion is ALWAYS Possible

To trans readers wondering if de-transition is possible, in a word...YES! It is NEVER too late and you are NEVER too far into transition to find a way back to yourself AND find a way to love yourself. Due to the absolute hate and fear the trans community holds for anyone who even mentions "trans regret", the trans community has ZERO info/help in place for anyone identifying as trans or in transition seeking de-transition.

But have no fear, dirt is here!

One female transitioner was brave enough to share her story and even braver for working to get to know and love the person she truly is. You CAN de-transition at ANY state of transition and at any time. It IS possible to be whole again, despite any surgeries the male medical machine may have performed on you. It is also possible to find love, once you learn to love yourself. Loving yourself is the key to love and happiness.

I'm going to begin having a regular post for those thinking about de-transition or already in the process and seeking support. If you have a trans regret story you would like to share here, feel free to send them to me and I will feature them in the de-transition posts. Or if you are just seeking some support and comfort, email me.


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Internet Ignorance and Trans Trenders

This is a screencap of a recent comment, keep in mind the male medical machine is issuing life altering drugs and surgeries to immature minds such as the above.  If that doesnt scare you for todays female youths, nothing will.


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Off Topic Comments

This space is for comments that wind up off topic. Feel free to bring the discussion for other disorders that also affect the trans disorder here.


A Sign of Trans Trending

The above is a screencap of what is sadly becoming a regular internet search, fortunately parents are finding my blog and help while searching. I predicted this would happen when I first began seeing it myself, I also predicted trans trending will be the ultimate end to the current brutality and ignorance of how this disorder is treated by the male medical machine.

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Now FTM Spokes Model Chaz Bono Tries....

....minimizing the harmful affects of testosterone on the female body.

While I seriously disagree with the rag The Enquirer putting a on date on her demise, at least they are bringing up some of the health risks and potential health risks of females on high doses of testosterone, especially given the already large unhealthy stature Chaz had going into transition.

The rags response to Chaz is interesting...
"We have invited Mr. Bono and/or his medical experts to respond to the opinions of our medical experts in the next issue of the National Enquirer.  The published opinions in the current edition are mostly focused on Mr. Bono's serious weight issues, which if not addressed, could substantially shorten his life," read a statement the Enquirer's parent company, American Media Inc., gave to E! News. 
"The testosterone treatments that Mr. Bono has taken are drugs that medical experts agree contain inherent risks for heart disease and liver dysfunction.  We only wish the best for Mr. Bono and hope that he embarks upon a health and diet program that includes proper nutrition and exercise for his own sake." 

I dont see Chaz taking them up on it given even "trans experts" (cant even type that with a straight face) agree that heart and liver damage are real risks of long term high dosing testosterone in females, not to mention serious cancer risks as well. Sadly since there are no long term studies or long term follow ups of transmen we do not know how many have had serious health issues or died from long term "T" use. (I suspect Leslie Feinberg's ailing health in direct proportion to her long term taking of "T")

Perhaps despite The Enquirer being a sleazy celeb rag, maybe its popularity will help bring some of the scary truths of "transition" out into the open with the general public.


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Trans Trending-Who is Tansitioning

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The Gender Straight Jacket Skirts Female Boxers

Female boxing has finally found its way into the next Olympics providing that female boxers wear SKIRTS in the ring! The reason for the skirt wearing is because there clearly needs to be a way to distinguish between male and female boxers! NO, I DID NOT JUST MAKE THAT UP! I'm reminded of the early 80's when female body building became (somewhat) popular. The women had to wear hyper feminine swim suits, mega high heels and full faces of make up (and breast implants for the women whose pecs were larger than their breast)! Unlike male body builders who were judged on their muscles and symmetry alone, the women were judged on their muscles, symmetry AND how they well they could apply current "feminine" standards to their appearance, i.e. perform for the male masturbatory gaze!

The gender straight jacket has a LONG history of negatively affecting women's sports. Because athleticism is still deemed a "masculine" endeavor, female athletes have and continue having to concentrate on training and performing their sport, PLUS maintaining and performing a "feminine" appearance (feminine as defined by the gender straight jacket) for the male gaze. Otherwise they are accused of being "manly" or "dykes", neither of which is complimentary under hetero-patriarchy, and both of which has got female athletes denied and/or removed from the athletic arena.

Is it any wonder that female sports remain far behind men's sports and female athletes make millions of dollars less than male athletes. How are women suppose to advance their presence in sports when they still have to stress and worry about maintaining "female" societal decorums rather than working on their performances? No wonder their are no pro female football teams, would be too stressful for coaches having to worry about their team showing their slips during an unsightly tackle.

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Yes Transmen Teach me a Lesson Will Ya!

I'm highlighting this comment despite it being posted completely off topic:
Although I'm not sure what she means regarding my "power" and despite the rest of the comment not making a bit of sense, she does have one thing right, this blog is NOT for self hating females aka transmen. It is for females interested in loving themselves first and discussing, dissecting and dismantling misogyny and the gender straight jacket second.

So if none of those things are on your list if importances, then by all means move the fuck on!

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Cleaning/Cooking Commercials

Cleaning, cooking and childcare commercials are still predominately performed by females, despite the fact that nearly 70% of women work outside the home today. What kinds of early messages do you feel this sends to boy and girls about the gender straight jacket?

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The Childhood Humility of Feeling "Other"

Having been a horrifically shy kid, the social aspects of school were difficult in and of themselves. But not seeing myself in the girls I knew, the girls I saw or the idea of girl that was presented by hetero-patriarchal norms, boys were the only place I did see myself, only I knew I wasnt a boy.

So much of school groups and competitions were a constant dividing up or boys and girls or boys vs girls. Even going to the bathroom in grade school was a division of the sexes. I HATED bathroom time. Because it meant having to stand in the girls line where upon I felt nothing but pure and utter shame. In that line it was obvious what I was, unlike in the "rough area" where I was just another boy or on the football team or dodgeball team etc. Even in gym class when for three years in a row for 6 weeks we had to square dance, because there were a shortage of boys, I was the substitute boy.

But in class, I rarely escaped the division of boys/girls by teachers and I always felt ashamed in not doing so.  What were some of your experiences where you felt ashamed simply for being female??



Dysphoria Does NOT Equal Trans-A Weekly Reminder

But being bombarded by some of these images can create a lifetime of dysphoria, that begins the moment we first open our eyes. In this space, I never existed and still dont.


I blame the media for ignoring feminism in favour of makeup-(An Interesting Article)

Feminism seems so tiny today, so niche, of such little interest to the outside world. And yet it is needed...

A little from the article...

November will see the premiere of Pan Am on BBC2. It is a soft-focus drama series, bought from America, about the adventures of a group of Pan Am stewardesses in the 1960s. It is all big hair and pouting, with a preposterous photogenic-stewardess-as-CIA-operative subplot, to distract the viewer from the fact that Pan Am is all about big hair and pouting, a reductive and submissive fantasy, with working women as eye candy and, explicitly in the first episode, as sex aid. Even so, they are represented as empowered, because they are beautiful, and get on and off aeroplanes.

I mention this as last week, at the Fawcett Society's annual AGM, I pondered why the feminist movement seems so comprehensively to have stalled. Feminism seems so tiny today, so niche, of such little interest to the outside world and even to women. And yet it is needed; the facts are bewildering or depressing, depending on one's mental state. In the UK, the pay gap of 15.5% will not shift. When the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) polled 34,158 male and female executives in the private sector last year, they learned the average pay gap between men and women doing the same job is £10,031, and the average woman will, as such, be cheated out of £330,000 in her lifetime, which is a lot for a feminist, and also for a consumer.

The glass ceiling is still bulletproof; men outnumber women in parliament by four to one, and there are more millionaires than women in the cabinet (and it shows). Women who do make it into politics are mocked and debased; alongside Cameron's Cuties and Blair's Babes, we now have Millie's Fillies, a fine headline for the fact that there are now 13 women in the shadow cabinet, to Ed Miliband's credit. The cuts, as this newspaper has detailed, will affect women, who are the nation's carers, and who tend to work in the public sector, far more than men. Because childcare responsibilities still fall on women, women with children take low-paid, opportunity-free part-time work, and suffer economically and, presumably, spiritually.

Instead, the media acts as a marketing tentacle for the beauty and fashion industries – no friend to women, merely selling the lie that purchase is a feminist act, because, in the words of the L'Oreal slogan, "We're worth it". Yes we are, and that is why I do not dye my hair. In fact, shopping is the only feminist act still possible in the media world because they think consumerism is feminism; buy, and feel good about yourself, even as you get into debt for your trouble, and forget that actually you looked OK in your old clothes, with your old hair, and with your old vagina. It also, due to its emphasis on shopping, mistakes what a feminist is. Two current TV heroes, Mary Portas and Kirsty Allsop, could be interpreted as feminists, because they have both their own TV shows. In fact, they are not feminists, but saleswomen, as committed to female dissatisfaction – buy a house, buy a dress, buy anything – as anyone in sales.

Celebrity is no friend to feminism either, even if Angelina Jolie once made a statement that could be reasonably divined as feminist. (I have no idea if she did make such a statement. But it is possible.) Because she had to starve, sweat and be surgically enhanced to be in a position to make it and be heard. Sex and the City is an OK conduit for a discussion of feminism, because it contains shoes, without the Sex and the City peg, you will get nowhere. I suppose celebrity's contribution to feminism is: if you are hot enough you will be heard, but hurry up, because you won't be hot for long.

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