The Truth about Transmen-Testosterone Effects and Lesbians

The TRUTH about Testosterone effects and Transmen (FTM)

The Truth about Lesbians and Transmen (FTM)

The two above links are to former posts that daily receive more attention (through searches) than all other posts on this blog. Both links are highly important as they provide invaluable information few sites to none dare to provide due to fears of unPCness and/or transphobia. But when real lives and relationships are at stake one must move past those fears in hopes of helping those in need. 

Since both these post receive so much attention and both are HIGHLY important, I'm using this post to bring both together for easier access to the info both contain.


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    just read it.

  2. the story linked to above is a nice one
    (girl decides not to transition)
    i find it interesting that people left the same 'you're so brave' comments they leave for people who DO transition
    it's as though just doing whatever you want has become indicative of 'bravery' these days

  3. can't anybody read?

    This is not a nice story. This is somebody being forced to give up who they really feel they are because people like Dirt promote hate. This persons feelings have not changed. This person says they are simply giving up because people cannot accept them. That is not a nice story!

  4. Read what she says. Yes, she worries about peoples reactions and safety, but she also says:

    "To me, no matter how many shots I get, no matter how much surgery I get to change my body, I’m never going to be complete. I’m never going to be completely happy with myself......"

  5. Yes, exactly. Notice she doesn't say, "I will never be male," or, "I will never be a man."

    Obviously the feelings that her body isn't right still exist but she's giving up. Notice she also does not say that living as a female will make her happy again.

    "I know for a fact that I was born a boy." If people were more tolerant and accepting, or focused on her happiness instead of their own comfort level, maybe she wouldn't be too afraid to be who she really is.


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