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Misogyny's trend continues...



  1. Interesting that one's channel is called 'fuck gender roles' whilst she's clearly embracing and believing in them.

  2. Thanks for strengthening the young trans community! Your posts have made it a lot easier to follow people who just started transitioning, and who need the support the most, rather than just weed through the typical "ftm" tag on YT. It's hard to find the fresh faces because all the older guys get all the views, therefore come up first. I'm eagerly waiting your transition channel!
    God Bless ;)

  3. sweet, you helped me find my best friends new channel. I've missed his videos.

  4. Thanks! I've subscribed to all of their channels.

  5. that's the only requirement for 'friendship' (as though they're really friends)- that they think they're boys? you're totally proving the point here.

  6. There's an article in the NY Times today about gender-neutral pronouns... here is a link to the comments on this article according to readers' recommendations:
    The people who posted there are NOT radical feminists but likely ordinary educated liberal-leaners like myself.

  7. right, 4:38, EVERYBODY who doesn't conform to gender stereotypes will eventually have a 'transition channel...'
    is that the kind of black/white world you kids long for?

  8. that's the only requirement for 'friendship' (as though they're really friends)- that they think they're boys? you're totally proving the point here.

    ... Well if you want to use that stance, Dirt has phone sex with women she has never met and conciders them her girlfriend. Ask Fiesty Femme..

  9. Hi Dirt

    I just wanna say, your blog is fascinating. I am trans myself but don't think you should be shut down or you should stop doing what you are doing. People have a voice on the internet and can be as passionate as they like about their views. A blog is a soapbox for your opinion and the internet is all about freedom of speech. n a way you are providing a service - not all trans-related media SHOULD be positive. There should always be a mixture of views out there and it's up to trans people themselves to be aware that not everyone on the internet is supportive.

    You have very strong views, and you seem to contradict yourself quite a lot but it does make interesting reading. I Some of your ideas are very valid others are a little ... difficult to agree with. Other things are downright uneducated and wrong. But that's normal amongst concrete thinkers such as yourself. You write with a huge bias, and filter out any information that doesn't suit your cause and make huge assumptions about information you cannot find. For example in one of your posts you put something like "older trans men don't make youtube videos because they are now unattractive and won't help the trans 'cause'". I know many older, fully transitioned trans men and that is not the reason they don't make youtube videos - they just tend to be past it all and just getting on with their lives.

    I think that this clear single-mindedness is the definition of 'radical feminism' as opposed to a feminism that is more liberal and open-thinking. Anyway, it's interesting and I will continue to check your blog from time to time. I'd say you should try and educate yourself a little, to improve the meaningfulness of your blog. Because if people come here and see mis-informed nonsense they won't take you seriously. But I know what kind of thinker you are and you are unlikely to take that advice on board. Good luck all the same.

  10. I don't care at all about what 'Dirt' does on the phone or otherwise!

  11. There will never be any understanding here.
    People who believe in transsexualism believe that there are inherent non-biological differences between genders such as interests in styles of clothing or what have you.
    I believe the more truly advanced way of thinking is to discard all of these beliefs in favor of full freedom for men and women and boys and girls to wear, do, behave in any way they like without having to 'match' their interests and desires to their bodies. And to stop looking in the mirror and comparing themselves to the twisted media-created ideals of what it means to be male or female.
    I was just reading an article about a 15 year old girl in Vancouver who had her breasts removed that young and started her transition (this was 2 years ago now) and the reason given was that she rejected girls' toys and wore boys' clothes.
    It's troubling, maddening even, that this backwards thinking is being presented as 'progressive' even as it takes down a generation of young people who could have been moving society forward into a less gender-based age.

  12. "I'd say you should try and educate yourself a little.."

    Another trans trope. Because sometimes, seems to be the belief that IF someone was suitably educated, then we'd all agree.

    Except I think we NEVER will, as long as the trans cant, basically, believes not just in gender, but also in some innate sense of gender, which is sometimes so strong that the individual concerned needs to mutilate their body in order that the way it looks agrees better with their innate sense of gender.

    Plus the usual mixing up of sex and gender. .........

  13. "Interesting that one's channel is called 'fuck gender roles' whilst she's clearly embracing and believing in them."

    Well, that channel seems to be a collaboration, but rather than FUCK gender roles, seems instead to be saying that biological females can do male gender roles if they wish, and be just as good a man as any other man.

    Which as you noted isn't really saying FUCK gender roles, but rather -- gender roles are FUCKING COOL (and who are your male role models), and that I want to be able to pick the male ones for myself, and be a man just like them...............

    Just the same ole trans trope that trans somehow subverts gender roles..........

  14. To Bad Dyke;

    Just checking back on any responses to my earlier comment.

    Like Dirt, you seem to want to twist things to suit your way of thinking. I didn't say anything about surgery, you came up with that on your own. I don't care what you want to call transgender surgery or your opinions on it. I also don't think that we need to agree. It's good that people disagree. If people agreed on everything then what would people talk about?! What a dull place the internet would be.

    My 'education' comment was more based on the fact that Dirt puts a lot of things on her blog that are misinformations and simply aren't true. It doesn't help your cause to have silly mistruths on a blog like this. It makes Dirt and those associated with her look childish - throwing their toys out of the pram about something they haven't even tried to learn about. A well-informed, educated blog putting a fresh perspective on transgender issues - a strong feminist perspective - would be very worthwhile. No, not everyone will agree with it. But again, so what? You've put your voices out there. It can be done, and it can be done *well*, without riling people up and upsetting them purposefully.

    This spiel, exascerbated by your tantrum-like retort to my comment, just isn't gonna be taken seriously. Sorry but people are gonna go "oh look, a transphobe" and switch off. Completely counterproductive if what you really wanna do is open up a gender discussion and promote your ideas of feminism.

  15. "throwing their toys out of the pram about something they haven't even tried to learn about."

    Except what evidence do you have that this IS what people are doing?

    "your tantrum-like retort to my comment," Tantrum? you have a funny idea of what constitues a tantrum!

    "but people are gonna go "oh look, a transphobe" " Yeah, but only if they have already absorbed the definition of transphobia that the trans crowd is so fond of propagating!

    I DON'T think that what I want to do here is 'promote my ideas of feminism', nor do I think that 'No, not everyone will agree with it. But again, so what?' -- because what shocked me and what shocks many feminists that I have talked to is the sheer numbers of young women (and some older ones), considering taking T and having surgery, based on some ridiculous concept of gender and a few misunderstood readings of some fairly obscure papers on neuroanatomy.

    So what? I think that women are having unnecessary surgery, that's quite a big what! I think that tired old ideas about gender are spreading, and I think that matters to ALL women, not just those women who decide they are trans. I think this is pretty damn important, and makes it rather more than just some silly internet debating point.

    So, what use is this blog? Helps me clarify my thinking on these issues, lets me see what others think, and via the links that Dirt provides, lets me see just how BAD things are getting, and the nonsense that young women have absorbed about what it means to feel like a female or feel like a male.

    What we do about it, how we stop it, how we change attitudes, that is a whole other kettle of fish!

  16. Elizabeth @ 8:45 AM: Thank you for your insightful post. I would like to see meaningful social change occur around all this "gender" stuff, so that sex role stereotypes are eliminated, and people can just be who they are without shooting synthetic testosterone or having medically unnecessary mastectomies.

  17. Dirt? Why are my posts being removed. It so saddens me. I'm not being sarcastic. Your blog is important to me. I don't understand.

  18. Thanks for posting the new channels! Every week I visit your blog just so I can add new friends to my channel and make new friends just like me! :D Us transmen truly appreciate the popularity! Its also good to get the new guys with intro videos on here (like you do) bc just like someone mentioned before they need our support the most! Thank you so much Dirt!

  19. " Thank you so much Dirt!"

    because you're too dumb to do a simple search yourself? This poor attempt at sarcasm is hardly original.................

  20. BadDyke, Do you know why Dirt is deleting my posts all of a sudden? I posted a thoughtful response last night. It showed up, then was removed. Then I posted a followup, that said "hey, where is my post?" That got deleted. Today I posted again, and that post is still there.

    I'm on Dirt's side. I'm a butch dyke against transitioning. I'm a feminist! Not that I'm a big fan of removing comments, but I don't know why mine have been removed. Any ideas?

    I'm so happy to read this blog, and it's helpful to me to participate. BUT, not fun when posts that you work on for an hour get deleted.

    Plus, no one ever responds to me. What's up with that?

    Feeling left out. Sillyme.

  21. 7:25 said 'I can add new friends to my channel and make new friends just like me!
    at least she can tell they're all the same!

  22. such hate and sadness in the world. In a community already so full of shame....We will wear our emotions, mental capability, and opinions on our sleeves...we're human beings. At the end of the day...It's you and God. Whatever it is you choose to do with your time here, whether it be a chosen gender role, happiness in your given skin, sexuality, or lack there of, the facts remain the same. We're human beings. We all have separate paths, leading to similar situations. People will yelp like dogs, and whine like cats, but it's our nature. Our nature to be right, to be heard, to be understood. Someone full of such hatred will rant at the top of their lungs as if no one else exists. Which is why we end up speaking out of turn, shooting off at the mouth, and making unbelievable assumptions based on others lives. I thought about telling my role in this community, but no.... We ALL label ourselves. NONE of us live in a genderless world. We put so much emphasis on judging others by what they do with THEIR bodies...It's skin....a shell...If someone chooses to altar their skin to match what their level of gender comfort feels like, so be it. Same as if a butch is proud to be a woman. Fact is NONE of us choose who we are. None of CHOOSE our role in this community, and NONE of us ever have the right to lay down our opinions in judgement. When we do, we fail. When we educate, and accept, we win. Jokes on us.

  23. educating and accepting are not the same thing

    not all people think the body is simply a 'shell' to alter

    & trans people seem to place WAY more importance on the body and its perception than most others

    also, hormones affect more than just the external

  24. and this 'community' you speak of? humanity in general, or some kind of gay/transsexual union of 'shame?'

  25. you're right they do affect way more than the physical. It changes a certain extent. However, if one is in tune with who they are in and out, altering what you see yourself as, is a God given right. BUT... judgmental opinions are also a GOD given right. Fact is NONE of us are right, wrong, or even coming from left field. We are all minorities, We are all in search of some sort of understanding, and the ability to make sense of the chaos. Transgender is not about what you look like, it's about who you are.

  26. shame in the sense of shame through insecurity and lack of being accepted. Trust me I would not speak negatively of my own community.

  27. "when she blatantly goes out of her way to hurt others"

    Disagreeing is not hurting, Dirt (and those of us who sometimes agree with her) aren't going around beating up trans people. We just dare to DISAGREE with what trans people are saying about bodies and gender and innate gender.

    Disagreement ISN'T hatred. A shame that rather than face the real hatred of women that the patriarchy has been running for centuries, you instead focus on the supposed hatred of some rad fems for trans people.........

  28. "Fact is NONE of us choose who we are. None of CHOOSE our role in this community, and NONE of us ever have the right to lay down our opinions in judgement."

    But we can choose what we do about it, and about how society treats us because of who we are -- we DON'T just have to meekly accept the gender nonsense.

    YES, we DO have the right to have our own opinions, AND to state them clearly, even if that opinion is that a section of our 'community' is making a mistake. Saying anything else is just trying to silence those who dare to disagree, as the oft-heard cry of 'transphobia!' does on so many suposedly feminist blogs and discussion boards......

    We can't choose this, we can't choose that, what a fucking DEFEATIST attitude!

    Yes, I didn't choose to be born female, and I didn't choose how society treats me as female, but I bloody well CAN complain bitterly about it, and argue loudly when others try to justify how I'm treated by claiming that gender is innate.

    This negativity is almost enough for my to say in exasperation -- for gawds sake woman, grow a pair and start fighting this nonsense, rather than just GIVING IN...............(irony noted)

  29. I think it's awesome how dirt deletes what she doesn't want to see. Also, if you listen to her vlogs, and read her's not just her OPINION. She is downright insulting. Every day a transgender transitions..we win that fight you speak of. Just sayin. Dirt has taken it from an opinion, to an insult.

  30. ALSO, her insecurity with transmen in general, shows her vulnerability. NOT because she is a woman, but because she is hiding from herself. Come on...let's all be real here....

  31. there is NOTHING more indicative of running from oneself than transitioning

  32. that's where you're wrong. Transitioning is NOT running from yourself. Trust me. I have been transgender my whole life..I was born this way. I have had two different therapists in my life. First one when I was seven, that's when they explained to my mother what transgender is. The second one as an adult. I started seeing him at age 20, I am now 32, and just NOW transitioning. I am not running from anything, I am running TO who I am. You as a NON transgender will never understand that. You can try, and you can read, watch, and try to relate, but truth be told...You can't speak on the issue as if you live it, because you don't. I was happy with myself. I just don't match, and I want to match. This is a personal issue within myself.

  33. my last 2 gf's were psychotherapists and they were both total nutjobs- all the other (sexy as hell though) mental health professionals i've known readily admit they're pretty crazy

    being who you are = being who you are

    it takes no medication, no surgery, no self- or world-deception

    i do not blame the individual - i do blame tightening gender-roles

    -40 year old naturally androgynous female rock musician in manhattan (where girls come to work while they transition while living in brooklyn with hordes of the same type before moving to some other town in disguise)

  34. oh she wants to 'match!'
    ok then

  35. The ignorance in this world is phenominal. Dirtywhitegirl has created a monster..because let's face it..she's not a BOI..what is a BOI anyway? You close minded individuals have a great day, and when I'm proud of who I am, and the direction I take in life, you can all sit in judgement. Jokes on you ladies :) have a great day! I simply REFUSE to drop to your level of intelligence. I would much rather be a voice of reason, and acceptance, than hateful and bitter. You have to live with yourself none the less. So good luck with that :) Although, I am never surprised at the repressed anger, and sour disposition that comes from butch girls. It's entertaining to say the least.

  36. yes therapists are nuts...You aren't spreading any information that people don't already know. Nice argument though!

  37. the 'matching' premise so important to transsexual theory is inherently flawed. NOBODY's body 'matches' their mind. only transsexuals think that it's supppsed to (or plastic surgery addicts or people with eating disorders. this is why i believe those types should be grouped together rather than putting T in with LGB)

  38. or perhaps more accurately the brain is A PART of one's body, thus making 'matching' intrinsic

  39. Just take a look at this primer on trans for school kids:

    Says quite clearly there are girl brains and boy brains, and that 'acting like a boy' is how people with boy brains act -- nothing to do with society or conditioning, it's in the brain. Which then, if you really believe it, totally supports treating boys and girls differently because they have DIFFERENT brains. Hence taken to this logical conclusion, its NATURAL that boys are better than girls at maths, because obviously boy brains are better at maths than girl brains.

    Hence feminism goes straight out the window. Because if you are a girl that insists on acting like a boy, then you obviously have a similar sort of birth defect too, your brain is obviously not wired quite right else you wouldn't WANT to act like a boy.

    O, and the nice touch where homosexuality is supposedly caused by the same sort of processes that cause trans, hence gay people have a birth defect too! Thanks for that!

    Should be quite obvious to anyone reading this that telling kids this in order to help them understand trans is then going to make explaining gays rights or womens rights impossible. Like saying that the reason that black kids achieve less than white kids at school is obviously because black brains must be wired differently to white brains. Why not, after all, if you're willing to accept that girl brains are that different from boy brains...........

    Plus begs the question if trans is a 'birth defect' that can be 'treated' by surgery, why don't we do the SAME for gay people, to correct their related birth defect? Why don't we go further and do the same for girls who are too boyish and won't accept proper female roles?

    Not just baby out with the bathwater, but chuck the whole bathroom out as well!

    This primer for schoolkids shows as clearly as you like how reactionary the whole trans agenda really is, and why any woman with any sense would reject it!

  40. Same site has being good at maths and choice of english/history over science as a supposed indicator of a possible transsexual, so a whole load of shite from start to finish!

  41. i know that this blog is your opinion and you should respect others but how can you sit there and try to tell others that they can't be who they feel like they are? i was born a girl named Alisha and guess what? I'm FTM and gonna change my name to Connor. i prefer to be called Connor. I'm gonna get top surgery too. Yeah the so called ugly chest scars are gonna be there. Can't wait for you to blog about me and my youtube channel when you find it. Just like Skylar the one GUY you posted on your trans Trending blog said, "talking about her/visiting her blog just gives her more power. thats what she runs off of, so i just kinda ignore her. there are many more people like her out there and i just ignore em too!" Well said and i plan on after this doing that unless i get pissed off more and have something else to say!!!! Oh and Where are the parents??? Skylar's mom and dad were right by his side supporting him all the way. Trans on:)

  42. Alisha, as has been said it again and again, this blog is for those still on the beaches, not those already drowned. If you arent happy now with who you are, then you never will be, as every person who goes on the perpetual state of transition proves, you'll be no different.


  43. Connor? Lazy trans name changes..........

    "but how can you sit there and try to tell others that they can't be who they feel like they are? "

    I feel like lots of things, but we can't always BE that. You may feel male, but you can never BE male, just a surgical simulacrum of a male body.

    Just SAD, someone who prefers 'ugly chest scars' to what was there before. At least the mythical amazons had a practical reason for doing theirs......

    Lop 'em off, stick bags of silicone in there, ANYTHING other than womens bodies just being their natural selves. Our poor ole breasts aren't functional organs anymore (goodness, we can't let women breastfeed in public! ever wondered WHY that causes such trouble?), they're the PRIME symbol of being female in this society.


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