Trans Pathological Need to Silence

I received both these emails this morning indicating that someone first tried to hack into my Blogger account and when that failed tried hacking into my Yahoo mail account. This is the deep level of hatred and desire for silencing the trans community has become notorious for. In comment after comment we hear from hormonally poisoned minds how they do not care what I write, how I am only one person and cannot change anything, how no one is listening to what I have to say.

Yet time after time if there isnt copiously amounts of trollish comments utilized for silencing my posts, there are by trans to other trans demands for mass emails to be sent to google/blogger to close my blog under the pretense that it is "hate" centered and when all that fails let the hacking fucking begin!

So much for one lone voice having no measurable weight. But history has long shone it is ALWAYS the individual challenging, changing and inspiring change.

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  1. Yeah, does look suspicious, and none of us regulars would be in the least surprised if people tried it, and which bathroom the prime suspects would want to use..................

    In fact, I'm surprised this hasn't happened before, although perhaps this is an amazingly feeble attempt, along the lines of -- let's just see if we can guess her password because it will probably be something simple like ihatealltranspeople :-)

  2. lets see.. last week i spent several hours getting gmail to give me back my gmail account which has been inactivated for suspicious use. This in turn effected my blog which was attached to my gmail account. This blog has been around since 2007 so I was not happy. I do not for one minute think I was targeted by anyone in the LGBT community, including Dirt.. Frankly I was probably in a que wit a bot running attempting to hack accounts. This is a common problem right now and will probably continue to get worse.

    This reminds me of the witch hunt by race or belief of years ago. This sort of thing instills hate for no good reason. Many blacks and other races sat in prisons or were executed because of the well he is black and she got killed, therefore he must of done it mentality.

    Stereotyping is dangerous and uncalled for.

    This blog is getting downright scary. Not long ago it was the Gay and Lesbian community which was under attack by the Phelps types of the world. You have become the Phelps type towards the transgendered community. And the sad part is in the beginning of this blog I think you probably had your heart in the right place Dirt.

  3. You're right, Dirt - history does show what an individual can do and it's still happening today. I've passed on your site to friends of mine who are very pissed off about how the world has made women to feel horribly about ourselves. You have said things in your site that would be a help, not a hindrance. Your cause is righteous and so desperately needed. "They" are making you an enemy in their minds. Your story, if they would just THINK is to uplift women of all kinds of persuasions along the lines of gender. Thank you.


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