A Halloween Change of Pace

1) What is your favourite horror flick and why?

2) Can you kill a zombie?



  1. Rosemary's Baby because I love Mia Farrow and it was filmed where I grew up which made it all the more creepy. :)

  2. 1. I hate horror movies.

    2. If you cut off it's head, won't that stop it?

  3. 1, The Storm of The Century, it's just a movie the I have seen so many times, and I just to think it was really scary when I was 14. And it's like 4 hours long!

    2, Of course I can, and I have done it many times at Stockholm Zombiewalk every year ;D

  4. Insidious is my favorite horror film.
    Yes I could kill a zombie. Lol I am one of those people who are addicted to zombie games. I'm ready for the zombie apocalypse. Current preparation game Dead Island.

  5. The first Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite.

    Yes, you've got to cut zombies' heads off, and they're pretty soft and easy to cut through- you just need a long sword.

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  7. Currently, my favorite horror flicks are resident evil, I am legend and chucky. Why? Because I believe that man is its own worst enemy, and one day………….

    Yes, Of course blast its head off.

  8. I support the Halloween Change Of Pace.

    Hostel 1 or Silent Hill or The Mist. God theres so many. The Birds. Slence Of The Lambs. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Paranormal Activity. Final Destination.Everything by George Romaro. 28 Days Later. The Crazies. I love horrow films, especially the awful ones.

    Hit it in the head obviously, cut it off or just whack it. Thats the only way to kill a zombie. A snow plow would be fun though. Or a wood chipper.

  9. 1. Night of the Living Dead

    2. You can't "kill" a zombie because they are already dead, but you can immobilize them by damaging the brain stem.

  10. The people under the stairs. Love that movie and its my halloween tradition.

  11. I'm too much of a wuss for really scary films, so my favourite would have to be 'Shaun of the dead'.

    So the obvious answer to the question is hit them over the head with a cricket bat.


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