How Body/Gender Dysphoria is "Treated"? And Why?

Since the American Psychiatric Association published its first edition of the DSM in 1952 and through all four editions, including the fifth edition due out in May of 2013, not a single MENTAL disorder has been treated by removing healthy BODY parts EXCEPT  body/gender dysphoric disorder. One might say lobotomies and/or similar "surgeries" have been performed since, but lobotomies were performed on brains found to be UNhealthy(rightly or wrongly so). There has been no such findings in the breasts/uteri/ovaries/penis's/testes that are standard removals for those suffering with body/gender issues.

That being stated, why do you feel the male medical machines is only removing/rearranging healthy body parts from individuals classified as suffering from a MENTAL disorder to relieve their suffering/dysphoria? Especially given that there isnt a single proven case that the removal of certain healthy body parts doesnt cure the patient of their dysphoria, as it returns again and again and again short to mid term?

Also why do you feel the male medical machine is targeting very specific body parts, when clearly every body part of the patient is either male or female?

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Doing Gender

What daily things do we do (actions), that are NOT defined in some way by our gender? And what things do we do (actions), that clearly are?


Male Transitioner-Bitter, Angry and Clueless

This morning I was sent a message to a link written by a seemingly angry male transitioner spewing the same old tired ignorant nonsense (women are oppressing him with our femaleness) and too lazy or ignorant to bother with the facts. A snippet of his ignorance/laziness that mentions me:

I know for a FACT that two of the three names mentioned are NOT "rad fems", one of them obviously being me! I have not clue what "WWBT" is and as a Butch lesbian I have never worn "pearls".  And one merely has to skim my blog to know it is completely FEMALECENTRIC. I do not write about men and other than on a rare occasion, male comments are not welcome and deleted.

So in future Mr. Angry Guy, if you're going to mention a person, at least try and get the FACTS straight before doing so, otherwise you look like the idiot you likely are.


Just to be Clear...

When I bring up the topic of dysphoria, whether dysphoria around women's breast's, women's pussys, women's periods, women's weight ad infinitum, these discussions have ZERO to do with trans! If as someone who is in the never ending state of transition chooses to partake, fine. But given that all females ingest massive amounts of misogyny from the day we're born, trans persons have not cornered the market on dysphoria!


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

It has become blatently apparent, with each and every WIT post, that our female youths are being indoctrinated by YT's Trans Trenders at younger and younger ages. Which says two things to me, children are being pressured to conform to current hyper feminine standards at younger ages and the copious amount of ftM YT's are giving young teens and girls the only alternative seen possible to escape hyper feminine standards in a world sans any real feminism.

We can begrudge Trans Trending, we can begrudge the male medical machine making Trans Trending possible, but until WE challenge the ever tightening gender straight jacket and narrow ignorant notions of female, WE will continue losing girls/teens to this horrific alternative.


Murdering Children for the Sake of the Gender Straight Jacket

This older post was recently mailed to me...Children's gives transgender tween new hope

From the article:  

Although born identical twins with matching DNA, Tom* and Ryan were two immensely different children. As toddlers, Tom entertained himself with toy trucks while Ryan fawned over his girl cousin’s Barbies and Little Mermaid dolls. Photo after photo of them at that age show Ryan with a t-shirt wrapped around his head, mimicking long, flowing hair. At age 4, he asked his mom, Cecelia, a heartbreaking question: When do I get to be a girl?

When he was 6, his parents sought professional advice. A local psychiatrist diagnosed Ryan with gender identity disorder (GID) or transgenderism, a rare condition in which a biological male or female feels a strong identification with the opposite sex and is extremely uncomfortable with his or her own gender. Like Ryan, many transgender youth express disgust with their genitals from a young age, and some even believe they’ll grow up to become the opposite sex. 

Ryan is now 12 and goes by the name Sylvia. In skinny jeans and metallic ballet flats, painted nails and pigtails, she comes off as an energetic tween girl...In a world where everything is divvied up according to gender, there’s little room for a kid who falls somewhere in the middle.

She grew her hair long and asked to wear dresses and skirts. 

In fifth grade, after the long summer, Ryan came back to school as Sylvia. Although she was nervous on her first day with her new name, Sylvia found the majority of her classmates warm and welcoming. “Some of my friends asked me why I had waited so long,” she says. That year, Sylvia excelled academically and was voted class vice-president. At the same time, she was being seen by Norman Spack, MD, an endocrinologist at Children’s Hospital Boston and a leading expert in GID in children and adolescents, and evaluating psychologist Laura Edwards-Leeper, PhD. Spack, along with urologist David Diamond, MD, had helped launch the interdisciplinary Gender Management Service (GeMS) Clinic at Children’s—the first pediatric academic program in the Western Hemisphere to evaluate and medically treat young transgender people. 

 Sylvia’s parents immersed themselves in transgender research before coming to Children’s. 

But what if you could halt puberty and stop the permanent changes from occurring? While it remains controversial, puberty suppression has been the standard treatment for transgender kids in the Netherlands since the 1990s. Since 2007, Children’s has been one of a handful of hospitals in North America to offer this treatment.  

So far, the GeMS clinic has treated 17 patients with pubertal suppressors. “For the appropriate patients, we’ve found that the use of this therapy not only prevents severe psychological distress, but allows these young adolescents a chance to begin to blossom into their true selves,” says Edwards-Leeper. Spack scoffs at critics who accuse the clinic of fooling with nature. “I don’t think of transgender people as ‘changing genders,’” he says. “Almost every one of our patients felt that they were born with the wrong body. They’re not changing genders, they are affirming the gender they always felt they had.” 

As frightening as it is that some gender conformist doKtor slapped a GID diagnoses on a child simply for enjoying a variety of things labeled by patriarchy as "girl". I find it much more frightening that clinics designed solely for THIS specific purpose are cropping up even before the latest edition of the disorder bible (the DSM 5) which will contain the new diagnoses for children who do not sport the gender straight jacket!

If clinics such as the one mentioned in the article have cropped up and are cropping up even before there has been a legitimate (legitimate as far as published in the latest version of the shrink bible) medical diagnoses for GID in children, the writing is all over the fucking wall! But as I see it, the writing has been all over the fucking wall since the HB's first created the trans disorder as a means to heterosexualize homosexuals as a way of eradicating homosexuality.

But we have come a LONG way baby! Now there is no need to wait till those pesky queens and bulldaggers prance and swagger into adulthood offending all those bound by the gender straight jacket. No siree bob! The male medical machine can declare those girls who want short hair and play with BOY toys GENDER INCONGRUENT! Same goes for those sissy boys who wanna grow their hair out, play with the girls and want to be called pretty! The male medical machine has even stated that most children labeled with GID/GI if left alone will grow up to be normal healthy gay and lesbian adults. So why is the male medical machine labeling children with a medical/mental disorder when they do not conform to society's/parental notions of normal gender play/roles???

I'll tell you why! Because transition was born out of extreme homophobia and has been allowed to proliferate because of it, despite any claims to the contrary. If gays and lesbians do not begin taking some very serious steps towards the labeling children with GID/GI, a huge portion of our community will be missing in the near future because we will have been eradicated in our youth by exterminating us through medical transition.

And to all the naysayers who will bitch and moan that "dirt is just being extreme" and "that can never happen", remember that once upon a time, once technology permitted, humans were systematically eradicated despite all those who claimed "that can never happen here". It wasnt that many decades ago when lesbian feminists were concerned about transitioning children, they were pacified that that no doktor would do that to a child.


Gradual Dysphoria or Overnight Dysphoria?

Since many readers have or are still suffering from some degree of body dysphoria, I thought we could discuss the timing your dysphoria occurred. Given the phallocentric world girls grow up in, it isnt at all surprising many of us from our earliest memories hoped and dreamed we would awake with a penis. Even in our early years, we recognize the world is fully available to those with penis's that it isnt to those without. Even the "without" seems an accusation of less than or missing something important. But penis privileges aside, not having one doesnt really signify dysphoria. Similarly to wanting something the wealthy posses that you dont and never will, it doesnt create a pathological uncomfortableness (sometime suicidalness) that dysphoria does.

So describe when and how dysphoria came into your life. Was it slowly or swiftly? Did something trigger it or was it accumulative?

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The Internet-Look before you Leap

We the non-celebrities are making ourselves more available, in vaster quantities. But in doing so, we are losing control over the information we considered to be ours alone. We have the convenience of online bill-paying. But credit cards companies know facts about us we never remember telling them. We have the ease of online shopping. Now online shops advertise to us long after we visited their site, wherever we happen to be on the Internet. We want to stay in touch with people we would have, in another age, left behind — people we met on holiday or on the street, people we knew only as children. So we post mundane, daily facts about our workday or our meals — information that used to disappear before it was even registered as experience — hoping that it might bring this giant network of people closer to our mundane, daily lives. But the mundane information starts to define us; we can’t get rid of it.

The Urban Dictionary includes a term called “Public Privacy.” Public privacy is defined as:
The illusion of which is given to people on a cell phone or blue tooth in public and within earshot of others. These people believe that others cannot hear about their husband's rectal exam or their mothers attempt at making toast in the microwave.
When we go home at night, we are still in the crowd. We hop on our computers, consume information. We might go onto Facebook and talk to hundreds of friends at once, retool our image: What do I want to tell people that I like today? How do I want to look today? How can I expand the breadth of my crowd? The more people I am friends with, the more people I can see. Like Baudelaire, we are watching, observing, hoping to find ourselves in the multitude. We think maybe it’s crazy, that having more acquaintances, perpetually developing our personae, and sharing every moment of our lives in the panoptic milieu of the Internet will somehow bring our private lives into focus.

Baudelaire wrote about the romance of throwing oneself alone, directionless, into the crush of public life. And it is exhilarating — spending your days wandering from shop to shop, fact to fact, video to video, stranger to stranger. But his poetry was a reminder. The passion for roaming means a love of masquerades and a hatred of home. Baudelaire, too, wanted to protect his privacy. But he feared he had lost the very thing he wanted to protect.

A fitting article for all those trans trenders and the like, who protest to their YT's being linked, their pictures being utilized, their words being discussed. When you act like a celeb, you will be treated like a celeb/ And celebs learn straight away, once you make yourself the property of the public, privacy ceases to exists.


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Radical Feminism-Same as Yesterday only more Useless

It amazes me how ignorant far too many radical feminists really are. Like those of yesteryear, they too live in some white academic dream world. Meanwhile mother's are turning their little daughters into eye candy for the male gaze, teenage girls are binding their breast to escape the male gaze, and young women are either conforming/performing a combo of hyper femininity/hyper sexuality with stripper pole intact for the male gaze or paying a very high price for the male medical machine to strip them of every visible vestige of femaleness as a means to escape the shame that has become female as well as put themselves on par with men the only way they know how sans feminism. 
Posters, signs and endless babble will never take down the weakest of patriarchal columns. 

A Halloween Change of Pace

1) What is your favourite horror flick and why?

2) Can you kill a zombie?


FTM Chauvinist or FTMisogynist?

I received this message recently:

Far too often we hear these stories of female transitioners adopting the worse traits in men. I suspect her seemingly proud "chauvinist" (like so many ftMs) claims are really an externalization of the misogyny she internalized which lead her to transition to begin with.

Chauvinism springs from a place of historical patriarchal dominance and power, as such it isnt even a possible place that any female, no matter her cosmetic state, could ever occupy.

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What is a Man?

Are there any differences in being a man and merely passing as one? Does passing as male make you a male?


The Truth about Transmen-Testosterone Effects and Lesbians

The TRUTH about Testosterone effects and Transmen (FTM)

The Truth about Lesbians and Transmen (FTM)

The two above links are to former posts that daily receive more attention (through searches) than all other posts on this blog. Both links are highly important as they provide invaluable information few sites to none dare to provide due to fears of unPCness and/or transphobia. But when real lives and relationships are at stake one must move past those fears in hopes of helping those in need. 

Since both these post receive so much attention and both are HIGHLY important, I'm using this post to bring both together for easier access to the info both contain.


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Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning?

I can only wonder with great sadness and far too many tears, how many female minds and bodies will have been lost before real help is put into place and this drugging and butchering of the healthy ceases. I fear the number will be greater than that of similar females who in the middle of the last century and for similar reasons were brutalized with the male medical machines lobotomy "cure".

May feminism rise like the Phoenix and save.


Gender doesnt equal Sex unless you are Trans and Say it Does

Australia is now one of a growing number of countries to relax the rules on surgical requirements to determine gender. 

According to the trans mouthpiece, gender is whats between your ears and sex is whats between your legs and since so many transmen hack off their breast, sex too seems to be whats between your arms. Yet more and more trans groups are working to alter laws to have sex markers changed simply because they claim their gender is different. The sex of those in any state of transition NEVER changes and NEVER will. So claiming their "gender" is opposite their sex, still should in no way affect sex markers on any legal level.

That aside, we are getting into VERY disturbing AND dangerous territory when countries and states of countries are changing sex (body) marker indicators when the issue is with gender (mental construct). By allowing gender (mental delusion) to replace sex (core reality) would legally give males (rapists/pedophiles) complete access to any private female space simply by legally changing their gender (mental) which will legally change their sex marker to female! As if girls and adult females dont already have enough to worry about in our pro-rapist culture.

If as the trans community claims, transition is about feeling better in your own skin, then there really is no need to change sex markers, especially given the excessive fluidity extolling the queer/trans community is notorious for. For instance in the case of transmen, who go on and on about how much they love women, even love the female form, claim they just want their female form to look "male". Okay, so cosmetically alter your female form to appear male, then why the need for the name changes, the pronoun changes, the legal sex change???

What it all boils down to is the trans mind needing every possible external SEX indicator to match their created mental identity (created for a slew of reasons) for their created identity's very survival. Laws that affect every male and female are being altered strictly to support the self created identity of a small group of mentally ill people. And the thing is, as you read here in the multitudinous comments by trans mind after trans mind, even when all the external signs point to one sex, the trans mind still isnt happy. The internal war between their core identity and their self created identity doesnt end with an F or an M on their legal ID's, it doesnt end until they end the trans charade.

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Fear-The New State of Feminism

 I recently received this message from a young feminist:

My name is XXXX and I'm a 26 year old woman currently working for a feminist organization serving rural women and girls in XXXXXX. I have always identified as a girl/woman but only in recent years have really come to appreciate the awesomeness of what that means. I love my body and would never want to part with any aspect of it. I have enjoyed wonderful sexual and romantic experiences with men and women, and have expressed my gender in various ways from feminine to androgynous. What bothers me these days is that I have observed several young women in my community transitioning and embracing male-centric identities. The movement is very strong here to educate the public about trans people and their experiences, and as someone working in the field of social justice/feminism I feel obligated to support trans people as an equity-seeking group. Deep down, however, I'm very concerned about the shrinking of the category "woman" and the violent influence of misogyny on all of us, particularly the pressure on women to alter and in some cases mutilate our bodies. I've seen people on the internet attaching the "hate" label to your posts and videos, but what nobody (except you) seems to be talking about is the internalized hatred that every female faces in this deeply misogynistic world, and how this is linked to transitioning. Yet, were I to publicly agree with you I would a) be disowned by my FTM friends/acquaintances and b) be shunned by others working in my field. I have only spoken with one other feminist who expressed a view similar to yours, and she is a long-time activist who I admire and respect. There is just so much silencing of dissent around this issue that I'm afraid to speak my mind. Thank you for having the courage to articulate your perspective. I suspect that there are many feminists who, like me, feel silenced but glad that someone is raising these questions.

More and more feminist are expressing similar sentiments to the feminist's predicament above. The trans community takes the mass feminist silence as trans approval, but nothing could be further from the truth. Feminists are women, and women from our earliest teachings are taught to either be "polite" or "say nothing at all". Since postmodernism's conservative backlash against feminism first spewed Queer Theory from its muck funnel, there has been a rising tide of pressure for women/feminist to accept anything no matter how inane, from their fluid PC driven politic.

The greatest failure of feminism is silence in the face of violence against women. And make no bones about it, transition IS violence against women on a multitude of levels! Whether it is being silent about men co-opting "woman", allowing these men in female spaces or watching with cringed expressions and tight lips while women and girls are being brainwashed with acute misogyny then violated by the male medical machine perpetuating that misogyny for a fucking buck!

Silence IS the enemy! Silence permits violence against girls and women because when there is no one saying NO, it is presumed that everyone is thinking yes.

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Trans Pathological Need to Silence

I received both these emails this morning indicating that someone first tried to hack into my Blogger account and when that failed tried hacking into my Yahoo mail account. This is the deep level of hatred and desire for silencing the trans community has become notorious for. In comment after comment we hear from hormonally poisoned minds how they do not care what I write, how I am only one person and cannot change anything, how no one is listening to what I have to say.

Yet time after time if there isnt copiously amounts of trollish comments utilized for silencing my posts, there are by trans to other trans demands for mass emails to be sent to google/blogger to close my blog under the pretense that it is "hate" centered and when all that fails let the hacking fucking begin!

So much for one lone voice having no measurable weight. But history has long shone it is ALWAYS the individual challenging, changing and inspiring change.

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Daring to be Different-Anne Sexton

In lieu of the anniversary of Anne Sexton's death October 4th, 1974. 

By Maxine W. Kumin

Shall I say how it is in your clothes?
A month after your death I wear your blue jacket.   
The dog at the center of my life recognizes   
you’ve come to visit, he’s ecstatic.
In the left pocket, a hole.
In the right, a parking ticket
delivered up last August on Bay State Road.   
In my heart, a scatter like milkweed,
a flinging from the pods of the soul.
My skin presses your old outline.
It is hot and dry inside.

I think of the last day of your life,
old friend, how I would unwind it, paste   
it together in a different collage,
back from the death car idling in the garage,   
back up the stairs, your praying hands unlaced,   
reassembling the bits of bread and tuna fish   
into a ceremony of sandwich,
running the home movie backward to a space   
we could be easy in, a kitchen place
with vodka and ice, our words like living meat.

Dear friend, you have excited crowds
with your example. They swell
like wine bags, straining at your seams.   
I will be years gathering up our words,   
fishing out letters, snapshots, stains,
leaning my ribs against this durable cloth
to put on the dumb blue blazer of your death.

Sexton was very much a victim of the male medical machine and her choice to commit suicide when stripped of the veneer of freedom was no choice at all. Somewhere between misogyny's noose, the male medical machine's poisons and cold green corridors and patriarchy's lead foot revving the "death car" in the garage, choice never figured in.

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I Remembering Always Feeling Like a Boy

Feeling like a boy from their earliest memories is something we hear quite often from transmen. I have felt happy, sad, angry, elated, in love, depressed, thrilled, scared etc etc, I cant say I have ever felt female. I can say I have felt female experiences, biologically speaking, but outside of that, my feelings are emotional, and emotions are not sex based.

That being said, and thats only my experience, for those who have always "felt like a boy/guy", explain exactly what that means. How do you feel like a particular sex? And before anyone says they as a female feel "masculine", explain how you feel like secondary sexual characteristics.


Edit to add: If you are not legitimately answering this question, describing how it feels to be a "boy", do not respond. Only legitimate answers will not be deleted. And any response saying you thought you should have been born with AB and C will also be deleted because that describes what you would like to have possessed, not how you "feel like a boy". Boys do not wish they had a penis or wish they could pee standing or grow up to have excessive facial hair, they already know they do and will.

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