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The deaths of nine young women video taped for your viewing pleasure.



  1. I think I'm really just watching these kind of videos because I find (young) women really interesting. And I didn't have any friends when I was at that age. I'm 27 and have no female friend in real life. I find it difficult to relate to women in real life. I'm alone. I really like some of the transmen/butches etc. I see on YT. I wouldn't want them to change by taking T. It means that they will become another person.

  2. @L. If you're interested in the videos being posted by young women on youtube, maybe it'd be worth looking at those rather than the videos of young men.

    Re: becoming another person. Taking hormonal medication doesn't change who a person is. In the case of tesosterone, it can affect the way that someone's perceived in the world, and how one fees about oneself and in relation to other people... but fundamentally, in this case, these young men are still who and what they are regardless of the decision to take hormones or not. And that's who and what they're telling you they are. Which is, in the cases of the young men featured here, is men.

  3. And by "men", JBomb means girls.

  4. I wonder if I identify as a horse and start taking horse steroids if people will respect my decision to identify as such. Thoughts?

  5. I identify as intersex and I am keeping my penis but having my scrotum made into a vagina so I will have both and I am going to take both male and female hormones and my name will be "Ayden Janie". Because I was born with an intersex brain. And I will have feminizing facial surgery but keep my beard.

  6. @Anon - If you're being serious about this, feel free to be in touch via email (you can contact me through my blogger profile, I'm sure). However, my thoughts are that your question's just a poorly thought out attempt at derailing the conversation.

    Personally, as a feminist, I find it fairly offensive that Dirt's likened the videos these young men have posted talking about their lives to videos of women dying. Thoughts?

  7. I say if you really wanna be a horse go at it. It might be hard for you to get a job. Who cares what people think as long as your a happy horse. (yes I understand you were being sarcastic).

  8. I was born genetically and chromosomally female but my brain identifies as Kleinfelter's syndrome.

  9. are you serious? these are 'men' to you?
    anybody is anything they say they are?
    totally absurd
    this is why T should be removed from LGB
    they make everyone else seem like total flakes...

  10. I was born with a typical male body but my brian tells me I should have been born with androgen insensitivity syndrome. So I want to take androgen suppressors so my brain's identity and my body identity is in alliance. I'm still male though.

  11. I am black but I was born with a caucasian brain.

  12. I'm human but I prefer romantic relationships with animals, but it's completely okay because I don't need medicine for my lifestyle.

  13. Now you're just crossing into sketchy legal territory and animal abuse Anon. Congrats. You went there.

  14. Who cares if someone thinks I'm "really" gay or not? Not me. That's the difference between gays and cwazy twannies.

  15. "That's the difference between gays and cwazy twannies."

    I wish you the worst discrimination anyone will ever have to face. I wish you the worst of it for being such a detestable worthless human being.

    Grow up you undisciplined child.

  16. How can they be "dying women"? They were never women to begin with. They're men.
    Also, imo, half these anonymous accounts are Dirt defending her self righteous and false beliefs. Either that or her cronies.
    INB4 Dirt defending herself as not posting on anonymous accounts.

  17. not dirt by a longshotSeptember 26, 2011 at 11:28 AM

    How can they be men?

  18. i mean really- talk about 'false beliefs!'

  19. Let's face it folks, when you see it stated repeatedly -- you're a man if you say you are (not that anyone can actually define in any rigorous way what they MEAN by that) -- you see how mad it is.

    Okay, you're a man what bloody difference does it make? Except you want ME to agree with you that you're a man (sorry, why aren't I allowed my own opinion on this matter?), and you want me and my taxes to help pay for the surgery you say you need because you are a man (just a man without a penis), AND you want me to agree to not say ANYTHING that even attempts to discuss the issues around WHY people might say they are a man when they may not be, and, and, and...........

    It's the feeble attempts to suppress any discussion or dissent that really bug me!

    "I wonder if I identify as a horse and start taking horse steroids if people will respect my decision to identify as such. Thoughts?"

    Depends how good you are at pulling the plough..............

  20. "I wish you the worst discrimination anyone will ever have to face. I wish you the worst of it for being such a detestable worthless human being."

    ANYONE who resorts to such abuse after even the slightest hint of disagreement just shows how WEAK their own case actually is. It's just childish attempts at bullying, willing to throw a tantrum and hurl threats at others as soon as they DARE to question what you're saying.

    And they accuse US of being phobic!

  21. Transexualism/genderism has always seemed foreign to me. I remember talking about it with a girl and noting how they always seemed to be obsessed about gender roles and she laughed about it but then went on to say that she felt like a man because when she said 'I am a man,' she felt 'right.'

    It was utterly bewildering to me - 'man' isn't even real. I can say 'man' means 'bird.' The English language is not the default language for all human beings - which means she is assigning societal connotations to a word and we're right fucking back to gender roles again.

    People used to consider me trans and I used to really be into the whole 'movement' and whatnot until I started thinking about what it meant for me, as a woman.

  22. "Also, imo, half these anonymous accounts are Dirt defending her self righteous and false beliefs. Either that or her cronies.
    INB4 Dirt defending herself as' not posting on anonymous accounts."

    I agree. with you as you can tell the writing style. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell. I figured that out months and months ago. I think it's funny though. Immature on her part but funny as hell because we can all tell. Some people just have to much time on their hands I suppose.

  23. Thanks for posting the links to these guys' youtube videos. I just have made 9 new friends! I also gave them all a heads up on the stalking by over the hill/has been dykes.

  24. You girls are in for a very sad awakening if you think that Dirt's views on trans are in the minority in the Lesbian and Gay communities.

  25. BadDyke, you're 'allowed' whatever opinion you want, in the sense that nobody can stop you from having it. Of course, Michelle Bachmann and her hateful followers are also 'allowed' to have the opinion that you're just a damaged and delusional straight woman. And I could, theoretically, have the opinion that you're the Queen of Morocco.

    The thing is, though, that when you have an opinion about *who someone else is*, and that person disagrees with you, they and their friends and allies are not out of line, rude, or in any way infringing on your rights and freedoms when they tell you that you're wrong.

    As for discussion...(shrugs) you want to sit down and have a polite discussion with Michelle Bachmann about whether or not you're a lesbian? How productive do you think it is to debate your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences with someone who's already decided they know you better than you do? Someone who has a track record of distorting what people like you say, taking it out of context, and using it against you?

    Personally, I'm about as keen on discussing my experience of transsexuality with these particular people in this particular venue as I am on debating evolution at the Discovery Institute website. Or arguing about climate change on a denialist blog. It's just not an effective use of my time.

    I'll keep an eye on the creationists and denialists to look for any worthwhile criticisms that might be hiding among the distortions and half-truths. And I'll look to see what new distortions and half-truths might be making it into the common discourse so I can be prepared when I hear them from my students.

    But am I going to actually try to convince people who hang out at those sites that they're wrong? Not likely. And I'm afraid I have to file this site in essentially the same category. Some worthwhile criticism, not generally worth acknowledging here; lots of misrepresentation and distortion; and the occasional disingenuous invitation to "discussion" on your terms and your turf.

    Every now and then you sucker someone into debating with you. And of course you always 'win", because the structure of debate favours those who make absolute statements with absolute certainty. The careful, nuanced explanations of a messy, incompletely-understood reality are so easily distorted, pulled out of context and used against your opponent, or simply ignored as you yell louder and repeat yourselves. I've been through it with creationists, denialists, and homophobes, and I'm not interested in repeating the experience here - nor, I think, is any trans person or ally with any sense whatsoever.

  26. "How productive do you think it is to debate your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences with someone who's already decided they know you better than you do? Someone who has a track record of distorting what people like you say, taking it out of context, and using it against you?"

    More false analogies! I don't have to have a debate with anyone as to whether I am or am not a lesbian, it's a simple fact that isn't affected by what anyone else may or may not think. And anyone else not agreeing with me that i'm a lesbian doesn't stop me from being one, unless of course the person that is not agreeing is, say, a woman that I'm trying to get into bed.

    Being a lesbian doesn't require anyone elses permission, or validation.

    Unlike, say, someone claiming they're a man when they're female. No, you're not, end of discussion. You may FEEL as if you are, etc etc, but you are not necessarily the best judge of what your own feelings mean or where they might come from (else we'd never need the advice and helpof friends to give us insights into ourselves). So, the feeling of being female yet 'feeling like a man' has several possible interpretations:

    1) The whole innate gender thing, or brain sex, etc etc

    2) The alternative explanation offered by feminists as on here.

    Offering up other interpretations ISN'T insulting, but I fully understand WHY you don't want it, because you do prefer your OWN narrative as to what it means, because that is the narrative that you have chosen, or that best makes sense to you. Because it is personally the most comfortable doesn't mean it is the only option.

    Comparing it with creationism or climate change deniers is just more false analogies, because those are matters of science that ultimately rest on facts, whereas the trans narrative depends not on that sort of objective evidence, but just on subjective experience, and that subjects interpretation of that experience. And the tired ole -- I'm the one best suited to interpret my own experience, and how DARE you suggest otherwise.

    " or in any way infringing on your rights and freedoms when they tell you that you're wrong." Except they ARE wrong when they try to stop anyone else discussing it!

    Okay, you think I'm mistaken, no shit sherlock. But trying to suppress ANY debate, that isn't just wrong but dangerous.

  27. "And that's who and what they're telling you they are. Which is, in the cases of the young men featured here, is men."

    The point being, it DOESN'T matter how many times you try and brow-beat other people into accepting others own definitions of themselves, people still aren't going to be convinced! He's a man cos he says he is, just doesn't work. What you MIGHT get is people not calling you out on it just to be polite, but doesn't mean they really BELIEVE it.

    Hence why you end up with the whole hormone/surgery thing, I think, not just because that makes the person concerned feel more comfortable with their body, but because it makes it EASIER for them to pass as what they claim they are in public. Mind you, it won't stop people being suspicious, or in my case, being able to recognise the taught mannerisms of M2T people.

    People will relate to you based on their own interpretation, you can't force people to relate to you as a man just because you say you are a man. You can't control how others see you.

  28. Last one says it all -- used to be a pretty girl, then became a freak, and just wants to be NORMAL.

    Just sounds to me like couldn't DO femininity anymore, hence freak, hence hey, become a guy and be NORMAL...............

  29. On to my main point, I am 20 years old and for 3 years I lived and believed I was male. I went the whole hog of transitioning and changed my name, changed what pronouns I used and would bind down my breasts. I was able to go completely "stealth" as male and even got to the point where I could start hormone treatment. I jumped through all the NHS hoops, got the diagnosis of being a female to male transsexual and got approved for therapy and hormones.

    But 3 years on I am having my doubts about whether I am actually trans or not. I don't feel entirely male but I don't feel like a typical female. I am glad that I have realised this before hormones completely changed my body and before I got any radical surgery done.

    I was born a female and went through my entire young life as a tomboy. When I was growing up I was never pressurised into being a feminine girl, I was allowed to wear trousers and trainers and allowed to play with my brother’s boys toys. Although I did have a kitchen set and dolls house, I much preferred the hotwheels cars and toys garages.

    Everything in my life was great until puberty hit me at around the age of 12, I was suddenly expected to act more feminine and be interested in what female’s were apparently interested in. I remember clearly the incident of being taken to be measured for my first bra, I had small breasts coming in, not large enough to be seen clearly but enough there to warrant the need of my first bra. I remember how proud my mother and grandmother looked when they saw me buy and wear my first bra and how much it filled me with confusion. I didn’t feel disgust with my body, I just felt confused as to how and why my body was changing the way it was. I remember the talks I had with my mother when I was younger about puberty and in my young mind I somehow figured I would be exempt from the one thing all women have to experience at some point. Periods and puberty.

    It was around the age of 13 that my sexuality started emerging and the time where I suppressed my attraction towards women, I was a girl, I told myself, I wasn’t supposed to like girls or find them attractive. So it was with some relief that I developed my first crush on a boy and I could feel normal again for a short amount of time. I kept my feelings about finding the female form attractive to myself until I reached the age of 17, until I found a queer forum and alternative sexualities were discussed openly and with pride. Gay and Lesbian and Bisexual people spoke openly and proudly about who they were and who they were attracted to. For the first time in the 17 years of my life I felt a sense of freedom and a sense of answer to confirm what I was and that it was ok to be attracted to women.

  30. Another thing that I discovered when joining this queer forum was the word transgender. From the moment I started talking to trans people I felt a sense of comfort. You see I had always felt a certain amount of discomfort with my female body and wondered why I had developed the way I had. I didn’t loathe having breasts but I didn’t entirely understand why I had them or why I was suddenly being seen as a woman, just because my body was changing. So when I read about trans males who were born male in the wrong body I latched onto that with comfort.

    What I am really saying here is that a lot can change in 3 years and people shouldn't be too quick to label themselves. People should take the time to explore their identity fully and then make a decision.

    At 17 years old I was too young and too confused to know who I really was, it is only at 20 that I am starting to understand who I am. I look at people transitioning at 14/15/16 and it concerns me because I don't think they are old enough to make such a big decision.

    I would say wait until someone is at least 20 or older before deciding on whether gender transition is the right thing to do.

    And this is coming from a previously identifying trans man so don't shoot me down. I DO understand what you feel because I felt it too, but I was confusing it with something else, something deeper.


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