The Tide it is a Changin

Since this blog first began developing a readership, comments aside for the moment, based on the number of (agree) and (disagree)'s the readership was clearly against the content posted here. Taking comments into account, it was clear that while the majority of (disagrees) were from those in the perpetual state of transition, hardly all of them were. There were a great many (disagrees) coming from lesbians who embraced the whole IDEA of a unified "community".

Somewhere between the realization that the trans readers didnt stand a chance in hell of closing this space down and lesbian readership actually reading (instead of reacting) to what's posted here, as well as a more developed lesbian readership, a clear shift has occurred. There is regularly an overwhelming amount of (agrees) with this post as opposed to (disagrees)! This shift has also become more apparent in the comments we are seeing lately.

Change can be the ugly surgically mutilated and chemically treated mess of a once beautiful female mind and body. Change can also be the beauty of insight, the strength of declaration and the power to see both through.

Yes, the tide it is a changin!

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  1. "This shift has also become more apparent in the comments we are seeing lately."

    I think this is true. For myself, I had some reservations, but there used to be a general 'let's all be nice to each other' feel in the lesbian and gay community about the trans issue. So, no one said anything much (wouldn't be polite after all!).

    I think what toughened me up was seeing just how much hatred and vitriol was thrown at ANY criticism of the trans agenda. Which always looks suspicious to me.

    That and the numbers of young girls joining the trend, better be ANYTHING other than a lesbian, normality at any cost.........

  2. *"(instead of reacting to) what's posted here"

  3. Wow. That's some wishful thinking right there.

  4. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how you orchestrate and control your comments. You are forever deleting comments that you don't like... and most likely, commenting yourself anonymously - at any rate, it's hardly an accurate formula for calculating the approval rating of your blog.


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