This Week's Words Searched Most Often

  1. Transgender female to male surgery
  2. Transman penis
  3. Transmen
  4. Transmen before and after
  5. Female to male surgery pictures
  6. Marci Bowers metoidioplasty results
  7. Testosterone before and after pictures ftm
  8. Testosterone ftm
  9. Transgender ftm top surgery shirtless
  10. FTM micropenis
  11. Blogspot trans
  12. Ftm clit
  13. FTM Effects of testosterone on the clitoris
  14. Ftm getting fucked
  15. Ftm look like lesbian
  16. Ftm testosterone hair loss
  17. Ftm testosterone weight gain
  18. Ftm top surgery before and after
  19. Ftm transgender
  20. Ftm transition
  21. Ftm transition lesbian
  22. Lesbian or ftm?
  23. Shame of body parts amongst ftms population
  24. Transgender surgery female to male pictures
  25. Transgender testosterone side effects
  26. Transman bottom surgery
  27. Transman likes make-up
  28. Transman sex
Fortunately all those confused women doing these searches are finding a ray of truth when they find this blog, instead of the shadows of misinformation and out right lies perpetuated by the Trans community.

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  1. A ray of truth....more like a boil on the ass of feminism.

  2. How or where are these searched? How are these the most searched words on the internet? Transman isn't even trending on twitter or yahoo.
    Im confused. o.O

  3. "How or where are these searched? How are these the most searched words on the internet? "

    I think this is the list of words that people search on and are then directed to this site -- how they got here, that's all!

  4. I wouldn't say they are finding a ray of truth. They are just getting a different perspective from non trans people. Honestly everything said on here has to be taken with a grain of salt. When you use to post the pictures of the top surgeries, those where not good surgeries at all. There are transmen who have gotten amazing results that I see on YouTube all the time. The truths you have about transitioning most of it is a matter of opinion. There is not enough evidence to support it as true.

  5. Dogmatic radical "feminist" lesbians.

    You'll never be taken seriously. Or achieve any good for your sex or orientation because your focus is juvenile and oppressive.

    Nothing is truth here. Not a single word.

  6. Not everybody who thinks transsexualism is farcical is a 'radical feminist lesbian'

  7. Who cares, anon.
    If anything that makes you more of an ingrate.


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