Chaz Bono-Dancing with the Stars and the Promotion of Misogyny

A friend received this screen cap in her email and forwarded it to me:

In this mass email sent by the Transgender Law Center  , they conveniently use both  Carson Kressley ( a gay celeb) and the repeal of Dont Ask/Dont Tell to bind together gay/lesbian/issues, in order to promote female self hater and long time wannabe celeb "Chaz" Bono (now in the never ending cycle of transition) to legitimate transition to the general public.

You weekly see here how YouTube alone is negatively affecting our female youths (trans trenders) who have no visible role models amid the conservative backlash against feminism by the advancement of hyper femininity/sexuality. Teens and young women have literally been left with what appears to be two options, the notion of transitioning to "male" or adapt to the masturbatory IDEA of woman, both of which in reality are unattainable. But celeb wannabe "Chaz" publicly parading herself weekly on Dancing with the Stars will send a sad sick message of trans possibility to all those girls and young women suffering, questioning and pondering where and how the hell they can ever fit into conservative hyper feminine role that is everywhere we look.

The Trans Law Center is also claiming that "Chaz" is receiving "hate mail" for her appearance on DWTS. While I do not doubt that she likely has, nowhere have we seen the Trans Law Center EVER announcing to the Trans community to refrain from making similar threats of violence and death to anyone (including myself) who dares to shed some sun on the reality known as "transition".

You can also see in the screen cap, this Trans Law Center also begrudges the progress of the repeal of DADT with regards to gays and lesbians, because the trans community has made no such progress. While that is certainly unfortunate, I have written about this particular issue as far back as a decade ago. And in that decade there has yet to be a single political movement by the trans community to serve in the military, while gays and lesbians have publicly fought and died for that right since the second World War.

The Trans Law Center goes on to whine that in 35 states they have no job protections based on "gender identity". The fact is, once in the constant transitional state, with their legal sex changed, they have MORE rights than many out gays or lesbians. If they are legally male or legally female they have the very same rights as any man or woman. Once transmen begin "passing" as male, they immediately receive male privilege both in and out of jobs, and for transwomen who do not "pass" (which is most) they continue receiving the male privilege they were accustomed to from birth.

Using gays and lesbians and our issues we have fought and died for for more years than I have been alive by the Trans community is sick and pathetic. It also signifies in yet another instance just how little this community has in common with gays and lesbians and how even more meager they are invested in our progress.

But most importantly unnecessary medical "treatment" should NEVER be a choice making up for a lack of necessary social change. And utilizing the daughter of a celeb to do so is not only fucking sad, it is fucking abhorrent.

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  1. I think it's awful how transism has attached itself to homosexuality, when even its adherents admit that the two are unrelated; that unrelation almost being necessary for the trans theory to 'work.'

  2. Dirt. Amen. And I really want to say, I look up to you so much for speaking your mind openly even when your blog attracts some really creepy vitriol.

    The T invasion and parasitism on the LGB movement is reaching a peak. I truly hope that more lesbians are opening their eyes.

  3. It also brings to mind a big fear of mine, that we lesbians and gays are being systematically eradicated.

    It's the only explanation for why the medical community is embracing transism with open arms.

    After all according to trans ideology butch lesbians are really men deep down. Brb, puking.

  4. Get over it Dirt.. Get a life for crying out loud. Your just jealous that your a nobody.. All this whining for this many years and you are still at ground zero. Transgendered people have been around since Stonewall.. Like it or not it is a fact.. The LGB community sure hops on board to further their agenda each and every time a hate crime happens to a transgendered person. We are, and always have been in the same boat when it comes to phobias. Working together serves the greater good for both.

    For myself, I have decided not to transition, but certainly not because of you or your logic. Sadly, I am not as brave and as strong to stand up for who I am. Will this change the fact I do not and never have felt female? of course not.. But for me it is easier to live in the world without being targeted by society.. I admire Chaz for having the moxy to stand up to all this. I admire all gender varient individuals who are brave enough to be themselves.

    As for you, you will never be an advocate of anything and if you think you are, you are dillusional. Advocates take action; They don't sit around mud slinging for years on end and they make progress in their endeavors. You have made no progress and never will. Days of our Lives progresses faster than you do.

    How funny. the word verification for this is regressi .. Go Figure!

  5. Masked Lily-- Thank you. Yes, this blog is like a place to rest in an oasis of hatred against lesbians. It's like somewhere in the early ought years, we started disappearing, and now the last vestiges of our sacred spaces are being forced from us. It's all we can do to keep our sacred internal space, and support our true sisters whenever and where ever we find them. We have been sold out. After carrying the gay civil rights movement on our backs when gay men were dying in a war no one would fight for them, we were there. Now, you are absolutely right, the "T" in LBG"T" has made a mockery of our community. It's a frightful thing, but I know we will survive-- we always have before. Again, thank you for your words today. They made me smile.

  6. "I admire Chaz for having the moxy to stand up to all this"

    Yeah what a brave girl...I remember all the women hating shit she said. Well that's self hate at its best.

  7. Read:

  8. I read that discussion linked to above and did not find it at all enlightening. Just a bunch of impressionable people using the accepted buzzwords of what really seems more like a religion than anything- homosexuals needn't so strongly share a belief system like transsexuals do.

  9. The T should never have been aligned with LGB.

  10. Just because I loathe something doesn't mean I'm afraid of it. If someone is concerned and takes steps to stop another person from suicide, that's suicidophobia?
    If I care about someone and she's starving herself to death so I work to intervene and get her help, am I anorexophobic? If I'm concerned about a woman who's cutting herself and work to de-glamorize the online culture of cutting am I self-mutilatophobic?
    NO. Stop comparing "transsexuality" to how people are BORN. Transsexuality is something people CHOOSE. Only by the most insidious delusion to people continue telling this Big Lie, hoping some way, somehow, it becomes true.

    People are born male, and female. End of story. What they do with their gender after that, is of their own choosing. If they don't like how options for females in the USA are severely limited and stigmatized and preyed upon, the answer is to continue fighting for social justice and mental healthcare options; NOT sanctioning and condoning mutilation in the name of "science".

    We are not members of the Transcult.
    That, and that alone makes us targets; as with any cult, detractors, doutbters, and dissenters are Enemy Number One.

    I'm not afraid of ANYTHING "trans".
    I am simply, daily, calling "BULLSHIT".


  12. I posted that Madonna video because I just love it. It also, I think it brilliantly, poetically, brutally and hysterically at moments describes the state of being female in this culture.

    It's rageful about this very issue.

    You have to get past the commerial. But, play it full screen, play it more than once. It's pretty amazing.

  13. Well I don't understand why gay and lesbians don't start their own danm organization, one which specifically excludes trangendered. Seriously. Hello. It's not as if there are only five gay and lesbians who are sick of the transgendered taking over and reframing every issue to focus on their needs only. There is actually enough people who would join such a group.

    And this is only a minor, minor suggestion and I would totally understand (and still continue to support if you didn't like this idea) but it makes sense for an organization which is focused on sexuality to include assexuals. Frankly, THAT would make it clear that it is not "gender identity" which is your focus, but discrimination based on SEXUALITY, as in, sexual preference for one's partner. However, I'd definitely exclude the crazy "furry fetish" etc people. lol

    Anyway, from the link: 1. Anti-trans “radical feminists” blame the victim. Just like women in general are blamed for being raped by misogynist scumbags everywhere, transwomen are blamed for being oppressed by a society with essentialist binary notions of gender identity.

    lol kinda like how men are the victim class and how it's only evil feminists who will deny men their "right" to harm others.

    See, here's the problem. As soon as ANYONE truly includes the existence of sexist -- and the mechanisms by which sexist stereotypes are perpetuated -- into their analysis of transgenderism then they must acknowledge that transgenderism perpetuates HARM in the form of extremely sexist beliefs. And anything which takes the form of "oh I know this thing is harmful to another group and here's why I do it anyway" then it's a JUSTIFICATION. not a reason.

    you fail basic logic, again. Here's another bad argument: Trans claim that "women reinforce harmful stereotypes therefore it's okay for me to reinforce harmful stereotypes". Hey, dumbass. Hitler chucked the jews in the ovens therefore it's okay for me to throw jews in the ovens.

    Men beat transgendered up therefore it's okay if I beat transgendered up.

    Still want to play that bullshit "two wrongs make a right" game with me? I'm about done playing, dumbass...

  14. Just as patriarchs proscribe gender roles based on one’s genitalia, “radical feminists” who hate transwoman proscribe gender identities based on one’s genitalia.

    I've been puzzling over this one for at least a half hour and I still can't figure out what he means. First, patriarchy does not merely proscribe "roles" based on one's genitalia, it goes further than that. Misogynists don't believe that any "roles" exist or that any role-playing is necessary. Instead misogynists believe that people tend to naturally act a certain way, following the commands of the secret voices in their genitalia.

    And the last bit is a complete backassawkards mis-interpretation of radical feminist theory. Newsflash: if you can't understand what is being said by the folks who criticism the trans ideology, then you probably shouldn't be trying to discuss the subject. Trans-speak is very orwellian, words mean whatever they want them to mean.

    I suspect trans hears "yes you can express feminine qualities even if you have a dick" and they assume that means "no you're not a female and the reason you're not a female is because only dicks can express masculine traits".

    For non-transgendered people, the term "gender identity" HAS NO DEFINITION, so we will always substitute another word -- either gender role which is a social construct or biological sex which is a physical reality. "Gender identity", the way it is used by trans folks, is just another word for "social construct" except with the additional caveat that they believe social constructs are real physical entities.

    So they have a term with two definitions, and both definitions cancel each other out. See, it's orwellian...

  15. IF Transsexuality is a choice then so is being gay.

    I know plenty of women who started sleeping with women due to bad relationships with men.

    I didn't wake up one day and say, wow I want to be trans. I want to be put down and shunned by a bunch of dykes.

    I really could care less what closed minded people think about me. I have never had a problem with anyone in society as far as me transitioning, only online. My family, friends, and church all accept me but most of all I accept myself.

  16. Those arent "gay" women as you just said yourself.

    And lesbians do not rely on the male medical machine to be lesbians, we do not have healthy body parts mutilated from us to be lesbian anymore than we do not inject drugs for the rest of our lives to be lesbians.


  17. So, a woman who has ever had a child and is a lesbian is really not a lesbian then???? Alrighty then!

  18. "And lesbians do not rely on the male medical machine to be lesbians"

    No but you butch lesbians sure count on the Male Clothing Department to keep up your Butch Lesbian image.

  19. I'm all for choice! I am not on the bandwagon of born that way. I think we all make choices, about what we like, etc. Personally, I have admired men, even wanted to fuck them. I'm a butch dyke. I'm actually a gold star lesbian, actually. :)

    But I do believe that for alot of people desire if fluid, and a choice. Maybe they have chosen a long time ago, with no looking back. (I like this more than that! Hmmmmm) I've not been a fan of the "born that way" idealogy.

    If we are born a certain way, then we have no choice, no agency. Then, they can figure out how to "fix" it. I don't want no fix.

    For trans folks, most anyway... I think its a choice, too.

  20. "For non-transgendered people, the term "gender identity" HAS NO DEFINITION, so we will always substitute another word -- either gender role which is a social construct or biological sex which is a physical reality. "Gender identity", the way it is used by trans folks, is just another word for "social construct" except with the additional caveat that they believe social constructs are real physical entities."

    Spot on. All that would be left would be female persons that had a body dysmorphic disorder and wanted a penis, which would be slightly odd, but NOT the boy born in a female body nonsense we get at the moment.

  21. "No but you butch lesbians sure count on the Male Clothing Department to keep up your Butch Lesbian image."

    O dear, more silly people who think that what you WEAR means anything much at all!

    Wearing male clothes DOESN'T mean that much, frankly, other than NOT wanting to wear the uncomfortable, restrictive, and flimsy clothing that is designed for females. And when it comes to footwear -- well, what would any sensible person choose, shoes that don't allow you to walk (let alone run), or shoes that do?

    Or do some daft people still think that preferring comfort and practicality is the sole preserve of the Y chromosome..................

  22. "No but you butch lesbians sure count on the Male Clothing Department to keep up your Butch Lesbian image"

    Perhaps because there is no clothing department for butch women.

  23. "For trans folks, most anyway... I think its a choice, too."

    how could you possibly know that unless you are?

    and what is all this stuff about the "male medical machine" do women doctors and nurses not count?


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