Trans Male Angry over Gays and Lesbians right to Marry

A male transitioner pens an article for the NY Times, bitching,moaning and begrudging because now in NY, gays and lesbians who fought politically since 1969, now have the right to marry. This also means, trans men and women who ID as gay or lesbians also now have the right to marry. But since they legally could marry before so long as they didnt legally change their sex(not that they can change their sex in anyway regardless), apparently the male transitioner doesnt see that as "progress".

He also doesnt believe gays and lesbians are doing anything for trans rights! Yeah, as opposed to all the rights trans people have garnered for gays and lesbians since they conveniently attached themselves to the gay and lesbian movement! Gays and lesbians naturally work toward and for gay and lesbian issues, why too then isnt the trans political movement doing the same???? Why is this community so hell bent on everyone and their mother doing the hard fucking work for them???? No one handed the minuscule gains gays and lesbians have created for us, these gains were fought for and far too many times, died for.

Bruce Cockburn sings in his song Lovers in a Dangerous Time "Sometimes you're made to feel as if your love's a crime --But nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight --Got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight"! If the trans community has more pressing issues to pursue, no one, least of all gays and lesbians are stopping them. This article clearly exemplifies what I have been writing about lately, the T in the LG(b) T is NOT a gay and lesbian ally when they can begrudge legal rights made for gays an lesbians! Rights they have in EVERY state in America, rights we can only count on one hand.

This is sickening, and becoming more sickening!


ps I wont go into the BULLSHIT where this guy co-opts the Stonewall Rebellion by saying transsexuals and drag queens were responsible for it, no mention of the lesbian who started it, and kept it going, not to mention transsexuals had zero to do with it.
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  1. She's in the extremist minority for trans people, much as you are for lesbians. Extremists either way are a detriment to all. But, I digress. I am trans and I am passionate about marriage equality - I am passionate for ANY oppressed group to have what they deserve, it's not a ME ME ME kind of thing, or shouldn't be anyway.

  2. Is that guy insane or what? I mean damn! That's AWESOME that gays and lesbians are now allowed to get married in New York. That is what we are all fighting for! Now only if every state would allow gay and lesbian marriage then things would be so much better.

    Honestly, I say this...If a state doesn't allow gays and lesbians to get married then it should be illegal for straight people to get a divorce!!!

    Just because that guy who wrote that shit is an idiot, don't think that we are all like that. I mean damn, he's a jerk!!!!

  3. The important thing here isn't one idiot's article, it is what does it mean to be part of a community.

    Sorry T people- when you co-opt my history, take resources from my community and complain they're not enough, and fail to replenish those resources when you have a chance to do so you are not part of a community, you are a bunch of parasites.

  4. Jennifer was a married heterosexual man with kids. This may be a big insight as to why s/he wrote that article. Read her book. Her ideas of why s/he is really female make little sense. She went on about clothes and celebs she knew. Once you check the comments section, you also run into trans phobic and homophobic Zoe Brain who claim she isn't really trans but she really is just a mtf.

  5. As a heterosexual female who is a feminist, I find articles interesting for entirely different reasons. I can see the stamp of his male privilege all over his communication style. He isn't thinking like a woman, and likely never will.

  6. i recently read a mtf's take on stonewall where he called a woman involved a 'drag king/ftm' and i asked why he called her an ftm and he replied, well i don't know how she identified
    he also said that doing drag is being transsexual.

  7. That was a pretty whiney article. He didn't explain what trans are even fighting for - how hard can it be to want to blend in and be "normal?" I guess the only struggle is getting society to take the masquerade seriously.

  8. Some accounts of Stonewall have changed from people being transgender (men in women's clothing, women in men's clothing, drag queens, etc.) to more on claiming those same people as transsexuals. It's a sign of the times. There has been a transition with genderbending to being more about well physical transition more and more.

    No one really understood what Jennifer was talking about. S/he just went on and on. S/he didn't illustrate what types of changes s/he wanted.


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