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More confirmation of the depth of female self hatred plaguing our young women.



  1. As a result of this, I was just looking on YouTube and I found a link to a seven year old saying they had a male body but a female brain!

    Is this for real? I'm sure if someone had told me when I was seven, and I'd already discovered that I didn't like the way girls were expected to behave, and the things that girls were expected to do, I'd have jumped at the explanation that I had a boy brain then -- that explains why I liked boys toys and playing boys games, and would have given me the permission I so desperately wanted to just do the stuff I wanted to do.

    And what is the most common comment --O shes so PRETTY, so cute, she must be a girl.

    Plus all the comments from people who believe 100% that there is such a thing as a girl brain or a boy brain, that the urge to play with dolls and wear sparkly pink dresses and be PRETTY is some biological imperative in your brain.

    I'm just shocked, appalled saddened that people are believing this crap. That a little boy who probably just likes doing things that aren't seen as stereotypically masculine has found this pseudo-explanation as the only way to be allowed to do what he wants to do.

    Watch and weep people.

  2. Baddyke,

    The scary thing is that "philosophy" is going into the next version of the DSM in two years. Which will lead parents to believe that children like you or I are "born in the wrong body". And now having a medical diagnosis for that "condition", parents can begin transitioning their children with unstudied hormone blockers, then hormones when they are teens.


  3. I guess I've been out of the loop for a while, but I thought that most people had got the point about gender roles being a social construct. But now we have all this girls in pink shite, and it seems things are more polarized than they were twenty years ago.

    Total madness given that most kids who don't fit these stupid gender roles turn out to be gay anyway.
    I just remember ny nephew who has Aspergers -- when he was smaller, he played with dolls. Thankfully his parents didn't make a big deal of it, but his grandparents (my father) DID, making comments about playing with dolls his hair is too long you don't want him to turn out queer do you? The same shit he came out with with me when I was little.

    I just didn't realise that things had got this bad, that we're sticking this diagnosis on kids -- they don't fit our neat little boxes, so let's make a new one.

    As I've said elsewhere, the supposed medical evidence to back up this male brain/female brain nonsense is laughable. I know because I do (as a computer scientist) the sort of medical image analysis that is used to try and measure sizes and shapes of specific brain structures, and the white matter connectivity using diffusion tensor imaging. And I'll say that the medics i work with often have no real concept of the complications of the actual data. You may try and explain that the actual normal variation is complicated and multi-dimensional, but they like trying to reduce it to simple categories.

  4. Modern Eugenics!

    And in a scientific field you surely know, scientists can work data to get the results they desire, regardless of any real truths.


  5. "And in a scientific field you surely know, scientists can work data to get the results they desire, regardless of any real truths.

    O god yes! Because its the question they ask before they even start gathering the data. I suppose I see this in the biological and psychological sciences because I was originally trained as physicist. So coming at it from the outside and from the point of view of being a butch dyke, you can really see how fixated they are on the supposed importance of sex, and how the very nature of what they are studying means that they are desperately trying to take what is very complicated, and reduce it to something that is simple enough that they can have anything to write about at all!

    In terms of brains, its also totally mad anyway. We already KNOW that brains are tremendously plastic, that the brain can adjust sometimes to even massive tissue loss. To give a loose analogy, its like trying to determine from the shape of the outer case and the number of wires coming out of the back of the box, what results you're going to get from your computer, and ignoring any details of what actually goes on inside in terms of software. And then also ignoring the fact that much of the software that us humans run is determined by what our parents and society dowmload into us.

    Which makes it sound as if I should get out more and stop spending so much time with my computer!

  6. Just had a quick look at the supposed data behind the brain gender stuff, and we have studies on a relatively small number of brains post-mortem (and they'd been on hormones).

    And in vivo study using voxel based morphometry on MR scans.

    Which is a laugh -- I know the guys who developed VBM (John Ashburner for one), and much of the computer vision community thinks it is pants.
    Either way, it's a hell of a dodgy mathematical technique to be basing life-changing decisions on, or using as justification for such. I'll John Ashburner next time I see him, what some medics are deducing using his technique.

    Even if there are measurable differences in brain structures between between straight men, gay men, trans people, straight women and lesbians -- what does it mean? All those grapsh you see with male at one end of the scale and female at t'other end, and trans somewhere in the middle. A proper plot would be multidimensional, and I betcha there'd be clusters all over the shop and a heck of a lot of overlap.

    And that's just measuring volume -- once you add in connectivity via DTI and shape differences, you usually end up with another very complicated picture where the best you can say is that XX tend to be over here, XY tend to be over there,and isn't the brain COMPLICATED. Uh, plus we forget to mention that it's just a GUESS that structural differences in the brain bear any relation to the emergent properties...........

    Whether any of that has any relevance to the sense of self that we have, the 'I' that inhabits that brain, is another matter entirely, especialy since we don't know how we go from a lump of squidgy grey stuff to that 'I', especially since we don't know the effect that nurture and life-experience have on all that.

    It smacks of the ole -- girls can't do maths because they have female brains that just can't handle the processing that maths requires, whilst ignoring the girls who could do maths and physics and HARD boys subjects like that, but were constantly told they were boys subjects, and eventually went off to become biologists instead.

  7. I would really like to watch the video that BadDyke mentions. This is absolutely absurd that parents are letting transitioning happen, encouraging these strict gender rolls and hell, letting their 7 year olds on youtube! Ugh!


  8. Baddyke,

    If transition existed during Freud's hey-day there would have been slews of women diagnosed with "penis envy" being transitioned.

    Not because they had male brains trapped in female bodies (as if the brain isnt part of the body), but because they were female bodies (and brains) trapped in the stasis of the female gender straight jacket sans feminism.

    Much like females today.


  9. I can't remember the exact details, but try searching on seven year old trans.

    Okay to be different, okay, but telling a seven year old boy whos a bit sissy that they have a girl brain (you're stuck with that then kid!), WTF! Cos' I bet he didn't come up with that all on his own.

    Why didn't somebody just tell him -- it's okay to wear dresses, play with dolls, have long hair and play with make-up, it doesn't make you less of a boy, just some stupid people think that being a boy means short hair, fart jokes, and thumping everyone.

    I didn't ever imagine that things had got this bad, that all those ole gender stereotypes that feminism from twenty years ago complained about had come back worse than ever! Yeah, I had noticed the whole pink sparkly thing for girls, but didn't realise that so many people take it that seriously. That bad reporting of a whole load of dodgy science about female brains and male brains has so many people believing it.

    Because I can tell you for sure, And that girls nowadays who are going through a whole load of what I went through as a kid are going to get labelled as transgender, with mom and dad saving for surgery when they get older because some NICE doctor has told them that might be what they need.

    It makes me want to weep! But thankfully, after that, i just get good and angry, and just grateful that someone like dirt had the courage to put up with all the abuse, and point out what is going on here.

  10. Sorry, just looked up the diagnostic criteria for GID -- which was me, and still is (well, 4 out of 5!). And given that I can say the same for many of the dykes I know, hey, we're ALL disordered then, let's let those nice doctors cure us!

    In a madder moment, feels like some mad sci-fi scheme, whereby since real women have got too uppity, let's replace them with surgically constructed ones (yeah those sissy boys where we can't beat it out of them, they'll do!). Whilst those damn dykes, who keep turning up and making a fuss, let's persuade them they should really be men, and take then out of the equation that way. If people will insist on not fitting proper roles, let's just make 'em fit, even if we have to lop a few bits off on the way.

    O, and even better, let's hide it all under some cloak of pseudo-science and helping people -- repeat enough times -- girl body male brain, and after a bit they'll start spreading it themselves. Patriarchy back on top, threat from those naught lesbians removed. job done.

    Seems it's working better than they ever intended........

  11. nice fresh clear perspective, baddyke! part of my distress over the growing young ftm situation is my belief that if i were a kid now i could very well be getting this diagnosis

  12. (or could diagnose myself with the right kind of 'cool' peer pressure that all teenagers are vulnerable to)
    (i know some people do it later, but there is always an aspect of immaturity to the belief and the process and the belief in the process)

  13. Think that's bad? I once saw on tv a family that claims their effeminate is a transsexual girl because... get this... at age 2 he was telling them he's a girl. Age two!!! At that age, a child knows not the difference between boys and girls!

    There is an organization called TYFA in Arizona that is ready to jump into any situation where a child seems to deviate from the gender "norms" and "educate" the parents and teachers about how that child is a transsexual and needs to begin hormone therapy.

    Yes, your child too can be a special little snowflake!

  14. Everything this young woman said points to her being a butch, but she mistakenly believes it makes her a man. I especially liked her comment about realizing she likes girls but knowing she isn't gay. Guess it's better to pretend to be a hetero male than to deal with her own internalized homophobia.

  15. Yeah, I'm afraid I'm just not convinced. I'm a tomboy, so what? I like girls. I didn't go through the trying to be feminine stage thank god, but I just stayed butch.

    All this she was always more masculine -- yeah, so what, so was I, so was every butch dyke I know until we realised that masculine was just the stupid narrow stereotype that other people stick on you.

    I think it is an enormous yearning to be NORMAL. If I like boy things and like girls, I must really be a man else I'd be some horrible abnormal thing (which is what I thought when I was 18 because I'd had NOTHING to say it was okay to be like girls, okay to be butch). Thankfully i didn't do the I must be a boy thing because I didn't like boys that much, I'd already got too much hassle off them so that wasn't something I wanted to associate myself with either.

    WHY didn't someone tell this girl that its okay to carry on being a tomboy, it doesn't make you weird. I think the only thing that saved me was university -- I got praise for something, which was being clever and getting a place at Oxford. Where I then realised that there were other lesbians out there, and that was okay. I had enough intelligence to question the stupid stereotypes that others wanted me to become, but not everyone has that to help them.

  16. @Bad Dyke July 23, 2011 7:40 PM

    Right the f*ck on!!!!!!!!!!

  17. The seven year old in question is probably a child named Jazz. I believe. Very popular child. A male child who is being raised as female by the parents. After, Jazz showed signs of GID from a tender age. Jazz was always disciplined for girly behavior. It honestly tormented the child. Why couldn't he do the things he loved? Oh because he was a boy and not a girl. His parents honestly didn't accept his behavior as a male. It was easier for them to accept his behavior as a MTF. The parents are often on TV discussing how they deal with their transgender child. They go to conferences etc etc. He enjoys everything most girls enjoy. The female stereotype of behavior. Therefore explained Jazz's behavior as MTF.

    I saw one documentary where a child was told by his mother that he would have to have his penis removed because "girls don't have penises." This child was utterly shocked and frightened. Hormones was not on this child's mind and neither was surgery.

    I believe on that same documentary this woman's daughter displayed all characteristics of butch (imo) but we can just say the male stereotype for now. The child came out to the parent as FTM. It took time for the parent to adjust but she did. She let her now son cut his hair, change his name, and take hormone blockers so female puberty would not start. He also told his mother he liked girls. When the mother was asked if she let the parents of these girls know that the boy your child is "dating" was female? The mother said something along the lines of 'why would i bring up my child's birth defect? do you bring up your children's birth defects all the time?'

    There was another teen on TV. I think Tyra Banks. This FTM had never went through female puberty, took the hormone blockers, and started the injections as they got older. The mother adjusted to her daughter wanted to be a boy. Her now son went to FTM group meetings or something where he met another fellow FTM who became his father figure/mentor who now is dating the boy's mom so step father.

  18. Even other trans people are sick of the FTM trend:

  19. I've heard the same "butch lesbians" say the same stupid things about transmen for so many years. If you are so happy being butch you would not be obsessed with transmen.

  20. Why is butch lesbian in quotations, Anon 8:04?

    Why are you here if you feel that you've had enough of what butch lesbians have to say?

  21. There's nothing STUPID about women who are upset at the idea of other females hating their bodies! And that the gender straight jacket is suffocating people. It is far from stupid!

  22. I see Dirt has a new imaginary playmate named BadDyke. :::rolling eyes::: LOL

  23. dirt is obviously not baddyke who has much better language skills

    also, it is not only butch lesbians that are troubled by the youth trans fad

  24. No, this is stupid allright. Butch lesbians is in quotations because at least some of you are questioning whether or not you are trans. Whether you want to admit it publicly or not. Do transmen make you uncomfortable? Maybe you should pay attention to that feeling. I have compassion for that but don't make the mistake of assuming other people should live as you do. Perhaps you struggled as a butch and are now proud to be a woman. In what world does that mean you know what it's like to be another person? That you would suggest you know the way other people should feel or be or look is testament to your ignorance and lack of humility. You don't know anything but your own damn experience.

  25. Don't you make the mistake of thinking other people 'question whether or not they're trans' just because that's what you (I assume) did- are people who speak out against anorexia or other body image problems doing so because they are questioning whether or not they should be anorexic? It's even more foolish than that really, since 'trans' is not even a real thing to many.

  26. Misogyny makes me uncomfortable, especially when coupled with blind ignorance.


  27. "The seven year old in question is probably a child named Jazz."

    In a video he was asked what he want's to do as an adult and he said "I want become a soccer player" seconds after that he replaced this with a more "girlish" job. Because of course if he is a girl now he has to do everything "girls do". Poor deluded child.

  28. That is sad! Poor kid. None of the children I have seen ever show as much interest in body image issues but in gendered play/displays of self. Its no surprise that until puberty that people start to feel uncomfortable. A child isn't born with ideas of body issues, self-hatred, and that they are the wrong body. They see quite quickly its the wrong society. It's only until they are brainwashed by society to think something is wrong with them and not us that this mess starts!

    Any other time we discuss body image issues and self-hatred we told to speak out against it. In this case, speaking out against self-body hatred in transgender individuals is called being trans in denial. Oh yeah that does make a lot of sense *sarcasm*

  29. I've looked at these trans trending posts from the begining and I can't believe how many of these girls think wearing a baseball cap sideways is going to make them a man.

  30. When did you ask for my permission to put my picture here?

  31. to be absoultely honest and frank, it has absolutely nothing to do with you what people do with their lives, people have a right to live the way they want, at the end of the day people deserve to be comfortabble in their own skin in which ever way they choose so LEAVE THEM ALONE and just accept no matter how much hatred or disapproval you show on this site you arent going to change the trans community!!!! or the way they think!!!


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