Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

FTM-the trend that keeps on trending!


  1. Precious wonderful Daughters, I hold them in my heart. Do I say this every time? Because it's always true. {{{ Them }}}

  2. My Son told me that a bunch of girls in his school are kissing all over each other and calling themselves lesbians and stuff. Being a lesbian or bisexual is the hottest trend for girls now a days. My oldest who graduated last year said the same thing about the girls in his school.
    Straight girls even come into the gay bar that my fiancee' and I go to and they kiss all over their lesbian friends. The last time we were there, this girl was kissing on some girls girlfriend in the bathroom and she got her ass kicked.

    If being trans is a trend then so is being a lesbian. I didn't wake up one day with the choice to be trans or not. If this is such a trend why would we want to live our lives being ridiculed, put down, shunned by society, Shunned by our own community, etc..???? If this was a choice, I would not have chosen this. I myself have not experienced personal attacks by anyone but I know people who have.

    If this is a trend then like all trends, it too will pass!

  3. The trendy bi types aren't going to be left with beards, receding hairlines, and chest scars when they quit kissing other girls. Not a very good comparison.

  4. "If being trans is a trend then so is being a lesbian."

    Straight culture made lesbianism a trend. Men are aroused with two hot women making out, so it's splashed across mainstream media.

    Queer culture embraces and offers far more support to transsexuals than to Butches or anyone else who doesn't fit the gender box (without the help of surgery or hormones). Transsexuality is also displayed in mainstream media. That is where trends start.

    What is not represented to the public (and more importantly, to the younger generation) is an alternative to transitioning.

  5. I was just asking a straight-up question, in a polite manner; I understand why comments with the word "cis" are deleted, but why are comments containing the word "intersex" deleted, if I may ask?

  6. Intersex is used as a red herring, not having that here.


  7. Thank you for answering, I was literally only wondering (curious). In what way is it used as a red herring? I'm not sure I understand.

  8. yes, femme-on-femme lesbianism is a fad among youth
    and so is female-to-male transitioning for the non-feminine
    and both of these types will mostly end up being with men in the end
    the ftm's will just do it disguised as male

    "Alot of people outside of the lgbt community do not even know ftms exist."

    (because most people aren't very bright and only read the simplest hints as to gender such as clothing and facial hair- mtf's are usually easier to read to them- i find ftm's and mtf's equally noticeable)

    "Those things aren't half as bad as wondering for years whether transitioning would feel better than obsessing about transitioning but not doing it. "

    (Right, if it feels good, do it!)

    (society in this over-medicated, over-diagnosed age is all about making oneself 'comfortable' at any cost)

  9. Fuck off and die fucking bitch

  10. May I ask you good blogger, what is your opinion on the variance between the handling characteristics of the various space shuttles in NASA's possession?

    As you appear to not be trans yourself, you cannot possibly comment on the experiences of trans people and claim to be more right.

    Just like the space shuttles your viewpoint on this matter is an external one and the amount of knowledge you can bring to the table is limited and as you appear to be throwing away many of the informed sources of information on this subject I must deem your views to be irrelevant.

  11. nobody is allowed to discuss anything, right?
    that is very indicative of the limiting and limited trans-logic
    how dare you question!
    if a person is not hungry she must never discuss world hunger
    not an actor? no comments on movies allowed!

  12. In 4 days I will have been on T for 2 years and I still love women and have no desire to be with a man. I have never been attracted to men and never will be. Being on T doesn't change your sexuality. Guys that start T and end up with men were bisexual or we bi-curious to begin with. Then again who cares who someone ends up with? If two people care about each other, what does it matter? So what, some end up with men. What's wrong with men? Only man haters would have beef with that. What others do in bed is not my concern. It shouldn't be your concern either.

  13. Wow! Two whole years? Well you're a full-grown man already.

  14. he's still a lesbian
    (though most ftm's i know who are now attracted to men used to say they were dykes)
    & 2 years is a long time for the immature!

  15. 'He' is not 'into hate by any means' except for hate towards dykes apparently. And obvioiusly hate for her true female self.

  16. Dirt, why did you delete 'Boy Called Dare's' comment?
    It makes my reply nonsensical.
    What 'he' said was that he was never a lesbian and would never want to be because lesbian/dyke is all about hate. Please leave this up so the thread makes sense?

  17. It makes my reply nonsensical.

    ...Dirt deletes posts all the time to make this blog appear the way she wants it to. This is nothing new. As long as we attempt to dialog in this blog with our true thoughts and feelings we leave ourselves wide open for this. We all know she is going to do this, so why do we attempt to answer other peoples posts? Sometimes I will post knowing a couple will see it before it gets deleted. But I automatically assume my posts will be deleted. Whats more, the ones I think will get deleted often don't and the ones that I don't think will get deleted most often do.

  18. "...Dirt deletes posts all the time to make this blog appear the way she wants it to"

    I don't think this. I wrote something trans critical and she deleted it.

  19. ChAoTiXx

    You just proved your own point and contradicted yourself. "Lesbianism" is found trendy with young girls to appeal to straight boys. You're very right. So why would trans suddenly be different? Its not. "Trans" is just as trendy with young people as "lesbianism" (matter of fact its not even lesbianism its really just bisexuality) "bisexualism" "genderqueer" "pansexual" and the rest. Young people are trying to find a home. A place where they can feel whole. Somewhere where they can feel a bound. But at the same time they are sick and tired of being grouped in with everybody and everything being the same so they all want to be "different".....

  20. They all have short hair so they're obviously males.


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