Puberty and Dysphoria-A Discussion

Had you not gone through puberty, would you have developed dysphoria or had it as bad?



  1. how could anybody know what that totally unnatural 'treatment' (delaying puberty) would have done?
    and who knows what the effects will be on the young kids currently being experimented on in this way?

  2. Puberty is super-difficult for both sexes.
    Dealing with it is an important part of mental and emotional development.
    I can hardly believe that depriving children of this vital period is considered acceptable in any way.

  3. in a way it's 'bait' i suppose
    in that she may be trying to prove that there is no real difference between trans dysphorics and non-trans dysphorics other than the trans people buying into the polarized gender stuff

  4. A real woman always keeps her house clean and organized, the laundry basket is always empty. She's always well dressed, hair done. She never swears, behaves gracefully in all situations and all circumstances. She has more than enough patience to take care of her family, always has a smile on her lips, and a kind word for everyone. Post this as your status if you, too, have just realized that you might be a man.

  5. Anon at 7:29pm

    Sexist much? Im sorry does femminism translate into sexism these days

    Dirt im surprised you kept this on here.

    Had i never hit puberty...well i may look strange but yeah, i think i would have been fine

  6. "Sexist much? Im sorry does femminism translate into sexism these days"

    I think that was saracsm...and suddenly I realize...I'm a man!

  7. I did not hit puberty till I was in high school and I was just fine. I couldn't be happier that my puberty was delayed. I also never was in great distress when I finally did hit puberty. Sure my hopes and dreams of being lucky enough to get out of it where shot down. I knew though puberty was apart of normal life. If I never hit puberty one of my dreams would have been hit early. At the same time if I didn't I would have thought there was something wrong with me. If medication was provided for me to yield my puberty longer, I would have taken them. Then reasons would be set for why I wasn't going through it.

  8. Absolutely. The younger me was so oblivious to the political complications of sex and gender. But would I have delayed puberty? No. It's natural. Everyone should go through it. Avoiding it until you are comfortable is unlikely because you never will be 100% comfortable until you hit it head on!

    That's why I am not surprised by the reactions of so many who felt betrayed, stunned, or ashamed during puberty. Because when we were younger there was so much that we did not really comprehend. It was unimportant then. That's why for transgender children. It's really the main focus is on social interactions/interpretations less focus on body imagery.

  9. Hm... puberty on its own? It probably wouldn't make that much difference. My secondary sexual characteristics didn't suddenly become glaringly evident or anything (only recently they've been starting to show and bother me more). My period was kind of annoying, but that's all I can say about it aside from the fact that I was in denial that it happened the first time it came. So aside from the fact that it would have prevented developments later down the line, just eliminating the event of puberty would not have changed my dysphoria much.

  10. What are the obvious external differences in your body from a males before puberty besides genitalia that you would notice as a child?

    Hardly anything.

    So someone explain to me how it wouldn't change anything. I'd be interested to hear.

  11. At the beginning of puberty, there was a traumatic event, the death of a sibling, which had a terrible effect on me and my family. I do wish I could have delayed it and have dealt with one thing at a time. It would have been much better.

  12. Nope, not nearly so. Puberty was the point at which my differences between the way I viewed myself (as a different boy) and how my body was (distressingly female) became actively salient. Breasts, pubic hair, periods and the associated pain and mood-swings, unwanted fertility. My body betrayed me and turned into a girl.
    Were I able to take hormone blockers, I would simply have never gone through puberty. This would have meant average female height (I was a tall child)and a pre-pubescent body.
    Though it probably would have meant I got less sex, which would be a downside.

  13. I didn't really notice puberty the first time around because I really wasn't in my body. Having boobs and a period just felt like more bullshit to deal with on top of being that age when everything is hard. I don't feel that stopping puberty would have solved all my problems because support and knowledge and acceptance of transness did not exist. Had I been born a bit later, stopping female puberty and inducing male puberty would have been a good thing for me. My parents would have been more well-versed in understanding the very natural occurrance of transness instead of confounded by me and scared for my future.

    I wish that these conversations led to more understanding between people rather than feeding the flames of fear and rejection. I feel very supportive of butch lesbians and non-gender-conforming people in every way. I feel that there is a false dichotomy presented by Dirt and her fellow haters between transmen and female-identified people. Such bullshit, in the grand scheme of things, when you think about it. In light of the fact that there are places where differences in identity are embraced rather than rejected out of fear and self-involvement I really don't feel that this conversation, which seeks to heighten our separation from each other, is useful, responsible, forward-thinking, or revolutionary at all. Do what you do, be who you are, and be true to yourself. Furthermore, contain your emotional load.

  14. "I feel that there is a false dichotomy presented by Dirt and her fellow haters"

    Haters everywhere!! Omg there are people who don't agree and aren't deluded by the gender ideology! They must be haterz!!!1!11 Let's use the silencing tactic by playing the victim card.

    btt: Puberty was difficult for me, sometimes I was really scared about what happend with my body. But I don't think my dysphoria had disappeared if puberty never happend to me.

  15. Puberty made my dysphoria worst, but i already had dysphoria before. I had bottom dysphoria since has far as i can remember, so i would still have been dysphoric even if i had never gone through puberty.
    Things like being called by female pronouns and by my birth name also made me dysphoric, and that happened before i ever entered puberty.
    Delaying or stopping puberty may make dyphoria less severe, but it won't make it go away.

  16. "My parents would have been more well-versed in understanding the very natural occurrance of transness"

    the very natural occurrance of transness?
    odd because most ftm's take the most pride in the effects of testosterone and the wonders of their surgically flattened chests

    is it the girls wishing they weren't girls that is 'natural' to you? this is solely caused by societal gender restrictions.

    on 'morning edition' on the radio today there was a piece about turning gays into straights, and one of the proponents said something like, 'why is it ok for therapists to help along the changing of gender but not of gender-preference?' and i had to agree with him, but i think both notions are absurd and yes unnatural.

  17. What's the natural occurrence if transness?"

  18. mc

    why did you have bottom dysphoria at a young age? what made you envious of the male genitalia at a young age?

    I'm clearly interested because I honestly have no real sense of the superiority of the male penis to the vagina until umpteen years later.

    I knew boys peed standing up which I found cooler and that's about it lol.

  19. 2:35

    Right. It just shows these double standards we have. Body disorders are helped with trying to avoid indulging in that disorder except for when changing sex/gender. Then we indulge that person. Use of pronouns. Name changes. Changing legal documents like birth certificates to driver's licenses. Surgeries. Hormones. Binding. Tucking. Taping. Packers. STPs (stand to pees or even hell sit to pees (fake pussies) to wear like underwear). I could go on and on. Why? Because I've got loads of friends doing this mess. I didn't even see a damn thing wrong with it either because I was given that "male brain female body" line over and over. No book. No video. No discussion. No support group. No nothing actually was out there to say we don't even have enough data to say there's a male or female brain! I didn't even learn this until I came on Dirt's blog. The only reason I came on her blog because it was labeled Anti-Trans and I wanted to see why someone was being cruel to trans people! Talk about getting a shock!

  20. I remember being about 6 and wishing I had a penis. So probably not.

    Also when I was trying to get testosterone the main issue I had was not so much some sort of body hate, but that i felt pre-pubescent. So again, probably not.


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