The Concept of Transition

From some recent emails, on the supportive side I might add, it seems that my Trans Trending posts are giving the impression that I'm simply against children and young women transitioning. Just to be clear, I'm against the concept of transition period! And it is a concept, there is no true sex change, there is no male-to-female or female-to-male transition. One cannot biologically move from one sex to another like crossing a road. One may pass most of the time as the other sex from utilizing chemical and surgical cosmetics, but one will never be that other sex nor know how that other sex actually feels. One simply knows how they feel as a female or male on the synthetic hormones of a female or a male, which is quite different than actually BEING the other sex.

The concept of transition was built upon the reality of homophobia by the male medical machine after they realized through countless trials and errors, and at the pain and suffering of centuries of gays and lesbians, that homosexuality wasnt something one could be "cured" from, realizing it to be as innate as hands or feet.  While those who support the idea of transition or transition themselves may be vocal about transition having little to do with sexuality, among the general public and even among most doctors who treat the trans disorder, the historical homophobic canvas that this disorder was painted upon, remains firmly in the picture. For this alone, no gay or lesbian should support the concept of transition, because by doing so they are ultimately supporting the reality of homophobia and the notion that homosexuality can be changed simply by "changing sex".

The support and promotion of transition supports and promotes homophobia. Along with homophobia, the concept of transition supports the misogyny of females and the strict maintenance of the gender straight jacket, both of which keeps females in inferior roles and places in all aspects of society. As an avid feminist, a Butch lesbian and a female who by my very nature dismantles all the constants conservative transition upholds, I'm naturally against the concept known as transition.

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  1. "the notion that homosexuality can be changed simply by "changing sex"."

    Even medics recognise this is bollocks, in part because of the number of people that are gay *after* transition.

  2. yeah many transpeople- mtf's and ftm's- start relationships with 'same-sex' partners after transition (seems especially popular with ftm's- even ones who were lesbians prior to transition start longing for real dick (or other chemically-swollen clit) once 'male') - i think we can blame the external hormones' effects on the brain for this- and even if they emulate heterosexual partnerships many still won't hang up their 'queer' identity

  3. Autogynephiles are straight men whose heterosexuality usually remains intact. Simply because a straight men calls himself a "woman", doesnt a lesbian make. If you think otherwise you clearly have a low opinion of lesbians.

    Regarding lesbians who go on T and have their sexuality altered by T to desiring male cock, yes, that does, while on T, make them straight.

    If you havent been schooled in heterosexuality it is when a biological female and a biological male mutual desire one another.

    FTMs ARE BIOLOGICAL females.


  4. if gender is just a social construct, why buy into/feed the binary standard by transitioning?
    seems more progressive to just dismiss the whole thing as nonsense

  5. " But that doesnt give you the right to bash them every day of your life."

    Yeah because trans people are god like and nobody has the right do be against these cultists. No matter if they lie or sending death threats.

  6. (nobody ever responds to my good points)

  7. Dirt said:
    "Regarding lesbians who go on T and have their sexuality altered by T to desiring male cock, yes, that does, while on T, make them straight."

    OK, but what about females who transition who are not and never were attracted to other females?

  8. Hi Dirt

    I've interrupted watching your vids to ask this question: why do transitioning females lose their ability to cry? Is that because of testosterone?

    Thank you for this series and your courage.


  9. @Extrospection July 3, 2011 3:46 PM

    "But this blog clearly has a history of baiting people into trying to explain themselves, only to be ridiculed."

    Translation: Explanations were sought and when given were found wanting...

    It seems to me that transitioning is an imperfect solution to an issue that should not exist in the first place. The fact that in 2011 people are in such distress over the fact that they don't fit into conventional stereotypes is testement to the failure of feminism to truly take root.

  10. @Extrospection July 3, 2011 4:56 PM

    "I don't fit into the male stereotype - but contrary to your claim, I am not distressed by it one bit."

    The fact that you are Ftm indicates that you could not live in the body you were born with. That is what I mean when i speak of distress about not conforming to conventional stereotypes..

    As and aside..this is a good example of explanations found wanting...

  11. @ ExtrospectionJuly 3, 2011 4:56 PM

    "What I find interesting, is that all of you anti-trans types claim that we are trans because we couldn't fit into stereotypes - why then would one transition and not care to fit into the stereotypes for THAT gender? There are serious flaws in your theories."

    I think what we see here with this poster is a the rationalizations that some trans people put out once the realization sets in that transitioning fails to make them fully male.

  12. Hey Canadian good to see you around again. :)

    @FloridaButch "Innate sex roles, which are based upon innate sex role expressions, cannot be consciously changed. Sex role labels and categories can change as society changes, but true sex roles are not reflexive of society's perceptions."

    You share the same views on gender as the conservative right wing fundamentalists. No wonder some of you are quoting rush limbaugh.

  13. @Hayden July 3, 2011 8:02 PM

    " i dont really give a fuck about gender. Im going to be ME. Which is NOT defined by my sex, gender or sexual orientation. I'd rather be an "IT" so people can STOP labeling me and just see me, my inner self, for who I AM!"

    Why did you transition then??? It seems by transitioning that you DO give a "fuck". How did undergoing a medical procedure enable you to be "me"?

    Can you address these contradictions.?

    To Gallus..I have been lurking for a bit..

  14. How?

    Well for one, on not on T and ive had no surgery's.

    But in the future how will it?
    Its the same as a haircut, a tattoo, a cosmetic surgery because you believe you're too fat to lose it yourself, or your nose is crooked, and you're just so Sick and Tired of that being the first and sometimes ONLY thing people see.
    Breasts? Breasts for what? What children will i bear? I find them useless. I find the male penis useless, to me. Im not trying to impose my thoughts on you. I just would just LOVE to be a human.

  15. And if you didnt hear me, i said i would only take testosterone long enough to hit that androgenous point. I dont wish to be either of these sex's. Male pronouns just seem more netural to me.

  16. @Hayden July 3, 2011 9:06 PM

    "And if you didnt hear me, i said i would only take testosterone long enough to hit that androgenous point. I dont wish to be either of these sex's. Male pronouns just seem more netural to me."

    Ummmm okay. I really don't know what to make of this statement...
    How can male pronouns be be more "neutral" then females pronouns?

  17. Think about it. We almost all assume female until proven otherwise

    " that guy cut me off!"
    " we're suppose to get some new guy at work"

    he, a couple movies, listen to people

  18. Hayden,
    Actually, I never assume male as a gender neutral, I refer to people as "that person" or "they" when I don't know their gender. I formed this habit because I realized that consistently using male pronouns for "unknown people" was internalized sexism.

    Hayden, you should focus less on what other people assume about you and focus instead on what YOU assume about other people. If you find yourself exclusively using "neutral" male pronouns to refer to everybody until proven otherwise then don't expect others to be inclusive of your gender.

  19. Ex,

    You are not a man, you are a biological FEMALE.


  20. but in any case

    WTF are we doing discussing people with actually chromozomal disorders such as CAIS or Turners? WhyTF do trans activists have to bring them into the argument. Peopel with chromozomal abnormalities are just the innocent bystanders here.

    Intersex conditions have *nothing* whatsoever to do with trans.

    Instead of tinkering about with bodies and lying about turning a person into one sex into another, research going into finding out what is causing the chromozomal abnormalities.

  21. The only issue I have with the concept of innate gender is by defining it into ideas of masculine and feminine traits. By definition masculine and feminine traits are stereotypes and qualities associated with men and women. We all have innate traits but we define these traits into boxes about how men and women act (masculine or feminine). It should be how we express ourselves versus how we express gender so well. Otherwise its almost like how well we are all performing gender rather than gender just being a foot note. Plus its even worse since we cannot go that far in life (if at all) with just our innate ideas of ourselves, our gender, or how we express ourselves before somebody comes along in tries to destroy it. That's why I have said time and time again we are all dealing with the same mess. We are just all dealing with it differently.

  22. This post has zero to do with intersexed, if your comments do not remain on the subject at hand or veer off into intersexed, your comments are going to be deleted.


  23. So coming up with an inclusive definition for gender studies terms is veering off-topic? How can we understand "the concept of transition" without understanding that with which transition is inextricably linked (namely gender and sex)?

    Dirt & co: If you're serious about your argument, and you want to take it to the scientific community, your going to need to build a strong case. I'm asking to be persuaded.

  24. Hi dirt,
    I was just trying to dispel the myths that a person can transition from one sex to another.
    I thought it was important because some people really can't get their head around this simple basic biological fact.

    It is, in fact, scientifically impossible to "trans"form.

    One of the common arguments used by trans activists is to point towards intersex conditions, in an attempt to show that human beings are *not* firmly in one box or the other, and that there is some sort of "continuum" of sex.

    I was showing that their arguments are based on Bad Science, and are false.

    Any human being with a Y chromozome *is* male, and definitely *isn't* female, and never will be. And vice versa.

  25. Florida BUtch,

    We *are* the scientific community.

    Your argument is based on quackery. You don't even know your Xs from your Ys. "Quackery" definitely includes trying to cure children and adults of homosexuality.

  26. FB,

    The "scientific" findings regarding these matters, including the multitudinous issues with "studies" have been covered here repeatedly and dismantled including by the science community.

    You seem to be under some delusion that "science" is above misogynistic suspicion. Who exactly do you think is behind the male medical machine? Monkeys?

    Now if you have something to add to help dismantle the misogyny informing the gender straight jacket which may help todays young females from hating themselves and seeking transition as an escape route to that self hatred, I'm all ears.


  27. Cherry, I understand what you were trying to do.

    FB has already proven herself a troll and we all know its best not to feed the trolls.


  28. According to her blog, she is absolutely obsessed with you. She's like a school girl with that Bieber chick.

  29. @Scribe,

    Egads! Doesnt that make me the "bieber chick"??? I'm saying right here and right now I am NOT growing my hair out and blow drying it forward!


  30. Damn, then my plan is foiled.

  31. "Breasts? Breasts for what? What children will i bear? I find them useless."

    Breasts have other biological purposes as well. Even you have no interest in breast-feeding, cutting them off is a bad idea.

  32. yeah Hayden aspires to being a genderless neuter- i don't think trans is the correct term for her disorder

  33. I'm actually shocked Hayden actually compared transitioning as simply cosmetics like getting a haircut, breasts were just for child rearing, and that male pronouns were neutral.

    Where does one start? LOL. GID is harmful even deadly for some people. Its not simple like getting your haircut or something! Not every female wants to even have a child let alone breast feed one. And male pronouns are well MALE...I did kind of get your point with the pronouns but that doesn't make it right! "Hey guys..." to a group of women...why not change that instead? I'd hope these are not your only reasons or real reason behind future transitioning.

  34. when i was a teenager i felt similarly to 'hayden'- wanting nothing to do with man with woman with sex

    i did not really develop mature sexual feelings until well into my 20's

    can't imagine what i'd be, what i'd now be deprived of, if i'd have stifled my development so young with hormones

  35. To CherryBlossomLife - If a person has a Y chromosome in which the SRY complex of genes has broken off that person will be female because all of the masculinizing effect are missing.

  36. To CherryBlossomLife - Women with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome are XY women. In AIS the cells are missing the androgen receptors and the body can not respond to any amount of testosterone. You can take an AIS woman and pump gallons of T into her and it will have absolutely NO physical masculinizing effects.
    An AIS woman could never transition.

  37. I don't want to be a man, Im fine with being female but I have a mental block over parts of my body. I have had breasts for more than half my life and still, if I'm not really concentrating I forget that they're there and I have a mental image of myself with a flat chest. I also have had a mental image of myself with a penis since I was 4.

    As a teenager I was deeply, deeply ashamed of these thoughts and I abused drugs to try and make them stop. I don't know what to believe about transsexuality but I'm on the sceptical side. In practical terms Im still at a loss to what causes this mental image of myself with a male body. I have nothing against my real (female) body and never have done. I have seen a psychiatrist hoping they could give me therapy or even drugs to remove the delusional thoughts but instead they label me with gender identity disorder.

    I don't want to transition to 'male'. I share the opinion on here that you can't literally change sex and besides I have no interest in being seen as a man. All my life I just wanted to have one body, not two ( the real one and the mental one.) I am literally terrified that I have a severe psychiatric illness and no one will tell me the truth. Any suggestions on what I should do would be appreciated.


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