Transmen Who Stop Taking T

I received a link to video in a recent email. After being on T for a year, the young woman in the video says she is going to stop T and try and reclaim her lesbianism. While time will tell if she actually does (good luck to her), it is important for those on T who are still not happy to know that there are females who do stop taking T.

The biggest obstacles it would seem, to stopping T, is the pressure from other trans females to continue it and the shame the female who wants to stop feels for considering it. There is literally a deep shame in stopping T, a shame based in betraying the trans community. A shame made worse because far too often that community turns on those who do not conform to its trans mold and leaves its flock. The real shame should be a community who doesnt support whats best for its members, even if that means losing members.

If you are struggling and desire to stop chemical transition, your decision should be based on what is best for you, NOT pleasing a community who will never have your best interest at heart.


Edit to add

Apparently the trans trenders have nothing better to do than waste my time and play a hoax on you dear readers. The woman in the video I mentioned "knew" her video would be posted on my blog, I wonder how she knew? Here is a screencap I received regarding the video in question:
Whether the woman from the video crafted this little hoax (her next video indicates she did) or some trans trender friend, it illustrates the lengths the trans mind will go to discredit any truths about their disorder.

If there are women reading this who have happily and successfully stopped taking T, please share with us your story.
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  1. As someone who has been experiencing with testosterone enhancing drugs, i can tell you: testosterone is a HIGH. You feel bigger, faster, stronger, sexier etc and your confidence gets an incredeble boost. and that was just what i experienced on different T enhancing drugs. Being on T must be an even bigger high, can't imagine what it must be like to stop taking it.
    As to the pressure from the trans community, i don't think the getting of T is what they oppose. A lot of ftms have stopped T, for various reasons, and usually that's not perceived as a problem, BUT as long as the person still identifies or at least supports the trans/queer community. If an ftm would stop taking T AND start identifying as 100% female (and not as queer, genderqueer, neutrois, andro or any other made up identities born out of queer theory), that would be perceived as a problem by the community. Why?Because it's a threat to te trans/queer ideology. If a person who used to have GID finds a way other than transition to deal with their dysphoria, that's a proof that gender dysphoria doesn't mean you're born in the wrong body and thereby, the whole trans rhetoric falls apart like a house of cards. That's why, whenever someone says they overcame GID without transition and that they now identify as their birth gender, trans people always need to convince that person that they never really had GID, that they were never really trans. All that without ever being able to give an explanation to the difference between a "real" trans person and a fake one. The problem is that, as a trans identified person, you don't want to know about alternatives to transition, you don't want to believe that there is a way be be happy and comfortable in your birth gender, because deep down the reason you feel as you ARE the opposite sex is because you don't want to be your birth gender. It's all a defense mechanism and what it is that's is protecting you from probably varies between people, but it's something you've got to deal with to find harmony.
    Sorry, i ramble a lot -.-'
    By the way, i'm gonna sign my comments with a other initials from now on, because i'm currently changing back to my birth name.

    1. Spot on... and Best wishes to you. Challenging journey, that.



    the peanut gallery

  3. Cizz from europeJune 21, 2011 at 2:20 PM

    Wow great post M.C! You nailed it!

  4. @M.C. aka K.C

    A minister at my church uses the same argument every sunday as a testimony to her "overcoming the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality".

    Its the same thing. Her testimony proves to heterosexual people that being gay or a lesbian or bisexual is nothing more than a chosen "sin" that can be "overcame".

    It is the same exact thing.

    And yes, this does hurt the homosexual community because it gives ignorant heterosexuals a soap box to stand on in saying that homosexuality is not innate/something one is born with, but a "disgusting" choice that only "sinful degenerates" choose to walk in instead of walking in a "moral" livelihood.

    Radical lesbians take advantage of the same petty soap box. They see that some people do stop taking T (for their own personal reasons), and use that as a world wide testimony that completely liquidates and invalidates the transsexual community.

    You cannot deny this truth. It is the same type of bigotry and the same type of hatred. No difference is present at all. Not a single one, and you all know it.

    And mind you, T-enhancing drugs are to Testosterone as dietary supplements are to gastric bypass surgery. I hope you catch my drift with that comparison. If you dont, I'll say it plain and simple. There is no comparison with Testosterone and T-enhancing drugs. If you can gather with simple context clues, T-ENHANCING drugs are only meant to ENHANCE one's own natural testosterone levels (which could be completely nonexistent depending on the individual). They do NOT, by any means, supply additional testosterone to the hormonal balance. My point in saying this is that you have never experienced Testosterone and know not of the "high" of which you speak. You can only guess by your own experience with your "t-enhancing" drugs. You said yourself that "being on T MUST BE an even bigger high". You don't have the slightest idea of what you are talking about. There is no room for uneducated guesses in this type of conversation. All you had were T-ENHANCING drugs. And they are just that, drugs. (I'm a pharmacist by the way).

    But not to stray away from my original point: Same crap different toilet.

    I would truly like my point to be read and acknowledged.


  5. Anon @ 5:17 pm-

    That's so funny that you choose to support an anti-gay church by attending every Sunday. Of course homosexuality is a choice. Are you saying that gays and lesbians have no control over the actions they take? If that were true there'd be a whole lot more Lesbians executed in the lovely country of Iran. I don't see that it follows that it is a "disgusting" choice, but I guess that's how you see it and why you choose to support a church that sees it that way.

    I have to call bullshit on you being a pharmacist. At least I hope it's bullshit (if you get my inference). Any pharmacist would know that synthetic sex hormones act as euphorics. And anyone who knows any female transitioners has heard about the mood "drop" at the end of one's injection cycle as the T leaves the body. Has heard it a hundred times.

    Radical Lesbians- what's that? Lesbians who are stoners and surfers? Rad, man.
    I don't see how Lesbian surfers "liquidate" the trans community by accepting the experiences of detransitioners without attacking and shunning them as you do. Your "identity" must be pretty fucking fragile.

    P.S. Consider your comment "read and acknowledged". You're welcome.

    1. I'm not sure if you are GallusMag or someone trying to impersonate them, but a word about hormones. Hormone withdrawl and it's effects on mood and so on is seen with natural hormones as well. This is why some women experience depression or headaches before their periods. It's from an abrupt drop in estrogen levels.

  6. @ Gallus Mag,

    Being a lesbian is a different matter from choosing to act on feelings for another woman. Being a lesbian is not a choice. Being and acting like a woman who loves other women is a choice.

    And T is not euphoric. Not for me, anyway, and I've been on it for almost a year.

  7. I didn't once attack and shun anyone. You chose to attack what I said rather than maturely respond. So I am not going to address any of the stupidity in your statement.

    I truly stopped reading once you said "of course homosexuality is a choice". That statement is almost a betrayal to the community in itself, on your part. I mean to say that homosexuality is innate. You already knew that is what I said, you chose to respond with abrasive interrogation because you desperately tried to divert from my point. The fact that you chose to respond rudely speaks for itself. Your insecurity and lack of general knowledge is much louder than your tone.

    I support anyone's decision to do as they please. This is something you, however do not do. You are accepting of this "de-transitioning" but you are not accepting of those who transition.

    Everything I said was based on sheer fact. I did not once guess anything. I worked with present information. You chose to attack me with every ounce of immaturity in your being. I will guess this once, however, in saying that what I said has certainly threatened your selective logic.

    I advise all of you to CAREFULLY read my previous comment, which GallasMag purposely did not do. There is no need to be rude at all.

    Good day, Sir or madam.


  8. Gallas Mag

    wtf is wrong with you? You are clearly a bigot, why are you even on this blog in the first place?

    This idiot thinks being gay or a lesbian is a choice?

    Gosh, I didn't think commenters of this blog would stoop THAT low.

    If being a lesbian is a choice for you, Gallas Mag, you're the only one with the fake identity here, dumbass.

  9. Oh, being lesbian is at least partially not biologically determined. It's completely possibly to be so deep in the closet that you think you're straight and then you will always CHOOSE to ignore your sexuality. You can spend your entire life going "This is just an exception, this is just an exception".

    And socially speaking, being a lesbian is most definitely a choice. You must make yourself visible to have people recognize your lesbianism. If they do not see it, it does not exist. This is what I believe GallusMag wanted to say.

  10. Nature or nurture..I think BOTH in the case of Lesbianism. There is definitely a part that is innate for me: always a hardcore tomboy from a very early age, and especially when I saw the inequities between boys and girls, men and women, I could not deny it, but I also didn't want to be feminized and do boring 'girl things'.

    It never worked with me with men, and I was very, very dissatisfied, I just didn't know what to do, and Lesbians weren't exactly out loud and proud in the town I was in at that was hard once I decided to 'try another alternative' as I announced to one of my gay male friends who was just coming out himself, to even get decent books that portrayed Lesbianism as anything less than fucked up or psychiatrically disturbed and violent. I could only check out 5 books I saw in the big COLLEGE library on homosexuality/lesbianism! I had to find my way into the community.

    Once I did, and once I had sex with my first womon at the tender age of 21 there was no turning back. So YES, I made a choice and came out of the closet, and that journey was hard and ongoing, and I got no kudos for it, and alienated all my straight women friends who I dearly loved, but they only loved me on condition I was it takes a level of bravery, and yes CHOICE to be an OUT DYKE. Otherwise, there's plenty who claim they're "lesbian" and want Lesbian attention and sympathy while they stay in their economically comfortable marriages with their men, and don't want to be criticized for doing so. I say, chase after the bisexuals then, and leave us out dykes alone! And don't whine about it! You made your choice, and we've made ours, which does cost us economic and social and political status.

    As far as the trans stopping taking 'T', I also don't believe the whole "I was born in the wrong body" WITHOUT ever addressing the intense sex discrimination one faces to be a different kind of female in ANY capacity, much less one who also is a lover of the same sex, other women. You may have been born in the right body, but the wrong society, which straitjackets difference and expects conformity to survive and 'make it', and invisibilizes those who are radically or even somewhat different than the media carbon copy cutouts. And ESPECIALLY Butch Dykes who are so hugely invisible. Hollywood has gotten drag queens and MTF's right to a large extent, but Butches? Nope, not a REAL one...always one who is just slightly more androgynous(but still prettifyed enough to look at) to 'pass' as Butch. Even the same in much of the gay media, and the FTM's are the new male darlings, who again, are MORE gender conforming than ANY Butch Dyke alive!

    I have heard time and again that T does give a high...a sexual high, a rageful high, and who knows what else? I've heard it from FTM's themselves, and those who have close association with FTM's, and I've witnessed it myself in a march with them, their rage, their testosterone fueled aggressive behaviors, their bad male smells and attitudes, like a bunch of teenage boys!

    And then there are those that 'T' becomes toxic for them...and who knows the side effects of all these artificial hormones in the long run? In about 20 years, all those who have transitioned, will they be dropping dead from cancer and other related diseases?

  11. Who cares what you've "heard".

    Gosh, if we were in a court room your entire rant would be laughed out of the building. Your entire outburst was made completely on the basis of hear-say, uneducated guesses, and self-proclaimed observation.

    "I have heard time and again that T does give a high...a sexual high, a rageful high, and who knows what else? I've heard it from FTM's themselves, and those who have close association with FTM's, and I've witnessed it myself in a march with them, their rage, their testosterone fueled aggressive behaviors, their bad male smells and attitudes, like a bunch of teenage boys!"

    Insults, uneducated guesses, ignorance, and hatred. Is that all your limited brain has to offer?

    "Male smells and attitudes" about gender straight jackets...

    Speak with fact or not at all. Good gracious.

  12. Master Amazon said:

    Nature or nurture..I think BOTH in the case of Lesbianism. There is definitely a part that is innate for me: always a hardcore tomboy from a very early age, and especially when I saw the inequities between boys and girls, men and women, I could not deny it, but I also didn't want to be feminized and do boring 'girl things'.

    OK... so being a hardcore tomboy and not wanting to be "feminized" are inherent hallmarks of lesbianism??? NOW who's putting the gender straightjacket onto lesbians?

  13. Please ignore Master Amazon. She is a complete blabbering fool. Dirt, since you are in the business of deleting irrelevant comments, I think that hers are right on candidates of irrelevant and down right silly.

    She did everything in her power to stray away from the issue at hand, just as Gallas Mag did.

    Do the right thing. Please.

  14. Daddy Lee, Master Amazon, or whatever else you want to call yourself this week.... I have wanted to say this for a long time. YOU are into s/m.. This makes YOU a misogynist in my book.. Humiliating women and laying hands on women IS misogynistic. Both by the sub and the dom..

  15. and for the record Daddy Lee,... YES You know me personally.. I long since got out of the leather community when I realized it was about self harm. YOU are a misogynist.

  16. Whoa, a lot of ranting going on here, mostly unrelated to the topic.

    @L's first post-
    The two cannot be compared. Homosexuality is 100% natural. It's seen historically and in the animal kingdom. Transexuality is not a sexuality.

    It is a response, a defense mechanism, to GID, a disorder that stems from social constructions of gender. It's derived from society and not biology. If we did not have gender boxes, there would be no issue.

    I don't recall hearing anything about female animals trying to chew off their own teats because they were supposed to be male. I do not know of any women attempting to cut their breasts off in the during the Middle Ages. The most I have heard is breast binding through corsets and other historically misogynistic tools throughout different cultures.

    To say that bigotry against homosexuality and critiques of the trans trend/culture are from the same cloth is ludicrous. Apples and oranges.

    As for the rest of the lovely rants, tl;dr.

  17. It's not discrimination or bigotry to state that transsexuals are simply people who choose to disguise themselves to look like the other sex.

  18. Why can't trans just admit that people are treated vastly different depending on their apparent sex, and that trans think they would enjoy being treated as the other sex, and they feel entitled to that other treatment which seems more fun, and they have the privilege to afford the body modifications to enact that choice?
    Why is the truth too awful to admit?

  19. Measure Of A ManJune 21, 2011 at 9:18 PM

    I agree with Anon at 7:34 and 7:36 pm. The Leather Lifestyle is Misogyny! It is nothing but self-harm 100%. Why does someone feel the need to be beaten to be loved? Hmmmmmmmmm? That's not love and self-acceptance by any means!

    I cycle on and off T and have since I have been on it now for almost 2 years. I do it for my own purposes. I don't get a high when I use my T. I don't feel any different after I have my T shot than what I do beforehand.

  20. Transitioning will not erase your birth sex. The Trans community using terms like "passing as male" does imply a guise or getting clocked. Changing your entire identity to appear differently from which you were born does sound misleading to people. It's better to say you don't care versus saying that is not what you are doing. I know people now who stopped using phrases like "passing" or "clocked" because it implied they were not who they say they are. (Oh but wait I shouldn't say that I know trans people and what I have heard since its pointless...)

  21. Anon @ 9:46- Yes, that's hearsay and it's inadmissible!
    Watch out- we have fake attorneys and fake pharmacists in the house. (If you're going to fake your sex might as well fake whatever you want I guess- lolol)

  22. Gallas Mag,

    grow up.

  23. I, like most of the others here who oppose transitioning, are linked to the issue as part of the female population. I would do the same if the issue was women getting (any other) unneeded plastic surgery at an alarming rate and at younger and younger ages. Guess what? I'm allowed to that, the same as Dirt and others.

    In my comparison of homosexuality and transsexuality, I was reiterating just to make sure YOU knew the difference. Bravo, you do, or so you claim. I was only worried because you paired bigotry towards homosexuals with "discrimination" of transsexuals.

    From my point of view, that's like pairing bigotry towards gays with "discrimination" against Christians when critiquing the inaccuracies of the Bible. So you can see, I was unsure if you knew the difference or not.

    What Dirt and others, like myself, who oppose transitioning (as a verb) do is not considered discrimination. I myself do have trans friends. One of them I've known since childhood. They know full well of my point of view of transitioning, but they also know I care for them.

    I critique the trans culture because they continue to promote transition without being entirely truthful about the health risks.

    There is no alternative voice anywhere in the media. No one is suggesting any other option besides transitioning for these young women. There are no resources for younger Butches (or any other person who doesn't quite fit in the gender box) anywhere that do not point towards transitioning. To me, that's a sad thing and worth writing about, even if it means dealing with blatantly rude arses such as yourself, L.

    If you're so secure in your identity, what are you doing here? Dirt doesn't write for you, she writes for the girls who are still questioning. She gives them a different perspective from what the trans community advertises.

    L, if you so passionately spew anger to anyone who agrees with what Dirt writes, I would say that you are pretty much proving the very point Dirt was making in her post.

  24. I hate that phrase. "Passing as male". As a transsexual I do find that offensive and completely opposite of my identity as a transman.

    I already identify as male, so there is, in turn, no such thing as "passing as male" and its a pointless thing to say. Its silly, and silly people use that phrase to their advantage.

    I have no desire to be anything other than who I am. I have no desire to tell anyone else what is best for THEM. I just desire to live and let live. I desire to see everyone living to help others and respect others in their identity, gender identity, sexuality, race, religious preference/lack-thereof, and otherwise.

    I believe in equality for ALL. No matter what. Those who chose to discriminate or "critique" have a serious problem. Keep your criticisms to yourself and let people I'm sure your own life has enough issues that you should tend to before any of you need to be worrying about passing judgment on others, GallasMag.

    I certainly have more of a say of who I am than any of you will ever hope to. And I think I speak for everyone in that.

    Live and let live.

  25. Anon@10:30pm

    Females who chemically cosmetically alter their appearance to resemble males are just passing as male. Transmen by nature are females and will remain so until the die they die.


  26. This type of ignorance knows no bounds.

    You don't know me, Dirt. You have no idea who I am or what I've been through. You cannot speak for me or anyone else.

    Stop thinking that you can. I am male. And I live my life accordingly. I'm a good person and I don't desire to hurt anyone. You, however, do. I spoke with a really awesome person about this. A lot of you may know her as MainlyButch. She is the reason why I don't feel that ALL butch women are like you. She is secure enough in her identity to never pass judgement against others and is truly one of the kindest strongest women I have ever spoken with. And she restored my faith that all butch lesbians are not bigots like you. She was right in saying that you hurt no one but yourself in what you do.

    She had a perfectly good explanation of why you spew this pointless hatred and intolerance. And I have a feeling that she is right. I thought there was some redeeming quality in you. But she was right in saying that you are a pointless cause.

    I feel sorry for you.

    Have a nice life, Dirt.

  27. If you're a trans(man) Anon, you are 100% FEmale. It has nothing to do with "judgment" it is simply a fact. That you hate that fact and are obviously lying to others about that fact is another issue altogether.


  28. Reminding everyone, the topic at hand in this post is female transitioners stopping their transition, if you do not have anything to add on the subject, do not comment.

    All comments after this one not on topic will be deleted.

    If there is something you would like to see as a topic, you can always suggest those in an email to me.


  29. "I believe in equality for ALL. No matter what. Those who chose to discriminate or "critique" have a serious problem. Keep your criticisms to yourself and let people I'm sure your own life has enough issues that you should tend to before any of you need to be worrying about passing judgment on others, GallasMag."

    The gender philosophy you espouse and uphold directly oppresses other women. Yet you believe your philosophy- and ALL philosophies, apparently- are not subject to critique. That is absurd. And it's also incredibly patronizing, not to mention a lame attempt at silencing. Should all social critics - of male supremacy, white supremacy, class structure just shush and "live and let live"? Or is it only females that you suggest should tend to the dirty dishes in their kitchen rather than bothering themselves with social issues?
    I happen to enjoy "worrying about" dismantling male supremacy and the female prison that is gender. In fact it's fun as hell. And even if I didn't I would do it anyway. Because it's the right thing to do. For all women and future generations of females.
    So don't YOU worry your little head over it hon. Go do the dishes or sump' while Dirt, and M.C. and Scribe and I and the others have our little talk. Live and let live, right?

  30. Sorry Dirt- responding to comment. I think the young woman, the detransitioner in the video is very courageous. usually they just delete their YouTubes and dissapear because their "friends" are so brutal and shunning to those who change their mind.

  31. Ugh, I hate the whole gay red herring that gets brought up any time sometime dares to criticize transgenderism. There's some key differences between the two:
    1. Homosexuality doesn't require "treatment" in the form of potentially dangerous drugs and surgery. Furthermore, someone who experiments with gay/lesbian sex and realizes that it isn't their thing isn't going to be stuck with a beard and chest scars.
    2. Homosexuality doesn't involve appropriation of anyone else's identity, nor does it perpetuate harmful social roles.
    3. Defining sexuality doesn't require circular moon logic. "I'm attracted to the same sex" is a meaningful statement, "I'm a man because a man is anyone who identifies as a man" is self-serving wankery.

    And even if transsexuality is 100% innate, biological sex and socialization still exist, while transgender politics revolve around saying that they don't.

  32. I think it's really courageous of that youtuber to say she's going off T, maybe we'll start seeing more of those videos in the future...

  33. @10:45 MainlyButch (from youtube) stopped you from believing that ALL butches were like Dirt? That is just sad and speaks volumes about your character and categorizing an entire massive group of people due to the actions of one person! Wow.

  34. I think it's really courageous of that youtuber to say she's going off T, maybe we'll start seeing more of those videos in the future...

    ....I totally agree she is courageous. Equally as courageous as those who don't allow intolerance to govern their choices of being gay, lesbian, or transgendered. Equally as courageous as Dirt living life as a butch lesbian.. I also think stating this is what my choice is by the vlogger was courageous. I also noticed the commenters on the blog did not bash them. One thing everyone has overlooked, as nearly as I can tell, is they still see themselves as Transgendered but have chosen to reclaim Lesbian status. I think that was even more courageous to claim both statuses.

  35. Where is this "shame" of which you speak??

    Every FTM that commented on the video was fully supportive....

    Why are you trying to paint FTM's as snarling community fascists when the evidence states otherwise?

  36. to the person who claimed to be a pharmacist and said that there is no such thing as t-enhancing drugs, have you ever heard of tristan skye and natural transitioning? Some of the drugs skye promotes are actually so strong that they are illegal in many countries.

    To the person who pointed out that most comments to the youtube video are supportive: the person in the video says that they still identify as trans. Like i said in my first comment, as long as you are still identifying as some form trans or queer, the community will still support you even if you stop t or don't start t at all. But what do you think would have happened if the person in the video would have said that she now identifies a just female and female only and that she have found another and better way to deal with GID? People would have called her hateful, a bigot, intolerant etc etc because as i said in my first comment, when you're in the trans state of mind you don' t want to hear about alternatives and you disregard anything trans-critical as pure non-sense without ever thinking twice about it.

  37. Hey MC-well done mate.
    i agree on everything youve said.
    id just like to say hello,hello.
    this is my first time on this blog but ive been quitely following it for a while.
    im a older person and in fact im a older woman and i have recently reclaimed my identity,which is butch woman,in fact proud butch woman.
    this is the first time in my life that i feel genuinly ok with feels good,not false.
    im a bit quite right now largely because im exhausted,ive been fighting elsewhere!
    dirt-you are awsome and Amazon you are fantastic[read your blog earlier]
    oh and dirt-youve just got another butch back!

  38. "to the person who claimed to be a pharmacist and said that there is no such thing as t-enhancing drugs, have you ever heard of tristan skye and natural transitioning? Some of the drugs skye promotes are actually so strong that they are illegal in many countries."

    I'm friends with Tristan Skye. He doesn't promote anything. He tells people what he uses to Naturally transition. Natural transition is more than taking DHEA, DMAE, Tribulus Terrestris, Fish Oil, Flax seed Oil, ZMA, and Multivitamin. All of which can be bought at Wal-Mart except for the TT. It's a whole lifestyle change including eating clean and working out. He has a book coming out in a few weeks and even though I am on T I am still gonna buy a copy because there's a lot of helpful that will be included in the book such as diet tips, eating clean, and working out, etc....

  39. @ M.C

    They are bad apples in every group, most trans people will not hate you for making your personal choices. Transition was your choice, detransition is your own alone too. Only a stupid fool would force someone to be part of a community they don't want to be part of.

    No, the trans community will not hate you for that, Im sure you may or will want to educate young people not to get pressured into transition or just making a rush decision. That's your right and don't see anything wrong with that, as long as you don't trash talk the community, now I have seen some detransitioners do that. And I have to ask myself, if one is happy with their self realisation, then why the hell are you trying to destroy other people and disregard their choices. It doesnt make sense to me.

  40. Isn't there a possibility with this "natural transitioning" with all the MANY pills that are talked about that people could suffer many side effects the same a taking t? I don't believe, and correct me if I am wrong, that most of this stuff is approved by the FDA, so no one currently knows what damage could be done. Doesn't seem quite natural to me.

  41. How does creating a website to tell what he does to naturally transition, list out all the drugs he takes for others to use, write a book, etc., etc., etc. not qualify as promotion? If he isn't promoting transitioning I guess he is just promoting himself.


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