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  1. ...And again, obsession at it's best!

  2. Anon@12:34pm

    There is a prime element of obsessiveness with the trans disorder, so agreed.


  3. You are the one who is insanely obsessed! You sit all day and stalk these kids on the internet which is sickening and just down right pathetic. How old are you? What 50? Yet here you are stalking kids on the internet all day and night. Just Psycho!

  4. She's showing how young naive misguided and practically identical they are in apearance and beliefs, making the fact that is is indeed a trend absolutely clear.

  5. Sycophant mouse to the rescue as always.

    Dirt has a piece of cheese for you every time you're a good girl and fawn like a parasite.


    That is so insulting for you to think that Dirt is some kind of hero to me.
    I've felt this way for more than a decade, well before stumbling upon this site, seeing SO many young women transition here in NYC over all this time, begining just after my days with Riot Grrrl, which seems to have been the last feminist (and fun!) movement in the 'counter-culture' before everything turned 'queer'
    I do not idolize Dirt, I think her spelling and grammar are awful and she's WAY more 'butch' than me and from a completely different 'scene'- I know NOTHING about her, really- just one day I googled 'feminists against ftm's' and found this blog.
    I don't want to post as 'anonymous' which seems cowardly to me.

  7. "Feminists against ftms"

    How disgusting.

    That's about the extent of your education and knowledge. Which are both two completely absent traits within your character.

    TRUE feminists are against oppression. TRUE feminists are FOR equality for ALL.

    YOU, madam, are a sad excuse, a sycophant, and equally share Dirt's hedonistic disgusting hateful outlooks.

    You women are NOT feminists. Don't get it twisted sister.

  8. Well, sorry if I'm not a 'true feminist' but this is how I feel about it. Actually, my reasons for disagreement with transsexualism are more based on logic and reason and nature than feminism, though I seriously am heartbroken seeing the legions of girls going this same foolhardy route over and over.
    I am definitely educated and am way more knowledgeable about this topic than I ever wanted to be.
    And 'hedonistic?' What? Good one, wise name-calling Anonymous.
    I'll now take my permanent leave of this place which I mistakenly thought was a place for open discussion about a serious issue, not a place where I am talked down to by self-righteous adolescents.

  9. so mouse, let me get this straight.

    You think it is cowardly to post as anonymous because you find that disgusting.. Hence; you sign your name as mouse?


    Now I have heard it all..

  10. I do think their needs to be more intelligent and respectful debate about "gender identities" WITHIN the queer community. There is a serious lack of feminist/general dissent in queer contingents - all dissent only seems to come from Dirt or Radfem contingents - and this doesn't need to be the case - the debate doesn't need to be so polarized. Also I think everyone is just sick of the vitriol in this online debate, at this blog and elsewhere.

    I think that most of Dirt's "followers" don't agree with all her arguments/methods, I certainly don't, but I read her blog because she is one of the few, if not the only dissenting voice seriously scrutinizing trans genderism. And as a female in the queer community, who has lots of trans/genderqueer friends and who shares alot of the same feelings that ftm's often talk about, I really value her voice as another tool to expand/understand my thinking about my body, my life and the external world.

    In queer contingents we have alot people asking, how? I believe that we need more people asking, why? I would love to see some queer blogs dedicated to respectful and intelligent debate about transgenderism/gender queer/ gender theory etc and particularly whether these concepts are progressive or regressive. This will at least give people a resource to expand their thinking/ share their opinions on the topic instead of just being silenced or in another echo chamber of gender theory.

    I would love to start a blog like that but I really have way TOO MANY projects up my sleeve. So if anyone would be interested in taking that on I think you'd be doing a great service .

  11. and I'm Alex by the way. :)

  12. It's perfectly understandable that females don't want to "be female", and don't want to be treated as women in such a women-hating culture where one's sex has such a profound effect on one's status. Sad these folks had to resort to self-harm and medicalized "therapeutic disability" rather than fight the powers that be.

  13. I agree with 5:48 AM.

    Better questions, better treatment, alternatives, and research. Its pretty much redundant usually in the form of questioning/deconstructing sex where it appears it should be about deconstructing gender. Without different types of treatment, research, and discussions we will end up with the same problems. I don't know these individuals so I can't question their plight. Each person is in a different scenario. But overall, I think we need to open up more discussion vs. shying away from discussion.

  14. (I didn't say I found it 'disgusting' to post as anonymous, just 'cowardly' since we can't tell when it's the same anonymous posting the same things over and over, though there are tells- like the one who always thinks a variation of LOL is a good response. I don't know why you need my given name- besides, transsexuals just name themselves whatever, but I'm Elizabeth, and I'm done here.)

  15. HI Elizabeth!

    And good point, trans commentors never use their real names anyways. Funny though they love using mine, I detect jealousy.

    Your's is a very pretty name btw and a fav or mine.


  16. I love looking at these lists because I always go and add them as friends. :) It's like a ftm resource here. Thank you for supporting female to male transition Dirt.

  17. Maybe trans commenters would use their name if you didn't make posts about them, with pictures...

  18. 9:18,
    so, you 'friend' people just because they're young FTMs who all think the same way?
    this is how you are building your echo chamber.

  19. Tony,

    Then explain the three years of comments before the TT posts began.


  20. One day humans will look back at this transioning phenomenon with the same disgust we look at the castrati tradition. Every era has it's own barbaric traditions and this is one of ours.
    I agree with mouse, there is no point in arguing.
    All you can do is wait and hope that things will change soon.

  21. Maybe my name is Aiden, no maybe it's Kaiden, no no it's Jaiden


    It's really no different than using Anonymous since all these female trannies have the same name!!!

  22. @Anon 9:56

    No I friend them because it's what they want to do with their bodies and while I support them receiving facts in opposition to what their doing, if they decide to do it, that's really their life and I'm just here to support.

    Same as you all support Dirt's decision to stay a woman/lesbian/boi (whatever the term actually is).

    I like how you all will say that ftms are being immature for commenting on here, but you just attacked me for having a difference of opinion. You just need to be a little more open-minded and that is the truth. I use Dirt's website to find new ftms that I can talk to. :P Oh well. My Life.

  23. One day we will look back at lesbians/feminists judging transpeople and we will be embarassed at how we as humans continue to refuse to learn from our history. Transpeople have always existed, even in matriarchal cultures. Why don't you go out in the world and positively represent your own damn self as an alternative to transitioning? If your identity had any true beauty or resonance to it, you would never have to resort to hating on others' to defend it.

  24. Go to London, Dirt.

    You'll see more young butches than you can shake a stick at, and despite free access to gender identity disorder treatment, there's no "butch drain" as far as I've seen.

    What I have noticed is a shift in butch fashions - a couple of years ago masculine fashion had shifted to a more gentle, soft look - and young butches adopted that, which I found quite interesting.

  25. i don't 'support dirt's decision' to do anything
    i don't make friends with people in real life or online (if you can call people you only know online your real 'friends') because they need my support or because of how they feel about their bodies
    it's all so superficial!
    and 2:09, we've heard again and again about transpeople throughout history, i'd like to see some numbers and other data supporting that
    and what throughout history qualified as 'trans' exactly?

  26. John,

    That is because these butches are truly the only ones that "mimic" masculinity. Their bitterness at transsexual males stems at the fact that Tmales ARE men. And butches know darn well that they as butches are NOT men and feel that every one who they can physically relate to at some point shares their psychological outlook. This is the mindset of a fool. They say that Tmales are misogynistic because they have not the slightest comprehension of what it means to be a Tmale outside of physical hypothesis. Which is also preposterous. And childish.

    Tmales do not hate women, they are simply born into a physical self that is not representative of their OWN psychological manifestation. (Which NO ONE UNDER GOD'S BRIGHT SUN HAS ACCESS TO OTHER THAN THAT PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL).

    Butches cannot comprehend that because they have no idea what that means, nor what it feels like. They are the ones with the privilege to ask "why" or "how". Or the privilege to think that they even, for a second, have a right to demand these questions of other human beings. This is oppressive behavior not far off from that which they as lesbians face from straight people.

    I say that simply because they are butches and NOT Tmales. I hope I've put that simply enough for some of the simpletons in here and the simpleton blogger.

    In short, Dirt has no idea what she is talking about. Ever. She is not a Tmale and henceforth cannot speak on behalf of one, cannot understand the mindset of one, and cannot preach about her ASSumptions of one's livelihood.

    Anyone who is insistent on a desire to do any of that within above listed paragraph is an oppressive hedonistic fool.

    Simply put by a university graduate, intersex Tmale, who still bears the name given by his mother at birth, for some of you morons who believe that ALL Tmales "choose another wacky name". You can call me C.

  27. C,

    In short you wouldnt be here if everything I say wasnt 110% correct. Fact of life.


  28. "... they are simply born into a physical self that is not representative of their OWN psychological manifestation."

    nobody is born into a body that represents their psychological self- are you claiming that you ARE entirely your body? the MOST non-spiritual belief. and then you mention God?

    and it is a FACT that ftm's ARE men?
    it is a fact that they THINK they are men,
    quite different

    (clearly you're the same one who equates questioning transsexuality with hedonism- that makes no sense.)

  29. "In short you wouldnt be here if everything I say wasnt 110% correct. Fact of life."

    ...Thank you for showcasing your supremacist mind frame for me, Dirt. I knew you were going to, and you did. Right on schedule.

    Not only are you self-rightious, you truly feel that everything that you say is correct. Without an iota of education in your background...without the consent of the other human psyche's that you claim to know more than the person themselves.

    You truly feel that your ASSuptions are correct...this is mind blowing...I am truly taken back.

    You are a fool. Truly. And I pity you.

    You are no feminist. You are a supremacist. Thank you for exemplifying this fact on my little ol' behalf.

    I will pray for you.

    Good day to you, Dirt.


  30. "nobody is born into a body that represents their psychological self- are you claiming that you ARE entirely your body? the MOST non-spiritual belief. and then you mention God?"

    Yes, I am a Christian. One who does not believe that transsexuality or LESBIANISM is against the will of the God I serve.

    I am speaking in terms of gender identification, sweetheart.

    Secondly, I did not once imply that one is, in entirely, the body. Please do not manipulate my words so harshly. Try to understand what I'm saying, alright?

    And thirdly, do not challenge my beliefs based upon who I am. I would never do that to you. That type of behavior is unneccessary. Who I am, or who I love, is not "non-spiritual". I can't believe that someone within the community would say something this barbaric.

  31. Just so you know, the above comment was from me, C, also. (The one stating that I am a Christian)

    "and it is a FACT that ftm's ARE men?
    it is a fact that they THINK they are men,
    quite different"

    Why are you so certain about what another human being, outside of yourself, thinks? How can you claim that type of assumption?

    It is clear that you are not a Transsexual male, so why would you think that you know what they "think" or morso, how they are wired to "think"?

    Such bold statements from individuals who have no the slightest idea of what they are talking about. I have never seen someone blind speak with such conviction about a world they've never seen.

  32. Every FtM is destined for a life of mimicking male behavior while masquerading as a man. None of you even have a functioning penis, or any hope of getting one. Maybe one reason you feel so compelled to compete with Butch Lesbians is because deep down you know women see through a charade, and when all is said and done, FtM's will end up pairing with eachother.

  33. "None of you even have a functioning penis, or any hope of getting one"

    Do you just go around judging people's genitalia all day? What a life that must be...

    No one is in any sort of "competition" here, but you. Look at yourself and the comments you just made.

    Ask yourself if any of those hateful statements were necessary...let alone mature.

    Please grow up and stop being so ignorant. The more hatred you have for others, the more hatred you will have to face FROM others.

    And as if you know what anyones life is "destined" for...please.

    Grow up.
    Keep that in mind, kiddo.

  34. C.,

    Dirt does not write for transsexuals who are adamant about their beliefs, such as yourself.

    If you are proud of your trans identity, then go forth and live proudly. This blog is not for you.

    Dirt writes for girls who are seeking guidance in their own identity. Being female is hard in our society, and it's understandable how some girls would want to transition.

    As you said, no one can look into anyone else's psyche, so you don't know if those girls are TRULY trans or just following a perceived "easy" way out of womanhood. With all the attention transitioning gets in the media and queer culture, it's naive to think that every girl who transitions is actually trans (assuming that transsexuality does truly exist).

    There is no alternative voice in our society that opposes transitioning. If you're a girl who thinks you feel like a boy, you're automatically trans. There's nothing else offered. If you looked up "Butch woman resources" on any search engine, you wouldn't find anything that doesn't point directly or hint at transitioning.

    If you're trans, good for you, move along. Dirt doesn't write for you. She cares about the girls who are fooled into thinking they are trans just because they don't fit the gender norm, or because their friends said they were, or because it's cool to be trans, or because being a girl sucks.

    You'd be lying to yourself if you thought any example of mistaken transition absolutely NEVER happens. You clearly do NOT care about those girls; they should've known better and done their research.

  35. Gender Identity Disorder is SAME exact diagnosis that butches and FTMs receive. We have not reach further enough into science to debunk the idea that it is how a person "thinks" v. anything else. So it really isn't an assumption of anyone on this blog. Matter of fact, some trans men feel it is how they think and they do not care either way.

  36. that penis argument doesn't work with them
    they think some men just happen to have

  37. @4:01

    Your comment was a bit rude and misguided. There are a lot of assumptions that aren't necessarily true for every ftm out there.

    First off, I don't believe there is specific male or female behavior. Anyone can act however they wish for all I care, so long as they aren't being a-holes to others.

    It is true that no ftm will ever have a natural and functioning penis. Any surgeries available right now aren't very convincing (as Dirt herself showed in a previous blog post). Those who want to go through the dangers of the surgery, to get what I feel are sub-par results, are free to do so if they wish. I'm not one to judge.

    Any kind of body modification is really up to the person getting it. If a woman wanted to get larger breasts, I won't argue with her if that's what she feels will make her happy in the end. I think it's a good idea for someone to go under a psycho-evaluation before getting any procedures done though. So we may prevent those who truly have mental problems or are likely to develop an addiction to plastic surgery. (like that lady who tried to turn into Barbie)

    I know I don't judge people by what's in their pants, so a penis (or lack thereof) doesn't really matter to me. In fact, I don't typically think of any person having genitalia at all. Most people look like the barbie or ken dolls in my mind. (no "junk")

    I know I can't speak for all ftm's, because I am not ALL ftm's, but I would imagine that many don't wish to compete with butch lesbians. I personally look up to butch women, it takes a lot of strength to go against the grain in society and say "I am woman, hear me roar." I look up to (some) ftm's as well, because they are doing what they feel is right for them. Most ftm's I have come across (on YouTube or in real life) are pretty immature though. I won't argue that one.

    Although I know of some ftm's who have settled down with other ftm's. I also know of some who are happily married/partnered to other women or men.

    I understand that much of what you have said is true, so some ftm's. I just wanted to point out that this is not the case for all of them. Just in case someone else reads through these comments as their only source of information into the "ftm world".

  38. "That is because these butches are truly the only ones that "mimic" masculinity. Their bitterness at transsexual males stems at the fact that Tmales ARE men. "

    "This is oppressive behavior not far off from that which they as lesbians face from straight people."

    And yet you do exactly the same thing to butches? Your statement about butches mimicking masculinity is the same thing that biological males feel about transsexual males (ei you weren't born bio male so how do you know what it means to be male)! God this reminds me of a trans girl who told another mtf that she was nothing more than "a man in a dress." Maybe you too are the one with ASSumptions since you do not know the lives of butches and how THEY feel either but you feel strong enough to claim that they are "mimicking."

  39. Scribe,

    Very well put. I don't typically agree with HOW Dirt puts this message out to the internet (aka "trans trending" or other posts using other people's pictures without their permission, regardless of if the pictures are already publicly shown elsewhere.) But I think it's great that she has a place to talk to young girls who are considering transition.

    I have had several youth (male and female) come up to me and ask for resources about transition. I always make a point to let them know that choosing to transition (medically) is very different than deciding you're gay or lesbian. You can change your mind about being gay or lesbian, but if you transition medically, there is a LOT that is irreversible.

    I'm personally glad that Dirt has this site, and in the future if someone comes to me asking about transition advise, I will definitely be directing them to this blog.

    And yes, she has mentioned before that if you are already transitioned or are 100% secure in your choice to transition, this blog is not for you. It's for those who are still questioning or have started but may have doubts.

  40. Scribe,

    I agree with your clarification. I agree 100% with everything you just said.

    I was speaking on the behalf of individuals such as myself, as you've stated, who are Transsexual males( in my case intersex). And as you can see there are a lot of women in this blog who want to liquidate the minds of people like me IN ADDITION to these misguided females who "feel" that they are in any way a man.

    If what you say is true, and this blog is not aimed at transsexuals in general, I would not have been so aggressively attacked in the way that I was. You can clearly see that.

    Notice that I DO NOT use the term "FTM" because I don't believe that there is any such thing. It is a complete hypocritical paradox. There is no such thing as a "female to male" transsexual. The implication of "female to male" implies exactly what it states. That is not the case for me or anyone like me. It is people that use this term that this blog is for, as you've said.

    A transsexual/transgender male is not the same as a "female to male". These are the masquerading women of which you speak. And I am against that 100% just as you are. Just to be clear.

    I do care about these women, and I do feel that Dirt is correct in trying to get these women to embrace who they are. Because "trans trending" is very real. And it is almost insulting to see this.

    I just do not want people to think that we, as transsexuals, do not exist. Because we do. That's all I'm saying. I have no problem with Dirt other than her supremacist and presumptuous frame of mind. Truly.

    I would never EVER state that simply because "I played with boy toys as a child, I dress masculinely, I wanted to be a boy scout instead of a girl scout" that therefore I am man. That is nonsense and has very little to do with being a transsexual male. You will not find ONE, and I promise you this, you will not fine ONE truly transgender/transexual individual talking that jive to validate their identity.

    The fact that this has become some sort of "trend", which I have just been made aware of, is truly saddening.

    I would not wish this on my worst enemy. And that, my friend, is the truth.

    I just do not want people to think that we, as transsexuals, do not exist. Because we do. That's all I'm saying.

    Thank you for your kind response, Sribe. I truly appreciate your maturity.


  41. Scribe is right, some girls do transition and they shouldnt. When in reality they are just butch lesbians or a butch straight women. Its sad to see people make the wrong choice and have to live with the consequences.
    I also do applaud all the transmen like myself who has made the right choice. As a transman when I speak to young people who believe they are trans, I make sure they know about butch women. That just because they are different then the other girls doesnt mean that they are transgender. Girls have decided that they were not really transgender after talking to me. I am not one of those transmen who try and pull in everyone possible. I dont sit there like "come to the trans side we have cookies". Yea there are trans pressure just like there is gay pressure on straight people.
    I guess long story short I think that everyone should be fully aware of everything before they transition.

    not all transmen have stereotypical names. I know some named Bill, Bob, Drew, Wesley, Paul, Ralph. My name is special to my family and I. Every trans person didn't throw creative names into a hat and picked at random. Personally I think that would be sign of possibly not really being trans.

  42. @ anon 5:00pm

    Exactly. Ditto.


  43. C.,

    And thank you for your clarifying reply.

    I can guess, however, all of the harsh responses you have received stem from how your first post displays a hateful message about Butch women and Dirt herself.

    A Butch woman is not mimicking masculinity; she is simply broadening the definition of femininity. Why must femininity be defined by clothing and behavior? No matter how a woman looks or acts, she is still a woman.

    The very idea that a Butch woman is nothing but a male wannabe perpetuates the mindset of many FtMs. Butch women are often said to be "trans in denial," and such harsh criticisms can greatly influence young Butches.

    Yes, most FtMs aren't exactly Butch to begin with, but they are still influenced by that mindset. "If I want to dress like a boy, I must be a boy."

    I know Dirt is often harsh, but I will take a guess that you, C., have not been reading Dirt's blog for very long. Have you seen how often she is attacked? I honestly don't know how she does it, but I greatly admire how she still stands up for what she believes in, despite the stinging insults and threats. Such responses, however, are sure to bring out the bluntness you will often see from Dirt.

  44. Give me a break. If FtM's had any hope of getting a functioning adult penis we wouldn't hear a peep about "gender is between your ears" and all the rest of the B.S. There is no specific male or female behavior, but there are clear biological facts which define one's sex (I know about intersex, and trans shouldn't jump on their bandwagon.)

  45. Scribe,

    To clarify, I did not mean Butch women in general. Because I find that Butch women, who are secure enough in their own identity to not crucify those that are not (or otherwise), are very strong minded women who are individualistic in their own right. I said "these butch women". And henceforth with the use of the word "these" I was implying a direct type of individual. I was speaking about the supremacy and accusations that were being thrown around at individuals that Dirt has yet to meet or speak to. And also by the women that felt the need to attack me and state comments about others' genitalia. My aim in saying that was to draw attention to the hypocritical statements that are being said here against other innocent human beings.

    Her tactics of going about this are all wrong. I'm sorry, but this is wrong. There is no need to go about it this way. I have been approached by a butch lesbian female that asked my advice and asked me to "evaluate them" (yes someone truly said that) and see if they were transsexual. And, in truth, that insults me. It makes me angry. And it takes all that I have in me to not react harshly. There is a difference between a different type of female, a Butch woman, and a Transsexual male. There are DISTINCT differences. And I truly don't think Dirt understands that and aims to attack transsexual men in general.

    Just because one is Butch, does NOT mean that they are a man. Just because a woman behaves outside of the stereotypical norm of "femininity" does NOT make her a man.

    I completely agree, ever still. I just find Dirt's methods to be very suspect and not even in the slightest way educationally sound. (And the fact that we have to have this conversation waste-deep in hateful comments, should further emphasize my point)

    Thank you again for your response, Scribe.


  46. My life is not defined by my "transsexuality". I just live my life being who I am.

    I have two jobs, I am in grad school, I teach a poetry class to very bright college students, I play music, and I like starburst candy...a lot.

    I just live my life.

    I just don't want other men, who happen to be (truly) transsexual/transgender, to be targeted and suffer at the hands of this blog/blogger.

    That's all.


  47. Trans means to CROSS. So to CROSS gender or to CROSS sex. So female TO male = CROSSING so it is very accurate.

    Inter means to BELONG or BETWEEN.

    So its not even the same thing at all. So I don't believe this blog is for intersex people at all. It is for females.

  48. Hayden McCamley ShannonJune 4, 2011 at 6:01 PM

    Ugh, most of these guys arent that attractive.

    Dirt I dyed my hair and got a piercing. Put me back up here so i can bring some true trans back into these talks.

    Stop finding confused lesbains! Oh wait...these really are lesbians...wait...but your a lesbian. SO its your own ppl. Well damn. ANyway half these kids are trenders who are totally fucking up their lives.

    Why dont you go document the real transguys?

    And for the sake of all previous discussions, im putting my whole name up here.

  49. @ Hayden..

    You aren't helping. If you don't have anything intelligent to contribute please don't say anything at all.

  50. C.,

    Yes, the approach Dirt takes is not exactly civil. She is very radical in regards to how she conveys her message. I believe, however, such radical behavior is often needed get such a message out.

    Her blog wouldn't capture nearly the same size of audience if she just discussed things civilly as we are doing now. That may seem like a trivial reason, but Dirt has gotten a lot of thank-you messages from girls who decided not to transition because of the blog, or who have been helped by the blog in some other way.

    As you stated previously,
    "The fact that this has become some sort of 'trend', which I have just been made aware of, is truly saddening...I would not wish this on my worst enemy. And that, my friend, is the truth,"

    I can guarantee that Dirt feels that sadness a hundred times more. It's on her mind 24/7. She's very passionate about the issue and is willing to sacrifice her reputation for those girls who most don't even think about.

    I do not feel that she targets transmen. She highlights and makes examples of trans-trenders and the culture that enables them.

    The hateful comments come from both ways, and it is unfortunate. There is, however, hardly a place to discuss such issues in a civil manner anywhere.

    If you mix together a few know-it-all trans-trending teenagers, a few old school feminists, new wave feminists, Queer culture enthusiasts, and old school transsexuals -all of whom refuse to see other people's point of view or admit anyone else has a point - you're going to get the childish rants you see above.

  51. Scribe...
    I can guarantee that Dirt feels that sadness a hundred times more. It's on her mind 24/7.

    Well you would know since your her femme. but obsessing on something 24/7 is not healthy. Obsessed people are a part of the problem and not part of the solution.. Dealing with obessed people is is a waste of time...

  52. Scribe,

    Thank you for your clarification and mature responses to my inquiries and statements.

    "If you mix together a few know-it-all trans-trending teenagers, a few old school feminists, new wave feminists, Queer culture enthusiasts, and old school transsexuals -all of whom refuse to see other people's point of view or admit anyone else has a point - you're going to get the childish rants you see above."

    You are 100% correct.


  53. Hayden McCamley ShannonJune 4, 2011 at 7:12 PM

    You want intellegence then?

    This entire blog site means NOTHING if there is no followers. Half the transmen and transwomen i know from Facbook have little or no idea who Dirt is. And those who do either become enraged by her or shrug her off.

    Now its very uneasy feeling, knowing someone within your own community is bashing you, and all you want to do is either try to prove her wrong, or point out things to demean her.

    Im sorry if i take a different approach.

    Now i dont like feeling belitteled by her, reading about how im a woman hater and all that jazz because my lifestyle choice does not judge who i am or why i am the way i am. And i dont like being catergorized.

    But we are all going to be.

    She's not going to stop
    No ones going to stop her
    And most of you are just wasting your breath.

    I approach this differently.
    I agree Dirt is trying to attack the trans community by pointing out the Trenders. AND THERE ARE TRENDERS! Quite frankly im sick of them too because they are making a fucking mockery out of my testmony.
    These women have seen transmen and find thw whole different and Tabboo thing to be new and fun so they jump on board and start injecting. They're idiots, and they're messing their own damn lives up. And when they decide it isnt fun anymore, they make the whole lot of us look like a bunch of indecisive fucked up lesbians.

    I was just saying. If she wants to attack transmen. Why not attack REAL transmen.
    Im fucking game for it. I'll play ball

    and why?

    and if you Mr. Anonymous were intellegent you wouldnt either.

  54. every female to transexual thinks that her transition and testimony is more valid than the rest (even when the names they take are not family names but just made up)

  55. They all think they're the Real Transsexual.

  56. They all think they're the Real Transsexual.

    June 4, 2011 7:46 PM

    They all think they're the Real Femmenist.

    They all think they're the Real Butch Lesbian.

    They all think they're the Real Femme.

  57. "Anonymous said...
    Transpeople have always existed, even in matriarchal cultures.
    June 4, 2011 2:09 PM"

    Which matriarchal cultures Anon?

    C @ 3:06: "Tmales do not hate women, they are simply born into a physical self that is not representative of their OWN psychological manifestation."

    Psychology is not represented by one's physical self. One's psychological potentials are not limited by one's body. Your statement is incredibly ableist and offensive to people with physical challenges.

  58. Gallus Mag...

    C already said that that comment was only talking about gender identity. Keep reading and stop nit-picking out of context things because you're too lazy to read the entire conversation.

    And ps. Why are you even concerned with ablism and being offensive when you are known for your offensive views towards trans people?

  59. Dirt is about as obsessed as any activist who is passionate about an issue. She has her own life and eclectic interests. Writing about Lesbian/Feminist/Trans issues doesn't negate that for her.

  60. Anon @ 8:54- Are you saying that trans are disabled?

  61. ...Gallas Mag.

    No. Learn to read.

  62. Mine are ALL family names.

    Im not an " Ayden" Trender

  63. Boring. And also, you cannot accuse people who use the term FTM of being false transsexuals. People will use whatever term they have at their disposal to describe what they might be feeling. If the term they use happens to be the only known one for what we are (especially in cultures that do not have many words for gender variance), that does not mean they cannot have a different feeling about how they were born. Personally I feel "woman" and "man" are just words and do not describe much about our bodies or our experience in the world. Women have beards and low voices, men have breasts and high voices...get over it. Nature provides a huge amount of physical variance and I feel that people should be free to decide what works for them. Socialized gender is bullshit anyway. Physical masculinity works for me in every way and if that makes me the kind of "ftm" that threatens your credibility as a "real" man then you can suck it.

  64. Hayden,

    i know about how proud you are of your name being a family name- that's why i said it. aside from that, what sets you apart from all the other young ftm's?

  65. 4:37
    there is a difference between naturally occuring gender variance and that which is forced with drugs and surgery

  66. @anon 6:16
    I won't speak for Hayden or anyone else, but not all ftms are young tweener "trenders" as you all describe them. We all have our own individual life experiences - for example, I am 29 years old, I don't wear big ball caps, oversized clothes, have a justin beiber hair cut ect. (although I wouldn't judge those that do, it's a popular style for ALL young people now) I have a good job in the carpenters union, live on my own, have responsibilities, pay my own bills and have a full life including many hobbies and interests besides transitioning.
    I'm not saying that the young people in these pictures are all the same either, I don't know them so can only speak for myself. My point is that ftms are as different and varied as any group of people.

  67. And by the way Dirt, Leo IS my real name, it's on my drivers license (Leonard actually)

  68. So officially, we are all going to hell. Lesbian or Transman, so... why can't we just get along, fellow sinners? lol

  69. "there is a difference between naturally occuring gender variance and that which is forced with drugs and surgery"

    Of course there is. The difference is that one pursues gender reassignment at great social and personal risk while others who are graced with gender variance naturally (assuming it's welcome) can go around over-congratulating themselves for being all "strong" and natural. And gratuitously judging people they don't know, whose experiences they don't share.

  70. Anonymous said...
    "there is a difference between naturally occuring gender variance and that which is forced with drugs and surgery"

    Of course there is. The difference is that one pursues gender reassignment at great social and personal risk while others who are graced with gender variance naturally (assuming it's welcome) can go around over-congratulating themselves for being all "strong" and natural. And gratuitously judging people they don't know, whose experiences they don't share.

    June 5, 2011 8:29 PM

    Claiming things like "graced" makes it sound as if it is actually easy being a gender variant or that they are lucky. Of course, you do explain that if the gender variance is welcome. Typically, it hardly is welcomed just as gender reassignment surgery isn't considered of the norm. Sounds to me you are gratuitously judging gender variants who do not wish to transition. Anyone gender non-conforming express themselves at both social and personal risks. It would be best to say that neither is easier than the other. Leave it at that. Instead of making group out to have it harder than the other.

  71. There a lot of talking in here about this trans trenders not being real transmen. So can someone please explain the difference between this people and real transmen? How are their body and gender dysphoria any different? There are people who have experienced extreme gender dysphoria,sometimes to the point of experiencing phantom genitalia, who today live happily as their birth gender. There are people who were conviced that they were the opposite gender since they were 3 or 4 years old, who today have no longer have any desire to transition. So if it is not the amount of gender dysphoria or how long the person has thought of themselves as a the opposite gender that determine who is truely trans, then what does?

  72. Anon @10:22 - The whole "trans" thing is completely psychological. It's not a life-threatening disorder or anything like that. All they need is adequate therapy. They definately don't need to take "T", amputate their tits, or any of the other irreversible biological proceedures they do on these girls.

  73. C.-

    You stated that you were intersexed and transsexual. I'm sure you realize that having both of those ID's is fairly unique. So I find it interesting that you can dish out how ftms are not really transsexual, and that your definition of transsexual is the RIGHT one. You have your own unique experience of being both transsexual and intersexed.
    That is not the norm for most transsexuals.
    In fact the two have very little to do with each other.

    just sayin.

  74. I was tagged in this a few months ago, it's more of " right of passage" in the trans community now when she tags your picture. Can't stop hate with hate. I'm who I'am and proud to be me. Transgender Male. Congrats Brothers. - Jason

  75. jason

    what you posted just confirms the tragic silliness of the trans kids and the clubbiness/cultiness of your 'community'

    (and it's rite not right of passage)

  76. The comment of transmales here sounds like teenager rebellion. Nothing more.

  77. true, but many of these rebellious teenagers are permanently destroying female bodies and, for lack of a better word, souls

  78. Your a lesbian? Ahahah!

    This is just a blog about an insecure bitch.

  79. good one, 'Joe!' (too bad you're a 'bitch' too)

  80. The sheer volume of individuals claiming to have the medical condition of transgendered mis matched brains and bodies, available weekly by Their OWN presentation on social media, makes obvious a point that stings to the core. Its a trend, its not real, its not a poignant condition, its a fad and its a dangerous one.
    " A picture is worth a thousand words" ..

    Because it is effectively, plainly making it so evident that the Trans Trend is exactly that, and not a medical condition is the reason why its causing tantrums.


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