Trans Lack of Passing

It was questioned in some recent comments when someone spoke about having seen a half dozen or some trans people in their average day. What was questioned was how could they tell the person was cosmetically male or female and not actually male or female. Here is a short trans slide show with not a single image that it isnt blatantly obvious what the persons true sex/gender is. I say that because it is true, not because it is "mean" or "transphobic".

Lying is something that trans people at first do to themselves, then expect others to do around them, it leads to one sad viscous circle and only encourages trans behaviour rather than dealing with reality. While that may work within the trans persons small circle, once they venture out of that circle many trans people expect that circle comfort to follow them, then get hurt and angry when it doesn, i.e. when they get "clocked".

The reality is most trans people do not "pass" as the opposite sex, there are always clues that lead to the truth of the trans person's real sex/gender. The trans mind sees what it wants to see, similarly to how a 67lb adult woman can look into a mirror and see a body twice that size.

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  1. Whoa. While I agree entirely, expect to get hit hard on this one. You just told the truth: that trans people lie and expect others to lie too. That's probably the hardest pill to swallow for many. And calling attention to it is right, but the blowback will worse than normal.

    Keep doing what you're doing. You're giving other people courage to start speaking up.

  2. What I noticed most from the slide show was how economically and yes, socially privileged the individuals photographed were. I suppose the intention was to show that transfolk can be "just like" the New Republic's readership, but what I saw was - in large part - a men who had positions of power, prestige, and the educational and career benefits that accompany having XY chromosomes who now call themselves women.

    I wonder if those who called out & proud lesbians and gays "privileged" and said that living out is a privilege would have anything to say about the privilege that emanates from the photos of every individual in that slide show.

  3. fucking a woman and knocking her up, then letting her gestate, birth, breastfeed and care for a child does NOT make you the "mother" of a son. that LIE ain't gonna get passed either!

  4. "I suppose the intention was to show that transfolk can be "just like" the New Republic's readership,"

    I suspect this is exactly what has happened.

    I don't know the New Republic, but if it's anything like the more center-right media over here, and they were presenting a "just like everybody else" type article aimed at demystifying a particular group, they present those that appear most like the target demographic.

    Occasionally one paper will do a piece on something like gay parenting, or gay adoption, and they roll out a couple of very priviledged gay men that have had two kids through a surrogate mother. They don't write up pieces on women like my mum - very much gay, but also a radical socialist feminist.

    I also think it's nonsense that you can identify the birth sex of every person in that slideshow.

    Place each person, as an individual, in the wider community and many would blend right in. Not all - some people's secondary / tertiary / whatever sexual characteristics stand right out.

    I know some non-trans men that have occasionally been asked if they were trans - one is very fine boned, beautiful, and quite slight. One is overweight, beard, gently beary I think, he has small hands. Another guy is short, and quite fine boned. In that slide of trans people, none of those three would look out of place, but none of them are trans, one has XXY chromosomes (but only found this out a couple of years ago, at age 45, and up until then there was no reason to assume he was intersex)

    I would love to present you with some photos of people in groups and ask you to pick the trans / non-trans people out. I strongly suspect you'd have a high failure rate.

  5. John, I would love to take that test!
    I think my trans-spotting skills are very well honed from years of being around the LGBT center in NY. If I could hear a voice sample that would make it even easier.


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