Trans Conformity-Trans Conservatism

Received this as a response to my video based on my last post regrading GID. It is a good example of the typical responses I get from trans commenters, as many of you here know. But given my last post about GID and its symptoms and my next post dismantling GID's symptoms, I thought this comment fits perfectly in between.

The comment highlights the depth by which those who develop the trans disorder have ingested the spoon fed food of misogyny/gender conformity from patriarchy's plate. Actually believing short hair as being male only optioned or clothing as sexed, instead of mere outerwear based on personal style and tastes. It is also this same group, that is so hell bent on maintaining that kinda of simplistic social gender conformity that ironically professes practicing at the same time "fluidity" and "feminism". I ask you, does the above comment sound like someone who believes in "fluidity" and "feminism" or does it sound like the conservative rhetoric we've all heard spouted from the mouths of the right at gays and lesbians for far too fucking long?

Transition isnt practiced in the Middle East because those countries are known for breaking the narrow confines of the gender straight jacket, transition is practiced in the Middle East precisely because it maintains established gender conforming order! So let us not pretend transition is practiced in non Muslim countries for the exact opposite reasons.

Transition sprang out of homophobia, which we all know is rooted in misogyny and two thing you will NEVER find within misogyny are "fluidity" and "feminism".

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  1. I just bought myself a pair of Batman briefs from the men's department at Target. Until I read that email, I had no idea that such an act automatically made me trans instead of just a Femme Batman fan.

  2. You are NOT to have those on when we're ready to kick it! Spiderman panties, fine, Batman, NO!


  3. Stupidness knows no borders. Perhaps trans people know a secret law of nature that males and females have to wear and buy only clothes which are created for their gender. I buy some of my clothes in the men's department too. So I must be a man than? Or perhaps I'm just a free individual that gives a shit about being conform and being a slave to gender cultists? No since trans logic is the only reasonable logic I'm a boy. (/irony off)
    Seriously it is just laughable.

  4. Cizz,

    The real problem is those things are part of the guidelines for determining "trans", THATS the real fucking trouble!


  5. I live in Scandinavia and a new trend among men here is that they wear pantyhose to keep themselves warm while working outside during the winter. Does that mean that a very large percentage of the male population in my country is actually trans?
    Bad logic at it's best. "Men buy their clothes from the men's store, some women buy their clothes from the men's store, therefore some women are men". That just's like penguin logic:

  6. *pout* But I feel like Batgirl in these bad boys...

  7. What you wear doesn't determine your gender in any possible way, and it's beyond ridiculous that it's actually something a GID diagnosis is based on. It upsets that the community I'm supposed to identify with actually buy into these stupid ideas.

    The current definitions of 'trans' are largely social stereotypes. The word itself suggests there's an end point, and that you're going from one to another, but in reality there's no beginning or concluding destination.

  8. Exactly Sean,

    "Sex change" itself is a lie, as one cannot actually change sex. The most they can hope for is to pass as the other sex, and many despite massive amounts of drugs and surgeries cannot even do that.


  9. I am Trans - I do not understand all this hatred and ignorance towards us. No, wearing a mans coat does not make me a man

    - does calling yourselves Lesbians mean you can have sexual intercourse with 2 Vaginas? No it does not. Human Bodies are not made for 2 penises or 2 anginas to have sex.

    You know that. I know that.
    But there's so MUCH MORE to it.
    Its who you love - and with love, you make whatever you have -0 work.

    So why does that type of understanding and lee-way extend to your kissing-cousins so-to-speak.

    Why do you feel the need to make fun of others? You of all people, who know the sting of words, from a society that aims at anything different, at anything it doesn't understand. We were BORN this way the same as YOU were born the way YOU are. It isn't that great of a leap. Now 'dirt' has deleted my comments 4-5 times tonight. Like the comments-section is only available to those who agree with her.

    I am ftm - there is no at-war with Butches that I've ever heard of until I read Dirt's pages. We are not 'weak' we are not pretending - Do some studying up on the Baby in utero and gender. ALL BABIES are female by 'default' you might say. If Testosterone does Not enter their blood stream, they were continue on to develop into females - If Testosterone enters the blood stream, the ovaries become the testicles and the clitoris the penis. However.. If the Mother experiences Great Distress - Amounts of Progesterone (Female Hormones) floods the baby's system the now male developing child can and often switches back to female development mode. These are FACTS you can FIND on MANY Science sites dealing with wide-range issues. Not on FTM or MTF sites - it's not something i made up for kicks. This is THE Reason for all the possible outcomes.

    So to insult, make fun of the options those like me have - I need to ask, why?

    and how do you think if when say a 10 year old stumbles in here and all he or she sees, page after page is how hated they are by the Lesbian community - as well as regular society (that we all know without these pages or any pages)

    Just b/c you may not understand us, I don't claim to understand you. Nor should I! We are different sides to the same square - in a world full of pegs. Are any of you ashamed to be Butches? to be Lesbians? No, why should you be? You had no control over the matter. Your heart wants what it wants - and you are what you are.

    Now why does that not apply to me? To my brothers and sisters? I mean WHO would CHOOSE THIS?? What makes me male? Is something that just IS. I just KNOW - Just like you know who YOU people are.

    Respect. Understanding - We no longer want to pretend to be anything! When others become aware of who we are? we are no longer in pretending-mode. We are no longer hiding this shameful little secret. We are now living our life as honest as we possibly can. Are the surgeries good? NOT at All! Upper-Surgery is ok. What's in my pants, well that's always been a matter between me and my Lover. Same as you. We have middle names, same as you. All we want is to live our lives - same as you. any Q's? Feel free to ask them offline. Dirt keeps deleting me, Im not sure why. But for as long as I am here - pls feel free.

    Jack Joseph M

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