Moderating Comments

It has been suggested repeatedly that I go back to moderating comments due to a combination of trolling and those so deep in the throws of the trans disorder, that they will do just about anything to change the subject (and keep it changed) of the topic at hand.

For years comments were moderated, I only change them because there were some female transitioners who wanted to partake in serious discussion from where they stood, many of these female transitioners have also complained about the trans trolling I might add.

But given the seriousness of the information provided here and the total lack of honesty and safety in queer/trans spaces as well as most LGBT spaces now days, I feel it is much more important to put out good information than discuss it with those who would prefer to hide it and/or attack anyone who doesnt agree with their disordered thinking.

There are more and more teenage girls and young women looking to this blog for help, I will not let that help get muddied by those beyond help.

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  1. Tough call Dirt. Your blog is important and unique because you are so successful at engaging F2T (female to trans) especially the very young trans trender. I get way more psychotic males (m2T) over at my place because my audience is more general. I think you have struck a very good balance between moderated/unmoderated. Certainly the threads are faster paced when unmoderated. And as boring as some of the t trender comments can be as they regurgitate the same old conformist gender tropes mindlessly, I think they do so because on some level they really do want to be educated about the nature of gender and to have their genderism explained to them and de-bunked. So I am loathe to see them completely censored if that stops them reading. To me some of the more soft spoken F2Ts are simply more programmed and better rehearsed than the young women who cry out, sometimes irrationally, sometimes in an uncouth manner as they try to negotiate the oppression of male-supremacist sex-roles. And the female caste. I recently watched a "coming out" video from a female transitioner who was quite gender conforming and femme until "coming out as trans" and she said "I can now dress and act the way I want". It was so sad.
    Anyway, I like it the way you've been doing it, as long as the males (M2T) don't swarm I like the females to have a chance to reach out, however distorted. Of course your call.

  2. Moderating comments is very sensible, if only because it means spam is weeded out.

    If, during the moderation process it becomes so only comments that back up your world view are posted, your viewpoint's basis is showed up as being as shaky and founded in nothing but prejudiced belief.

  3. JB

    Because those who develop the trans disorder will do everything in their power to maintain their delusions, true, honest research isnt a possibility.

    The trans trending posts alone speak to the fact that female transition has and is steadily growing since the backlash against feminism coupled with queer politics.



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