Gender Identity Disorder Dismantled

Expressed desire to be the opposite sex (including passing oneself off as the opposite sex and calling oneself by an opposite sex name).
For children who do not or cannot squeeze themselves into the narrow gender straight jacket, this is normal behavior/thinking. When the other sex espouses things forbidden by the gender straight jacket, the child naturally thinks/wants to be the other sex. This is no indication the child is "trans;" it is proof instead of the gender straight jacket.

Disgust with their own genitals (Boys may pretend not to have a penis. Girls may fear growing breasts and menstruating and may refuse to sit when urinating. They also may bind their breasts to make them less noticeable.) 
Once the child identifies with the other sex in order to escape the gender straight jacket, they fear anything that will bind them back to their jailer, in this case their own body. In the case of females who sought to escape the gender straight jacket, they fear puberty, which signals visible femaleness, which they fear will strap them with the gender straight jacket they discarded as small children.

Belief that they will grow up to become the opposite sex.
Wishful thinking on the part of small children struggling to escape the gender straight jacket.

Rejection by their peer groups.
This results more often than not when the child, through lack of same sex role models not bound and gagged by the gender straight jacket, desire the other sex as peers. Children do not like difference, so say a girl who primarily plays with boys, acts differently than a gender straight jacketed female, will be rejected by females her age.

Dressing and behaving in a manner typical of the opposite sex (for example, a female wearing boy's underwear). This is a result of the gender straight jacket placed on clothing, nonsense I know. Personally, whenever I've been asked why I wear "mens clothes," I reply I will gladly wear Butch clothes when they begin making them.

Withdrawal from social interaction and activity.
This occurs from being "othered" as a small child, feeling different and not having others know and understand that difference, cause the child to withdraw. Not sporting the gender straight jacket, but seeing it sported by everyone else, makes the child feel like there is something wrong with themselves.

Feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety. 
Feeling like they do not fit in anywhere brings about the "isolation, depression and anxiety" in the child/youth.

Not one items above cannot be explained away by narrow gender norms society seeks to enforce and reinforce on a multitude of levels everyday. That the male medical machine is utilized in this endeavor is hardly surprising, they have been utilized to maintain "normality" for centuries using similar mechanism of torture. 

But just as diagnosing free spirited women who believed in their own autonomy as some form of abnormal was total bullshit, diagnosing children and youths who will not don the gender straight jacket with GID is equally fucking ignorant and narrow. One lead to generations of women being scared into silence, while the other is leading children/youths expressing similar differences into gender mass production.

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  1. Double Ax to grindJune 17, 2011 at 6:36 PM

    Why would a butch dyke ever want to be a rape object on high heels and make-up? What does wanting to be free and powerful have to do with trans idiocy. It is about girls wanting to be full human powerful human beings. Trans is about the destruction of butch dyke dom, the erasure of butch, the genocide of butch.. it is intentional.

  2. "a rape object on high heels and make-up"

    wow...that was one of the worst ways I've ever heard femme shaming. That statement was complete idiocy.

    Disgusting and irrelevant to this post.

  3. "Why would a butch dyke ever want to be a rape object on high heels and make-up?"

    So, if a woman dresses in high heels and make-up that means she wants to get raped? Talk about blaming the victime...

    "Trans is about the destruction of butch dyke dom, the erasure of butch, the genocide of butch.. it is intentional."

    I don't really understand what you mean there. Intentional on who's part? If you mean on the transitioners part , i'll have to disagree with you. Those who are seeking transition do so because they are unable to feel at home in a female identity, because society reminds us everyday that there is only one acceptable way to be female. Transitioners are not trying to erase anyone, they are acting out of confusion and seeking an identity because their female identity has been erased by society.

  4. Double Ax I understood your comment completely and was glad you made it.

  5. i'm very against transitioning and VERY fond of all the most feminine trappings, heels & make-up included (just not on me!)

  6. "Trans is about the destruction of butch dyke dom"

    Not if someone's not sexually attracted to women before, or after transition it isn't!

    A lot of transmen are attracted to men, both before and after transition, and as such have never been part of "butch dyke dom".

  7. The children being and who will be transitioned before they have a choice are/will have been Butch. Transition is leading to Butch genocide.


  8. transmen who have sex with real (or other trans) men are the ultimate in true-self-hatred
    it seems to happen more often after all the testosterone is introduced
    but if it's beforehand it seems to be women who are straight but fear being the female receptacle

  9. There isn't really a space for heterosexual women to express themselves outside of the "girly girl" image. So a gay transman is not a surprise for anybody. Most gay transguys I know are on the receiving end so there's no fear in that. It more so has to do with the body image issue.

  10. Most children diagnosed with GID either are homosexual or outgrow GID. I'm not sure if I read any studies about them being butch or femme though.

  11. Dirt @ 12:29

    K I'm really confused. You said recently that none of the trans tenders were butch, so how is transition leading to butch genocide?

  12. 6:43,
    yes, they're the receiving end, but disguised as a 'male' receiving end, which makes it easier on their mind to accept somehow (and real men love having the extra hole to f, right?)

  13. also, they seem so obsessed with the penis they'll never have- it makes sense they'll want to be near real ones, even if they liked girls before testosterone

  14. "There isn't really a space for heterosexual women to express themselves outside of the "girly girl" image. So a gay transman is not a surprise for anybody. Most gay transguys I know are on the receiving end so there's no fear in that. It more so has to do with the body image issue."

    That is so true. As a straight woman who is not traditionaly feminine, i've experineced this time and time again. First everbody assunes you're a lesbian, then when they found out you're in fact not, they try to "prettyfy" you, because appenrently if you're straight you're not allowed to not be a "girly girl". The gay transman, or transfag as it's sometimes called, identity then feels like a liberation. You're suddenly free to be as "masculine" as you want, but still be in relationships with men.
    Most gay FTMs being on the receiving part seems also to be true. They are quite a lot of transfags who enjoy vaginal intercourse and it's a topic that has been discussed tim and time again in various FTM forums. Gay FTMs are infact deep down still heterosexual females and it would make sense that most of them would like to enjoy sex in the same way straight women do.

  15. Ariel,

    Because baby Butches are the most visible children who do not conform to the gender straight jacket, usually around the time we learn to walk. It will be these children targeted for child transition before they enter nursery school, thereby Butch genocide.

    Not that different than what goes on in China with the massive abortions of female fetus's.

    I was not talking about young women who become transition products due to the queer conservative movement thats the backlash against early feminist progress.


  16. I really ought to write a post about yaoi, BL, slash, and other boy-on-boy stuff aimed at women. Not only is it a direct influence on many transfags, but it's on the same continuum of women identifying with and fantasizing about themselves as gay men. So the parallels can be pretty striking at times, in addition to the sizeable overlap between the two.


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