Cuntastic, Transmen and Pregnancy

A proud, concerned and angry mother recently sent me this post made in Cuntastic. Cuntastic claims to be a blog and zine exploring all things cunt and a journal of sexual and reproductive freedom. The mother who emailed me the link which is about the serious lack of resources for both the transfolk experiencing the childbearing year, AND the care providers (doulas, in this case) looking to support them, wanted to know my views on the subject.

First, I understand the anger of the woman who sent the link. Here you have some females (transmen) who with malice of forethought have medically and legally done everything humanly possible to not be female, having children, which only FEMALES can do. Then accessing or complaining of access to women's facilities with which to do so! As well as expecting/demanding women's facilities change or modify themselves to cater to their "special trans needs"! 

Second, while I've never had the physical desire to bare a child myself, liking/enjoying children a great deal, I can understand why a female transitioner would desire to have a child and whats more, want to experience motherhood.

That said, given the necessary excessive do's and dont's regarding breastfeeding alone, due to the many containments that can harm a baby, it is infuckingsane to have been on T for any length of time and get pregnant. There are no short or long term studies on the effect T has on a developing fetus or child and it seems ftMs who have given birth arent exactly talking. But I suspect even if they were to, the info gleaned would like most info from transmen, have to be taken with a grain of salt.

Granted, there are many things that can go wrong during a pregnancy at any time of pregnancy. But doing something like T, that literally halts/harms the normal biological function of the female reproductive system cannot logically be good for a creating a baby. It is definitely a women's right to have a baby and as I said, I can understand the desire of female transitioners wanting a child, but risk harming the very thing you wish to create and love is irresponsible at the very least, selfish at the most.


Edit to add, I apologize for mistakenly adding the two now removed screencaps by mistake. I'm adding a few other screencaps and links for better clarification.

Testosterone and autism


HIV Transmen and Pregnancy


  1. Dirt, Dirt, Dirt.

    First of all, it's "malice aforethought," not "malice of forethought"; and "bear," not "bare." And if a transman had really gone to every extreme possible to eliminate his femaleness, he would have had a hysterectomy and wouldn't be bearing children at all.

    Secondly, were you really shocked when the first page of a Google search for transmen with babies with birth defects resulted in information about transmen with babies with birth defects?

    ALL parenting forums are filled with parents worrying about this sort of thing. The only legitimate defect here seems to be the baby missing a hand. The other two sound like typical neurotic parents.

    You're running out of evidence that there's something evil about being trans. Your last, I dunno, 6 posts or so have been nothing but logically faulty conjecture.

  2. Clearly hit a nerve with those last "6 posts".


  3. Was that supposed to be a counter-argument?

    And yes, you hit my "logic fail detector" nerve.

  4. way to point your educated finger at mistakes in grammar. do you think this proves that her points are not valid? really it just makes you look like a nit-picker.
    why not go back over the last 6 posts comments and correct everyones misspellings and grammar. as it's big on both sides.

    until you can show scientific proof that it's completely healthy for a baby to be birthed under these circumstances- I agree with dirt that this is unhealthy for a baby.

    nevermind all the studies done on breast feeding and how much better for the baby's short term and long term health it is.

    it really just shows me (again) that many of these transmen, transition too early. Before allowing themselves to mature into adults and that little thing called 'baby clock' begins to develop in a lot of women, suddenly making them want babies.
    most by that time have already been on T and had top surgery- showing that their decision may of been done in haste.

  5. Transmen who have been on T for just more then a couple of months can not have children while being on T. If they quite taking T and wants to have a child that will be no problem, and there is no higher risk of the child geting any kind of defects, then any other normal child. Because T does not stay in the body in that way, and the effects of T is about 90% reverseble.


    and update on their profile:

    - this is telling: Quote:
    "EDIT: I now live with my aunt, and my dad is in prison. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Annabeth Madlon, on August 4th, 2010. She is my everything right now and I'm doing my best to be a good parent and a good influence on her. I looove to spoil her. She's the main thing that keeps me going these days, I'm not going to be like my father, I'm going to make sure she has a good family, even if we aren't really the ideal. EDIT: She is now in foster care. I will basically warm up to new people quite quickly, I love to talk and make new friends. I basically get along with anybody. Music is my soul and my life, I play bass guitar for an alternative indie screamo band called Dollface."


  7. It is strange. They want to be men so badly and at the same time they get pregnant. People call such things hypocrisy.

  8. I understand why some transmen might want to carry children, it's a very strong connection. It does raise questions whether you can call yourself male if you do, though.

    It'd be worth while finding out whether there is a significant enough link between using synthetic hormones and birth defects. But in all honesty... the first anon was right. You Google search something, of course you're going to get positive results. It's the internet. A handful of protective parents doesn't prove anything. You have to remember that many, many transmen have perfectly healthy children.

    On a side note, slightly off topic, I believe part of changing your legal gender in Germany requires being rendered infertile.

  9. Anon@3:05pm

    I see, the post "fails" because it hit your nerve, fine. But why not discuss why it hit your nerve.

    Is it because because you're against female transitioners having children?


  10. Youuuuuu fuckin' idiot.

    Any credibility you had before has now been compromised. May as well keep off the internet for a while.

  11. Oh my god you fucking freak. Your obsessive hatred just made you a laughing stock.

  12. You are an idiot of epic proportions.
    EPIC. proportions.

    Standing alone as is, your sheer lack of education is almost offensive in itself.

  13. If Dirt is wrong this time she will admit it. Nobody is perfect...just transgender people am I right you bigots?


    For example the the McDonalds incident. I can remember how angry they where...for NOTHING! Because they lied about what's really happened there. They were wrong but nobody of them had the courage to admit it.

    If people telling them they are wrong they just scream tranzphoooobia!! You people are liars and hypocrites but you only blame other people for making mistakes. Look at yourself you morons!

    Cizz from europe

  14. Look there was another "transgender incident (fake)" story/2011/4/26/154923/594/hotels/The_Wrong_Amount_Of_Wrong_Barred_For_Life_From_The_Cosmopolitan_For_Being_Transgender

    Just look at the comments from transgender people and the several reactions on other blogs!

    ...but the TRUTH is this:

    (thank you gallusMag)

    Liars! You are insulting Dirt but at the same time you cowards don't admit your own mistakes!

    Cizz from europe

  15. it's quite humorous and telling of everyone's maturity level and ages when they resort to silly name calling, and in the exact same sentance say dirt is the one hating. do you not see YOUR hate?!

    where is your tolerance for people who do not believe exactly as you do?! you all really need to ask yourselves why you continue to come here everyday and attack her with names and insults, if you really do feel totally secure in your opinions, etc.

    those of us who do feel secure in our opinions don't need to spew such vile back and forth.

    all of your namecalling and immaturity just fuels the fire. wake the hell up & grow up.

    so she's wrong on a post! like that's the first time that's happened with even reporting that's held in high regard- like the New York Times, or any paper/blog for that matter.

    you again just prove how trifflin' and immature you are by then calling her names and playing the victim of hate in the same breath.

  16. Seriously people lets have a peaceful mature discussion. You don't have to name call to get your point across. Thats what little children do, come on let's be adults here.
    She messed up here and appears to have gone to the wrong site to find info. People mess up so no need to be immature about it. As a transguy I'm dissapointed in some of the reactions. I don't know if the people are trans are not because we are behind computer screens. Trans or not you are giving us a worse name on this blog. No we do not have to defend our actions and what we do to our body. So there is no need to get worked up about it. We should just be observers on this site. No need to get our boxers in a bunch. If you wanna help the trans cause don't hate on dirt and the feminist who believe in the same things as her. Go out in your community, make a blog, or something. It's not going to happen being rude on here.

  17. Dirt if you are going to delete everyone's comments about the mistake in the screenshots, you should probably delete comments from hood Internet and down also because they were all written because of your mistake.

  18. Then it would appear as if I didnt make a mistake, which I did. Not that that changes the content of the post, which it didnt.


  19. I am a transsexual man, and I am 100% AGAINST transmen having babies post transition, especially when you invite all the media attention. Society already doesn't get transsexuality, and I damn sure don't want some ignorant ass thinking I could or WOULD have any desire to conceive. Way to call the wrong kind of attention to the trans community.

  20. KGB at 3:15,
    Actually; I saw a documentary on a FTM dating a MTF and the FTM was taking T and having sex. She did get pregnant and when they found out she quit taking T. She was very concerned that the baby would have difformities because of the T.

  21. Wow. A bunch of screenshots about concerned transmen trying to make informed decisions about pregnancy. HOW TERRIBLE!

    (With the one exception being the 18 year old who still lives with his parents.)

  22. Actually "informed decisions" arent a possibility since there are no short or long term studies, hence the point.

    And the one cap is as stated, from gay man who is considering having a baby with his female trans partner.


  23. Anyone who physically transitions is gambling with the health of another human being when they decide to get pregnant. And they're also seriously gambling with their own mental health.

    There may be some healthy outcomes out there, but there are also people who grow up healthy despite their parents choosing not to vaccinate them - it's still reckless and morally-reprehensible to gamble with your child's health by not vaccinating them.

    We don't know for sure what long-term high dosages of T do to ova. There aren't enough of us getting pregnant to do any sort of reliable study. And there shouldn't be. It's a completely unnecessary, vain, and dangerous human experiment on non-consenting subjects.

    Trans? Transitioned? Want kids? Adopt. Surrogacy and sperm donors are also options for those with fertile partners. There's simply no excuse for risking having biological kids as a transitioned trans person.

  24. well it's one way for them to extend their female hatred by possibly having a female baby, that can be over masculized by the T. as most of the pregnant ones are in 'gay' relationships with men, the pregnancies are not usually all that planned out enough to stop taking the T in advance which is what is recommended.

    i agree that again its greed, and selfishness (narcissism?!) of trying to conceive after transitioning. only looking out for self, not the baby.

  25. That is the reason why I strongly support hysterectomy prior to any transition for transmles. You can't be on T and still have female reproductive system.

    By the way, a very interesting perspective here

    from a transmale.

    "I have known multiple transmen over the past many years to stop their testosterone therapy so they could become pregnant and bear a child. I, personally, would not do this, because I believe there could easily be permanent effects of testosterone on the body’s physiology that we are not aware of – I do not believe it is fair to expose an unborn child to those potential effects."

    But of course, Ethan is not the average transitioner. He graduated from Tuft, is a vet and so know a little about hormone.

  26. wait what's the supposed "truth" about the McDonald's beating? I haven't heard anything except the transgendered male had used the women's restroom and two young female people beat him viciously while people, including employees, watched (and one videotaped on his phone).

  27. While I believe Dirts reasons for posting blog entrys like this one is exploitive, I also believe if a person is on Testosterone they are placing themselves and the unborn child in danger.

    I see no problem with Transgendered individuals adopting or raising children anymore than I would see a problem with a gay or lesbian couple raising children. The arguements are the same, which is it will be hard on the child because of the way society views both transgendered individuals or gay and lesbian individuals.



  29. now this is sick!

  30. I don't see how taking T before getting pregnant isn't the same as bio-women who take anti-depressants before getting pregnant or (sometimes) even during the pregnancy. It seems that every pregnancy cares risks these days as though it seems we're living in strange times.

    As I've said before, love your fellow man (or woman) because I don't see the point here. We're all different, we're all queer in some way, Can't we all just get along?

  31. I don't think it makes any more difference than taking synthetic "birth control" hormones.

  32. @3:40pm. What's the point posting that? How does it relate to Dirt's post? It's obvious that person is immature and has had a traumatic life already. I don't think she's a typical representation of transmen who become pregnant. She's just a kid herself.

  33. I'm glad someone's written a post about this because it is actually this very thing that got me reading radfem blogs about transgenderism. Until Thomas Beattie I just went along with the general line transactivists use without really questioning that it was sound or unproblematic. But then his case appeared and it just struck me as extremely problematic. If you really, really, really identify as a man, then how can you identify as someone who gets pregnant and gives birth? As someone who's done both those things, I can't get my head around it. I've never been a man or believed I should be one, but I can't imagine it gets much less manly than pushing a person out of my vagina.

    And I think the health effects on the baby, which I hadn't considered before, are troubling. I'm not a person who demands 100% risk reduction around children because a) it's impossible and b) it's forcing a risk culture agenda that places individual responsibility on a pedestal and forces parents (mothers especially) into an unwinnable battle to try and turn out absolutely perfect children. However, there's a huge difference between 'does one glass of wine really matter in pregnancy?' and 'does taking a hormone your body is not meant to have in those quantities when the effects on you, let alone a baby, are not fully explored matter in pregnancy?'. (See issues about transwomen and osteoporosis for the other side of that coin).

    As a tangential aside, I do feel I have to pick up on the breastfeeding comments. Many, if not most of the studies that show breastfeeding as far superior are not reliable or as convincing as they seem. Many do not adjust for factors such as the affluence of the parents who are most likely to have breastfed children, and those that do show differences that are statistically significant, but not what we would call 'significant' outside the realms of mathematics. For an analysis of the actual science and an exploration of the feminist issues surrounding pro-bf campaigning, I recommend starting with Is Breast Best? by Joan B Wolf.

  34. @ anon 11:25 am
    There is a a difference, because there is no research that shows what the consequences might be to the child when the birth "mother" is a FTM who have been taking T for years. There is however research about the risks that involve anti-depressants and pregnancy.
    And yes, every pregnancy involves risks, but why takes unnecessary risks? They are non-trans people who choose not to have biological children because of certain health problems they do not want to pass on to their child.

  35. The information that I found says that taking testosterone during pregnancy has only proved that it increases the probability of having a boy. Not a risk.. Unless you don't want to have a boy because that would somehow prove that your more of a feminist.
    There's not much research for people on testosterone long-term, so having a hypothethical discussion on it is kind of pointless to me. I'm sure a transman who was pregnant would talk to his doctor, because that's really the only person who can speak on this matter.

  36. As usual Dirt brings up points that would not have occurred to me. Thank You Dirt. The thing that does occur to me is that a person demanding the right to be called male, while demanding to engage in very specifically female activiites, like Mothering, being pregnant and giving birth, represents a very real threat to the human rights of all birthing women. Currently Womyn around the globe but particularly in North America are experiencing a violent backlash from the Obstetric profession in their fight to have their Human Rights respected in the delivery room. The Cesarean Section rate has SKYROCKETED in the last 10-15 years to the extent that it now exceeds the maximum rate by as much as 1000%. Some hospitals have c-section rates approaching 80%. In the 1970s, c-section rates were 3-5%. Has female physiology changed so that these surgeries are necessary? NO. Have these surgeries improved outcomes for Mothers and Babies? NO. In fact, the death rate for Women in the United States has been going up steadily, especially for Women of Colour and Women of lesser economic privilege. The corollary to this is the the home birth rate has started to increase for the first time in 100 years. Research shows that the current violent treatment of women in labour and birthing is predicated entirely on fear of litigation and on a deep misogyny and superstitious avoidance of evidence-based care that is so thoroughly entrenched in the Obstetric profession that it may be impossible to change.
    Women are talking to each other about this. They are telling the stories of their Birthrapes. They are educating each other and there is a movement afoot to take back our Rights, our Dignity, our Privacy and our Birth. But this is a WOMAN'S issue. This is an issue dealt with by the International Covenant to End Discrimination Against Women. But if men can give birth, then our assertion that we are being mistreated because we are Women kind of loses it's weight doesn't it?
    I don't have the time (what with being a Single Mom with 4 kids at home) to cover all the implications here. But I just want to point out that there is a big difference between Mothering and Fathering. Liberal Feminists lost SO much ground for us by asserting that a parent is a parent. Biological reality is clear, Mothering is VERY different and essential to a child. Mother's Rights are critical Women's Rights. Otherwise Men control Women, just as they used to, by controlling our access to our own children. A "man" giving birth really gives weight to the idea of children being property of their Father. The ESSENCE of Patriarchy and everything that is wrong with it, comes through Male control of Women's reproductive capacity. Transmen giving birth is the ultimate betrayal of Womynkind, as they are essentially giving ownership of Womyn's uterii to the Male.

    I'll address the breastfeeding issue separately, right now I have kids to care for.

  37. Ok, as far as breastfeeding goes, NO it has NOT been debunked, the article that an earlier poster referred to was an opinion piece and was debunked entirely by professionals in the field. If one goes to the World Health Organisation and the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine or talks to an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, or Dr. Jack Newman the world's foremost authority on Lactation, they will all be able to show literally tens of thousands of studies over many decades all clearly demonstrating the superiority of breastfeeding for the short medium and long term physical and mental health outcomes for both Mothers and Children. But to be honest, no study should be required. Breastfeeding is the physiologic norm. We don't require a study to tell us that it is better to breathe with your lungs than to use a respirator, that it is better to use kidneys than have dialysis every day, that it is better to be able to walk than to be forced to use a wheelchair. These are the biological norm. Using Artificial Breastmilk Substitutes presents significant risks to the baby and to the mother. Womyn regularly fail to breastfeed not because they are failures, but because the medical and pharmaceutical industries make a LOT of money from their failure by selling them infant formula bottles and a bazillion accessories. And every year, 1.5 million babies die because they were not breastfed. And NO, that is not just in the Developing World, that is in "civilised" places like America too.
    So.....a woman who has had her breasts cut off in order to call herself a man is going to find herslf unable to feed her child normally and unable to Mother normally. The child will consequently be at an increased risk of any number of maladies, throughout their life, both physical and emotional. If she hasn't cut her breasts off, it is somewhat possible, though not probable, that any T in her system may harm the baby. Not everything passes into milk and I would bet that even Hale, the expert on this area, has no clue whether T is found in breastmilk because why on God's green earth would a woman take it?

    Anyways, clearly there are a whole other host of issues to be found in regard to the ongoing Mothering of a child by someone claiming to be a man. Not to mention the confusion a child will feel on confronting the insanity of a man having given birth to her! How does one reconcile that with a reality not tainted with the insanity of gender dysphoria?

  38. Thank you very very much for the link to Dr. Patel!!

    Sorry anonymous, Dirt's arguments (when one is made) always pass the logic test. Seriously, do not attempt to make the claim that something is non-logicial unless you actually bother to specify what precisely is (supposed to be) faulty reasoning. Just declaring something to be non-logical, without proof, makes you look like an idiot.

    UGH, I loath stupid people... Anyway, from Dr. Patel:

    The definition of autism has changed over time and is now felt to be a part of spectrum. Current thinking is to place the typical female brain on one end of the spectrum, the typical male brain in the middle, Asperger syndrome next and autism on the other end.

    Um yeah, speaking of faulty reasoning. lol Anytime someone makes the "male brain" the default by placing it in the middle of the spectrum, automatically has trouble identifying the genuine middle. Duh. If we were to assume that a "extreme male brain" were to exist, then DUH logic dictates that we would also assume that an "extreme female brain" would also exist -- and it is these two extremes which would be on opposite ends of their imaginary spectrum.

    In addition, offset to either side of the genuine middle would be (their definition of) female brain on one side, and (their definition of) male brain on the other. There's literally no REASON to make one biological sex the default, hello -- we might as well make the female brain the actual default.

  39. Another problem with the information presented by Dr. Patel:

    In general, girls exposed to high levels of prenatal androgens show:
    Male-typical childhood play including preference for boys’ toys.
    Traits of autism including low measures of empathy and need for intimacy.
    Male-typical interests as adolescents.
    Little interest in infants, marriage, motherhood, “feminine” appearance.
    Masculinization of performance in spatial orientation, visualization, targeting, personality and cognitive abilities.
    1/3 are lesbian, bisexual or queer.
    3-5% indicate a desire to live as males.

    Testosterone increases aggression (or the more gentle form, assertiveness). So it would be expected that females with higher testosterone levels would ASSERTIVELY INSIST that they be allowed equal access to their preferred activities -- regardless what type of activities they preferred. Whereas a less assertive person would be more likely to comply with the prevailing social norms, especially when severe consequences exist for failure to comply. Men frequently fall into that last category, btw.

    Dr. Patel is repeating some seriously bad logic here. It's conflating "innate preference to perform some activity" with "socially mandated requirement to perform that activity" without ever acknowleging the existence of culture. He's using the same assertions (without proof) that evolutionary-psyche nuts use:

    1. Look we've discovered that some bit of genderized behavior exists!

    2. Sexism does not exist!

    3. Because sexism does not exist, then the only possible explaination for the existence of genderized behavior is that it's innate!!

  40. "June 1, 2011 3:40 PM
    There is however There's literally no REASON to make one biological sex the default, hello -- we might as well make the female brain the actual default.

    June 5, 2011 2:44 PM
    m Andrea said...
    Another problem with the information presented by Dr. Patel:

    In general, girls exposed to high levels of prenatal androgens show:
    Male-typical childhood play including preference for boys’ toys.
    Traits of autism including low measures of empathy and need for intimacy.
    Male-typical interests as adolescents.
    Little interest in infants, marriage, motherhood, “feminine” appearance.
    Masculinization of performance in spatial orientation, visualization, targeting, personality and cognitive abilities.
    1/3 are lesbian, bisexual or queer.
    3-5% indicate a desire to live as males."

    a)Actually the Female Brain IS the is ONLY after the fetus has been exposed to androgens does it turn male.

    b)I've heard all that crap before: you were androgenized in your mother's womb which is why you're Butch and like boys toys instead of girls toys, and came out as a Dyke! I have all of those, little interest in children, infants, motherhood or (hetero) marriage, knew all this at age 12, rejected dolls at age 7, and dresses at age 10. I also was VERY ACUTELY AWARE, that boys got all the good roles, the superheros, got to do the fun stuff, while females were stuck in the home baking suzy homemaker and with little ovens fakey meals, playing with dolls and items to make 'house beautiful'. Boys got to do all the fun stuff, run in the streets, climb trees, play baseball, wrestle, do karate, play hockey and goof off. Guess which I preferred???

    So I was considered a freak cuz I was too tomboy/masculine, so now they'll find a way to feminize girls in the womb and find a way to eliminate lesbianism and homosexuality completely.

    And yet I never PHYSICALLY appeared more masculine than the norm...for me, what happened was noticing the INEQUALITY between boys and girls and men and women, and NOT wanting to identify with what I deemed as powerless. Not until I finally saw some action heros like Wonder Woman(still too femmey for my tastes, but I DID like the Island of Women) could I find some self-acceptance, and also got into the martial arts, and especially once I came out and found other strong Dykes both Butch, Femme, androgynous whathaveyou proud of who they were AS WOMEN, that we would take back our physical, mental and spiritual power AS WOMEN, and fully claim our womon loving womon sexuality, that homosexuality/lesbianism was not a disease meant to be cured....

    I HATE these medical models, or how closely the trans movement involves itself with the medical field..but either you're a guy or a woman, and if you wanna have a kid through your OWN WOMB, then you're far more feminine than this Butch who NEVER has wanted that...and therefore you ARE NOT A MAN. Birthing a baby is a primary Female mystery, along with menstruation. You want that mystery, you want that result, then you are no 'dude'!

  41. *sigh*

    I did not say the value of breastfeeding has been debunked. And it's not an article, it's a book. I suggest you read it.

    What I said was that many studies were not carried out effectively (this is true of practically every area of research, by the way - studies are frequently poorly constructed). But to take one of the very best, this is what I mean about the problem with significance:

    PROBIT, a well-constructed and properly adjusted study, found that formula fed babies were 40% more likely to suffer a gastrointestinal infection in their first year, and that's how it was reported. So mums go around thinking that per 100 kids, a whopping 40 more will have a GI infection. Sounds awful, right? It's actually 1 in 25 more. Because the statistically significant difference was between roughly 13% in the ff group vs 9% in the bf group. And a GI infection means one incidence of diarrhoea. Suddenly the risk seems rather paltry.

    As for the WHO, they make recommendations for the world (it's in the name). And only a mad person would recommend ff as a viable alternative in countries where clean water supplies are not a given and where extreme poverty might lead women to do things like dilute formula to make it go further.

    There are plenty of ethical reasons to choose not to ff. And yes, bf is the obvious physiological choice. But the risks of ff are vastly overplayed (which in turn means the benefits of bf are too).

    And, to get this slightly back on track as I feel I'm rather rudely derailing Dirt's comment area, it's only with bf that you run the risk of transferring medications - including T - that you take into a baby's bloodstream. In fact, at least one pro-bf lactation consultant has mused that breastmilk wouldn't get FDA approval given all the pollutants we ingest.

    And when it comes to transmen giving birth, I agree with you that there is a very worrying encroachment of the maternal role. This is not to say that the paternal role isn't of great importance, and single fathers and gay men are excellent parents. I just flinch when I see the area of childbirth, which is so essentially female as to be the very stick misogyny beats us with, appropriated by men (or people who identify as men).

  42. Stephan ThompsonJune 10, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    Born biologically intersex but considered a "transman" by many, I always wanted to be a dad, but my body won't let me. I wouldn't try to be some weird in-between mom, though.

    I don't get those transguys, I know they want to have their own kids, but accept your limitations. Either you transition as a guy and accept the fact that you may have to adopt/have surrogate since you don't have sperm, or don't transition, live as the wrong sex and have kids biologically and be a mom. You can't have both, yo.

    Also... Dirt, "real" guys come on here occasionally because, you know, what you say is relevant to some of us. Even real guys without dicks. It's not cool to assume that all guys are so dumb and dull that we couldn't come look at a website that involves a controversial social issue.

    My speech teacher is completely biologically male, but he watched that transitioning documentary about that Char kid. Is he "not a real man" just because he has interests in the world that don't have to do with cars or sports?

    End of novel lol.

  43. Stephan ThompsonJune 10, 2011 at 5:41 PM

    Oh, and I meant, "i don't get those transguys that wanna be moms,"

    not "I dont get dem newfangled transmen" or whatever. lol


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