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How to Comment on a Blog

If you cannot bother to read beyond the title line or past the first few sentences, please do not bother commenting. Comments that do not indicate that you have read (or at least thoroughly skimmed) the article/post/links, will likely be deleted. Nothing wrong with opinions, but when they are not within the ballpark of the subject, there's no point releasing them, as they add nothing.

Here are some helpful tips to blog commenting from this site:

How to Write a Great Blog Comment


Rule #1 -- Determine Your Motivation

People have different reasons for writing blog comments. What's yours? Are you trying to get the attention of an influential blogger? Drive traffic to your own blog? Establish yourself as an expert on a topic? Do you appreciate the person's work and want to say thank you or brighten his or her day? Do you disagree so strongly with what you're viewing or reading that you simply can't let it stand without a rebuttal? Sometimes, understanding your motivation will help you decide what kind of comment to write.


Rule #2 -- Provide Context

I know as you're writing your comment *you* know what you're responding to -- maybe it's the article or video or maybe it's someone else's comment, but when people come to the page later and read the comments, it isn't always immediately clear what you're talking about. It's most important to provide context when there are a lot of comments. If comments are coming in really fast, for example, yours can get separated from the comment to which you're responding.


Rule #3 -- Be Respectful

I shouldn't have to tell you this, but comments that start out "You're an idiot," are laced with profanity, or are just plain disrespectful, undermine the authority of your argument. Nobody gives much credence to an obnoxious troll. So aside from the pleasure you get from annoying people, you're wasting your time writing such comments. Always remember there is a real person reading your comment. It's easy to be mean while hiding behind the anonymity of the Web, but you shouldn't say anything you wouldn't say in person.   


Rule #4 -- Make a Point

Sure, most bloggers will lap up short comments like "Wonderful!" "I love it!" and "Thank you," and if all you want to do is express gratitude or brighten their day, comments like that are fine, but you'll make a more lasting impression and a more meaningful contribution to the conversation if you say a bit more. Why is it wonderful? Why did you love it? It's even more important to make a point when you disagree. It's a waste of time to just write "You're wrong," or a longer ranting equivalent. Make sure you include the reason you disagree. It's easier than you think to avoid making a point. Consider the comment "You're spreading lies by saying the ideal temperature for chocolate storage is 28 degrees. At that temperature, the chocolate will go bad." Really, all you've said is "You're wrong." You need to say *why* the temperature is wrong. Say what temperature is better and why. Maybe say where you get your information. Is it based on your experience, the recommendations of the Chocolate Storage Association, or just your own wild guess? Make a point.


Rule #5 -- Know What You're Talking About

 When I read comments I’m always amazed by how many people admit (admit!) they have no idea what they're talking about and then go on to make recommendations, suppositions, or write long rambling analyses based on nothing more than a pure guess. I swear I've read comments like "I've never worked with chocolate before, but I think 29 degrees would be better than 28 degrees." That kind of comment is not the way to get positive attention from an influential blogger or establish yourself as an expert. If you have a question the author didn't answer about why 28 degrees is best, it's fine to ask; but when you're commenting about something that's based in facts, you're not adding anything useful when you write comments based on your intuition. You're not under orders to comment on everything you read. Save your time for commenting about things where you can actually say something useful.


Rule #6 -- Make One Point per Comment

People have short attention spans, and in my experience attention spans are shorter on the Web and even shorter when people are skimming comments. A comment should be just that -- a comment -- not a manifesto. If you have something so complex and important to say that you can't do it in a few short paragraphs, start your own blog. If you have two separate things to say about the video, photo, or blog post, it's usually better to break it up into two separate comments. Remember, people are often skimming.


Rule #7 -- Keep it Short

This is really an extension of Rule 6, make one point, but since it's possible to go on and on about one point, I thought I'd also remind you to keep your comments short. Again, it's a comment, not your own blog post.


Now hopefully with practicing some of these helpful tips, we can actually have a fruitful discussion about the topic at hand, rather than the usual hate filled comments which are based solely on nothingness.


Docs turn baby girls into boys (A Trans Trending Article)

Trans Trending began in the early 90's post queer theory, and it has gradually picked up speed among disaffected female youth seriously lacking in feminist discourse, especially among the YouTube generation. It seems that the Trans Trending I have named and post about weekly has some new Trans Trending competition, female babies being transitioned from ages as young as a YEAR old!

In countries where male children are the preferred sex (oh wait that's all countries) instead of selective abortion (which goes against the beliefs of the religious), parents are instead having the female child and then,  with the help of the MMM, transitioning the baby girl into "male." This procedure is taking the place of selective abortions, and hundreds of innocent baby girls are paying the HIGH price for brutal medical misogyny and the value of male over female! 

The small minded may scream, "Oh, that could NEVER happen here!" But it wasn't all that long ago that the same kinds of small minded people said the systematic murder of men, women, and yes, even children was an impossibility. Those small minds looked the other way while the bodies of millions bore the contrary. Now you may say I'm full of shit or I'm being overly dramatic, but genocide has NEVER began with numbers, genocide begins with a particular group of people being singled out for elimination, female people in this case.

As the current changes to the DSM go into effect in 2013, changes that will legalize and medicalize the transition of children, that which could "never happen here," will be here.


Trans Lack of Passing

It was questioned in some recent comments when someone spoke about having seen a half dozen or some trans people in their average day. What was questioned was how could they tell the person was cosmetically male or female and not actually male or female. Here is a short trans slide show with not a single image that it isnt blatantly obvious what the persons true sex/gender is. I say that because it is true, not because it is "mean" or "transphobic".

Lying is something that trans people at first do to themselves, then expect others to do around them, it leads to one sad viscous circle and only encourages trans behaviour rather than dealing with reality. While that may work within the trans persons small circle, once they venture out of that circle many trans people expect that circle comfort to follow them, then get hurt and angry when it doesn, i.e. when they get "clocked".

The reality is most trans people do not "pass" as the opposite sex, there are always clues that lead to the truth of the trans person's real sex/gender. The trans mind sees what it wants to see, similarly to how a 67lb adult woman can look into a mirror and see a body twice that size.

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Moderating Comments

It has been suggested repeatedly that I go back to moderating comments due to a combination of trolling and those so deep in the throws of the trans disorder, that they will do just about anything to change the subject (and keep it changed) of the topic at hand.

For years comments were moderated, I only change them because there were some female transitioners who wanted to partake in serious discussion from where they stood, many of these female transitioners have also complained about the trans trolling I might add.

But given the seriousness of the information provided here and the total lack of honesty and safety in queer/trans spaces as well as most LGBT spaces now days, I feel it is much more important to put out good information than discuss it with those who would prefer to hide it and/or attack anyone who doesnt agree with their disordered thinking.

There are more and more teenage girls and young women looking to this blog for help, I will not let that help get muddied by those beyond help.

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Sex selection and the rise of Generation XY (and the Generation of XX's who want to be XY)

From the article:

In 1979 China signed a $50m four-year deal with a UN body designed to help it control its spiralling population through family planning. It was the largest foreign aid package Beijing had accepted in almost 20 years.
But the funds became entwined in China's one-child policy that was just taking hold, and instead of sponsoring an education drive for small families, the money was used to pay for posters in Chinese villages proclaiming "You can abort it! But you cannot give birth to it." (it being a female child)

Unnatural Selection by Mara Hvistendahl charts how the trend towards choosing boys over girls, largely through sex-selective abortions, is rapidly spreading across the developing world.
While the natural sex ratio at birth is 105 boys born for every 100 girls, in India the figure has risen to 112 boys and in China 121. The Chinese city of Lianyungang recorded an astonishing 163 boys per 100 girls in 2007.
The bias towards boys has been estimated to have caused the "disappearance" of 160 million women and girls in Asia alone over the past few decades. The pattern has now spilled over to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, the Balkans and Albania, where the sex ratio is 115/100.

 The unnatural skewing towards male populations has become so pronounced in recent decades that Hvistendahl, a writer for Science magazine, says it has given rise to a new "Generation XY". She raises the possibility that with so many surplus men – up to a fifth of men will be single in northwestern India by 2020 – large parts of the world could become like America's wild west, with excess testosterone leading to raised levels of crime and violence. (some of that violence being raised rape rates)

"Historically, societies in which men substantially out number women are not nice places to live," Hvistendahl writes. 
Hvistendahl claims western governments actively promoted abortion and sex selection in the developing world, encouraging the liberalisation of abortion laws and subsidising sales of ultrasounds as a form of population control.
"It took millions of dollars in funding from US organisations for sex determination and abortion to catch on in the developing world," she writes.
Even now, when the pattern of sex selection has been well documented and the prospect exists of the developing world accommodating tens of millions more men than women, the UNFPA is refusing to face up to its mistakes and confront the problem, she says.

Enter...Trans Trending in the good old US of A. The male medical machines supports the steady growing number of females transitioning for the precise reason its helped to financially support the abortion of female fetus's in poor countries: Misogyny and the value of males over females! While the US government looks the other way for exactly the same fucking reasons! 

The direct backlash against feminism began in order to knock women back into the kitchens they walked away from, marching toward the hopes and dreams of rising above being mere "women" to attaining being fully human. Once Postmodernism and Queer Theory jumped aboard the feminist backlash bandwagon and corporate America high jacked the middle and lower classes the kitchens women were being driven back into were sealed. All creating seemingly media driven polar opposite options for females; one being hyper-femininity and the other being "male" through transition. 

The more hyper-femininity and the media that drives it home take hold of first world countries, the more we are seeing trans trending rise among younger and younger girls/women. Without feminist inspirations to help young women fight against the overwhelming presence of hyper-femininity, more females are fearfully turning towards transition. Both options for females leading us further away from the full human beings feminism set out to show women we could all be. 


Transgenderism vs Homosexuality

Since it seems yesterday's post turned into a Trans vs Homo debate, I'm creating this space for that discussion. Not that one has anything to do with the other, but the trans mind, when desperate, will grasp at anything so they do not to have to face the reality of their disorder.

While once upon a time Homosexuality was deemed a mental disorder and listed in the DSM as such, it clearly was only deemed "sick" and considered "abnormal" because it deviated from compulsory heterosexuality. Other than falling in love with and desiring the same sex, there is little difference between homo's and hets, which was why Homosexuality was removed from the DSM. 

Transgenderism on the other hand deals with a pathological self hatred of the body and life that that body is slated by society to represent. It requires being on drugs for the rest of ones life, usually accompanied by some sort of surgery, sometimes many surgeries. In most trans females, sexual problems are also present, often times even after the never ending process of transition begins.

Homosexuals came together and worked hard to have Homosexuality removed from the DSM. There has been no cohesive focused movement by trans people to have the trans disorder removed from the DSM. In fact many transgendered prefer to keep their condition on the DSM so they can use tax payer dollars in countries with national health care to pay for their life long gender maintenance or in places where private health insurance covers GID.

So other than Homosexuality once being on the DSM which also houses GID (the criteria needed to become trans), there are no similarities between Homosexuality and Transgenderism.

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Transmen Who Stop Taking T

I received a link to video in a recent email. After being on T for a year, the young woman in the video says she is going to stop T and try and reclaim her lesbianism. While time will tell if she actually does (good luck to her), it is important for those on T who are still not happy to know that there are females who do stop taking T.

The biggest obstacles it would seem, to stopping T, is the pressure from other trans females to continue it and the shame the female who wants to stop feels for considering it. There is literally a deep shame in stopping T, a shame based in betraying the trans community. A shame made worse because far too often that community turns on those who do not conform to its trans mold and leaves its flock. The real shame should be a community who doesnt support whats best for its members, even if that means losing members.

If you are struggling and desire to stop chemical transition, your decision should be based on what is best for you, NOT pleasing a community who will never have your best interest at heart.


Edit to add

Apparently the trans trenders have nothing better to do than waste my time and play a hoax on you dear readers. The woman in the video I mentioned "knew" her video would be posted on my blog, I wonder how she knew? Here is a screencap I received regarding the video in question:
Whether the woman from the video crafted this little hoax (her next video indicates she did) or some trans trender friend, it illustrates the lengths the trans mind will go to discredit any truths about their disorder.

If there are women reading this who have happily and successfully stopped taking T, please share with us your story.
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The Murder of a Mother by the US Government-Remembering Ethel Rosenberg

Ethel Rosenberg was murdered on this day in 1953 by the US government. I'm ashamed to say I hadnt heard if Ethel Rosenberg until I was 18 years old, through reading Sylvia Plath's novel the Bell Jar. The very first thing I read afterward, were the transcripts to the Rosenberg trial, and was absolutely disgusted and sickened by the blatant antisemitism and misogyny that tried, convicted and murdered Ethel.

I never fail to remember Ethel on this day. There is a candle burning for her spirit as I write this. If anyone is interested in learning more about Ethel's murder I suggest the documentary by her granddaughter entitled Heir to an Execution. 

And in keeping with the spirit of this blog, which is to dismantle the social, medical and political reasons behind the development of the trans disorder and other issues created by the gender straight jacket, I say, think of Ethel as a warning. There have literally been hundreds of comments here by those in  transition regarding having been "diagnosed" by a "medical professional" or siting pseudo studies by the same "medical professionals" as proof of their really having been born in "wrong" bodies, proof because authority figures said so.

We're conditioned to believe authority figures have our best interests in mind, but historically and currently we have half the population being hurt by those 'best interests'. The US government unjustly murdered Ethel Rosenberg, and the male medical machine declared her alive after her first electrocution so that she could be electrocuted again, whereby the male medical machine once again declared her still alive. So yet again, another round of electricity could be circulated throughout her entire body until fire and smoke poured from her head finally ending her torture. 

Authority must be questioned as much as it is followed, or as women, we fiery spirits, churning and burning within the confines of a body that drastically limits our choices, we all end up an Ethel Rosenberg.

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Gender Identity Disorder Dismantled

Expressed desire to be the opposite sex (including passing oneself off as the opposite sex and calling oneself by an opposite sex name).
For children who do not or cannot squeeze themselves into the narrow gender straight jacket, this is normal behavior/thinking. When the other sex espouses things forbidden by the gender straight jacket, the child naturally thinks/wants to be the other sex. This is no indication the child is "trans;" it is proof instead of the gender straight jacket.

Disgust with their own genitals (Boys may pretend not to have a penis. Girls may fear growing breasts and menstruating and may refuse to sit when urinating. They also may bind their breasts to make them less noticeable.) 
Once the child identifies with the other sex in order to escape the gender straight jacket, they fear anything that will bind them back to their jailer, in this case their own body. In the case of females who sought to escape the gender straight jacket, they fear puberty, which signals visible femaleness, which they fear will strap them with the gender straight jacket they discarded as small children.

Belief that they will grow up to become the opposite sex.
Wishful thinking on the part of small children struggling to escape the gender straight jacket.

Rejection by their peer groups.
This results more often than not when the child, through lack of same sex role models not bound and gagged by the gender straight jacket, desire the other sex as peers. Children do not like difference, so say a girl who primarily plays with boys, acts differently than a gender straight jacketed female, will be rejected by females her age.

Dressing and behaving in a manner typical of the opposite sex (for example, a female wearing boy's underwear). This is a result of the gender straight jacket placed on clothing, nonsense I know. Personally, whenever I've been asked why I wear "mens clothes," I reply I will gladly wear Butch clothes when they begin making them.

Withdrawal from social interaction and activity.
This occurs from being "othered" as a small child, feeling different and not having others know and understand that difference, cause the child to withdraw. Not sporting the gender straight jacket, but seeing it sported by everyone else, makes the child feel like there is something wrong with themselves.

Feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety. 
Feeling like they do not fit in anywhere brings about the "isolation, depression and anxiety" in the child/youth.

Not one items above cannot be explained away by narrow gender norms society seeks to enforce and reinforce on a multitude of levels everyday. That the male medical machine is utilized in this endeavor is hardly surprising, they have been utilized to maintain "normality" for centuries using similar mechanism of torture. 

But just as diagnosing free spirited women who believed in their own autonomy as some form of abnormal was total bullshit, diagnosing children and youths who will not don the gender straight jacket with GID is equally fucking ignorant and narrow. One lead to generations of women being scared into silence, while the other is leading children/youths expressing similar differences into gender mass production.

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Trans Conformity-Trans Conservatism

Received this as a response to my video based on my last post regrading GID. It is a good example of the typical responses I get from trans commenters, as many of you here know. But given my last post about GID and its symptoms and my next post dismantling GID's symptoms, I thought this comment fits perfectly in between.

The comment highlights the depth by which those who develop the trans disorder have ingested the spoon fed food of misogyny/gender conformity from patriarchy's plate. Actually believing short hair as being male only optioned or clothing as sexed, instead of mere outerwear based on personal style and tastes. It is also this same group, that is so hell bent on maintaining that kinda of simplistic social gender conformity that ironically professes practicing at the same time "fluidity" and "feminism". I ask you, does the above comment sound like someone who believes in "fluidity" and "feminism" or does it sound like the conservative rhetoric we've all heard spouted from the mouths of the right at gays and lesbians for far too fucking long?

Transition isnt practiced in the Middle East because those countries are known for breaking the narrow confines of the gender straight jacket, transition is practiced in the Middle East precisely because it maintains established gender conforming order! So let us not pretend transition is practiced in non Muslim countries for the exact opposite reasons.

Transition sprang out of homophobia, which we all know is rooted in misogyny and two thing you will NEVER find within misogyny are "fluidity" and "feminism".

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Gender Identity Disorder Doesnt Equal Trans

Not surprising amid all the hierarchical who's more trans that occurs within the trans community, there seems to be some serious confusion (especially by trans commenters) about GID and those who have suffered from the very same gender issues from early childhood onward but have not transitioned.

Symptons of GID in childhood are listed as:

  • Expressed desire to be the opposite sex (including passing oneself off as the opposite sex and calling oneself by an opposite sex name).
  • Disgust with their own genitals (Boys may pretend not to have a penis. Girls may fear growing breasts and menstruating and may refuse to sit when urinating. They also may bind their breasts to make them less noticeable.)
  • Belief that they will grow up to become the opposite sex.
  • Rejection by their peer groups.
  • Dressing and behaving in a manner typical of the opposite sex (for example, a female wearing boy's underwear).
  • Withdrawal from social interaction and activity.
  • Feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety.
 Well that just about describes every baby Butch ever born and a whole slew of other females to boot!

Simply because a female has suffered (and/or been diagnosed) with most or all of these GID symptoms from early childhood on into adulthood, doesnt mean you are trans nor does it remotely mean you should transition, nor does it mean your pain is any greater or lesser than someone who does transition. 

The only thing that makes a female trans are the steps the narrow minded gender conformist male medical machine takes to physiologically change the female mind/body, through high doses of unsound hormone "treatment" and cosmetic surgery, in order for the patient to appear male looking. Obviously a biological female can never actually be a biological male.

Do not be confused by the trans agenda, this group is much more interested in adding numbers to is team than actually helping those in distress. Suffering from gender distress issues can be over come without transition. Transition doesnt cure GID, it only temporarily alleviates gender distress by displacing one's attention elsewhere, i.e. physical changes, which eventually cease.

The only real cure for GID/Gender Distress Issues is to work through them by learning to value and love the body you have.


Manifestly, the male medical machine that devised the list for GID symptoms is gender straight jacketed biased as is the list itself. So before anyone asks, I am not letting that slide and will write a post dismantling that this week. So please keep your comments regarding this post on the difference between those who have GID symptoms and not transitioned with those who have. 

Trans Trendering-Who is Transitioning

I'm going to use this space this week to also comment on the discussion post I started last week on these same posts.

I began the WIT posts because there has been a long held myth that most female transitioners were/are Butch (in gay/lesbian circles) or mannish women (per the general public). I wont go into the whys of the myth, but I will say as a Butch who has been in or around the Butch/Femme community for several decades, I knew the myth to be absolutely false. Youtube presented a way to dismantle the Butch/trans myth since there were no shortage of females using YT to glamorize their transition.

What became immediately apparent when looking at YT were the massive amounts of teenage girls and young women transitioning, none Butch btw. So what began and a simple way to illustrate who was actually transitioning, quickly turned into a weekly post illuminating a growing trans trend. A trend that hassteadily grown since I started the WIT posts, with ever more young females jumping onto the trans bandwagon weekly.

The girls chosen for each weekly post are properly represented by a pic (usually from their ftM intro video) accompanied by a link to said video. Only videos that are completely public, specifying  a desire to transition or in the early stages of transition and already using a male names/pronouns are used. Not one female has ever been made fun of by me, as I do not find female self hatred to be something one pokes fun at. It is as serious as it is tragic.

These posts have never been aimed at female transitioners, they have always been made to illustrate to lesbians and the general public just how serious an issue female transition has become post queer theory. I have said many times here before, I do not write for those floating in the ocean, but those still on the beaches who have a chance to be saved from drowning in the waters of female self hatred. If there are female transitioners who find something useful in my posts, great. But again, this is clearly a female centered space. If there are female transitioners regularly reading/commenting here, I would suspect it is because they truly do not believe themselves to be real men and are secretly searching for help and some kind of female closeness. Very few real men (if any) would have much interest in what is posted here.

So to sum up, these posts or any posts here, are not written for a trans audience. And the WIT posts are posted specifically to shed light on what has become a trans trend among young females sans any real feminism.


Portland Health Care to Cover Gender Transition

Portland's mayor wants the city's health care system to cover transitioning for city employees.

The mayor said, "making health care benefits  "trans-inclusive" will help the city attract the best and brightest employees to Portland."' So self-hating, mentally ill women and men who pathologically believe in maintaining strict gender norms at any and all costs, are according to Portland's mayor, "the best and the brightest!"

If the male medical machine bothered to see beyond the homophobic gender norms it is drugging and butchering people into and develop instead a serious course of therapy to help those with gender related issues, I could understand extending medical coverage to help them. These are, after all, real people in real pain, painfully uncomfortable with their own bodies. And for females during menstruation, that uneasiness doubles, triples, quadruples literally to the point of suicidal feelings in some cases. 

But there is no proof that transition cures gender uncomfortableness. In fact, transition can make the perceived incongruencies all the more apparent, worsening body dysphoria. Trans people themselves have said repeatedly that transition isn't a cure all. It is physically and mentally painful, it never ends, and the reason for transition (dysphoria) returns to greater or lesser degrees, along with feelings of depression and even suicidal feelings.

Transition, as it stands now, is nothing more than gender cosmetics, and last I checked, cosmetics aren't seen as something medical insurances should have to pay for. Because when it comes right down to it, in truth there are women who are so pathologically consumed/concerned with their looks, that they will not leave their homes without a full face of make up on. Should tax payers cover these women too? And if not, why? If their self-esteem is so tied up in how they look, and how they look so tied up in how they feel about their bodies, why shouldn't lip gloss and eye shadow be covered by medical insurances if transition is going to be? Because that's the door that is being opened here- nose jobs, boob jobs, ear jobs, face lifts, labiaplasties, etc. would all have to be covered if transition is.

Or it could go the exact opposite way, as we have seen in some of the Common Wealth countries, whereby transition is fully covered but other procedures aren't. Medical issues that are not considered life or death, like transition is, are paid out of pocket or put on a waiting list for up to several years if national health care is to cover it. I know someone whose mother had a severe incontinent problem. There was a fairly simply operation that could fix this, but because the male medical machine doesn't see this as life or death, if she wanted the surgery asap, she had to pay for it herself. If she wanted her country's health care to cover it, she would have to wait a minimum of a year.
This was a very vital and active woman who had a healthy social life and many commitments to many needy organizations. She felt so ashamed of her problem, she stopped volunteering, stopped all socializing, and became more a less a depressed hermit. It broke her children, but they pooled their resources to pay for the surgery so she could have her life back. If that isn't life or death, then I don't know what is! The short off it, had she wanted her tits cut of and her vagina sewn shut, the state would have paid for it in full in a hot NY minute!

The current (mis)treatment for GID is initially costly with growing expenses due to transition needing to be maintained through the lifespan of the individual. Because there are no long term studies on potential risks caused by long term use of hormones at levels not designed for the body of the transitioner, we don't know what future health issues could develop for the transitioner. So lawsuits concerning the city that provided the (mis)treatment may also be in the city's/tax payer's future.

This article was emailed to me last week, and along with the same concerns I wrote about here, the sender had concerns about the public online voting site. That link has found its way to tons of trans tumbl accounts in hopes of swaying the vote their way. Disgusting, I know, but when you lie daily about who you are, including to yourself, should we expect anything less?

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Will REAL Tranmen Please Stand up Please Stand up!

I felt this commentor's questions deserved their own post.

I too find it interesting how most transmen over 35 are so quick to dismiss trans trenders as "not really trans". These young women, have had to have been diagnosed with GID by the same male medical machine that past female transitioners have. That the money hungry, narrow minded male medical machine is quicker to transition young women shouldnt invalidate their (trans trenders) trans status to other female transitioners.

I suspect older transmen are so quick to judge trans trenders is because they fear trans trending invalidates their own transness. Maybe seeing too much of themselves in trans trenders which reinforces their own trans mistake.

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Who is Transitioning-A Discussion

The Who is Transitioning post always stirs up a great deal of emotion no matter who comments. I'd like to focus a discussion on just those posts and the emotions behind them for both you and me.

Share with us your feelings on the Who is Transitioning posts, your position (for or against and why) along with your ID if you would.


Cuntastic, Transmen and Pregnancy

A proud, concerned and angry mother recently sent me this post made in Cuntastic. Cuntastic claims to be a blog and zine exploring all things cunt and a journal of sexual and reproductive freedom. The mother who emailed me the link which is about the serious lack of resources for both the transfolk experiencing the childbearing year, AND the care providers (doulas, in this case) looking to support them, wanted to know my views on the subject.

First, I understand the anger of the woman who sent the link. Here you have some females (transmen) who with malice of forethought have medically and legally done everything humanly possible to not be female, having children, which only FEMALES can do. Then accessing or complaining of access to women's facilities with which to do so! As well as expecting/demanding women's facilities change or modify themselves to cater to their "special trans needs"! 

Second, while I've never had the physical desire to bare a child myself, liking/enjoying children a great deal, I can understand why a female transitioner would desire to have a child and whats more, want to experience motherhood.

That said, given the necessary excessive do's and dont's regarding breastfeeding alone, due to the many containments that can harm a baby, it is infuckingsane to have been on T for any length of time and get pregnant. There are no short or long term studies on the effect T has on a developing fetus or child and it seems ftMs who have given birth arent exactly talking. But I suspect even if they were to, the info gleaned would like most info from transmen, have to be taken with a grain of salt.

Granted, there are many things that can go wrong during a pregnancy at any time of pregnancy. But doing something like T, that literally halts/harms the normal biological function of the female reproductive system cannot logically be good for a creating a baby. It is definitely a women's right to have a baby and as I said, I can understand the desire of female transitioners wanting a child, but risk harming the very thing you wish to create and love is irresponsible at the very least, selfish at the most.


Edit to add, I apologize for mistakenly adding the two now removed screencaps by mistake. I'm adding a few other screencaps and links for better clarification.

Testosterone and autism


HIV Transmen and Pregnancy

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