Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

More young women falling into the sea of self hatred.



  1. You're going to burn in hell for this!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hell?
    I love when transpeople and their allies get religious
    (which seems to be often since they're pretty conservative)

  3. LOL at above!!!!!!!11

    you sound just like the right wing christain conservative people that force YOU to adhere to 'gender' norms!

    hell has been created by men to keep you in fear. i see it's working!

  4. Dirt- having your own opinion is great, regaurdless how screwed up I believe it is. BUT its really not right to put pictures of people up. Your screwing with there lives.

  5. These 'trans-trending' posts used to get 100 comments or more, guess people got bored.

  6. it just looks like the same 9 kids doing the same ridiculous shit over and over
    too bad it's actual women being destroyed by simple-minded adolescent egos

  7. agrees with mouse.

    it really proves the point again and again every week how these are all very similar girls who are transitioning. same age group, same look in a lot of cases & of course same female self hatred.
    same stories of always 'feeling' male. as if they have ever been exposed to what it really is to be male.
    young immature minds.

  8. -also noted, is how they are disproportionately white, seeming upper-middle and upper classes.

  9. Anonymous: You're surprised that people posting videos about themselves on youtube are disproportionately white, and likely from a somewhat privileged class background?

    Try correlating it to the class/race demographics around access to home video recording facilities and upstream bandwidth, and you'll probably find out why that is.

    Dirt: Shame on you for screencapping young trans people's videos and blogging it for your transphobe friends. I hope they refer the issue to blogspot for copyright theft.

  10. Im pretty sure that stealing their photos and posting them without their permission to bully them is illegal! you're making these poor boys into targets for your trans hating friends!!
    your blog can be closed down for this, i hope you know that

  11. The 9 transmen in these posts every week are all young because dirt looks for young transmen just starting their transition. She looks for similarities. You think she's going to put the ones that look male on there? Nope. If she did, her whole story about spotting a transman from a mile away wouldn't fly.
    And by the way...dirt and the other lesbians on this blog, you're not really lesbians. That's just what you think you are. You think just because you feel like a makes you one? Isn't that exactly what dirt says about transmen. "Just because you feel like you were male doesn't mean you are."

  12. please, 11:39, show us the transmen of any age that 'look male' to you- i find their true sex reveals itself to me every time, easily- even more so in real life when you can compare them to real men


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