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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keep Smith College Female Forever

A friend, radical lesbian and Smith College graduate has began a page on FaceBook to keep Smith College women only. Smith sadly has fallen prey to queer politics by allowing transmen into the all WOMEN space as well as into the dorms.

Please "like" the Keep Smith College Female Forever FB page and help to restore this historical women's college back to what Sofia Smith had founded it for, WOMEN ONLY.



  1. What I don't get is if a female individual so badly wants to be seen and treated like a man, why would she want to go to a female only college??? 0.0

  2. If trans men are not men, and they are women who alter their bodies, then why can't they go to a women's college? If they are only women masquerading as men?

    BTW: I am usually on your side, but, sometimes your logic doesn't make sense...

    It's a slippery slope.

  3. Once on T, female transitioners are no longer women.

    Not to mention part of going to an all womens college is about being and building pride in being a woman.

    Female transitioners pathologically hate themselves as women/females as well as most importantly they do not identify as women/females.

    So no, nothing slippery about it. Plain and simple.


  4. "If trans men are not men, and they are women who alter their bodies, then why can't they go to a women's college?"

    They don't see themselves as females so why should they go on a female only college??

  5. I entirely agree - it's a ridiculous idea that someone undergoing transition would want/be allowed to attend a female college. It seems a bit of a fuck you to the whole institution of the school, people should respect its history and identity.

    But again your logic fails you. By your rules here, you would have to acknowledge transmen actually as male, which you don't. You don't have any consistency here. How would you feel about ascribing transsexuals their own gender/sexual category? It's not unheard of in many parts of the world, gender systems of 5 or more. Or do you simply want us outside of laws of common society?

  6. "Keep Smith College FEMALE Forever"

    According to you, transmen are FEMALE.

  7. "According to you, transmen are FEMALE"

    You don't get it do you??

  8. What's to get? Dirt, and many others, don't want transmen at female/women's colleges, and rightly so. She's just not very good at keeping track of whether she's decided transmen are female or not.

  9. of course they're still biologically female
    but being a 'man' enough to destroy as much of the female as possible means you give up being a 'woman' and enjoying women's schools etc.
    could you imagine if men in men's colleges started transitioning to female and demanding inclusion?

  10. Really? It's college. At least they want to get an education. Who cares if they're male, female, trans, queer, gay, lesbian, intersex, etc. It's about equality. And kicking someone that's trans out is a lawsuit waiting to happen. What if someone wanted to kick lesbians out because they think they'd hit on the straight girls? Or maybe they'd be afraid lesbians would have sex in the dorms. We fight for equality and you want to take a step back? And I agree with many others that have say transmen are just women anyway.

  11. Based on what you stated in this post, what are your feelings about men who transition who want to go to these colleges?

  12. Remember all those feminists who sued and forced all male health clubs to allow women in back in the 1970's?

    Well LEGALLY a college cannot deny MEN or TRANSMEN because of those types of actions back in the 70's.

    There is actually an LGBT housing complex in Hollywood that actually cannot deny straight people who want to live there.

    Good going Feminists of the 70's!! And I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. I for one believe in equality amongst the genders and varied sexual preferences.

  13. If a person wants to transition from a woman to male, therefore becoming and being seen as a male, why would they even consider attending a traditionally all women's university? That's what doesn't make sense to me, not Dirt's "failed" logic.

  14. "If a person wants to transition from a woman to male, therefore becoming and being seen as a male, why would they even consider attending a traditionally all women's university? "

    because some women colleges are quit good but not so selective so they are a good way to have the label/branding of the hosting/primary/mother university without passing the entry tests.
    All those women colleges were created to promote women withing society at a time when they were not so numerous in University and Colleges so it was affirmative action towards a minority group: women.

    In other words: those transmales play on both parts. When they want to have a nice diploma, they enter as women and so benefits from college originally for women. And then they transition.
    It is shocking....
    They destroy the purpose of those colleges better than any biomales would have dreamt of.

  15. "because some women colleges are quit good but not so selective so they are a good way to have the label/branding of the hosting/primary/mother university without passing the entry tests."

    All colleges should withstand the same standards of education.. Regardless if it is for a special interest group or not. How is society going to take special interest groups seriously when they want reduced standards provided for them. Even if they have to take a class or two over when they graduate they can stand tall knowing they earned their degree and can stand up to anyone from any college or university.

  16. People who say that transmen should be allowed in women's schools either do not believe in women's schools, or do not really think FTM's are men (which I'll bet they do claim to think, when it's convenient to their argument)- I would like to see examples of the reverse, MTFs in men's academies/clubs or whatnot, are there any?

  17. Wait, you always say that transmen aren't actually men but are confused women. And yet now you're saying that Smith College shouldn't allow transmen (who in your view are women) to be there... So by your logic, transmen *should* be allowed at Smith College.

  18. Eschew obsfucation. Someone who says "The walls come down when the breasts come off", which I will be writing a poem about, is NOT Female Proud. A Women's College, is PRECISELY about those who are Female Proud, and proud to be Females...if someone desires to transition to male they no longer are PROUD TO BE FEMALE. That old saw 'well look what they used to do to Lesbians' is so fucking tired from the trans movement. Who has destroyed more Lesbian spaces? The trans movement. Who has worked on destroying Lesbian solidarity in ANY form, Lesbian sexuality, convincing young Lesbians who are Butch, andro or in any have tomboy/masculine tendencies that they must be some version of trans?

    So that's bullshit. While I see most trans as failed Butches, failed Lesbians, they couldn't hack being both Butch, discriminated against being a Dyke, and want to hide behind a male label with the potential for male privilege and identity, they really are in essence still biologically female. But, they are identifying with the male. Just watch Chaz' and other documentaries of the transition process and the shitty way they treat their partners like bio men do all the time...perhaps worse than some bio men, cuz they gotta eradicate ANY aspect of femaleness within them, to be fully percieved as male, while raging on Testosterone....

    So, yeah, they may still be 'female' in one sense, cuz surgeries and hormones change some aspects but not all....but in their heads they're fully identifying with 'the man', and that makes it not a safe place for either Lesbians or straight women at a college by and for WOMEN, who are STILL oppressed.

    I do agree, I'd like to see a category of a 3rd, 4th or 5th sex, any combination of factors you want, but then CREATE YOUR OWN COLLEGES! Quit crashing spaces meant for females who are Female proud!

  19. MasterAmazon, if you view transmen as 'failed butches and lesbians', how do you view the transmen who transition and live successfully in society as gay men? I'm not trying to attack you, I'm interested, as the 'failed butch/lesbian' is often a criticism thrown at me, for which I can't give a solid argument for because I never identified as either.

  20. failed straight women?

  21. Transmen view themselves as men so why would any guy want to attend a woman's college? That makes absolutely no sense at all. It makes some transguys come off as if they too don't view themselves as men.

  22. I have noticed a lot of transmen prefer to be called "transmen" as opposed to just "men." This is not the same for transwomen, who almost uniformly, prefer to be called "women." Transmen also do not go around shouting that born-males call themselves "cis," at least not nearly to the extent men do.

    Under male supremacy, everything masculine is valued more, so if transmen are allowed at womyn's colleges, they will be respected more than those women who are not changing their bodies.


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