You're a Lesbian? Just Transition Already!

From an ftM forum:
As transition becomes more and more popular through Hollywood films, television shows and copious amounts of documentaries supporting/enabling transition, responses like the above from both the general public and trans people are fast becoming the norm towards gays and lesbians.

The homophobic male medical machine created transition with the belief it could eradicate homosexuality by heterosexualizing gays and lesbians through transition, little has changed since then. Only now instead of those ignorant notions being confined to the medical realm, they have become the dangerous beliefs of the general public.

We still very much live in a highly homophobic country, with transition's popularity and purported "success" by trans people drowning out gay and lesbian voices daily. One has to wonder, is it merely a matter of time before Iran's policies against gays and lesbians become ours?

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Black to White: The Next Transition?

The upcoming documentary Dark Girls deals with the shame and self hatred dark skinned black women often feel growing up, a shame and self hatred amid an almighty and highly valued white culture backdrop. A shame that runs so deep and dates so far back, black people themselves often value lighter skins over darker skins, especially black females.

As a white person, it had never occurred to me that skin color within black culture had a hierarchy. I certainly was aware it did with regards to whites, but it didn't dawn on me black people measured worth similarly. At least not until about 10 years ago when talking with a black male co-worker/friend about his ex g/f. He and her had been a couple for about 10 years. I asked him why they never had kids together. He looked at me like I had said the most awful thing, then said, "Didn't you ever meet Cheryl?" I hadn't. He then said, "She's darker than me." I didn't quite know what to say. He then said he would only have a child with a woman with a complexion similar to another female co-worker who had a black mom/white dad, i.e. very light skinned.

Over the years since this conversation, I've educated myself as best as a white person could on the subject, and quickly discovered upon that education that color was another area of shame, self hatred and body dysphoria in women. I learned of black females using harmful products that promised to bleach their skin. Not coincidentally that came on the market shortly after film came into being, male media that still primarily features light skinned (and now primarily thin) black women only. 
Like the backlash against feminism that has dieted; breast augmented, lipo suctioned, cheek implanted, labia plastied and all around carved women into the perfect hyper feminine white male approved size zero, the backlash against civil rights has allowed similar repercussions against black women with equally devastating  results. Less than 30 years ago, anorexia was a "white girl" disorder. Today, as black females are shoved through the male media grinder and measured against the unnatural barbie-like white female backdrop, eating disorders are claiming more and more black female victims.

There are ever greater demands for black women to do whatever it is possible to fit themselves into a white woman mold, and ever greater means with which to do so- from copious amounts of bleaching kits, hair straighteners to various forms of plastic surgeries which thin lips and narrow noses. All informs black females at younger and younger ages that there is something wrong with them. As can be seen in the video clip, dark skinned black girls thought at their most earliest ages something was wrong with them, many thinking they should have been born white and many blaming themselves that they weren't. 
With all the negative messages females are bombarded with from birth, there are no shortage of reasons that female children of all races find themselves thinking that they should have been born in a different body- one of a different sex, one of a different race or one of a different height and weight. In Sylvia Plath's prophetic poem Brasilia, the female speaker ponders the super people with torso of steel...awaiting masses of cloud to give them expression. But we see right here on this very blog with female transitioners, that we need not wait for something so drastic as a nuclear holocaust to give them expression. The male medical machine is doing so every day. Instead of their thick fat fingers on "the button," they have them instead on the plunger of a syringe or the end of a scalpel.

In Dark Girls, we see that female self hatred, confusion and the desire for female body modification isn't limited to "sex changing." If we do not take a long hard look at how misogyny is (mis)shaping females, with a little medical advancement, white America is going to look a whole lot whiter.


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The "Gender-less Child" a Discussion

I chose not to do a post about the "gender-less child" because it seems to have been posted about to death. But I will open up a discussion for those interested.

Personally I'm fervently against.


ps I admit that this made me lol 

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Anothing week of new self hating female victims of transition...

Let Us Now Excuse Famous Men: Schwarzenegger, Strauss-Kahn and Male Entitlement (an article)

Click here for full article

From the article:

Sadly, both Schwarzenegger and Strauss-Kahn have benefited from the long running trend of excusing bad behavior by men on the grounds that it’s simply what men do, and can’t be expected to change. This trend is helped along by a stiff undercurrent of largely unquestioned and unexamined misogyny in our culture, which makes offenses committed against women seem unworthy of serious outrage. Some of the inability to understand the treatment of women may also be attributable to what scholar Russell K. Robinson calls “perceptual segregation” : members of a relatively privileged group (e.g., men) interpret acts of discrimination toward a less privileged group (e.g., women) as being less serious than members of the disadvantaged group do (6). Put together, these factors create a culture that either actively, or through unawareness, sustains attitudes of male entitlement and misogyny, which in turn sustain the assumptions of the culture that created them. We get the both the belief that everything men do is by definition what they had to do, and that if they do it to women, it really doesn’t matter much anyway.

 This culture, our culture, is one in which misogynistic language and comments rarely attract much attention – where in fact, the abuse of women by some famous men is seen as a sign of virile righteousness. In this culture, somewhere between ¼ and 1/5 of women consistently report that men have raped them, and yet it is women who are lectured to about the need to prevent rape – usually by restructuring their entire lives so as not to attract those uncontrollable male urges we’re always told about. It’s a culture where it’s common for male sales persons to entertain clients by taking them to strip clubs, giving their female counterparts the choice of either coming along despite possible objections, or not going and thus being disadvantaged in the quest for clients and for the all important perception of being a “team player.” In fact, recent reports indicate that a German insurance firm rewarded top male salesmen by giving them access to prostitutes at a corporate-sponsored orgy (7). Ours is a culture where women still are not paid equally to men for equal work, are still disproportionately saddled with childcare duties, and still lack autonomy in reproductive health and choice. It’s a culture where male elected representatives can vote to redefine rape in order to deny abortions to rape survivors – one legislator even proposed to eliminate all abortion coverage on standard insurance plans, even for female rape survivors, and then went on to suggest that women should “plan ahead” by buying supplemental coverage just in case someone rapes them one day. Finally, it’s a culture in which the continuing existence of sexism is enabled by the fact that so many men dismiss suggestions that it still exists, and that something they have just said or did may perpetuate it, with reactions ranging from defensiveness to condescension.

There’s a standard narrative about the way feminism has affected relationships between men and women – especially in heterosexual relationships. It goes something like this: A long time ago, men and women fell in love.  Their relationships weren’t perfect (what in life ever is?), but they worked, because men and women each had distinct, well-defined roles. But women’s liberation changed everything, and made women aware of desires and needs they never knew they had, and bewildered men didn’t know how to respond. This narrative is broadly accepted, even across the political spectrum, but there are elements missing from it. It either directly or implicitly blames a movement to end inequality for problems that were caused by inequality, for starters. But it also ignores the fact that the happy days of male and female relationships weren’t equally happy for women, as well as the sense of male entitlement that frequently has caused the unhappiness. This is the attitude that unquestioningly assumed that women existed to be helpmates and sources of spousal and maternal wisdom, rather than to live for their own purposes. It’s also an attitude that rationalizes different, unequal roles for women and men based on assumed essential differences, including differences in sexuality, and uses these assumed differences to gloss over disrespectful or even violent behavior. Men who are unfaithful to their wives couldn’t help it, based on this model, because they simply have a greater need for sex than women do. The time-honored tradition of bachelor parties also is based on this idea – it frames the man’s commitment to one woman as a supreme sacrifice because of the man’s presumably greater sexual appetite, and such a noble sacrifice surely entitles him to an evening of doing whatever he wishes to women’s bodies. 

Yes, it’s true that there are differences between some of the behaviors discussed here. The use of sexist language is, of course, not the same thing as rape. But both behaviors are made possible by the culture of entitlement, and the way it shapes and then excuses the masculinity of many men. A culture in which many men see nothing wrong with making misogynistic remarks, with subsuming the rights and feelings of women to their own, or excusing the sexist behavior of other men is exactly the kind of culture where high frequencies of sexual violence will occur. The behaviors lie on a continuum that is more fluid than most people may want to acknowledge. Many rapists have previous histories of other sexual offenses including groping and street harassment, and studies have shown that men who profess belief in various “rape myths” (such as that women dressed a certain way are “asking for it”) are more likely to commit rape themselves.

Ironically, Maria Shriver recently wrote a blog post titled “Is the Model of Masculinity Changing in America,” in which she wondered if new models of masculinity would replace the swaggering bravado of much traditional masculinity. Let’s hope so, Maria. The kind of masculinity that defines itself by subordinating women is full of shit, and it’s time to stop making excuses for it.


Being OUT-A Responsibility of Every Person in the GLBT

From the first gay and lesbian political factions that formed directly after the Stonewall Rebellion, one of the core directives was being "out," and gays and lesbians realized the power of the old adage "strength in numbers." Going a step further, those early political gays and lesbians realized that the general public had no idea just how many gays and lesbians there were, nor did they realize that they knew or were even related to a gay or lesbian. Being out to family, friends, schoolmates, teachers, co-workers, and bosses would not only crystallize our numbers, but most importantly would solidify how most gays and lesbians are just like everyone else. We're your teachers, students, grocer, police person, doctor, friend, cousin, aunt or uncle and the list goes on and on.

From the time the Gay Liberation Front formed, through our political triumphs and political losses, always at the top of the list of priorities were slogans such as: "OUT and proud," "We're here, we're queer and we're NOT GOING BACK" right down to "SILENCE Equal Death!" Even having top gay and lesbian political leaders encouraged us to "out" closeted public figures who were gay or lesbian. Unfortunately directly after the AIDS crisis, "queer theory" was born from postmodernism's muck funnel and swiftly ushered in a warped conservationism in drag as feminism!

As group after group began attaching themselves to the gay and lesbian movement post queer theory, many of our early core strategies (that are still necessary to gay and lesbian rights today) began to go by the wayside in favor of a political agenda that had nothing to do with gay and lesbian issues whatsoever. Gays and lesbians now find ourselves under a queer umbrella or mixed into queer alphabet soup, unsure where we begin and the incessant additions end!

Which brings me to my most recent post regarding the likes of Jen and "Aiden/Aydian" and any post such as the "Trans Trender" posts. Seems these types of postings stir up such anger from the trans community with the main gripe being that I am somehow "outing" the females in question. Aydian herself, along with many other ftMs, have bitched and moaned, how could I (a member of the queer alphabet soup) stoop so low as to employ critical thinking regarding fellow queers and potentially "out" those same queers! Queers that are gleaning the benefits of straight privilege and a tidy closet, while gays and lesbians continue having what little rights we have gained be slowly taken away.

If we're all a part of the queer soup mix, then being OUT is as essential as it was in 1969! It is up to every single person in the queer soup bowl to not only be out but STAY out, instead of reaping the benefits of the closet or worse, hetero privilege, while other queers continue to suffer and go without!


Straight Female Fetishizers who Pressure Females to Transition

The screen caps below were emailed to me yesterday, I have verified that all pics and info contained in the pics have been previously made public by the female/s within the pics. 

That said, I find the transition pressuring made by the clearly straight "g/f" in this video, linked in the screen caps, absolutely abhorrent! Not surprisingly, the female transitioner featured first, has since deleted her YT account.

Two young women down, how many more to go before Miss ftM Fetishizer gets bored and winds up married with children with a male?

If a female claims to love and care for you, then enables you in an form of female self hatred, she really doesnt love/care for you. If someone truly loves you, they will love you enough to help you love yourself just as you are.


The Trans Closet and the Trans Fetishizers who Wanna Keep them There

A few days ago I received an email from one of the many variations of  "aiden" (Aydian Dowling to be exact) who requested that I take down some references to her/her "fiance". Apparently her "fiance" freaked when she googled her own name (Jenilee A. Dowling) and her facebook account was linked to a comment someone left on one of my blog posts:
Anonymous said...
On TmatesFTM, you have also women who are "serial FTM daters" like Jenilee Anzalone ( who is now engaged to Aydian Dowling (one of the biggest Lynn fan:
Prior to be engaged to Aydian, Jenilee used to do date Aiden Daniel (note the similar first name) and used to share her experience/video on TMatesFTM about Aiden which was her BIG love at that time (AidenDanielLIVE:

Aydian, who made an angry video about me on youtube which was linked to several dozen trans sites and received thousands of hits and hate filled comments against me personally, said she would remove that video if I would comply with her wishes.  Seems now Aydian is more interested in pacifying her "fiance" who is intent on keeping her little trans fetish a BIG O secret, than fighting for what she believes in when she made the video. So much for "trans pride"!

I just viewed Miss trans fetishizer Jenilee A. Dowling's FB account and for someone dating a trans female, she doesn't list a single page or group having whatsoever to do with trans issues or trans support pages, as if she isn't even engaged to a trans female or doesn't have a past dating other trans females. Hmmmm.

As a lesbian, I have never been in the closet nor dated or would date a closet lesbian or any lesbian who wanted to remain in the closet, whether for professional reasons or familiar or both. One has to be highly suspect of anyone who claims to love you but doesnt want people or certain people knowing the you that you are or in Aydian's case the she she's playing at. That also goes for individuals having no personal integrity who are more interested in hiding/lying about who they are for the sake of personal comfort/gain.

Aydian, you may compromise yourself for personal comfort/gain or compromise yourself for another, but I've never been one to compromise and I most certainly will not start now. I realize you are quite young and based on your transition alone, cannot see that every move we make, every word we utter out loud can potentially have consequences, some of them grave. Only through maturity do we learn like chess players to anticipate some of the consequences of our actions, till then, you have no choice but to make peace with regret.


Keep Smith College Female Forever

" April 2003, by a campus-wide vote, Smith students decided to eliminate the words “she” and “her” from their student government’s constitution . . . To avoid offending those Smith students who don’t identify as women. Apparently, a small contingent of students consider themselves “transgender,” and this all-female school feels constrained to placate them."
 Student Life
Even when women ID as men, IN women's spaces, women still cater to and cower to those claiming maleness regardless of the number of women involved.
Patriarchy and misogyny, alive and kicking at a woman's college near you or soon to be. 

Trans Trending: Who is Transitioning

And the sea of female self hatred continues to swell...

Transition: A Mother's Worst Nightmare

Sent to me this morning:

i regret coming back to talk to you that day but i could tell by your voice that you had something important that you needed to say. i regret saying "spit it out" when you hesitated. i regret that the second you told me you felt that you're transgender i wanted to put the words back into your mouth and out of my head. i regret that i cannot wrap my mind around what all of this means. my sweet perfect baby girl, i regret that i am yet again failing you because i dont know how to support you through what i know is a difficult time for you. i regret that, in a dark corner of my mind, i think i would almost rather have you live a lie than face this mountain that im not sure i am strong enough to climb. ive examined every little detail of your life that i know of and i regret that if there were signs along the way i missed them all. i love you. i have loved you since before you were born and i will love you as long as i live. i regret that im not handling this in any way you wanted or expected me to but youve told me youve known for *years* what i've only had *days* to process. when i look at you i see my beautiful, funny, intelligent, quirky daughter. The baby i carried inside of me. The baby that i knew was a girl from the time of conception. try as i might, i cannot see the man you feel as though you were meant to be. i cant bring myself to imagine what the world might do to you. i regret that your dad doesnt understand why i cant shake this off. he has a *plan* to seperate you from your friends with the hopes that you may be just confused, curious or even following the crowd. He continues to operate under the assumption that this will pass and he hasnt even let himself wonder, as i do, what if it glad you got in to therapy and im glad i have as well. i regret that what you need most right now is my love and support but what i need most right now is just the chance to grieve for the *you* that has probably never existed outside of my own head. I have always told you to be yourself and i still mean for you to do just that and i pray that i have taught you well up to this point so that you can stand your ground on your own with whatever you decide because im a little busy fighting my own battle in my head. Please just know that i love you and im doing the best i can.

Love, Mom/42

Sounds like the father has the right idea and based on what the mother says regarding his "plan", I suspect some serious trans trending influences.



A Spot on Winterson Quote

Women still have little power in the decision-making processes of government and industry. And the culture is punishing women as never before. We have to be smart, pretty, sexy, good in the kitchen, good at the office, good with the kids. Good in bed. Good at handling men. It is impossible. Older women are written off and teenagers feel they have to be sexually available all of the time. Hence the line in my story: Fucking is the new frigid. There is so little in the culture that helps us to love well, either ourselves or our partners. Love is a casualty of the upgrade culture but women just don't have time anymore to be in charge of love and that is everybody's loss.


Keep Smith College Female Forever

A friend, radical lesbian and Smith College graduate has began a page on FaceBook to keep Smith College women only. Smith sadly has fallen prey to queer politics by allowing transmen into the all WOMEN space as well as into the dorms.

Please "like" the Keep Smith College Female Forever FB page and help to restore this historical women's college back to what Sofia Smith had founded it for, WOMEN ONLY.


"Whats 'his' Name"?

I've recently agreed to take an online English course for my roommate's brother, who's quite busy and needed the help. He came over last week to bring me the textbook and explain what I need to do for the course. He had his boy/girl set of twins with him who have just turned three. I've only seen the twins a few times at my roommate's mom's, but had never had any real interaction with them. The little girl was showing me her stuffed animal and explaining to me who it was. When my roommate came back into the room she looked at him and said regarding me "What's his name?"

We hear very often from the trans minded how they "always" "knew" or "felt" like the opposite sex, from their earliest memories (along with plenty O Butches and tomboy types as well). Earliest (always) memory for most, usually is somewhere between 2 and 3 years old. Despite being only a few years old, children as young as 2/3 years old have already been so overwhelmed with markers that indicate (according to patriarchy/society) what/who is male/female such as:  clothes, toys, colours, mannerisms, hair lengths/cuts etc. And it is through this overwhelmingness of gender markers that this three year old girl assumed I was male. 

It is also through the complete indoctrination of these same gender markers by age 2/3 that some of us come to believe ourselves to be a sex other than what we are. And because some of us believed ourselves to be the opposite sex by age 2/3, some grow up believing they "always felt" like the opposite sex. And because some believe they "always felt" like the opposite sex, believe they should "change" their true sex to the one they had "always" believed themselves to be. 

It is horribly sad and difficult to grow up feeling completely alien from your own body, and even more horrible and sad to live within a society that constantly reaffirms there is something wrong with you, when in fact there isnt. And the more we conform to societies strict gender markers, the more we continue bending our wills and bodies to "fit" into that society, the more that society remains unwelcoming to those of us who can and never will fit. 

But the more we choose not to fit, the more we choose, instead, to love ourselves.


Questions for Dirt

I'm setting aside this post for any direct questions for me. I know I quite often I miss questions within the comments, so this is your chance to ask me anything with reason, be it personal or about any blog topic.

I'll do my best to answer in a timely manner.


Blogger Issues and a Friday Discussion

Blogger has been down for about 24 hours. It seems many comments, including my own, have disappeared from the last two post. I have no word from Blogger whether they will return. So if your comment/s from the last two post have been removed, it wasnt because they were deleted.

Discussion topic for today: Many females have shared their experiences here of growing up "feeling like a boy", thinking they were supposed to be boys, female body hatred, feeling their body is wrong, or feeling wrong in their bodies or how their female body works etc etc. And each time we have seen these same females, myself included, get attacked either by "trans in denial" statements or having our experiences dismissed outright. Why? Because we chose to work through our female self hatred instead of harming our bodies through the life never ending long process of transition.

If you are a female who has had this experience or similar, how do you feel that your experiences growing up have now become a "trans" narrative? Rather than the experiences of  a female growing up in a hyper feminine/female hating world?


Chaz Bono-Female Self Hater dishing out advice?

Chaz Bono, publicly declares s/he is willing to speak with Jolie/Pitt about their "tomboy" child Shiloh! Seriously??? I dont see this happening, as I dont believe Jolie is nutty enough to think there is anything wrong with her daughter, let alone have a female self hater near her child. But the audacity of Bono even bringing up Shiloh, projecting her own female self hatred onto a child she doesnt even know, is fucking disgusting!


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

More young women falling into the sea of self hatred.


Body/Sexual Dysphoria

Seeing how this blog is read by nearly females only, lets discuss a topic that affects nearly all females on some level: body/sexual dysphoria.

A few questions to get things going....

How has body/sexual dysphoria affected you personally? That can mean you as an individual, as well as if you have partnered with a female suffering from extreme body/sexual dysphoria?

At what age did your body/sexual dysphoria largely begin?

Does your monthly cycle increase your dysphoria?

Has body sexual dysphoria hurt or stopped you from comfortably enjoy sex with a partner?

Have you worked through your body/sexual dysphoria? If so, what has helped you to work through your dysphoria?


What Women did/do YOU want to be like?

Who are some of the women that you have wanted to be/be like, at any time in your lives and why?


FTM Transition, Mothers and Electra

In lieu of Mother's Day (Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there btw) I'm going to write a bit about ftM transition, the ultimate in mother rejection.

I put little faith in psychiatry in general, because far too often it seems for every step forward psychiatry takes, it takes a big leap backward, which immensely slows and diminishes any progress in the field. Modern psychiatry while being indebted to Freud and other Freudian theorist, later (especially post feminism) have logically discarded many Freudian theories, while feminism has made chop liver of the rest.

So what happens to those old, out dated Freudian dragons that feminism once slayed now that feminism's blade has been dulled for decades? What happens when feminism's blunted blade has been replaced by the male medical machine's sterile technology?  I'll tell you what happens, some of those dragons return, only now they aren't being slayed, but flayed instead!

One such dragon is the Freudian Electra Complex, the gist of which consists of Freud's notions of the psycho-sexual development of the female; complete with penis envy, rejection of the mother in favour of the penised father then later transferred to the penised husband. Any female with the most basic feminist spine can easily gut the Electra Complex with one hand while picking their teeth clean using its bones with the other.

But I'm writing about the absence of feminism, an absence amid a techno savvy psychiatry and male medical machinate. It is through this feminist absence that the Freudian dragons are returning in hordes and droves, all of which, coincidentally, have a hefty price tag attached with no promise of a "cure," that at least Freud did offer! The Electra Complex, known now as Female Transition, is back with a rejuvenated vengeance and vigor!

Like the Electra Complex that Freud/Jung theorized pre-feminism, whereby it was believed girls felt their mothers failed them by not providing them (through birth) with the almighty penis (the portal of possibilities), girls rejected their mother in favor of the father (penis/possibility envy). In our post-(non) feminist state, with females being sexualized and objectified at younger and younger ages, with hyper femininity portrayed as the norm, females are again rejecting their mothers in favor of their father's (penis/possibilities), only in a whole new way. Rather than females merely envying the penis (possibilities) their mothers didn’t provide them, they are opting through female transition to obtain the penis (possibilities) by becoming men themselves! This is the ultimate in mother rejection/hatred!

It is normal to reject some of the dreams and ideas our mothers had for us, to reject the female she wanted us to be so we could be our own adult woman. To reject the very thing she created with her female body, however, is a fist to the face of every mother of a female transitioner! Female transition is a big FUCK YOU to mothers everywhere with psychiatry and the male medical machine largely to blame, both of which have a long history of mother misogyny.

It is said if you wait long enough, fads and styles will eventually come back around. But unlike bell-bottoms or platform shoes that are ugly, but harmless, the Electra Complex in its current incarnation, aka female transition, is both dangerous to females everywhere and insulting to the mothers of females who transition. And like the long detrimental history psychiatry has had with mothers, female transition feeds right into psychiatry's long standing blame-game it continues playing with mothers today.

May some kind of peace be with every mother who has lost their daughter to this deadly disorder.


Does a Female Transitioner's Voice have a place on a Feminist Blog?

A space to post your opinions regarding yesterdays poll.

Should I provide a post or two a week where female transitioners can voice their opinions regardless of how those opinions are at the opposite end of mine? And despite that the trans community doesnt allow any differing voices, not even their own.


Gender Queer

As mentioned in a previous post, I was asked to say a little something on "genderqueer", and "a little something" is about all gender queer will get from me. Gender queer, like "gender bender," is an engendered term of Queer Theory/theorist. Like all things queer, gender queer is empty of any meaning until the individual who is utilizing the term fills it with their particular brand of meaning, depending on the time of day of course.

Gender queer falls directly under the Special Snowflake Syndrome umbrella. The individual who chooses to inject meaning into gender queer feels a sense of specialness, which they clearly are lacking. Think of teenagers trying on new hair styles or piercings while searching for who they are. Gender queer is an identity outfit, put on, then later discarded once the person matures past needing a pseudo identity.

In a nutshell gender queer is yesterdays bisexual, a temporary "identity" that houses the individual until the individual matures, discarding gender queer, no longer needing the term to feel unique. As gender queer is a transitory identity I havent much else to say on the matter.


How to MAKE a lesbian LIKE [a] Transman

While skimming my blog's stats this morning, I came across this winning screen cap. A transman had the audacity to google "how to make a lesbian like transman". In other words, how can a transman force a lesbian to like him in a romantic manner? Because of course lesbians have no fucking agency of our own, we're just historical fuck objects for male masturbatory fantasies and now apparently fuck objects for chemically acquired male privileged transmen! Fuck objects presumed or expected to be at the beck, call and cock of every transman who was previously was a lesbian!

First, it is impossible to force anyone to "like" or fall in love with another. Second, lesbians do not date/fall in love with men or women who pretend to be men. We desire, date and fall in love with women, thats why we're lesbians and not straight! Chemically acquired male privilege may get transmen a lot of things in this world, male approval, male/female respect, better education opportunities, better jobs/job opportunities etc etc etc, but one thing it wont get you? Lesbians!


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Female transition isnt anti-feminism, it is the ABSENCE of feminism.


Trans HATE

A regular reader recently suggested I write a little about "trans hate", by trans hate she was referring to the over abundant hateful and hate filled comments I receive so often from female transitioners. She sees this blog's contents instead as being "trans caring", NOT trans hate! I wouldnt exactly categorize my blog as "trans caring" so much so as I would say, trans preventing. Prevention by providing a safe space where the oodles of misinformation, lack of information, excessive exaggerations and flat out lies about female transition can be brought to light and discussed without worry about being attacked, "banned" or silenced. Prevention by providing a space where it is acceptable to expand the narrow notions of what a female can be so that we can all each be our own kind of female, not the "female" we've been taught we have to be. And prevention by instilling some basic pride in just being female.

Interestingly, this community of  female transitioners, these transmen, who claim to "love women" and embrace "feminism" despise and angrily attack any woman who challenges what they arrogate as their "feminist decision", any female who inserts a healthy dose of reality like the T they inject to maintain their ideas of themselves as "men" and any female utilizing the feminism they say they believe in to dismantle the misogyny they've so eagerly bosomed! For those women, women like myself, there is nothing but a pure vile hatred. For us they coil, spitting their hate filled viper venom with name calling the most UNfeminist verbiages like "bitch, cunt, whore, dyke and man hater". For us we receive threats of "rape" and other physical violence's. For us they'll use terrorist tactics like the best of men trying desperately to instill fear by claiming to know where we live or be "watching" us, all in the hope of silencing our voices!

But the hatred they sling at us, like an asylum patient flings shit on a wall, is really a projected hatred, the hatred they feel for themselves. And the voices they want to silence isnt our voices, it is the female voice in their own heads. They drug her, they mutilate her but the thing they can never to do is to silence her! For she IS them, she is in each of the billions of cells that make up their brain and body, she is in every beat of their hearts and every breath taken. They can threaten us, they can attack us, yet her, they will NEVER silence. So when you see transmen regurgitating female hatred, remember it isnt you they truly hate, it is themselves.


Another Spared from Trans Trending

Received last night and in an eerily similar vein to the last thing I posted here. Regarding both emails, more than any strength they may have derived from my blog, here is two examples of true female strength and bravery. Because strength and bravery is exactly what it takes to live life as a female in this world who dares to turn her back on the colossal pressures surrounding us all from societal conventions and the gender straight jacket those conventions are hell bent to strap each and every female in!

Bravo to all the brave females out there who are turning their backs on trans trending and if you have a story to share, I'll be more than happy to feature it here.Together we can both help to make a difference by changing and expanding what a female is and can be, WITHOUT changing from female to "male"!


Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

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