Some Basic Facts About Butch Lesbians

1) Due to "butch" behaviour, ranging from clothing choice, play and friends, Butch "othering" ignorantly begins pre-verbal.

2) Butch othering helps create a gulf between mind and body when Butch females go through puberty.

3) Being described as "masculine" goes to further alienate Butches from their feminine bodies/selves.

4) Butches often feel they need to be as "masculine" as they can be in order to attract Femme lovers. ( a BIG not true btw)

5) Butch Shame keep Butches emotionally distant from lovers and often times in bad relationships.

6) Butch Shame often sexual represses Butch lesbians.

7) Butch Shame creates a severe uncomfortableness and unhappiness with a Butch's breast and pussy.

8) Butch Shame creates a severe uncomfortableness and unhappiness with/around menstruation, sometimes to the point of suicidal feelings.

9) It isnt usually until a Butch is in her mid to late thirties before Butch Shame subsides and she begins feeling whole, and finally starts feeling good about her uniqueness.

10) Deep down most Butches are like M&M's, we melt in your mouth, not in your hands.



  1. You really got me with #4. I've witnessed it with my own eyes. Not to go into too much detail but a friend of mine took on a more unauthentic "masculine" persona. I just couldn't figure out why. Now I'm seeing it was her way of attracting femme lovers! The dots totally connect now.

  2. @Anonymous 2:58 To be fair, there are femmes out there who try to butch you up to suit them- more than one has mentioned she likes someone who packs full time. I think we should avoid the "butcher than thou" mindset, it might be inauthentic as far are you are concerned but feel just right to her. I think butch is the soul, not the clothes. But I do like the clothes.

  3. Butches often feel they need to be as "masculine". Period.....

  4. I more so related to it as *some females* often feel they need to be as "masculine" as they can be in order to attract femme lovers. I do believe in live let live. So I'm happy for my friend. I do believe the butcher than thou persona is getting out of hand. And just to clarify I'm not exactly talking about a "butch." I'm not sure what she considers herself as it changes often or what anyone else on this blog would. Well. Anyway. Still was a great read. I'll probably talk to her about it someday just so I don't jump too far into hot water.

    (I'm the first anon).


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