Not a GenderQueer post

I had a recent request to write on the topic of "genderqueer", which I had planned on doing today, only I cant. Not today anyways. Instead I feel the need to write on something else. I've exchanged a couple of emails with a reader, nothing that I can go into details of, as I do not have their permission to do so as of yet. But I will say this email has bothered me greatly this morning. When you dare to tear down everything that has spoon fed to you since birth, to regurgitate it back up and see it with fresh eyes through a feminist lens, you'll see that "woman" is deemed as the scum of the earth. If you're a woman yourself (part of that scum), coming upon that realization makes for a difficult life to say the least.

Most days I can deal with my disgust at seeing the innumerable commercials as I watch television, the myriad of commercials that tell me only women cook and clean. Only women need products to stop us from such natural, healthy bodily functions like farting. They inform me that I, as a female, should be ashamed of how my body naturally works. Commercials tell me how well adjusted and happy other females are to have their periods. Commercials say there is something wrong with how my pussy smells, that tell me it should smell like vinegar or any number of flowers, and that if it doesnt smell like a fresh bouquet of fucking roses, there's something wrong with my pussy, your pussy, and all the pussies out there. Commercials tell me, a lowly female, that only men make big important decisions. Commercials inform us that women clean up after men, not the other way around (don't be ridiculous!). Commercials are still trying to get us all to believe only men are heads of businesses, while women are content with serving men in "high places," never being in "high places" themselves. Commercials kindly let us know babies are primarily a female's responsibility along with contraceptives! Commercial after bloody commercial tell me that I as a female don't count at the worst, or count less at the very least. All those subliminal messages we're constantly bombarded with can be from a number of commercial breaks while watching a single two hour Lifetime movie, this from a channel that claims to be for women!
Yes, most days, I can deal with the blatant, graphic and subtle multitudinous messages contrived to inspire insecurity, self doubt, lack of confidence, weakness, jealousy, fear, envy and all out female self hatred in each of us. Most days I'm up for the challenge, I wake up each day ready for the fight to block out all female hatred the world hurls at me. The days I find myself faltering is when I see other females succumbing to the misogynistic blows from society's bare knuckles. I want to jump into the ring and add my dukes to theirs, or at least spur them on to hold their gloves up and cover their heads, better yet cover their eyes and ears!

This is how I feel this morning; I see females being harmed by a society that bases "normal" in females as hating and not trusting ourselves. This is a culture that informs me I'm suppose to be weak so that males can think they are stronger. This is a culture that depends on females playing minor characters with few lines, while male actors take center stage and get top billing. This is a sick culture that would rather transform a female into a faux male if she naturally takes center stage. This is a culture so trigger happy for gender conformity, it will drug and mutilate a female into its warped idea of male with a few measly sessions of "gender therapy" rather than actually council her into understanding WHY she hates herself! Because in our "normal" society, it makes more sense to ask why in the sam fuck WOULDNT a female want to be a male!

Why have we not put society on trial for conspiracy to hate females and to keep structures in place that create self hatred in females and keep females down? Isn't it considered in most states a "hate crime" when a particular group or individual of a group is singled out with crimes committed against them solely because they are of a particular group ? I have seen people found guilty of various forms of conspiracy with scads less evidence than the centuries of concrete evidence we could compile proving society's guilt in the Crimes Against Females. Yet not once has our patriarchally constructed society been put on trial, not once.

So this is where I stand at the moment, a little sad, a lot disgusted but never disillusioned.



  1. Powerful post Dirt. You capture very well the constant self-hating messages we endure day after day.

    It takes great courage to be a woman in today's society, especially one who does not conform to the male standard.

    As I see it the trans/genderqueer movement demands those conformist "male as centre of the universe" standards and even hyper-exaggerates them. To be a lesbian is radical act of defiance!

  2. Why do you use the "females" or "female" rather than "women" or "woman"?

    I find this a really interesting choice of language, as it doesn't always seem to be about being inclusive of young women / girls, but it's clearly a conscious decision.

  3. How do you propose that we put "society" on "trial"?

  4. anon@4:55- young women and girls are female.


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