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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Hacking Attempts

Yet another weak hacking attempt at my email, at least this time I had things put in place so the IP was captured by Yahoo. Will keep you posted of developments.

Oh, and trying to hack an email account not associated with anything? Not a smart move genius.



  1. Phish phish phishy phish.

    I'd do a virus scan, honey.

  2. No one should be trying to hack into anyone's account by any means no matter who they are or what they believe in and so on.

    The other day someone tried to change my facebook password as well as my blogspot password. I kinda know who did it. Someone in my past who is still obsessed with me and is always trying to see what I am up to and what not. The person who I think did it to me is blocked from seeing my myspace, facebook, and TQNation profiles. I can't say that it is her 100% but I do feel like it is her only because she wants to still pry into my life and is jealous that I have been happy since she hasn't been in my life...since Sept. 30, 2007. I've been even happier since August 6, 2008 because that is when my fiancee' and I got together. She was so jealous about that that she couldn't see straight. No, she's not an ex girlfriend. She's one of my ex Daddy's in the Leather lifestyle.

    I'd make sure to change your passwords on everything every few months or so. I don't know why people feel the need to try and do that kind of crap. It pisses me off!!

  3. If you don't agree with Dirt just ignore her. What is the point of trying to hack into her email and hack into her blog? I don't get why anyone would get that upset over something on the INTERNET to try to do something as illegal and silly is that. All it does is support the idea that if you do not agree with trans people they will try to silence you or threaten you. Some people really need to get offline!

  4. oh whatever!! I run a server and there are attempts on the emails all the time. 99.9% of the time it is totally stranger, run by bots, and totally random. Frankly, Dirt, I don't think your that important that anyone would bother. I think your a legend in your own mind.

  5. It may have not even been a transman that did it but just a run by hacking attempt as my accounts get hacked into all the time...or at least tried to. Just change your password frequently as Brandon said.

    I wouldn't worry about it or blame a whole community for something as it could just be random.

  6. @ the 2 anonymous's above.. dirt didnt mention transguys once, she never said that THEY tried to hack her account. All she said is that someone is attempting to hack her account AGAIN. Its happened a lot to her recently. She doesnt know who, and yes it could be a bot, or some random joe who thinks hes a hacker but in the end, its up for speculation. Some transguys have organized attempts to hack her though, by their own admittance on facebook. So even though it may not be one of them, its not far fetched to wonder since they certainly have a motive, have tried to in the past, and this is a recurring thing!

  7. Dirt, I disagree with 99.9% of what you say. I lurk here for the entertaining comments. I'm trans if that is of any significance. If anyone is hacking you, it is definitely pathetic and illegal. I don't support it. I own a website of my own and find hacking attempts every so often from people who can't take that my site is meant to be unmoderated. Its annoying. But they could also be random people or bots!

  8. No one cares. You deserve to be hacked to pieces anyway

  9. And the ip address will give you... what? Without a court order, nothing.

  10. @ anon April 20, 2011 3:57 AM

    just proves how many people ACTUALLY read what she has to say, they just run their mouth first lol.... dirt gets her message out there by her trans trending, she isn't stupid, actually quite far from it.


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