Hormone Blockers-The Future End of Homosexuality?

Children of 12 to be allowed gender drugs to prepare for sex change

"The controversial treatment halts puberty, stunting sex organs and preventing the growth of facial hair and sperm in boys, and breasts in girls".

"Doctors admit most children with the problem do not go on to have a sex change, often turning out to be gay. But blocking puberty hormones can make surgery easier if they need it".

Like the faux hormones the male medical machine doles out to the men and women transitioning, there are no definitive long term studies on how hormone blockers affect the mind and body other than in the most pedestrian ways. Add to that the children whom will be trans experimented on will and I quote "often (turn) out to be GAY"!

I'm reminded of the misogynistic changes we in the Butch/Femme community began seeing post queer theory which helped to create the self hating "male ID'd" Butches, butch wannabe's and ftMs as they started over running our community. At first the change began as an unspoken rule, but before long there was a mandatory verbal rule that every Butch/butch/ftM new member or old was to be addressed with "male pronouns", because "it is more of an insult to use a female pronoun on a male ID'd Butch/butch or ftM than to use a male pronoun on a Butch/butch comfortable with her femaleness". No, I kid you not.

But this is a lot worse than blatantly disrespecting females, it is even worse than the blazing homophobia/lezbophobia that underlines transgenderism. The hetero male medical machine thinks it more important to harm gay and lesbian children because a couple of them MIGHT wind up developing the trans disorder! And we all know which of those children will be targets for "hormone blockers", the most obvious who do not conform to narrow gender notions based solely on centuries of hetero patriarchy, i.e. Butch females and Queenie males. This very well could be a large step in the eradication of specific types of gays and lesbians in childhood through a form of gay/lesbian genocide.

It appears that the Harry Benjamin's and John Money's of the male medical machine are beginning to see some fruit from the trees they planted over half a century ago when they first had the idea that homosexuals could be heterosexualized by "changing" their "sex". Today as seen with these changes to NHS trans practices, like yesterday and all the days since, gay and lesbians are the ones to suffer most from the male medical machine. And for what? So that the few that MIGHT conform to gender norms can have an "easier" time of transition conforming.

For every gay and lesbian that has ever "supported" or stood idly by to the trans drugging and mutilation of our brothers and sisters, thank your fucking lucky stars you arent a gay or lesbian child today or the near future, because there is a good fucking chance, you would CEASE to exist!

Transition, the end of feminism and the future end of gays and lesbians.



  1. I believe that this practice is firmly homophobic and anti-human. Instead of allowing people to do what they want with their bodies, it's instead going "Well, a small minority might want this!" when in fact they might not. It's like offering abortions to people who won't ever decide to have one.

    I believe that if someone does decide to transition, they should do so under their own pretense, and if they do so, it should be a personal decision. It's not easy to decide to do something like this: I can imagine my children. Not all lesbians are really boys and want to be seen as such, and not all gays are really girls. I think it's up to the child but I want to give them options- not that I want to tell them what is supposed to make them happy.

    It's difficult, If I had a daughter and she had feelings that she was probably a boy and wanted to transition, I would make sure that she received gender therapy and thought it over for a very, very long time because in the end, regardless of anything, it's still messing with bodies. If she ended up identifying as male AND wanting to transition I would support her and change my pronoun usage/name usage according to what he wants. I would hope that this decision makes him happy. If doing it earlier allows my child to be more comfortable, then more power to them.

    Hormone blockers merely halt puberty. Some girls really look forward to growing breasts and pubic hair and assuming a more feminine shape. Others don't. Some girls see it as a horrific nightmare and cope with it. Others can't. It doesn't make them any less human because they're going with how they feel. If they decide that they want to begin a natural puberty then they can. If they don't, well, HRT can begin. We can hope our children are doing the right thing for themselves the whole time- earlier or later, it's still a big thing.

    I personally wish this opportunity was available to me sooner. My mother was oddly okay with me being transgendered in comparison to being a lesbian, but wished that if I was to transition that I'd remain celibate because I'd be a neuter being. She didn't support the transition though. She still sees my relationships as lesbian. I'm okay with society thinking I'm a lesbian. Lesbians are great. My older cousin is a lesbian and has been nothing but here for me ever since I came out and moved away. We have similar struggles. We both agree that transition shouldn't be done until someone is older and fully aware of the issues surrounding it. It's not that struggle is a great thing- sometimes it builds character and allows us to see the silver lining in bad situations. It's just a sticky issue and in the end while I hope these kids are okay and that this helps trans kids to not commit suicide, I just hope that it doesn't ruin kids that are otherwise gay or lesbian. Gender is subjective and nobody should dictate it either way to anybody. I wouldn't wish my situation on anyone- while I am glad I transitioned and I wish for a perfect world, it's still medically imperfect. I have no regrets yet don't want anyone to experience it, ever. I don't want anyone to be pressured to become like me. They'd have to do it when they're older, when they're wiser. I admit I'm not that old, nor very wise, but what's good for me might not be good for everyone.

  2. Not only is it "medically imperfect", its medically unnecessary.

    And there is no current therapy to help a child understand how misogyny informs their self hatred and uncomfortableness with their bodies.


  3. Hey Dirt, you forgot to quote this part:

    "Dr Polly Carmichael, who runs Britain’s only GID clinic in London, said several under-16s were prepared to sign up for the jabs, until now available only in the US, Holland and Germany at that age."

    First of all, "several" kids is not a genocide.

    Secondly, these injections have already been available in other countries, notably the US. This hardly means that today is a "new" day for anybody other than a couple of teenagers in the UK.

    Quit sensationalizing.

  4. Anon@2:44,

    Try actually reading my post, and it is clear from the copious amounts of weekly trans trenders, sensationalism remotely doesnt factor in.


  5. anon at 2:27

    That was a very moving way to describe your experience and I think very honorable in sharing in a very non aggressive way.
    Just showing some human-ness to this whole ongoing debate, but in a thought provoking way.
    I feel like a bunch of us more masculined identified butches- understand that we walk a fine line of declaring trans ourselves- be it out of our mouths- or people assuming-
    A few years ago friends of mine involved the the 'queer' all inclusive team started just suddenly and automatically refering to me as he/him. I never requested this. I was in fact kind of taken aback by it all. Admitedly, at first I was kinda all proud about it- but that quickly turned to 'wtf?' It LITERALLY felt like my so called 'identity' was being erased by the community that I was involved with, without my consent.
    I hate how it is just assumed.
    Assumed that just because I present myself the way I do visually- now automatically = trans/boi/ftm/he/him.

  6. The trender lemmings couldn't care less about anyone but themselves. So what if lesbian children are force-drugged to conform to sex role fundamentalism, as long as these selfish, narcissistic creatures get theirs.

    And for any of you who actually do care, this is just a clinical trial, so there are fewer participants. No researcher or big pharma participates in such a thing unless they're damn sure that the procedure is going to be more widely adopted. They have to go through this small step first, knowing that the medical establishment will pass it on through to larger adoption with even tiny "successes."

    The future misery of lesbian children is on your heads, trans trenders. Fuck you for selling out them and all the rest of us for your immature and selfish goals.

  7. Want to erase homosexuals? Just castrate gay children and give them hormone blockers so they turn into their "true" gender. This is so horrible I can't belive it. During the third Reich the Nazis castrated people with disabilities and now trans-assholes want to castrate children. I hope the gay community is standing up against this insane treatment.

    Cizz from europe

  8. Hahahahahah. Oh. My. Word.
    "Transition, the end of feminism and the future end of gays and lesbians."
    I feel like I'm reading something from a comedy show. That's just too hilarious. I can't even form an argument for that. I mean, why would I try to ruin your little comedy act? Proceed- it seems to just be getting better.
    Continue blaming transfolk. No bother here. It's not hurting us, just giving us something to laugh at every now and then.

  9. So what of the gay transmen and lesbian transwomen, or the bisexual trans people? Surely they aren't "conforming".

    I think hormone blockers should be given if the child is suicidal or in great distress. Not given out on a whim.

  10. nothing on the NHS is ever given out on a whim! No Worries there! lol the US however...
    Surely slowing the process down is better than jumping in feet first? I thought this would be more up your street dirt?! A way for 'young women' to find out more about themselves and the world before 'mutilating' themselves! People really can't win with you unless they are Gay Butch and Proud of it!
    I'm pretty sure Hitler used biased propaganda to persuade the Nazis that Gays and Jews should be persecuted and that everyone should be conforming to his ideal.... how is what you're doing different again?

  11. well these wouldn't be 'young women' but prepubescent girls... (boys too, if they fancy wearing dresses)

  12. seems the 'transfolk' only address Dirt herself
    you do know she's not the only person who feels this way, right?
    you do know that people who agree with her (on most things) are not all butch and not all gay
    actually most of the world would feel the same if they only realized what was happening

  13. lol what makes you think I'm trans? Far from. Far from a Butch dyke and luckily far from the US to.

    I do know that not all people who agree with Dirt are butch lesbians, the same way I know that not all people why reply to Dirt directly or who disagree with her are trans.

  14. LMAO the female impersonator comparing Dirt to Hitler. Trannies will say annnything to justify the sterilization of these children.

  15. "Children assigned as males are diagnosed with GIDC 5 to 30 times more often than children assigned as females. The majority of children diagnosed with GID in childhood cease to desire to be the other sex BY PUBERTY and instead grow up to identify as homosexual with or without therapeutic intervention."

    I do believe the fact that we have more strict issue with boys participating in "girly" expressions sprouts part of this issue. Gender is a social construction. Thus it is in part about how these children socialize in societal norms. We are a society that is really obsessed with medical opportunities whether they are necessary or not. So I just hope that parents don't take their child to see a doctor because something is "wrong" with her/him and end up in a situation like this when it can be very unnecessary.


    Gay FTM

    It certainly shouldn't be given out on a whim. I think it can be more problematic for the gay community than the straight community. But since Bi/Heterosexual tomboys or Bi/Heterosexual girly boys do not have a place in society either. (They are always assumed to be attracted to the same sex. Unless attached to some sort of fetishism like cross-dressing unfortunately.) I am sure it still can be problematic. We just need a place for all children to feel at home. It's impossible right now. Sadly.

  16. you need to find a different pass time cause fucking with ftms is not a good on for you... who ever said ignorance is kind was wrong about so many.. there are going to be gay men gay women trans men trans women bisexuals and gay trans men and gay trans women... there will never be less of the two but there are ways for people to feel like more of themselves and that is not any of your business on how people want to live there life.. i hate hipocrites and i hate when people speak of something they have no experiance in... that is like a cosomotologist telling a machanic how to do their job....

  17. If it does get to that point, I think it will only happen in Western world, which is also the only part of the world with the trans trend.
    It won't end Homosexuality (even in Western world) but will definately cause more problems for people. I think it's worth being concerned about.

  18. @anon April 21, 2011 1:49 AM

    you may want to educate your self first.

    homosexuality is ILLEGAL in many countries including Iran BUT if you have a sex change you can sleep with your desired attraction...

    basically if im a fag i can cut my dick of wear a hijab and fuck men and not get stoned to death lol

  19. WTF... no life...

    this poster again proves all of our points. it's quite clear in their comment that they are quite young, or massively under educated-or both.
    i'm guessing another trending teen, who thinks they know it all.

  20. "The future misery of lesbian children is on your heads, trans trenders. Fuck you for selling out them and all the rest of us for your immature and selfish goals."

    Haha. This is hilarious. How about we'll take care of our own and you take care of yours. Stop claiming trans children for yourselves.

  21. I'm just saying, if you want to get your point across, you won't do it with shitty writing. It's like trying to argue with a drunk person - they won't win. No one will.

  22. Feel free to link your posts discussing these topics Ari.


  23. Hey dirt, I read your blog on my phone and I'm wanting to email you about something. I don't see a message link. Could you tell me how to privately contact you?

  24. Dirt im in the same situation, as anon i wanted to contact you about something and found no ways in which i could privatly contact you? is this due to hacking attempts?
    or is it for you page security?
    either way being able to email you or contact you out of a pulic forum would be nice


  25. If hormone blockers were available to me before puberty, I sure as hell would have taken them. As it is, I transitioned at the age of 21 and am happy with the results, but it would have been better and much easier if I had taken hormone blockers and transitioned at a younger age. Gay children who feel comfortable in their biological sex will never choose to transition. Non trans people can never imagine physically being the opposite sex and this is the exact predicament that trans people are in. Imagine your typical male identified boy growing breasts and hips or your typical girl growing facial hair, having a deepened voice, and muscles. That is exactly what trans people face.
    There will always be gay people just as there will always be transsexuals. And there will always be way more gay people than trans people in the world. But transsexuals have always existed and will always continue to exist and hormone blockers will spare them vast amounts of suffering and make future transition much easier.

  26. Anon@12:05,

    Wrong, transsexual only existed when the male medical machine believed they could heterosexualize men they believed were gay mid last century.

    And if you could get back to us on your trans high happiness in 10 years, that would be awesome.


  27. If she ended up identifying as male AND wanting to

    It just occurred to me that they're not so much "identifying as male" or female, but instead, it's much more accurate to say they're identifying with the masculine gender.

    Once again, they're using a term for biological sex when what they really are referring to is gender. It might be easier to see if you tried to define the characteristics of a "self-identified" female. In other words, what do all self-identified females have in common with other self-identified females?

    And come to find out, the ONLY characteristic they have in common is that they tell themselves they are female. But tranz are not claiming they *are* biologically female, they're only identifying with the feminine GENDER. And what precisely, do they mean by feminine gender? Why, they really mean all those assumed traits which they assume are inherent to biological females.

    How can y'all be so frickin blind to your own internalized sexism???

  28. All I can say is: THANK GODDESS I CAME OUT WHEN I DID! Into a strong Dyke community where Lesbians, Butches, Femmes, Androgynes, alike were FEMALE PROUD, we were creating our Dyke cultural institutions, and connections and organizations and events by and FOR each other. The Butches that were OUT LOUD AND PROUD were Female Proud Warriors who took up their space and no way ashamed of their femaleness, or if so, working on it thru the radical Lesbian Feminist revolution which didn't go nearly far enough....or accepting enough of ALL of us. But the Butches WERE PROUD. We did our Take Back the Night Marches, eventually Dyke Marches and other Lesbian positive events...there was no talk of transitioning and we talked about our backgrounds where we were shamed for not being 'feminine' enough. NO MORE!

    You saw plenty of Butch Dykes and effeminate men, some who occasionally dressed in drag or were queenie. MTFs were a small minority(often trying to crash our spaces) and FTMs almost nonexistent, or if so, they went and transitioned and lived their lives as 'men', getting OUT of the Dyke community, often moving and living a quiet heterosexual life. They certainly didn't INSIST on being in our Lesbian and women only spaces and places, cuz they were now DUDES!

    This is extremely, extremely scarey and bodes ill for ANY who don't conform to 'pink' for girls and 'blue' for boys rules. Where's the lavendar/purple, the orange, the yellow, the soft green, all the other colors of the rainbow that children can have and toys they can play with? This is brainwashing pure and simple. Read 'The Wanderground' by Sally Gearhart and you'll see what I mean...a total fear of homosexuality is REALLY what is at the bottom of all this....

  29. P.S. And I was one who was pushed into therapy as a kid because I didn't conform to feminine roles...was probably the biggest reason, my family never really told me why, but they sure worked hard on trying to 'femme' me up and make me a 'girly girl'...to no avail....so don't think The-rapists as Mary Daly says, will do any better, but take the parents' bucks.


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