Female Transition-Brutalizing the Mentally Hurt

I received permission to post an email exchange I someone:
While I appreciate this mentally hurt female letting me know this blog helped her, confirmed the doubts she clearly already had about transition, it hurts me to know that our male medical machine is still firmly intact and ready, willing and able to harm females even if it has to lie to insurance companies to do so. I find this absolutely abhorrent and unethical! And I assure you I'm looking into bringing to light the fraud this medical establishment is committing. I will not release the name or whereabouts of this male medical cog, because I refuse to be a part of some mentally hurt female using that info to seek transition through them. With any luck we can get this place closed down and bring further to light the plight of Trans Trending!



  1. This is just one more piece of evidence showing just how important it is for people like you to keep telling the truth about this, Dirt. I am so happy that your writing has helped this individual, and I am sure it has helped--and will continue to help--many more!

  2. Transsexuality is something that should never be considered "cool" or "trendy" and no one should ever transition for these dumb reasons. However, for a small percentage of the population, transitioning (for both MTFs and FTMs) is their only option and gives them a chance to finally live a fulfilling life.

  3. I believe that gender is a socially constructed phenomenon, however I do believe that "maleness" and "femaleness" are a part of biology. What is interesting is that trans speak suggests that this "maleness" and "femaleness" can be"felt" like a heartbeat or an emotion - an authoritative standpoint based on opinion rather than fact.

    As a female I don't go and say "Right, I feel my heartbeat, my aching tooth and my femaleness right now". Femaleness is just what I am made up of, like the colour of blood or the tone of skin. To "feel" something is to experience a different sensation from a neutral state i.e. when you exercise you" feel" your heartbeat quicken/ when you touch a stove you "feel" the heat on your finger. Or indeed, when you revolve in society you "feel" emotions based on what that society lead you to think.

  4. (you don't have to 'become' who you are
    that's the problem with the whole thing
    you simply ARE who you are, transitioning is the bullshit that i smell...)

  5. im deeply disturbed by that email, i truly hope this person does something about this and i wish you luck in what ever you plan on doing about this, services and/or doctors like that should have their license to practice removed, im hoping that this is a rare case and not a case that is very common...
    although im getting more concerned about people thinking its cool to transition cause it sure as hell isnt...

  6. irritated psych postgradMay 1, 2011 at 5:49 PM

    Argh, ragesmash. I cannot believe anyone is willing to give people a drug which has both physical and mental side effects, which is a serious drug to be taking, without having that person consult a psychiatrist.

    While I don't agree with the whole "you have to play being male right and say the right words so you can transition" bullshit which leads to a lot of what Dirt talks about on this blog, GID is not an endocrine disorder, it is a mental illness (biologically based, sure) and psychological counselling needs to be part of the process; from discovering who has a pre-existing mental illness and working on that with them, to seeing who is transitioning so they can't be abused anymore (or any other of the reasons people transition when they shouldn't), to aiding those with GID to adjust to their new lives as men.

    I applaud this young woman for having the insight to realise that transitioning was not going to heal her or fix the PTSD, and hope she finds the help she does need.


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