Closing The Dirt from Dirt

Due to all the bullshit, the constant threats and trans people putting my name and address all over the fucking internet, I am closing this blog. The threats of rape and violence are just not worth it to me anymore.

I hope some folks found some solice and guidence in my posts, I meant well. Please know that.

in female pride always

(to be closed this evening)

edit to add
What a sharp group, I guess I'll have to settle for the elaborate aprils fools joke I participated in on at FB!


  1. Cute April Fool's joke, Lynn. I guess.

    Kind of weaksauce, too obvious. Maybe if you actually close the blog it'll be more effective.

  2. I really hope this is a April Fools thing.............

  3. Oh shit you really scared me- forgot it was April Fools Day

  4. Og thanks god it was too fishy: stay here Lynn, we love you :D!

  5. "just not worth it to me anymore" gave it away.

  6. DIRT KICKS ASS !!!!!!111!!1!11!!!1!

  7. The "I meant well" has April Fools written all over it. Sorry ;)

  8. Sad (if true) b/c at first I thought FTM trans was just another incarnation of gender that needed acceptance and awareness but reading Dirt's blog made me realize that FTM trans is a sick, twisted and endemic attempt at quashing lesbians, butchness, women or womyn through medical patriarchy!!!!!

  9. You really shouldn't get people's hopes up like that.

  10. Without this blog to show me the downside of transitioning, I'll probably go for it.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. she won't really do it. She is full of Shit!!.. She just wants to hear all the people beg her to stay.

    People who are really gonna shut down a blog just do it. They don't make a big drama scene out of it.

  13. Happy April Fool's Day Dirt! LOL

  14. damn I was so happy for a minute! then I saw the date.. bummer that she'll be staying.

    her hate for the FTM community is alive and well.

  15. damn I was so happy for a minute! then I saw the date.. bummer that she'll be staying.

    her hate for the FTM community is alive and well.

    April 2, 2011 12:06 AM

    ...Her hate for us is just astounding! I have never felt so discriminated against before in the LGB community as I did when I was pointed to her blog. Then again, not all butches feel as she does about us so it's all good. She is just one of a few people who spew hate against us.

    We're here and we aren't going anywhere! Just like gays and lesbians will always be here and aren't going anywhere. Deal with it!

  16. I tell you what. If this is an April Fools Joke, to throw around the act of Rape defy's everything she professes to be.

    I am assuming she is really going to close it based on her stance regarding feminism, rape, and misogony.

    She is more warped than I thought she was if this site is up and running in the morning.

  17. she won't really do it. She is full of Shit!!.. She just wants to hear all the people beg her to stay.

    People who are really gonna shut down a blog just do it. They don't make a big drama scene out of it.

    April 1, 2011 9:36 PM

    I totally agree with you on that one! Anything to get arise out of people. I could care less if she shut her blog down. It doesn't bother me any. None of my butch friends or any other butches I know or they know feel any way that she does. So be it! She's just one person trying to oppress the trans community but guess what? It's not working and it never will. We are here to stay and aren't going anywhere just because of her blog! ROFLMAO!

  18. Talk about a warped sense of humor throwing around the act of rape like it's no big deal and shit. That shit is just wrong! She really is a mental case!

    Yeah it's April Fool's day but who the hell jokes about rape? Only someone who is mentally disturbed and who needs to be on psych meds!

    Nice joke Dirt! Throwing rape around as a joke is no laughing matter!

    Just disgusting!

  19. Just Disgusting wrote:

    "Only someone who is mentally disturbed and who needs to be on psych meds!"

    You mean, like someone who thinks having her tits lopped off and a flesh tube ripped from her pussy tissue makes her a man?

  20. At Anon @April 2, 2011 9:48 AM...

    Blah, Blah, Blah!

  21. self-hating closet trans people are sooooooo sad... you need to come to terms with your own gender/sexuality and quit taking things out on transpeople.

  22. Hey Dirt

    Ever thought about printing t-shirts with your name/blog address? I'd wear one. To pride and anywhere else I can think of where it will get a lot of attention.

    By the way, I just read an old blog where you outlined in very clear terms that misogyny is the cause of both transgenderism and homophobia etc. That was a real light bulb moment by the way. If you were to explain it step by step like, there are very few intelligent people who would fail to see the immense truth in what you say. I use the words intellgent, because I am 100% certain that should we conduct IQ tests on a lot of your anger filled, tantrum throwing, self-absorbed opposition, the results would be low. I could bet vast amounts of money. I only wish we could somehow get people to agree to take these tests to prove once and for all why the reason they don't get it is because they're stupid. If only.

  23. "I meant well. please know that"

    APRIL FOOLS! I didn't really mean well at all! I'm just projecting my own issues onto people I don't know because they make me feel threatened. What other people do with their own bodies and lives is somehow affecting my ability to be butch! I have no personal boundaries. Everything YOU do is about ME. I'm a huge drama queen who needs to process my own gender struggle in a public way, because what I really need is attention, more than anything....Love, Dirt

  24. I really wish this wasnt an april fools joke.

  25. To the 4.24 anon - oh dear lord...

    If you've read ANYTHING Dirt has written in her essays, you would have understood by now why she does what she does and what she means when she states she has good intentions. Perhaps the wording was too complex for you to understand and you therefore stopped reading halfway, yet still think you have a valid opinion regarding her motivations for her activism/blogs.

    This is pure scary. I sincerely hope you people are just choosing not to read or investigate fully her blogs. Because if you really have read and digested them, and you're still asking stupid questions like 'why are you doing this', then there is no hope for you whatsoever and you're one brain cell short of being retarded.

    Dirt does not hate transpeople, that is your own interpretation that stems from your inability to comprehend her logic and plain common sense. Look up hate in the dictionary and then show me an example taken from any of her blogs that corresponds to this definition. Please do..because I assure you, you will not find one, because you don't even understand the definition of hate clearly or what defines it.

  26. @Anon April 2, 2011 5:34 PM

    Trans definition of hate:
    Anything that does not validate my Trans identity 24/7.

  27. @Canadian

    Well, my definition of hate is to feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility towards someone or something. And, I identify as transgendered. But, of course, that is my definition of it.

    Anyway, I must say I was surprised at Dirt's post, then I remembered it was April Fools. XD

  28. la la la call it "disagreeing" but it's hate pure and simple... why devote an entire blog to something you just disagree with? It's not very hard to grasp the fact that dirt has some issues with gender that she deals with by trashing transmen- it's almost funny... but I do get a kick out of trans and trans allies coming her to troll dirts bigoted ass.

  29. @Anon April 2, 2011 7:14 PM

    "la la la call it "disagreeing" but it's hate pure and simple... why devote an entire blog to something you just disagree with? "

    Have you ever heard of Now there is an entire blog dedictated to disagreeing with the exgay movement? Are they hateful too?

    Also notice that the exgay movement does not threaten gaywatch's creators with violence and rape or call it's posters "whores". The same cannot be said for people who disagree with Dirt. People in the exgay movement are more tolerant of people who disagree with them then the so-called "progressive" trans community who disagree with Dirt. Think about it.

    PS: "La,La,La" does not come across as a convincing arguement. If it is used to convey non chalance I think after the 5th or six time it loses it effectiveness.

  30. Trans 'men' talking about raping someone and calling women whores. Kettle meet pot! If these false men ever got sent to prison, we all know what would happen...

  31. a lot of misplaced anger and seems the blogger of this site is angry that society does not view her as another form of feminine/woman. But instead of attacking the cause of her problem (which is society and its narrow view of what is female), the blogger instead attacks those whom she views as working against her (very personal) cause. However, it would be more effective for the blogger to work with others striving to push butches into the mainstream, either through lesbian publications, movies, and music or documentaries, investigative journalism, etc.
    I feel bad for her, and if it weren't for the fact that (due to her strong use of profanity, and singular obsession with eradicating a particular group) I am a little scared of her, I would try to get closer to her so she can see lesbian life is beautiful when you avoid the negativity.

  32. "Now there is an entire blog dedictated to disagreeing with the exgay movement? Are they hateful too?"

    You logic is twisted. The exgay movement, assuming it does any kind of outreach towards gays, is informed by hate and cannot be held separate from the culture's hatred of homosexuality, and the self-hatred of ex-gays themselves. Gay people should be free to try to be straight, but asserting that others should follow the same path is ill-informed at best and full-on oppression at worst. The ex-gay movement is predicated on the position that being gay is unnatural, unhealthy, unproductive, self-destructive, and that gays are self-involved, underdeveloped or childlike. Sound familiar? Gays are fully justified in protecting themselves from this kind of "movement". The very idea that there is anything wrong with being gay is completely born of fear and hatred and perpetuated by religion. Or born of religion and perpetuated by hate-filled, judgmental individuals- either way. Similarly, the culture really dislikes and distrusts transsexuals. Not only that, but it mocks us and considers us substandard humans. Whether it's because you don't understand us and so cannot be compassionate, you assume we are misled and do not truly know ourselves, project your own social or physical discomforts onto us, or consider us victims, it's all informed by the same hatred. Any attempt to discredit, re-define, or disrespect our identities is informed by the same hatred and disgust. And since you keep asserting, Canadian, that we refuse to be questioned or challenged-sure, you can question our lives, identities and transitions all you want, just as ex-gays are free to question the validity, nature, benefit of gay lifestyles. You can tell us it's "natural" and superior to not transition, but it smells like that "love the sinner, hate the sin" Christian bullshit. You can tell us it's because you "care" that we don't "destroy" ourselves, but it all sounds the same to us, and many of us have heard it before. Our mistrust for your motives is deeply ingrained. It's also justified, because you are wrong.

  33. i'm sorry but i just don't believe that dirt really has gotten rape threats from transmen.... dirt is fully of shit with everything else why not this?

  34. Wait... what would happen if a transman went to prison? I think he'd be sent to women's prison. It's a good question - which prisons do transsexuals go to? I mean I think they put the MTF's in the men's prisons?

  35. The Village IdiotApril 3, 2011 at 2:58 AM

    I don't know why it's so hard to believe Dirt would be getting rape threats. I've seen the way some trans people react to this blog and it's uniformly hateful and violent.

    Trans is hard to wrap my mind around. I have had trans friends and lovers who transitioned after we were no longer lovers, and frankly I think it's a mental illness. Your gender isn't something you can change. It's imprinted in every cell in your body.

    I think Dirt is passionate about wanting to prevent unnecessary surgeries the way people who believe abortion is murder are passionate about stopping abortion. I don't agree with them, but I understand why they are so committed to what they think.

    Whether you support the trans community or not, it is impossible to refute the fact that the number of trans surgeries has increased over the past couple of decades, and it can't all be attributed to the illusion that the medical industry is selflessly dedicating its resources to helping people with gender dysphoria. Bullshit. Doctors know they can rake in money cutting people's bodies up, and some of them are going to sign on to do it and follow the money.

    There is no way that a young woman in her late teens or even twenties can know for a fact how she is going to feel about her body and her gender the rest of her life. To have surgery then can be a horrible mistake. Have you trannies not read "Stone Butch Blues?" What if you wake up in your forties and you're balding and you've developed cancer from all the testosterone and your life is cut short? And you didn't even get a real dick that gets hard out of it--just a flaccid little pee tube--and that's only if you opted for the horribly painful and invasive bottom surgery.

    I don't see what Dirt is doing here as "hate." She's telling you things you don't want to hear. People who tell me I shouldn't be a lesbian don't necessarily hate me. Some of them genuinely care about me and honestly believe I'm living a wrong and sinful lifestyle. I can disagree with them without assuming they hate me.

    That's all I've got.

  36. This blog is 'transcaring' not 'transhating'. Dirt cares about the women who are shown here and who will go from the dysphoria-euphoria-dysphoria rebound all their life.
    Once, Monika Treut, the German director who did "Gendernauts", a very close transmales friend and supporter, among them Max Wolf Valerio, said "transition is not a joyride and you never reach the other side". Those are words of wisdom of a person who has filmed this trend since the late 70's so you know a veteran of the transcause....

  37. I wouldn't say Dirt is spreading hatred, her methods can be abrasive for sure, but maybe's there's some value in her stirring the pot as she does.

    Dirt's is the only blog I have seen on the internet that critically examines Trans stuff. There's probably more blogs like hers but if you look at the huge extent of trans presence/support websites/youtube channels on the internet (none of which question gender dysphoria) it doesn't even compare.

    I think everyone should be concerned (including trans people) about the surge of young females transitioning right now, it's epidemic in the LGBT community. Why not have critical blogs examining the reasons for this? What's so hateful about questioning gender dysphoria? I suffer from depression and sometimes friends question me about it, and usually i take on board things they say as well as explain things to them. Sure sometimes some of them don't understand but i don't think that's"hateful" of them or they're "mental illness phobic" or anything, if I jumped to that conclusion it would just be silly.

    If you're going to get immediately defensive then you obviously haven't thought about this enough. I wish more in the trans community and more people in solidarity with trans people would share intelligent well rounded feminist perspectives about this instead of being overly defensive or dismissive. For sure you could say that about the other side too. We all need to stay on topic more.

  38. Im trans and i dont find this blog offencive... its 1 blog, with a tiny following, and not to mention it simply dosnt relate to me whats so ever, why would i find it offencive?
    If i know shes wrong (atleast about me) i have no reason to be angry.
    calm down people its just one silly lezbos opinion.

  39. To anon at 10.39, go back and actually READ Dirt's essays...

    This is getting absurd beyond belief now, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the IQ's here are below 70....this is phenomenal and quite frightening. Actually READ the essays.

    Until I see a trans person write an essay anywhere near as logically sound and intelligent as Dirt's (Just look at Dirt's rival Squirt, a clear example of just how low and juvenile the intelligence of the opposition is), then Dirt is 100% correct in all she says. If you wish to disprove Dirt's very logical theory, please put forward your own 'brilliant' theories (and no, a simplistic 'because we just are' theory won't hold up)....but if the Squirt blog is anything to go by, it's no wonder at all why they just don't understand Dirt's theory. The gap in intellect couldn't get any wider or more obvious. Dirt's theory is fortified with an immense wealth of information, philosophy, psychology, social studies, historical reference and pure logical soundness. The opposition's defense looks something like this '...........'

    I've got nothing against trans people, but if you want to disprove Dirt's logic, you can only fight logic with logic. Put forward your theories. But a theory is not simply a personal opinion, a theory is a logically based, near scientific approach tht is difficult to disprove.

  40. Oh, I see we're into the habit of deleting comments and censoring opinion. How telling.

  41. 8:08
    If you dont mind, i am Trans, i am dyslexic, i cant tell the time on a clock face, i cant put names to faces and i am terrible at math. yet i have an IQ of 125 and i have been tested twice, what does IQ really have to do with anything?

  42. What does IQ have to do with anything? Everything. How intelligent a person is dictates whether they are able to percieve a good theory from a bad one, a good choice from a bad choice or even fully understand the complex factors that shape what they are or what they become.

    IQ is innate human intelligence and a demonstration of logical thinking, no one has to be a rocket science or mathematician to have a high IQ.

    I didn't say trans people are stupid by the way, I said that the comments from the opposition here happen to be all empty and one dimensional and I see no one 'fighting' Dirt's theory in an inteeligent way.

    If you want to cut yourself with surgery, go right ahead, it's your choice. But don't try and say that Dirt's theory is garbage because it isn't. If you want to choose to transition, fair enough, but at least have the decency to concede that at least some of what Dirt proposes was a factor in your decision.

    Even in understanding the factors involved, some may choose to transition anyway. Fair enough. Just don't try to say 'I was born in the wrong body and society had nothing to do with my psychological state'.

    Anyone even remotely intelligent knows that the power of socialisation and conformity and life experience is such that no child could exist in today's world and not be shaped by it or have their brains or internal beliefs physically structured by it. Even a very young child of 2 is able to be subtlely influced by the outside world and percieve that boy's equal masculinty and girl's femininity. That can lead to very early feelings of being 'transgender' that appear natural but are not.

  43. People can say 'I felt like a boy' and I'm not saying you didn't. You did. But understand, that even at a very young age, the human brain is able to shaped by the world it percieves and a 2 year old is intelligent enough to see that boys are masculine and girls are feminine and they will deduce from their natural masculinity - 'I should be a boy', or 'I am a boy'. That is what a simple child's brain will deduce and that will shape it's psychological development from then on. So much of what is thought of as natural human nature is constructed by life experience, that's what I'm saying.

    The process can appear entirely natural, but it isn't. It's shaped by what you have been seeing and hearing and being exposed to in every facet of society since the day you were born.

  44. We all understand that Dirt spends time to get her essays up. I agree squirts blog isn't good. He is going about it all wrong, he shouldn't be attacking dirt but refuting what she says. You really can't say the trans guys comments lack intelligence. When almost every comment on here lacks intelligence. Dirt's posts appear intelligent but when she responds back to people in comments there is lack of intelligence present. It might be because no one has time to sit here and write a fully thought out comment. I don't have the time either so my comment will lack substance. I do hope I got my main point across though.

  45. Agree and disagree, i do not believe that the “male” and “female” brain is the same, i do not believe it is 100% society that makes the gender, i do not believe if you bring a male up to be female that he will identify as female when he is older. I believe that genders do have roles and nature clearly shows this, there are many animals where specific genders have specific roles.
    next, environmental influences ARE natural, that is exactly how animals evolve and adapt. Every part of us mentally and physically are a result of environmental influence.
    If we can have intersexed people in body, why not in mind? It seems perfectly reasonable.
    Either way, you, and I, simply don’t know, we do not know enough about the human mind to answer any of these questions, and you would be naive to believe we do. It still doesn’t answer why trans people are more susceptible to these external influences than others. Your not reaching a conclusion, your just creating more questions.

  46. sorry anon 9:10
    i did respond to you, but my comment seems to have been deleted.
    you know, "trans silencing" and all that jazz.

  47. @Anon April 3, 2011 1:03 AM

    You totally missed the point of my post. I guess using the example of the site that disagrees with the exgay movement kinda went over your head...sorry about that.

  48. you really got my hopes up. Too bad.

  49. @ Anon 9:17 AM "...even at a very young age, the human brain is able to shaped by the world it percieves and a 2 year old is intelligent enough to see that boys are masculine and girls are feminine and they will deduce from their natural masculinity - 'I should be a boy', or 'I am a boy'."

    This doesn't explain why an unremarkable, androgynous-behaving child goes on to have persistant cross sex identification? I respect that extreme tomboys and butch women get so much shit and subliminal messages about being 'like men' it must screw with their heads. Personally I cant say whether I possess natural masculinity, I dont even know what it means in my mid twenties, let alone as a toddler.

    btw, I'm not convinced by the 'wrong body' school of thought either. I'm willing to accept that I might have a run of the mill psychotic mental illness - to me theres no shame in that.

  50. No need to be a condescending twit, Canadian. It's not so much that your point was missed, it's that you don't have one. Your example of the ex-gay movement inadvertently provided me with an excellent example of how aligned you are with the ex-gay movement in your policing of other's identities and lives. Sorry about that, but you walked straight into that one. Furthermore, you have ONCE AGAIN been unable to address my arguments and must rely upon questioning my intelligence. Do I really need to roll out my IQ here? Don't make me do it.

    I looked into the ex-gay movement and found startling similarities with the anti-trans movement. I also found support websites to help protect gay, lesbian, bi, and TRANS people from those who wish to change us or convince us that we are not who we say we are. To protect trans people from the likes of you, Canadian. Again, you may question us all you like but it ultimately will not change who we are and will lead you further into the trans discussion than you may want to go. Maybe you should try asking yourself every day what your true motives are for being so interested in the trans thing. After a few years, your "arguments" will wither in comparison to the realization of the magnitude of your personal obsession with us. I have to wonder why a person would be so personally invested in tearing us down, assuming you are so happy with your own life and female identity...

  51. Hey, bitch! I'm a transgenderguy, and I hate you because you are lesbian. Lesbians are actually just transgenders who are too scared to go the whole way, right? ;)I hate all lesbians!!!!

    (Not more true than the tings you are saying)

    Stop making hate, that's just stupid. You're making enemies. And if you keep doing that, I think closing the blog is the only right thing to do, because the only thing you're doing is making enemies, and the chance of voilence can and will grow quite big.

  52. @Daniel: why are you reading this blog? You are not the target audience. This blog is for the l community members who are questioning their identity/gender. If you have already transitioned, it is not relevant for you to read it. Go outside, get some fresh air my dear.

  53. @Anon April 3, 2011 6:39 PM

    " Furthermore, you have ONCE AGAIN been unable to address my arguments and must rely upon questioning my intelligence."

    Pot meet kettle, your long rambling screed on the ex gay movement completely ignored my arguement that a site can be focused on one issue and not be critical so it was you who avoided my arguement.

    "To protect trans people from the likes of you, Canadian. Again, you may question us all you like but it ultimately will not change who we are and will lead you further into the trans discussion than you may want to go. Maybe you should try asking yourself every day what your true motives are for being so interested in the trans thing."

    Not quite really sure how my 100 or so posts on this site pose such a threat to the trans community that is so sure about the rightness of it's cause. Have I threatened violence against anyone? What threat do I that trans people need to be protected from?

    I love your threat that I should not question you, because I might find out something about myself and this from the person who complains that I never answer their arguements. Accussing someone of having an issue themselves is avoidance of the highest order. You keep harping on the point that questioning trans issues is fruitless, is that your way of trying to convince yourself?

    BTW it is really bad form to accuse someone else of being condescending and then brag about your IQ in the next sentance.

  54. i just want to tell all the people who asked trans people for their own theories. well here it is: i am a transboy and i am trans for the same reason gays are gays and lesbians are lesbians, i was born this way, i will never feel right in a woman's body.

  55. @Canadian-bragging about my IQ would mean actually letting people know what it is. I think my response is appropriate given the accusation that trans people are just stupid, don't you?

    I see your point that a site can be focused on one issue and not be critical, but this ISN'T THAT SITE. This site is a magnet for some *really* crazy sounding people with unresolved issues to come together and hate on ftm's. This site is not about protecting women or uplifting butches. 98% of the posts are about us transmen. Do you think it's a random coincidence that a bunch of people who struggle with their own gender get together here to make ugly assertions about ftm's? Why have you not addressed my points about so many women who do NOT suffer from gender identity disorder? Will they transition too, just to gain male power? What about all the strong women who respect and accept transmen, understanding that it's outside their experience?

    How do you feel about being aligned with the ex-gay movement? Sure, you don't have actual power to affect us, but you put forth your views and arguments here as though they have some validity. You seem to feel as if we need to justify our existence to you, which is kind of funny in a sad way. Anyway, just because I recognize that the racist views of a white hick come from an ignorant and powerless place, does not mean I will stand idly by and let a person perpetuate those views, if I have an opportunity to express a different view.
    Yes, I think you do have issues yourself. I have never encountered a person with such a consistently rancid attitude towards a group of people which doesn't affect them personally. If we are affecting you personally, I think you do have issues. I've talked honestly and openly about my reasons for transition. I embrace my entire self-female born, male appearing. I am still not sure which "arguments" you have made that I was supposed to take seriously.

  56. ANON @ 12:48

    It's clear from your comments that you don't really read much into the comments made by others on this blog.
    Most of the butch identified women that follow this blog & regularly comment- thought at one point in their lives that they were "born in the wrong body".
    Most of the commenters also never ever perpetuate violence in any way, shape or form, let alone hate of any kind.

    Is it hard to grasp that we have maybe "been there, felt that"- that humans in general are really not all that unique.

    We are here to share our stories and life experience to those who have also questioned their gender/how their sex is displayed to society- and show that hey, I too, felt like I was born to be a boy, but as I aged and matured and accepted the fact that society has pressured me to feel like the only validation I can get with how I feel internally is to transition- WE GET IT. We have felt it.

    We are here to show that there can be another option besides actually forcing our bodies medically to be something they were not naturally made to be. We are here to show that with WORK- (both physically and most importantly mentally)- that GID and body dsyphoria can be overcome without permanently changing our bodies, but changing our perceptions.

  57. "WE GET IT. We have felt it. "

    NO YOU DONT, if you did you would know that other people have rights too to make their own personal decisions. it may not to be natural for you, (Hormones & surgeries) but its very natural for other people.

  58. There is nothing "natural" about harming the body, nothing.

    There is also nothing "natural" about trying to fix mental problems by harming the body.


  59. @JJ - well said.

    Once again it baffles me how this goes over the heads of FTM's.


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