Can poetry describe this?

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The relationship between women and poetry, particularly in the 20th century, drew a profound and unique synthesis between women, poetry and the inevitable third link in the chain: politics. My door to modern women's poetry was flung open 20 years back with Russian poet Anna Akhmatova's Requiem. Much later, I realised, the epigraph of that poem stands today as a poignant reminder for all poetry of the 20th century which stood up to the almost impossible challenge of naming the unnameable during times of horror.

...Faced by the dense vacuity of an indescribable situation, the poet raises her head to uphold her power of language, and through it, her craft. When the machination of power turns people faceless and non-existent, the poet is an affirmation of eyes, an assertion of presence, the sole hope for language faced with extinction. Like Fredrico Garcia Lorca, Bertolt Brecht and Osip Mandelshtam, Akhmatova was a witness to barbarism. The same "machination" creating the "barbarism" against females you all witness here daily.

...The women who stood before the Leningrad prison were victims of Stalinist purges. They were mostly mothers, waiting in vain for their sons to be released, as the megalomania of a suspicious leader kept imprisoning Russian youths to terrorise them into becoming unthinking accomplices of tyranny. The fortitude with which Russian mothers faced a dehumanised, totalitarian regime that went berserk in the name of human progress, documents a unique moment in 20th-century history.  Trans trenders are not merely "unthinking accomplices" of patriarchy, these women work at "becoming" patriarchy in the "name" of "progress".

...Asian women poets in the last century have also responded admirably well to repressive/religious thought-regimes. Pakistani poet Kishwar Naheed titled a poem, We sinful women, which struck at the roots of religious morals with a rebellious discordance. The assertion of sinfulness was also a negation - the power to refuse the archetypal image of the morally submissive, patriarchally virtuous woman; to say 'No' to the diktat which effaces a woman's face with the same impunity with which it effaces the distinction between civilisation and barbarism. Nowhere more than through the act of transition does the female accede to patriarchy's "archetypal image" of the female as "submissive". By submitting to patriarchy's strict notions of what a female is capable of as a female and can be as a female, the female transitioner upholds the female as limited in her natural state as well as weak, frail and delicate. The female transitioner has lost her power and courage to "say NO".

To turn a woman's face into a private organ is to violently fetishise the body and forcibly throw it into two divided realms: one, of public obscurity, and two, of private consumption. Female transition accomplishes both.

...The fear of a woman's freedom has driven all the holy texts of the world to deny her the right to be free. In every holy text, man is the surreptitious first person (sometimes as an accomplice of god or as god itself), and man alone the second person to whom the text is primarily meant for and addressed to, while women are incorporated and addressed as outsiders. It shows how the grammar of all holy texts is politically designed by men to relegate women into a position of discursive subordination, which translates into cultural stereotypes and social marginalisation. Female transitioners seek to escape female "marginalisation" through "subordination", this ultimate act of female submissiveness belies any "feminist" rhetoric that comes from the trans community. Transition isnt a feminist act, it is the end of feminism.

In texts like the Manusmriti, the question of women is relegated to the classification of essence according to roles assigned to them. What makes those texts sinister and violent is how each role is affixed according to the moral prison-house that men have designed regarding how women should behave before male eyes. The bravest thing a female can do in this world is to rail against that "prison-house". 

The story of Akhmatova and the mothers in the prison queues in Leningrad is terribly ironical. It proves, however, that women cannot be forcibly mirrored into the masculinist surplus - even of a revolution.  Female transitioners are fast becoming the ultimate in "masculinist surplus", if a new feminist ethic isnt put in place soon, females submitting to trans trending will insure a never ending supply of "masculinist surplus" in the near future. Fitting in has never been more dangerous for females than right now! Whether fitting into hyper feminine roles or submissively trying to escape hyper femininity through female transition, in the end both seek to kill the soul of woman.



  1. Anonymous 11:37,

    No it is not.

    MTFs exist because of the fetishization of "woman" as something a man can own and possess completely.

    It further proves Dirt's point - that to the male medical machine, woman is something artificial, to be destroyed or put on at will. Male gender roles under patriarchy are rigid too, a man preferring to wear a dress does not, however, cause him to become a woman.

  2. Transition is mostly a quick fix type of thing. In the long run (I'm talking 30, 40+ years down the line) All that you have convinced yourself of believing will come crashing down and it will be ugly. A lot of transitioners really do believe that one day (somehow) they will fully be male, and this is just not the case, plain and simple.

  3. 1:09
    would you like to point me in the direction of some of those people that beleive they will become a 100% biological male?
    lol cmon, dont be silly, trans men and women know they will never have the body they will truly want, but that doesn’t matter! they have taken that step to be a bit more comfortable in themselves. Alot of people have it alot worse than transmen and they soldier on just the same.
    if your born with no nose or ears, what, you should just respect the body you were born with?
    sure that prophetic nose isn’t a real nose, That wig isn’t real hair, that glass eye isn’t a real eye, hell, those fake boobs aren’t real boobs, but hey, it makes a difference! What, they shouldn’t do these things just because they’re not actually real? What exactly is your point?

  4. prosthetic*
    sorry, my english is not the best lol

  5. Anonymous 1:06

    Figures that you'd be an anti-feminist misogynist.

    Go ahead and screencap my comment. I stand by what I said.

  6. Oh really, Anonymous 1:44?

    By the way could you anonymous folks at least choose a temporary name?

    When I look around me at the world, I see women oppressed worldwide. We are not even paid equal salaries in the West. Rape and sexual abuse of women is an epidemic, domestic abuse too - women's shelters are overflowing. All major religions (except for Buddhism, I would argue) are grossly patriarchal. In the rest of the world - female genital mutilation - stoning of female rape victims - China's unwanted female babies -

    it is no wonder that some women develop self-hatred. we all want to be human, and under patriarchy, only men are given fully human status.

    so trans theory comes along, because it benefits the men who want to take on a stereotypically female gender role.

    self-hating women see a way out - you can become a man! perhaps not consciously, but subconsciously, it is a better option than keeping the hated female form.

    a good example of this is modern Iran, where homosexuals are sentenced to DEATH, unless they have gender reassignment surgery and live in a pseudo-heterosexual marriage situation.

    things here are not as dire as they are there, but misogyny is still rife in our culture.

    it was only 1929 when women were declared legal 'persons' by the Commonwealth, thanks to a lifetime of legal agitation by a few brave women.

    I am so passionate about this subject because I see women literally committing suicide over this - they can't escape their own self-hatred, and they are subject to bodily mutilations that solve nothing in the long-term.

    Especially tragic is that what freedom we have today was bought by tremendous sacrifice on the part of brave women in our past - and you are using this freedom to destroy yourselves, and you can't even see that this ideology is misogynistic and destructive..

    and again, you're going to write me off as crazy, but I will still try. if I can help even one person, I will be happy.

  7. wonderful comments Lily

  8. "if your born with no nose or ears, what, you should just respect the body you were born with?
    sure that prophetic nose isn’t a real nose, That wig isn’t real hair, that glass eye isn’t a real eye, hell, those fake boobs aren’t real boobs"

    That's not a good comparison. It has nothing to do with being trans at all. Crossing the sexes and being born without a nose or ears? Trans guys are not born with certain male physical attributes because they are female bodied. Being disabled at birth like that doesn't make you trans. Plus trans guys aren't saying they are doing cosmetics to look good.feel good but to ease pain because it is damn near life or death living in the body that they naturally have. I haven't heard any female be that upset about her breasts to the point of suicide where implants would relief her inner pain. I don't know all women but I just haven't heard about it. Either way that would be a terrible situation for this woman.

  9. Anon @11:24pm

    I don't think it's a matter of this thread being censored so as to appear one-sided. I think it is a matter of trying to keep the comments with substance and which actually are relevant to the topic.

    Dirt has posted an accurate thread topic about how poetry and literature was and in many ways still is, the only way women could have a voice or be heard in a society where they had no value. This was the 'Room of One's Own' that Virginia Woolf accurately described.

    FTM's then post ridiculous and inaccurate personal statements as replies that do not even address the point Dirt is making and which only serve to act as material testament to the fact that they don't understand what she is talking about in the first place. Their comments show that they don't comprehend what is being dicussed ... and the fact that they don't understand, only shows that what is informing their transitioning are the reasons Dirt is trying to highlight!

    This makes the so called 'discussion' go around in circles until there is no real discussion at all. I commend Dirt on deleting the same old rhetoric that FTM's who post on here put forth. Not only is it annoying but it tends to make other readers of this blog, like myself, truly question the intellectual maturity of those who transition or are thinking of doing so.

    Granted there are some comments on here by self-identified FTM's that are articulate and show that on the whole they are intelligent poeple, ... but I haven't read one that creates a rational argument which would make me think "Oh, I see ... that makes sense."

    As such, unless you are addressing the view that Dirt is putting forth with a clear and rational objection that one can reflect on and frame around reality and logic then, DON'T POST HERE and you won't be deleted. This is the only way for a discussion to actually take place.

    Seriously, unless you can say transitioning is not informed by patriarchy and this is why ....


    Transitioning is not misogyny and this is why .....

    Then comments that are just rhetoric or personal feelings are not part of these type of dicussions!

    And Lilly - everything you wrote is spot on. This is a very important issue. If young girls want to do this to their body then so be it, in a personal capacity this doesn't affect me. But don't call yourself a man and threaten my choices as a woman, or any other woman for that matter. Every time a young girl starts 'transitioning' .... (or poisoning is a better term because what exactly is the transition to?) .... she narrows the notion of what a woman should be or can be. The fact that this trend is steeped in so much immaturity, naivety and disrespect makes it very, very sad.

  10. @7:51
    Actually, i wasnt directly comparing being trans to those things, im guessing you didnt read my comment close enough.

    which leaves the rest of your comment to fall flat on its face so im not going to bother reading the rest of it.


    at 2:23 "feelings are feminine and we are men"

    No comment!

    Is a female to robot transition?

  12. Anonymous April 16, 2011 4:28 AM

    I did read your comment unlike you who figured the rest was way off and anti-trans. You made the comparison inadvertently. You're point was people should be able to do what makes them feel better in themselves in their body--surgically (trans people and non-trans people). Understandable. But the reasonings BEHIND the surgeries is what varies and that's what is being discussed here.


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