Trans Trending-Who Is Transitioning

More female victims on the misogyny informed trans chopping block.



  1. What is disturbing is they look so young. It is sad to see young women already mired in such self-loathing that they would choose to become "men".

  2. No one chooses to become men just like no one chooses to be gay or straight. People choose to discriminate!

  3. Oh please!
    Like it just 'happens?'
    Do people honestly think that these kids are men just because they say that they are?
    Massive Group Delusion.

  4. why is trans always compared with gay?
    i'll never understand that.
    and, 6:05, do you have any explanation for the thousands upon thousands of recent 'errors' in the womb (if that's your theory)?

  5. Fuck You Dirt!!!! Your so going down you fucking cunt. I do got a fucking question for you tho whore. You bash ftms but have you looked in the fuckin mirror!?1? I mean for fucks sake if that's a woman your fucked up just kill yourself.

    1. Classy Ryan. Showing your true colors. You are self serving and phony. Its 2014. Ever had a real job working with real people? You charge for "helping" the trans community. Your music is self published and you'll never be the rock star you pretend to be. Oh and you're arrogant beyond measure. Ill give ya $200 to have the nerve to try out for Idol. You wouldn't make it to Hollywood thats for sure. You are all smoke and mirrors trying to make a career of being trans. I spit at your feat.

  6. I don't blame them at all for wanting to escape the misogyny and girly girl crap that women are supposed to just deal with.

    Trouble is, most of them don't have the mad acting skills to pull off being "men" for the next 40 years of their lives. They'll end up confessing to everyone and anyone who gets close to them. That actually makes them not-men curiosities and momma's girls.

    And the only people who are going to put up with their asses are lesbians. Better hope they like hangin' around with them gals, cause the boys won't have 'em and there's only about 2 trans groupies to share amongst every 400 of these trenders.

  7. I disagree- I think the opposite is true; only men will want them, to put their dicks in. Why would lesbians want to be with hairy-bodied bald-headed women?

  8. Ryan you're clearly a genius!
    What are women supposed to look like, pray tell?

  9. Why would lesbians want to be with hairy-bodied bald-headed women?

    Because we're women and we feel sorry for them and think we have to take care of them and make space for them. We feel responsible. Men just point and laugh (or fuck them, you're right about that).

  10. "Maybe some women prefer a guy with a vagina"

    Being a woman and a bisexual one. having dated FTM, I do consider there is a huge body difference between:
    whatever maybe the maturity of attitude or human values/quality of the person I have dated.
    Trans bodies are quite surprising because most of the time, you have a person with a muscular body, facial/body hair, baldness so hug sign of masculinity but no dick.
    And we are not used culturally to f* or love such a body.
    My personal tastes make me more keen to love non hairy bodies and I don't like baldness (which I link to old people). I have a crush on women and on asian guys (or any guy who does not look like a gorilla). Sexually, I am not satisfied by transguys because their bodies arouse you with males attributes but at the end, pants opened, you don't have the most interesting parts (the dick, the balls) so either you end up being fucked with a plastic prosthesis (which is quite different from males flesh dick) or you end-up fucking vaginally (and sometimes anally or both) the transguy. I have nothing against it but it certainly does not bring me pleasure or even more orgasm.

    I would be interested to know what kind of women like hairy body with a vagina?

  11. "Because we're women and we feel sorry for them and think we have to take care of them and make space for them. We feel responsible. Men just point and laugh (or fuck them, you're right about that)."

    Irony alert

  12. Dirt, would you kindly elucidate how posting such pictures can help reduce misogyny?

  13. it's quite sad. all this butch-flight. i'm a dyke that loves masculine women, yet all my handsome butches are really disappearing.
    I've dated both.
    biggest difference = maturity.
    transguys seem like perpetually stuck in the whole obsession of transition- obsession of self and their own body. too obsessed to even have much of a real, adult, not all about them, relationship.

  14. Anon@8:02,

    Actually very few Butch females transition.

    And Butches arent "masculine", the only masculine females are those on T.

    Butch body's are as feminine as any other woman's, that we carry that feminine body differently does not in any way make that body "masculine". It is these narrow minded constant myths that help create and maintain Butch Shame as well as leading females into transition.


  15. What exactly is the definition of butch as used in this blog?

  16. Ryan,

    Seriously? First of all telling Dirt to "look in the mirror" and insinuating that she herself is FtM is... Just.. Really? That is the weakest argument someone could possibly use against her. I'm not on her "side" at all and I disagree with 99% percent of her posts pertaining to FtMs, but I typically just keep quiet - I really only read the blog for the drama.

    You make FtMs look reeeeealll shitty. Just sayin'. All you're doing by acting like a child is further proving some points that Dirt makes. I suggest you shut up, PLEASE, and stop saying terrible shit like you wish she'd kill herself. Again, I'm not a fan of her at all, but that's fucked up and unnecessary. She isn't Hitler for christ's sake.

    Don't be an imbecile.

  17. Ryan,

    I agree with the above commenter. It's particularly embarassing coming from you, seeing as you're in the public eye much much more than most FTMs. Really, you're making yourself look bad, not to mention trans people in general.

  18. In all fairness, I can name myself Kate Bornstein or Bob Marley or Sigourney Weaver and my name's connotations would carry into my comments.

    As much as I disagree with Dirt, I find the comments hilarious. Whether it's a radical feminist or an FTM, both never carry their points beyond that of "I disagree! Therefore I am right!"

    In the end, nobody is right and we're all on this planet together, might as well make the best of it. I'm not saying get used to the patriarchy taking over- just that both sides could use a heavy does of Critical Thinking 101.

    People have feelings, whatever they may be it's foolish to invalidate them- be it radical feminist or FTM. The point of feminism is respect for all- equal treatment for all people possessing a vagina be it male, female, or neither.

    Dirt can never say anything without putting FTMs down, and the really stupid FTMs come here to declare how much Dirt needs to die. Sure, Dirt brought it on, but FTMs, the world isn't shit and sunshine and I'm sure Dirt has her share of discrimination too. Sure, fight oppression- but there's a difference between actually going out to make a change in the world and arguing on the internet to fellow mentally-ill troglodytes.

    And fuck no, I'm not telling you my gender or anything beyond that. Might as well state I'm on the same level as the OP and say I'm a radical feminist butch lesbian. Even though it's not true.But hey, whatever gets the most bites, right?

  19. Liz-

    oh wise one who has mass loads of critical thinking 101 skillz- please tell us:

    what causes transexuals? are they born with it? is it a mental disorder? is it GID? is it that so many expectations are placed on how females should act and look like by society?

    or should we all just not care? and just treat, treat away?

    how is it that suddenly there's this huge explosion of young ftm's? how is it that at the same time the young butch lesbians are disappearing?

    people do have feelings- no shit.
    btw all people who have a vagina between their legs are female.
    male + female = biology sex
    maybe your critical thinking skillz are maxed out, but your science skillz could use some work.

    and by the way- um not a lot gets accomplished in this world if we just all throw up our hands and agree to just "make the best of it on this planet together".
    one could easily say the same to ftms- make the best of what your given on this planet.

  20. The ftm on the middle right says she changed her mind about tranifying and went to the doctor to tell them, and they increased her T dose! She said she decided to ignore her feelings and go with the doctor's orders.

  21. middle right's last video:

    see mark 7:30:
    "I don't think I've been honest with a single medical provider this entire time I've been seeking transition and transitioning..."

  22. Ryan Cassata,

    I've seen a bunch of your comments on this blog and am more and more ashamed with every one. You are doing an INCREDIBLE disservice to the transgender community. You sound utterly ridiculous, not to mention absurdly unintelligent, and as a fellow trans-identified person, I'm embarrassed.

    Insulting Dirt gets you and everyone else no where. And I'm positive that many other people feel this way. Cut it out, please.


  23. and by the way- um not a lot gets accomplished in this world if we just all throw up our hands and agree to just "make the best of it on this planet together".
    one could easily say the same to ftms- make the best of what your given on this planet.

    I didn't say "throw up our hands". I think people are doing the exact opposite- which explains why Americans don't wage a war on AIDS in Africa and instead go for countries with oil and money where the shares are. I didn't say that people had to make do with what they had to the extent of never doing anything to their bodies- if that was true, then I'd be a pro-lifer against birth control, and C-sections and tattoos, ear piercings, etc. when that's really not the case. I support whatever a person wants to do to their body, period. Women's bodies have been politicized for so long that there's really no point in trying to police them. If you want the right to be a butch, be butch. If you want to transition to another gender, go ahead. If you want to be femme/andro/genderqueer/anything, that's alright. Stereotypes have to be smashed, anywho.

    You're poking holes in an argument that doesn't exist in an attempt to pull yourself up.

    The terminology "FtM" already implies that the person was Female Assigned At Birth (FAAB). Most FTM prefer to be identified with male pronouns. Therefore, I say "People with vaginas" in order to include FtM. transgendered individuals because not all have had hysterectomies and some can even give birth. If FtM are indeed a neuter gender as some posters have stated above, and that there's still past they can't ignore, the sane ones understand this yet transition anyway because it's a choice they made for themselves.

    I agree that on the internet it's far too pervasive and the youtube videos/tumblr blogs are everywhere, but to say that all FtM are doing it as a trend and are falling victim- that's subjective. I don't think Dirt is making any difference with this because she's not being a good role model for young people and instead resorting to cyberbullying. It would be far more productive if she wrote positive stories about being butch and how wonderful she finds it to be (more of them, anyway) instead of bashing other people, specifically FtM. I mean, it's her own prerogative but like the old saying goes, one attracts more bees with honey.

    Also, no butch lesbians are disappearing. At the lesbian bar I have been to, there were many, and no noticeably FtM people were there. My roommate was butch and dated other butch women. I hold my many butch friends in this small city dear to me. The local FtM group here only has maybe twenty people, two of whom who actually transitioned and the others try very hard to "make do" because there may be factors that prevent them (losing custody of children). So one can identify as FtM but never really undergo physical transition. It's a mindset just as much as being butch and both are separate identities.

    So I really don't see the point. Women have their identities policed enough without other women sniping at them. When I say we have to live together, I don't mean decimate the other side and claim all for ButchLesbianLand.

  24. @Liz March 31, 2011 7:27 PM

    "I didn't say that people had to make do with what they had to the extent of never doing anything to their bodies- if that was true, then I'd be a pro-lifer against birth control, and C-sections and tattoos, ear piercings, etc. when that's really not the case."

    To compare Transitioning to minor cosmetics really misses the point.
    People are removing perfectly healthy tissue and taking T because they perceive that they were borne in the wrong body. It is the REASONS why people feel they have to alter their bodies so radically to fit their perceptions that is at issue.

    "I support whatever a person wants to do to their body, period. Women's bodies have been politicized for so long that there's really no point in trying to police them. If you want the right to be a butch, be butch. If you want to transition to another gender, go ahead. If you want to be femme/andro/genderqueer/anything, that's alright. Stereotypes have to be smashed, anywho"

    Transitioning does nothing to smash stereotypes, but it does alot to reinforce them. To link the right to transition to other battles such as abortion again misses the point of the reasons around transitioning. To make the comparison, women don't abort fetuses because they think they are not pregnant...they KNOW they are pregnant..people who transition are fundementally at war with their bodies mainly because of their (mis) perceptions of gender roles.

    Question: If you support ther rights of people to do what they will with their bodies, do you support anorexics starving themselves, BIID sufferers having limbs removed or abortion for the purposes of sex selection?

  25. Dear Dirt, a new collab channel for FTM has been created:

    Please note the strict copyrignt policy in the description of the channel.

    Saying so, it is a mine to see mid-term effect of T. Or why mature women do transition.

  26. I have quite a lot of experience when it comes to online copyright i.e. Youtube etc. It's a very grey area, a massive minefield.

    A warning to my fellow trans people, once you have uploaded something to Youtube it is no longer your exclusive property. Sorry about that. If you don't want people using it, don't upload. Simple. And... it never goes away. Is that what you want as your legacy?

    Dirt, you also have no reason to act like it's your right to take these images as you will... Videos uploaded to Youtube become the property of Google. Technically, it's their copyright you're infringing, and if they were to pursue complaints from users it's Google you end up answering to. And by the look of it, they could have a lot of complaints.

    Both sides are treading very thin ice here. The trans community are naive and Dirt is just ignorant. No winners here.

  27. @Anon April 1, 2011 8:13 AM

    Actually, you don't have it right either.

    The post below makes some points

    1)Once a user posts something to you tube, the user in effect is granting rights to other users to user the video "as they see fit".
    Meaning screenshots can be taken.
    This inlcudes material that the user has copyrighted.

    2)Videos DO NOT become the property of google. Users GRANT permission to use the video...

    3)Goolge becomes involved when users post material to youtube which they do not have copy rights for like music videos...

    Can you cite the source of your information...

  28. just watched an anti-dirt youtube video

    these people are obviously too weak to take any criticism or even questioning

    they also think Dirt is like the only person in the world who thinks the huge numbers of youths transitioning is stupid and tragic

  29. oh I forgot the link

  30. @April 1, 2011 10:54 AM

    The guy who did the anti-Dirt video, Kris is the "guy" who owns

    As it is a small world...,he is also a friend of the actual girlfriend (they are both swedish speakers) of the transguy Dirt pictured recently in the TmatesFTM stuff: see there ;)

    Of course Kris describes the other transguy (who apparently behaved like a pig with his previous gf read the whole post serie) as a "poor victim" as usual :P...That is all they have to sell: their small victim positioning. Is it male? I don't think so!

    By the way, Kris has a comprehensive presence on YouTube:
    1/ one channel for his transition called "MidgetToViking"
    2/ one channel for his gf Silvermaneuk
    3/ his gf Nicky does video on Tmates
    4/ and he created ItsAMansWorldFTM1 recently

    Not surprisingly, they are both unemployed.

    I think they deserve a whole article on Dirt blog :D lol


    2:03 : this transguy defines what is for him male gender role.

    According to his definition, I am a male :D!

  32. Don't want to ruin anybody's weekend, but Ayden and Kylie from YouTube's "FtMTranscode" have broken up - actually earlier than expected. Wish all of it wasn't so predictable and grotesque.

  33. see 6:45

    The "guy" who did the video above against DIRT is NOT EVEN A FTM (she is pre-everything even psychotherapist ;)

  34. @ April 1, 2011 1:55 PM

    She pushed him to transition, she used him to gain a fame as photographer from him and now he will have to come back to Tulsa alone facing his family on T pre-suregry so a monster. Thanks Kylie to have ruined a woman's life! Shame on you!

  35. Anon@ 11:55 - I need at least one cold beer before I even want to begin thinking about the connotations of an FtM calling herself "a midget to a viking."

  36. All these FTM videos are good for is a good laugh.

  37. Just the fact that it's called 'It's a Man's World' is offensive to me.
    There's a really pricky one named 'Brent'
    It's funny how the first thing 'he' said about his cats was that they're 'both girls'
    It's also funny when the FTMs still have their dykey tattoos

  38. Kris, the midget who dreams to be a Viking, in his video called "Vent" ( says something very stupid at 2:11 ( like "Dirt is targeting young people, with less experience who are not able to answer her...."

    So my message to this midget: if those kids are old enough to transition through hormon or mutilation, they are old enough to cope with different opinions and to protect themselves. Otherwise, something is pretty wrong.

    Stop pretending you are male while your are just sissy drama queens.

  39. True
    I remember a few years back finding an unlikely ally in the generally vulgar-to-me ftm 'porn star' buck angel
    'He' was trash-talking all these young kids asking people for handouts to pay for their surgeries and what-not, basically telling them if they want to be 'men' they'd best stop asking like little begging girls and work for what they want

  40. Excellent, they just talk about Dirt everywhere and great each others bcak so funny because they are in fact hopeless :)

    The message in the video is so childish :"Dirt, you are bad! You trashed TmatesFTM!"

    Is it a FTB transition?


    yeah this one thinks dirt is just jealous and wants to transition herself


    i guess they feel the same way about everyone who disagrees with them?

  42. In any case, Dirt hit them when she did those articles about TMatesFTM...Congrats Dirt!

  43. Dirt, do you plan to do a best of of the videos against you? I mean with the usual/classic speech they always say? It may be fun you know! At least to invite them to find new ideas!

  44. Revealing your plans for transition might have been funnier, Dirt.

    Alas, happy april fools.

  45. This blog has nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with transphobia...get over it dirt, you're losing- it's becoming more and more taboo everyday within feminist circles to be transphobic. so why don't you give up, and transition like everyone knows you really want to... there's no shame in admitting you're wrong.

  46. "so why don't you give up, and transition like everyone knows you really want to... there's no shame in admitting you're wrong."

    Crazy biggot cult members...Lesbians have the right to find the trans trend grotesque and tell what we think about it. It is not becoming more and more taboo because minority like us always spoke out. We will NOT silence our voices. So manage to the oppress the few lesbo you know next doors but we are many and will be more and more to show this trend is killing female bodied.

  47. No stable person ever transitions.

  48. @Anon at 1:34

    While I may not agree with Dirt on a vast majority of issues, telling her to transition because you think she really wants just stupid. It is rather obvious that she is butch, not a transguy. This really only fuels her thought that all transguys are the same; immature, rude, etc. This whole flinging mud at the other 'side' is really quite ridiculous. I really wish we could all just get along... :/

    On a side note. I am a transguy. I, however, am taking my time with transition, and plan to wait at least a year before I go changing my body permanently. Right now I am changing my appearance slowly; hair, binding, shopping in the guys section all the time, instead of most of the time. XD I am in therapy and want to make sure this is what I definitely want. (Which it is...but, I actually am a little afraid of taking T, cause I'm afraid of needles.....) But anyway! I wish more transguys would try to slow down and make sure that this is what they want for certain...

    I hope that made sense?

  49. ive known transmen and women who become stable after they transition... and it makes sense because more and more emerging science is showing that transwomen have a brain that morphologically female and transmen have a brain that is morphologically male. But of course none of that matters to dirt because if dirt gave the slightest amount of validity to the genders of trans people then dirt would have to find something else to blog about.

  50. ...oh and i refuse to use female pronouns when referring to dirt because dirt is obviously a self-loathing transdude... i kinda feel bad for the guy. life gets better when you come to terms with your own shit and stop caring what everyone else does.

  51. @Anon at 5:28

    And this is exactly why Dirt doesn't call us by male pronouns. Because obviously, we don't have enough respect for each other as human beings to be nice and civil, even if we disagree, to each other, so SHE refuses to respect our wishes.

    Also she could get into the argument that obviously we are self-loathing lesbians. Just think! If we were decently civil to her, she would have to be civil to us, or she would look like a jackass. Just like a majority of the transguys posting in here! :O SHOCK!

    That was a vaguely mean last maybe someone will get the point.

  52. I love how every transphobe I meet calls their hate "disagreeing", it's hate and everyone knows it... people who enjoy this blog belong to the KKK of the queer community... look in the mirror transphobes people who are truly comfortable with their own desires and expressions of gender and sexuality do not have any need to be bothered or concerned by dissimilar expressions and desires in others.

  53. @Anon at 6:40

    If that was directed at me, no thank you.

    If not, that vulgarity was not needed.

    Thanks, and have a nice night! : )

  54. Anon@ 5:25 - Transpeople don't never become stable after "transition."

    They go from dysphoria (before transition) - to Euphoria (usually a brief period when they begin to transition, getting those "changes") and then back to dysphoria when they realize it's not possible to change a female body to male, however you drug and mangle it.

  55. @Ryan Cassata

    Dirt has a right to her opinion. Do I think she expresses it in the most productive way? Absolutely not. But this is her blog and she has the right to express her own opinions regarding gender/transition/etc.

    That said, I find it incredibly distasteful for someone to come on here saying things like, "Just kill yourself." And profanity aside, it's pretty fucked up to argue that a group of people should have the right to self define while telling Dirt that her appearance isn't "acceptable" for someone who identifies as female.

    I think Dirt could put a little more effort into civil discourse, but comments like yours, Ryan, are completely uncalled for and do nothing to build a space for dialogue.

  56. Ryan Cassata is a terrible and disastrous mess. His intention is to discredit dirt yet his words affirm her statements not only about misogyny, FtM or otherwise, but also about the misogyny of our patriarchal society supposedly catalyzing "young women" to transition into "young men." I am using quote marks and purposefully ambiguous language because I do not want to get into any kind of battle at this time and strongly suspect that anyone, anywhere reading this has fully formed opinions that I cannot and will not change. That is fine. That is rad. Humans. Opinions. Standing ground. Believing strongly in something is positive in the context of discourse, always, even if that discourse is this controversial because it is DISCOURSE opening up new modes of thought, ideas, conversations, etc. Everyone can benefit from that even if it is at its most offensive because it jars new ways to think of ideas we already had--if we do not want to engage in new ideas or disagree with them, that is fine too. Thoughts are good.

    It is also rad/admirable/awesome/beacon-y that dirt has spent years upon years struggling with shame and emerged from that struggle feeling empowered, proud, whole, and intent to protect others from the shame she has felt herself and inspire them to find a wholeness in acceping/defining their own identity without seeking out the privilege to bolster it. Confidence, wholeness, all that. Great things.

    That said, I find the use of anonymous transitioning YouTube faces extremely inappropriate-Using anyone's face without their consent to demonstrate what is implied as self-imposed "freakishness" is an affront to the kids in those pictures, and kind of to humanity. (Again, purposefully ambiguous language.) Nothing could really make that okay. Most apt comparison I can think of is anti-smoking information; it is one thing to use pictures of folks smoking through a hole in their collective necks to emphasize that smoking will lead you to terrible health problems--and, such pictures are usually on stock because their subjects wanted to show the dangers of their choice to others. It's another to find a picture of some miscellaneous smoker whose yellow teeth and crow's feet you notice chatting away and using their face to point out their collective's physical deficits as you perceive them while asking your audience to look at how beautiful they could have been. Smoking and hormones are not the same thing, but the exploitation of peoples' physicality resonates.

    I've surely created an outcry by indirectly comparing transitioning to smoking, but the message is not the medium. The important part of the metaphor is that exploitation of the un-affronting to prove a point is not okay and genuinely dehumanizing. Point being, it would be appropriate to post a regretful ftm who feels disfigured in this context, but beyond that, such a display as "Trans Trending" is hurtful to the people dirt is trying to protect.

  57. gender is so passe'-
    you are completely wrong about the part wen you say "all people who have a vagina between their legs are famle" thats is totally incorrect i am a pre almost everything transguy and i still have a vagina but i am not a female i am male, as i will still be male once i get surgery. that comment you said was extremely wrong and offensive to trans people.


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