The Feminist Promise: 1792 to the Present

A wonderful review to what looks to be a spark to the corpse of feminism.

From the review:

A key subtext to The Feminist Promise, then, is its unmistakable cry for a revitalization of the language of sexual equality in the public sphere. Anyone who believes men and women are now mostly equal and doubts the need for such a revitalization should be directed to the following facts: The US has the weakest support network for mothers and children of any industrialized country; most families with children in poverty are still headed by single women; about 18 percent of American women have been victims of an attempted or actual rape; and about two million women are assaulted each year by a husband or boyfriend. While white women make 75 cents to a man’s dollar, African American women make 62 cents, and Latina women 53 cents. Although women have made strides in levels of education in 2007 the top three jobs for women were secretaries, registered nurses, and elementary and middle school teachers. African American women do not have equal access to sex education and birth control and have twenty-five times the HIV/AIDS rate of white women. To quote Stanford sociologist Paula England, the gender revolution has been “uneven and stalled,” and it has benefited some women more than others.


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