Topics Tuesday-What Informs Female Transition?

What do you feel are some of the prime factors informing female transitioners? Obviously the trans disorder develops through a combination of factors, just list those factors in and of themselves.

Possible examples: child sexual abuse, current society's extreme sexualization of females (at younger and younger ages), strict confining gender norms, lack of visibility of anything but the strict confining female gender norms...



  1. childhood sexual abuse
    body dysphoria
    a natural non-conformity to heteronormative ideals

  2. DD,

    I would say regarding your last factor that it is more of a need to feel "special" so they "queer" their heteronormativety.


  3. fuck you this is all bullshit

  4. This is bullshit. Disorder? Fuck you. You are one of the most non-accepting individuals I've ever come across. You're -not- helpful, you're part of the ugly half of society that pushes gender norms and homophobic/transphobic views.

  5. I was molested/raped from the time I was 5 until about 19. I knew even before then that I was a boy just like my brother. I know that what happened to me had anything to do with me as being trans.

    I don't think a young person is trans just because they don't want boobs or they want to look like a man. I looked like a man for years and passed. I was always small breasted which was a great thing for me. It still is, well until I have my top surgery anyways.

    I'm 38 and have been trans even way before we had youtube, computers for that fact.

    @Anon @ 7:55...That's real mature of you to say. Why not discuss the situation instead of cussing people out? Very immature!

  6. Well, special snowflake syndrome did occur to me, but I was thinking more of people who don't quite conform -- and so they begin to think that they "must" be a boy. I like baseball, I must be a boy. I like riding dirt bikes, I must be a boy, that sort of thing. B/C it is rare to find anything in the culture where girls enjoy these things and are still affirmed as girls.

    And then there is special snowflake syndrome.

  7. I absolutely hate you. I don't hate many people, but you... you I can hate with all of my being. You have no idea how transmen feel because you are not one. What gives you the right to harass them? You need to learn to love people and not hate them. Asshole.

  8. i'm glad this blog riles you 'guys' up
    there are very few places where you will hear differing opinions from those within your queer echo chamber
    or those from people so scared of offending your absurd created minority
    you know what's really bullshit? you- thinking you were 'supposed to be' born male- IT MAKES ZERO SENSE
    and anonymous 10:06? you need to learn to love people not hate them!

  9. (I tried to email you this, but it failed. I'm sorry if you get this twice.)

    I've seen you around the internet, and I figured this person would be of great interest to you. She's a female transitioner and a former friend of mine, but she frequently tried to scam me for money and talked about women being disgusting.
    Here's a few links I hope you will find helpful. her tumblr her deviantart is her youtube, where she spews made up things about FtM superiority. her ED, which as I send this is currently down. When it goes back up, it details the girls she's scammed and the animals she's abused. ED is generally over-exaggerated, but the information on hers was true.

    Her real name is Ayla Chisler, though she goes by various things (usually in Japanese). She also has several LiveJournals and Blogspots but I do not know what those URLs are.

    She is very confused about her gender, and claims to be male, but has no desire to pass as this gender or transition at all. However, she continues to shame females with her behavior and the things she says about herself, women, and other female transitioners.

    I bring this to you because, as I said, she is a former friend and tried to scam me. I fell for her FtM lies and bought her a binder, because I was told that she would pay me back by snailmail since she did not have a paypal. I never got the money, and I guess I deserved it because I did not look into her beforehand. I donated several dollars to her because she said she had dental bills.
    I became suspicious when she asked me to buy her a $600 doll from Korea, promising she would 'pay me back later'. I refused her and cut off all ties with her.

    She has several girl and boyfriends, and states she is in a polyamourous relationship with them all, but I spoke to one of her girlfriends on several occasions. She stated that Ayla would scream at and hit her if she wanted affection, and rarely paid attention to her except to borrow money or demand things from her (usually saying to get in the kitchen and make her food, a stereotypically misogynist male role of course), and Illiad (the girlfriend) said it was supposed to be a joke, but hurt far too much. She is afraid to leave this relationship because of "what Ayla will do to her", though she never said what that was.

    Please help me bring attention to this lying, woman-shaming scammer. I feel that this is my payment for all those that she has scammed, including me. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate this.

  10. I think the earlier adopters of the FTM trend (1980’s-1990’s) were more often from the lesbian community. Often they were butch women who felt discriminated against or misunderstood, even by other women in the lesbian community. Some of them were tired of fighting the social norms all the time, tired of harassment, tired of being mistaken for male all the time, etc. When I think about this group, I have a certain amount of understanding of what they were going through in their lives that would drive them to the point of transition. Although I personally never considered going the FTM route, I tried to understand why they would decide to do this. I think a lot of them were people who were concerned about how other people perceived them, people who were trying to get social acceptance.

    Then in the next decade or so, it became a big trend in places like the SF Bay Area, Seattle, and New York. At that point, there were more of the radical queer types jumping on the trans bandwagon: people like Pat Califia, Loren Cameron, etc. Some of it was due to equating butch with male, however, it was also during this timeframe that the people adopting the FTM trend were not necessarily hardcore butches- more the middle of the road types, even some towards the femme side of the spectrum. These folks thought they were bending gender, transforming into their true inner selves, and that type of thing.

    Now what we have is a full-blown FTM fad. In the past few years the FTM kids are getting younger and younger, some of them in their early teens. There isn’t much resembling any kind of social consciousness any more- maybe a superficial “queer” rainbows-and-sparkly-unicorns kind of identity, but no real critique of self, gender, or society. Most of them don’t even seem to feel they owe anyone any explanation. “I feel like a boy” or “I am male” is their idea of a reason for a sex change. Big influences on this group include the Internet, YouTube, online trans support websites and forums, fantasy role-playing games, Japanese anime and yaoi featuring pretty boy on boy romances, cos-play, androgynous singers and pop stars, J-Rock, LGBT youth groups, wanting to be “queer” as an escape from heterosexuality, wanting to be a “straight male” as escape from lesbian oppression, wanting to be a boy because it’s “cooler” than being a girl, valuing of maleness over femaleness, rejection of the “uncool” Birkenstocks-and-Indigo-Girls lesbian community, wanting to look like a hip-hop star, wanting to be “transgressive” (as though living out sex role stereotypes and depending on the medical establishment for your identity is somehow transgressive), seeking a peer group, seeking a place of acceptance, and being love-bombed by the FTM cult (and it does have all the classic defining features of a cult) & finally feeling a sense of identity, being asked “when are you going to transition”, wanting to be able to walk down the street without being sexually harassed (as they should be able to do), lack of butch role models in their age group, feeling that if they are straight they have to be femme, plastic surgery & drugs as solutions to life’s problems, stereotyping, sex roles, sexism, misogyny, anti-feminist backlash, etc, etc, etc.

  11. Helping people doesn't always mean AGREEING WITH THEM.

    This is something the trans hive mind has trouble understanding.

    Dirt might be 100% wrong (doubtful), but if she's doing what she's doing, it's because SHE CARES.

    If she didn't, this blog wouldn't exist!

  12. I may disappoint you but I have never found a single "good" reason for transitioning. Here are the key factors for transition in my EU big town:

    1/ The queer lefty libertarian bullshit (all mixed in my town activists' mind).
    It is the root cause for most FTM who are scholars or professor...And those are the more keen to go for partial transition like removing the boobs and call themselves FTU (Female to Unknown) which ironically is true in fact...

    2/ Fashion or the sheep of Panurge effect.
    Most FTM I know (who were realy adopters of transition) "come" from the body modification or arty or the skate scene. Recently, japan lover fans joined them. Those people tire of tattoe or piercing or implants decided to go for something real. They wanted to be the first (ie early adopters) transitioning in my town. It was a viral race among them. Some started by binding for aesthetic reason to fit in males T-Shirt because "the clothes or attitude they could pose were so cool"...
    And a few months later, when their breast tissue were destroyed, they went for top surgery...

    3/ For medical reason or convenience. At least I met one FTM who took T as a magic pill to avoid the dysmenorrhoea and in the hope of loosing some weight and having more stable moods...Then he had to remove the boobs to fit his gorilla body.

    4/Internal pressure within the "lgbtqi" community.
    I have noticed some FTM friends were "convinced" to enter into a transition whereas they were not feeling trans at all before. They were confused kids, just arrived in my big town and were surrounded by people (sometimes even lesbians) advising them to transition every time they expressed their doubts about life or their gender orientation or society rejection.
    Just like if transition would be the new solution to their mid-20's issues, they were advised to go for ait at local lgbtqi centers. I guess mid-20's kids have a lot of issues those days: unemployment rate, no future in the society, no real "happiness" model...But presenting transition as a solution or to use it as a way to silence what is a normal questioning/normal doubts of their age is a crime.

  13. Maybe a passion for limited number of males first names: Aydian, Cael, Ethan, Meiko, Ayden, Mike, Brent...?

  14. I think they transition because they think "being normal is boring".
    At least, it is what I understand from this transmale profile motto and timeline photos whose YouTube channel is there:
    If you look at the photos on the first link, you will see this Mike was apparently doing everything when he was female to be different from the others: pink hair, skull head, piercing, attitude...
    So it is not surprising he became the transmale documented in the Youtube channel.
    In his last video, he talks about his boredom.

    Those FTM are fat rich white spoilt kids who should spent some time volonteering in Africa helping the starving kids instead of transitioning...It will cure their boredom.

  15. @DD February 1, 2011 8:53 PM

    I agree with you . Often FtM's use the very same examples to show why they are "boys" instead of "girls". The most common are "I played sports" and "I hated wearing dresses"

    To those spewing the hate, discuss why dirt and those who agree with her are wrong point by point.

  16. DM, a masterpiece!

    Do you mind if I use your post in my blog as a starting point?

  17. Sure, Blue, that would be fine.

  18. "Most of them don’t even seem to feel they owe anyone any explanation."

    Yeah, because we DON'T owe anyone an explanation. Do you owe me an explanation for being who you are?

    Fuck that and fuck you.

  19. to 2:17
    you're not being who you are
    you're beating her back
    and likely will spend the rest of your life doing so

  20. DM that about does it. I just need to add....NOTHING.
    You nailed it!

  21. zombies don't care about your strap on.February 2, 2011 at 3:25 PM

    Jesus, it's like they insult because they have nothing better to say - because there is nothing better.

    Apparently some are transitioning to cure their eating disorders. They feel that if they transition into male they won't continue with these behaviors... as boys don't care as much about their body image or are as neurotic about what they eat.



  22. Re: Anon @ 2:17....I would sure hope that someone would ask me for explanation if I wanted to pay thousands of dollars to have healthy body parts removed or if I decided to take unnecessary & potentially cancer causing drugs with unknown long term effects. If they asked me to explain, it would at least show that they cared.

  23. @Anon 2:16, your fTM friend you describe at 3/ may finally be disappointed see

  24. If I were a FTM padawan, the first thing I would document myself on mid and long-term effect of transition prior any change. I would be cautious: I would not jump on the wagon if my main reasons are trending/fashion/art or medical reasons or peer pressure...It is my body after all.

    Because I suspect there is a huge gap between what is "sold" by the medical staff/some transitioners ie a full complete transition to heaven and the reality which varies from one individual to another due to genetics, initial body fat/bones structure and the money you have...just have a look out there: some people are not so well after transitoning, they seem to still have a lot of issues (even the ones who transition at a grown-up mature age: is 43)

    Sadly the early generation of transitioners (ie the ones who started transition in the 90's) are not on Youtube or Tumblr or any other fancy social media and so they can rarely be seen and nobody can benefit from their experience or at least have a picture of who they would look like in 10-20 years from now...

  25. Wow, DM, that's a great explanation. Thanks for putting it up here.

  26. Bluetraveler: "Helping people doesn't always mean AGREEING WITH THEM.

    This is something the trans hive mind has trouble understanding.

    Dirt might be 100% wrong (doubtful), but if she's doing what she's doing, it's because SHE CARES.

    If she didn't, this blog wouldn't exist!"

    Quoted for truth. If people really intend to help someone, then honesty is the best policy. If you find something extremely offensive that Dirt says, then you might want to consider the possibility that you are simply in denial about what she is saying and it offends you so heavily because you realise the personal truth it has with you.

    Basically, if none of what Dirt says has actually affected your desire to transition, then why bother? If none of it is truly a core cause, they why bother? If the reason you get offended is because the things did affect or even cause it, then you really need to drop the shield of denial and think about what you are doing before you hurt yourself; Dirt is not writing this stuff to hurt you.

  27. I've worked with several MTF and one FTM. The latter didn't become a man, he transitioned into a pre-teen boy. I don't see the appeal, other than he feels "liberated" to act like the world is his clubhouse. If that's the new trend, it blows. And sux.

  28. Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but my transition was and is informed by:
    -desire for a masculine body
    -a preference for male pronouns
    -wanting to be a man in my relationships, ie. a man with a man, or a man with a woman, rather than a woman with a man or a woman with a woman (although I have a lot of respect for lesbians, one of my greatest supports and role models, my mother, is one)
    It was not:
    -a need to be rid of femaleness. I don't hate women at all. I don't consider women to be inferior to anyone. Actually, I don't consider anyone to be inferior to anyone else, as long as they are loving.
    -informed by misogyny. I was raised in a VERY feminist environment and encouraged to dress, play, and act how I wanted, without it having any bearing on my gender.
    -desire to not be percieved as a lesbian. I have never identified as lesbian, not even when I identified as a female. I have always been omnisexual, sometimes with a preference towards a certain gender or presentation, but never lesbian. Therefore, there's no reason for me to not want to be a lesbian, since I never was to begin with.

  29. I don't have a problem with any of what is said here. This is a place built for discussion and your opinions and views on trans people. They don't hold any bearing on my life as with full knowlege of what was here I still chose to go the FTM path. Its right for me, we don't have to agree and so what if we don't? It won't kill us. Someone has to point out that there ARE dangers to transistion. Its not easy it is not a cake walk. Its not something to be done lightly. Someone needs to present both sides and I do think the trans community glosses over things. I also think this is the other just as driven side to the coin. I was not abused. I speak up when I see sexisit behavior. I do hate my body. I like my inner self. I do agree that it is a natural non confomity to hetero ideas, This was the best solution for my suicidal thoughts. I feel like I am male, regardless of the reasons for it, it makes me happy. Just as you are proud of your womanhood and being butch.
    You think that young women are needlessly hurting themselves and trying to offer what you see as a safer, healthier alternative. That's fine. Honestly if people are going to get butthurt over this site they aren't mature enough to choose to transition or not. There ARE some informative things here if you wade through it with an open mind. Do what you do dirt, if it makes people angry they should get off the internet or re evaluate why it bothers them in the first place. People shouldn't inslut you for stating what you believe. They either agree or not, end of story. I don't agree with you. That's all. But I thank you for putting this up because if people can't handle this with maturity, they have a long road ahead. (BTW part of the FTM community that agrees with me will never say so.)


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