Today's Dirt Workout Tips are for the Triceps

The triceps are the muscles on the back of the arm opposite the biceps in the front of the arm. Females of all ages have had complaints with this area of their arms. We've all heard women joke about waving goodbye and the back of their arm continuing to wave even after they have stopped. The triceps are small muscles so you will not need much weight to work them, and in some exercises, no weight except your body weight. I'm going to link you to a handful of tricep exercises, I apologize that a male is illustrating the movements, but the site gives good video as well as still photos of how the exercise should be properly done.  

Remember, if you are a beginner, keep your reps high and your weights low-this also works well for those only interested in toning. So 3-4 sets for 10-15 reps should be your goal. If looking to build muscle keep your sets between 4-6 sets and your reps between 6-8.

Bench Dips-This can also be performed using a chair placed firmly against a wall.


Dumbbell One-Arm Triceps Extension-I suggest doing these seated.

Seated Triceps Press

Triceps Dumbbell Kickback

Decline EZ Bar Triceps Extension aka Skull Crushers These can also be performed using a flat bench.

Triceps stretches

I'm adding a workout log for those interested.


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  1. Thanks so much for these excises. I had attempted Yoga for weight loss and toning up, but oddly, I'm not happy with it. These exercises you've posted are hard, painful even, but when I get through a few reps I feel better. I'm even thinking about sending before and after pictures after 4 months,( probably not) if I actually live through this. My biggest problem is when I start to get results I celebrate which leads me back to my old and bad habits. Staying motivated and focused is a real issue for me, but I'm working on it.

  2. Thank you! I'm looking to tone up my arms by summer and this should really help! :)

  3. i appreciate this, i hope you continue to include these kinds of posts in your blog. i am also deeply appreciative of the workout log because i fail at organization and couldn't make my own to save my life!

  4. "i am also deeply appreciative of the workout log because i fail at organization and couldn't make my own to save my life!"

    hahaha dude, you could find this is 4 seconds via Google. C'mon now.

  5. i also failed to mention that i'm lazy and googlephobic. ;)

  6. Dirt,

    Thanks for the information, its just kind of awkward because men and women's body's are so different. I come here for more of the female support, not so much on the other stuff. Do you know of any female based sites? Maybe you could do some work out blogs with pictures?



  7. Thank you for links! (femme who's getting a little older, lol)

    ...someday I should write to you about two adorable (younger) butches I tried to save from FtM bullshit. I think they're both still living/keeping their female bodies, yay!


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