A Little Promotion for the Zuna Institute

According to the Zuna Institute, they are a "National Advocacy Organization for Black Lesbians that was created to address the needs of black lesbians in the areas of Health, Public Policy, Economic Development, and Education"

They begin in 1999 and since then have managed to stay true to their core commitment to black lesbians and black lesbian issues without fail and without succumbing to the pressures of "queering" their goals! 

Hmmm perhaps someone should inform organizations like the NCLR , the Mautner Project or the Audre Lorde Project that you can remain true to the lesbian inspirations that created and founded them as well as the lesbian women they were created for without falling prey to the queer (anti-feminist) agenda.



  1. Thanks for the new Organization listing

  2. Audre Lorde must be rolling in her grave to see what is being done in her name. How can it be so conveniently forgotten that she was a Black Radical Feminist and Lesbian Feminist?


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