Lara Login's Rape-And the Misogynistic Reaction to it

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And second of all, guess what? If women never went anywhere where we risked being sexually assaulted, we'd never go anywhere, period. We certainly couldn't go to work on foreign aid projects. Or to U.S. military academies. Not to college. Not on dates. Not to parties. Not to bars. Or on cruises. Not to work as models. Or security contractors. Except that even if we never went any of those places, we'd still be screwed (pun intended) because of course a high percentage of rapes happen in the home, committed by perpetrators whom the victims know. Putting the responsibility on women to prevent sexual assault by restricting their own behavior - or on their employers to limit it for them - won't actually solve the problem, it will just reinforce gendered norms about what "good" women "should" do.

And, finally, the idea that Lara Logan was "more at risk" of sexual assault because she was attractive is laughable. I'd be interested to know what fuckability threshold women should stay below in order to be safe from rape. Could Logan have just added some thick glasses? What if she had spinach in her teeth? How about if she gained 20 pounds - then would she be safe from the mob of 200 people who apparently decided to subject her to a prolonged beating and repeated sexual assaults because her delicate beauty stirred their romantic longings? Give me a break. Rape is about power, not how cute the victim is.

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  1. The ever classic, "Well she was asking for it!" defense. It's cool that I just robbed an armored car or a bank, they were just asking for it by keeping money there.

  2. Blaming the victim is a very popular technique indeed, it costs far less in objective and emotional terms than blaming the culprit. Especially when the victim is female and the culprits are not.

  3. Great post Dirt, thanks. Interesting how many female-to-transsexuals list "Feeling safer going out at night" as one of their reasons for adopting a male appearance.“transmen”-in-their-own-words-what-do-you-like-about-being-a-guy/


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