Judith Butler

Since it made its way to the literary public I have been following the case between the ownership of Kafka and the Hoffe estate. So this morning I see another article on the subject in the London Review, I notice as soon as I click to read the article that Judith Butler has authored it. I immediately feel repulsed but re-swallow my eggs and toast and proceed to read the article. A few paragraphs in I realize two things, the first is that Butler's writings (even legal literary issues) aren't anything if they are not consistently convoluted! The second thing I noticed is the complete similarity between Butler and the teacher's voice on Charlie Brown.

Which brings me to my question to you dear readers, is Judith Butler and the voice of the teacher (both are teachers, coincidence?) on Charlie Brown one and the same???

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  1. Yes, yes and yes.
    I mean YES.


    (PS: Piperita Patty, who never listened to that voice, rocked)

  2. (piperita?)

    looks like ms butler is just an annoying loopy academic
    who really cares what she says!

  3. @Anon February 24, 2011 1:31 PM

    Peppermint Patty, the one who was called "sir" by Marcy...draw your own conclusions

  4. "Bluetraveler said...
    Yes, yes and yes.
    I mean YES.


    attention, attention, attention... I mean ATTENTION

    ...and promote my blog on dirts dime..

  5. Wait what?? What does any of this have to do with Kafka??? Please tell me because I adore his writings and I'd love to know what at all he has to do with trans and gender related issues.

  6. Unlike you Anon I have something to say, and I'm not promoting my blog here (I'm no spammer, if I link posts sometimes is because writing things again is tiring, and that's why me and other people are working on TransDerailing for Dummies now), I just wanted to say Dirt's comparison is brilliant! Really brilliant! (Piperita=peppermint)
    Would Peppermint Patty have ever transitioned?

  7. Blue, who are you to think that what you have to say is any more important then anyone else? Is your intellect that superior or is it the pedestal you put yourself upon?

  8. I never said that. I like people who construct something, however, not trolling destructive people who insult and strawman others. (onwards with TransDerailing...)

    Dirt, DM, Canadian, Gallus Mag and many anons are constructive, Ken Kills and trolling FTMs are destructive.

    Still back to Peanuts and Peppermint Patty: FTMs, do you think of her as a "dudebro"?

  9. After I started reading the article, I mind wandered a little, and even though I was reading it, it seemed to become like bad muzak. I couldn't finish it. She is probably the teacher since I can't understand either of them.

  10. I get the impression after a quick scan, that Butler appears to be more interested in propaganizing for her political views rather then the subject at hand

  11. Judith Butler, for the most part, seems extremely inaccessible. A common critique but it kept me from appreciating her work. Mind you, I tend to align more with socialist feminism as opposed to postmodern feminism.

  12. I tried reading the article until I got to the part where she blatantly just used part of a comment from Angela Merkel that "multiculturalism has failed in Germany." Only somebody from the NPD (Germany's far right party would say that.)


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