Dirt's Workout Tips for the Female Bodied

A little later than I promised, but I am now beginning a series of workout posts aimed at the female bodied. If readers are interested in better eating tips let me know and I will include some with the workout series of posts.

One area females have self conscious issues with whether they feel they're feel too big or too small is the breast area. I am not going to delve into the external societal issues that unfortunately inform much of that self consciousness and just go right into a few exercises that can help change how you feel about your chest and the appearance of your chest.

So regardless of breast size, if you are seeking to minimize how your breast appears while wearing clothing, upper chest exercises are the key. If you increase the muscle over the top the breast, the way your shirt lies across your chest will give your breast a smaller appearance, and depending on your breast size, may make your breast disappear altogether.

Some primary upper chest exercises:

Incline bench pressing is a good exercise to start with.

Beginners should do no more than 3 sets, keeping your sets at about 8-10 reps.

 Following the incline Bench press,, should be incline dumbbell presses for the same sets/reps.
 See example below:

If you are a female seeking to give her breast (regardless of size) an increased look, decline chest exercises are the way to go. These exercises will increase the muscle tissue underneath your breast, which lift the breast giving them a larger, perkier appearance.

See exercises below:
I suggest like the incline chest routine for beginners, start with the decline bench press doing 3 sets between 8-10 reps, then follow that with decline bench presses with the same reps/sets.

For all the chest workouts here, use a weight that challenges you to push yourself to get the last few reps on your last set. You may have to play with the weight a bit to achieve this, but in the long run the right weight will give you the desired results quicker. And please use good form!

Also let me know if you want stretching tips, if you do I will include them with each specific body parts post.



  1. I don't have money to go to a gym but I do use a pull up bar everyday, do some abds and run/swin. Cheap and efficient!
    It is based on the Lafay method without (or with a few) equipments):
    There is a book for women!

  2. Thanks, Dirt! I love to work out but I'm always unsure about what kind of chest exercises to do since I can't yet afford a personal trainer. Love your blog, btw- I'm a frequent reader, but first-time commenter.

  3. Please include stretches and length of time for warm up.

  4. I think it's great that you're giving work-out tips, Dirt.

    ... but why did you post pictures of men?

  5. I posted pics that exemplified the exercise, I dont see where sex is important. If there is a need by readers to have females performing the specific exercise, let me know and I'll search for females.



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