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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Delusions of Gender-Cordelia Fine

The male medical machine along with trans activist have for decades tried to use brain differences to explain away transgenderism. The trans studies from beginning to current are fraught with a lack of participants, sexism within the scientific community and a desire for a specific outcome. Like John P. A. Ioannidis, Cordelia Fine explores and disproves scientific brain scan theories/studies around sex differences and why science cannot be trusted to be objective.

Until homophobia has been removed from science, do not leave piddly meaningless trans studies involving a handful of cherry picked participants in the comments, they will not be released as they are full of sexist holes a tour bus could be driven through.



  1. Thanks for the post Dirt!
    I will be doing a post on scientific studies supporting transsexuality in a week or so. This is an excellent start!

  2. Great stuff! This book is SO needed right now!

    In the comment section of the online version of the Sunday Times article about this book, Joey Mansplain jumps right in to mansplain-away this writer's exhaustive research and well-founded thesis and well-supported conclusions. He knows better because he's a man with a lady brain and he should know!

    They're nothing if not predictable in their mansplaining ways.

  3. "do not leave piddly meaningless trans studies involving a handful of cherry picked participants in the comments, they will not be released as they are full of sexist holes a tour bus could be driven through."

    So where are your concrete studies showing that there are NOT physiological sex differences? Or that the brains of trans people are absolutely the same as non-trans people.
    In the absence of proof either way, it's seems best to simply state that we don't know what makes us different. Anything else is pure speculation.

  4. LM,

    Try reading the article LM, you comment makes no sense.


  5. @LM- You can't prove that the Easter Bunny isn't real. You can't prove that things don't exist. You can't prove a negative.

    Great post Dirt.

  6. I had a dream that you tabled at my local feminist bookstore, saying we're not men and such. When I woke up, I thought," Why doesn't Dirt show up at Gender Odyssey?" or, for that matter, any of the other trans/ftm-specific events and conventions that happen. You could teach us about how we could be female-identified. You could reach out and tell us how wrong we are. It's worth a shot, dontcha think? Instead of hiding behind this weird internet anonymity, you could really take your show on the road! That way, lesbians and butches might get the picture and get on your train and leave the rest of us alone. Do it!

  7. I fucking hate Zoe Brain. Sorry guys but seriously I hate this guy.

  8. One of the screwiest thing's about Baron-Cohen's work is the way he defines "empathy." To him, this primarily means being able to read facial expressions and guess what someone else is feeling based on that. He does not appear to understand empathy as the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes, and imagine what you might think or feel in a similar situation (this is at least partly an exercise in logic and abstract thinking.)

    Well, guess who has to be good at reading facial expressions? Anyone in a subordinate role -- their safety may depend on it. Men in disadvantaged positions learn to do this quickly and effectively, too. Baron-Cohen really should do a study on minority men in extremely low-status jobs. Their cognitive profiles would probably look a lot like most women's.

  9. Annecdotal evidense...but men in low status jobs, or minority men in low status jobs have an amazing amount of "empathy"-- I've had street people men make very shrewd comments about me, that no none-disadvantages male is ever able to make. What would cause their sudden ability to "read" my facial expressions, when say Donald Trump would not be able to read anything on a woman's face? Well social power speaks volumes here. The minority man who works in a service job dependent on tips know instinctively how not to make sexist demeaning comments, they know how to shut up... it's all about race, who has the power of money and who has a higher social status. It's so obvious!!


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