A Book Club

Over the last few months several of you have expressed an interest in a feminist oriented book club, if you are interested please vote and comment. If I get enough interest I'm thinking we could read a book every 3 weeks and on the 4th week I'll have a post to discuss the book. I'd like us to read not just non fiction feminist specific books, but fiction as well.

Any interest or suggestion, please leave a comment here.


ps The book club will be for ALL female born persons, so if there are any ftMs interested you are welcome to join.


  1. I'd love to join a book club! I couldn't think of a better way to spend my time than reading feminist books with a bunch of like-minded womyn.

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for including FTMs in your potential book club.

    Know that no matter your take on them, or their reasons for transitioning, whether you want to look at it as self-hatred or weakness, many would not be here long enough to contribute or with enough energy to contribute had they not made their decision. The vast majority are also eager to explore femininity and feminist hx/thought. I am sorry you see it as a tragedy that this happens after transition and not before. I know I am an idealist, it may be more of what I am than any other identity, but I wholeheartedly believe great things can happen the more we connect through our shared humanity.

    I'm too busy with school right now, but all my best wishes in movin' and shakin' the status quo up and creating more space for those socialized and identifying during that socialization as girls. Girls who ID as girls most certainly can soar ANYWHERE and the sky is the limit on what that looks like and the plethora of other identities that can be shared with it.


  3. I'm down. Always looking for books to add to my collection. Just got an order in from Amazon with books by Diana Rivers. Love them!

  4. Awesome idea! As an avid reader, I'm in. Any excuse to read a good book and discuss it is welcome to me. :o)

  5. Would you select the books? Or would there be a poll with choices to select from?

  6. I can see it now... cries of TRANSPHOBIA!!1! from mtfs because "they're female too" and so it's "their right" to join a private female at birth bookclub. Not forgetting the cries of "hypocrite" because ftms are allowed.

    I hope I am wrong.

    I'd love to join your bookclub but I'm lousy at commitment. Hope y'all have a great time though, and thanks for the blog, dirt. I really appreciate the information you put out there for people's consideration and individual thought.

  7. @ Monkey

    I understand your frustration and I believe it is incredibly important to have discourse of specifically oppressed group settings (even at the expense of exclusion) to process our experiences, but I think it is equally important to allow our energies to connect to different forms of oppression and shared experience.

    I think socialization (and its consequences) must be a critical component in these experiences. However, socialization continues throughout a lifetime, and talking with folx who entered female socialization at different stages in life may not be something that should always be avoided. It may provide otherwise overlooked insight. I fully understand it is a different experience, but is there absolutely nothing to be gained...is there really only something that will be lost?

    Have fun with yer reading!


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