Book Club Discussion-Sylvia Plath's Three Women

So for those who read's Plath's Three Women, any thoughts?



  1. I'm not a fan of poems, I struggle for understanding. This one is a little better for me but I'm pretty sure I'm off the mark. I think she was angry about the pregnancy. People telling her that's more important than any other accomplishment in her life. I have more thoughts about this but let's see how this goes down first.

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  2. Three women, with three different perspective on childbirth. Made me think that maternity and it's connotations (being wonderful and splendid for the woman) is not universal. For some strange reason, it made me think of the movie 'The Hours", and the character of Laura Brown. She was not happy being a wife and mother, and mostly all the people who review that movie blame her for destroying her family's life (ei. her obligation as a mother).
    Anyways, this was my first Plath, and it was a good read.


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