Book Club Book for this Month

Given the interest, it looks like the Book Club is on! I know we're already a bit into this month, and seeing this month is a short month, suggestions for our first Book Club read, preferably something short. Some basic suggestion guidelines, feminist or a feminist subtext or something worth reading through a feminist lens and if your suggestion has the full text online, include that with your suggestion.

Thanks and totally looking forward to some good reading!



  1. The Way the Crow Flies by Ann Marie MacDonald!!!

    Probably my favorite book ever. Amazing (lesbian) writer too :D

  2. Carolyn Gage's piece on Teena Brandon would be good. It's posted online and runs 15 pages. Here is the link:

  3. Virginia Woolf 'A room of one's own' is not that long... maybe 160 pages.


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