Dirt's Introduction to Great Women

Today's great woman is Helene Cixous, a notable french feminist writer and philosopher. One of her most notable feminist writings is The Laugh of the Medusa, within which Cixous challenges women to challenge patriarchal language by getting in touch with our female bodies and writing ourselves anew.

Some passages from Laugh...

"She must write her self, because this is the invention of a new insurgent writing which, when the moment of her liberation has come, will allow her to carry out the indispensable ruptures and transformations in her history, first at two levels that cannot be separated.

a) Individually. By writing her self, woman will return to the body which has been more than confiscated from her, which has been turned into the uncanny stranger on display – the ailing or dead figure, which so often turns out to be the nasty companion, the cause and location of inhibitions. Censor the body and you censor breath and speech at the same time.
Write your self. Your body must be heard. Only then will the immense resources of the unconscious spring forth. Our naphtha will spread, throughout the world, without dollars – black or gold – nonassessed values that will change the rules of the old game.

To write. An act which will not only “realize” the decensored relation of woman to her sexuality, to her womanly being, giving her access to her native strength; it will give her back her goods, her pleasures, her organs, her immense bodily territories which have been kept under seal; it will tear her away from the superegoized structure in which she has always occupied the place reserved for the guilty (guilty of everything, guilty at every turn: for having desires, for not having any; for being frigid, for being “too hot”; for not being both at once; for being too motherly and not enough; for having children and for not having any; for nursing and for not nursing ...) – tear her away by means of this research, this job of analysis and illumination, this emancipation of the marvelous text of her self that she must urgently learn to speak. A woman without a body, dumb, blind, can’t possibly be a good fighter. She is reduced to being the servant of the militant male, his shadow. We must kill the false woman who is preventing the live one from breathing. Inscribe the breath of the whole woman.

b) An act that will also be marked by woman’s seizing the occasion to speak, hence her shattering entry into history, which has always been based on her suppression. To write and thus to forge for herself the antilogos weapon. To become at will the taker and initiator, for her own right, in every symbolic system, in every political process.

It is time for women to start scoring their feats in written and oral language.
Every woman has known the torment of getting up to speak. Her heart racing, at times entirely lost for words, ground and language slipping away – that’s how daring a feat, how great a transgression it is for a woman to speak – even just open her mouth – in public. A double distress, for even if she transgresses, her words fall almost always upon the deaf male ear, which hears in language only that which speaks in the masculine.

It is by writing, from and toward women, and by taking up the challenge of speech which has been governed by the phallus, that women will confirm women in a place other than that which is reserved in and by the symbolic, that is, in a place other than silence. Women should break out of the snare of silence. They shouldn’t be conned into accepting a domain which is the margin or the harem.

Listen to a woman speak at a public gathering (if she hasn’t painfully lost her wind). She doesn’t “speak,” she throws her trembling body forward; she lets go of herself, she flies; all of her passes into her voice, and it’s with her body that she vitally supports the “logic” of her speech. Her flesh speaks true. She lays herself bare. In fact, she physically materializes what she’s thinking; she signifies it with her body. In a certain way she inscribes what she’s saying, because she doesn’t deny her drives the intractable and impassioned part they have in speaking. Her speech, even when “theoretical” or political, is never simple or linear or “objectified,” generalized: she draws her story into history".

The full text of this piece is in the link provided above. Hope you enjoy and think about the deep rift male language, which is the language we all used, has separated women, not only from other women, but from our own bodies. It is never too late to heal/seal the gulf lying between us and our body, making us whole again.

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Dirt's Facebook

I've added a link to the side of my blog for my FB if anyone is interested.


Workout/Dieting Questions Post

Please address all your exercise and dieting questions here, that way other posts can remain on topic. I will do my best to answer all questions. And if there are particulars you want to see in future workout posts, please leave your suggestions here.


Manhood, when Anorexia fails Females

Since Twiggy first hit the run way and the cover of ladies magazines everywhere, anorexia has sky rocketed! According to wiki, Twiggy's "career quickly took off.[19] She was 5'6" tall (short for a model), weighed a mere 6½ stone (41 kg, 91 lbs) and had a thin, boyish 31-22-32 figure". By today's standards Twiggy would be a cow as her weight wouldn't dangerously put her in close proximity with death's door like today's top models. But what happens when today's anorexic models, aren't thin enough?

When models like the late Isabelle Caro are asked to lose 10 pounds? Why then you simply get a MAN to do the less than adequate job female models arent able to perform due to their biology. Enter Andrej Pejic, a biological male whose male biology (tall, lean muscled, naturally low body fat, no pesky periods to maintain body fat for and tiny male hips) is being utilized to model designer female clothes that female models cant starve themselves into.

What kind of message is this sending to females, particularly young females easily influence by high and pop culture? That if they trade in their womanhood for manhood they too can be superior to the inferior female creature? Is it a mere coincidence that anorexia and other eating disorders run rampant throughout ftM communities everywhere?

If we look at the big picture confronting us, this is yet another kick in the face of all women, of all races, everywhere.


Today's Dirt Workout Tips are for the Biceps

Whether you are looking to tone up your upper arm or build a nice set of guns (yes-ladies can build muscle and no you do not need steroids or T to do it), here are some choice bicep exercises to aid you in your upper arm needs.

Close-grip-ez-bar-curl-For toning I suggest 3 sets of 12-15 reps with a mild weight, for building I suggest 4-6 sets at 6-8 reps with a weight that taxes each set.
Barbell Burl-For toning I suggest 3 sets of 12-15 reps with a mild weight, for building I suggest 4-6 sets at 6-8 reps with a weight that taxes each set.

Dumbbell Bicep Curls-For toning I suggest 3 sets of 12-15 reps with a mild weight, for building I suggest 4-6 sets at 6-8 reps with a weight that taxes each set. Alternative dumbbell bicep curls may also be used.

Preacher curls-For toning I suggest 3 sets of 12-15 reps with a mild weight, for building I suggest 4-6 sets at 6-8 reps with a weight that taxes each set. These can also be performed using one arm and a dumbbell.

Concentration curls-For toning I suggest 3 sets of 12-15 reps with a mild weight, for building I suggest 4-6 sets at 6-8 reps with a weight that taxes each set. This exercise is a great exercise to round off your bicep work out with.

Some bicep stretching exercises.



I could build monuments to your skin alone, statues Lilliputians, would never do. The first time you took my hand in yours, a window opened to the softness that lay beneath your buttoned blouse. For three solid weeks I dreamed of bursting through the doors that stood between me and your skin. I plotted, planned and diagrammed exactly what I would do, what I would say to make my way in.

But each time after a good nights kiss, my courage withdrew and I missed my chance. Alone I could brave your sly smile, alone I dared to meet your immeasurable gaze, and alone I knew your body better than I knew my own.

Together, with you next to me, your smile paralyzes while your eyes silence. I’m a mute in your presence. If I cannot speak I cannot tell you how much I want your skin to put out the flames you ignite in my finger tips. How much I want to bury my fingers into your cool skin and beyond.

My fingers, travelers and your skin a wild frontier, your body a landscape I hope build a home on and live forever. But my words have run dry; my parched mouth is helpless around your beguiling wilderness.

I say nothing. I don’t have to. I meet your mercurial gaze, my eyes betray my thoughts. You unbutton your blouse, placing my hand upon your breast, the fire I longed for you to put out, blazes on.


Book Club Discussion-Sylvia Plath's Three Women

So for those who read's Plath's Three Women, any thoughts?


Judith Butler

Since it made its way to the literary public I have been following the case between the ownership of Kafka and the Hoffe estate. So this morning I see another article on the subject in the London Review, I notice as soon as I click to read the article that Judith Butler has authored it. I immediately feel repulsed but re-swallow my eggs and toast and proceed to read the article. A few paragraphs in I realize two things, the first is that Butler's writings (even legal literary issues) aren't anything if they are not consistently convoluted! The second thing I noticed is the complete similarity between Butler and the teacher's voice on Charlie Brown.

Which brings me to my question to you dear readers, is Judith Butler and the voice of the teacher (both are teachers, coincidence?) on Charlie Brown one and the same???

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Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

How tightly wound is the gender straight jacket when the male medical machine, tax payers, medical insurance companies and the loved ones of these young women would believe for a moment that any one of them has a "man" trapped within them??


FTM Experience-Trans Experience

Last night I received an angrily defensive comment towards the new video I posted from a transman that I chose to delete, I did however want to briefly discuss it here today. The gist of the comment was that the "butch experience" and the "ftm experience" have nothing to do with one another. The commenter obviously took offense because s/he identified with what I said, I a Butch woman who through maturity, work and the love of a few good Femmes learned to love the woman I am. No drugs involved and certainly no unnecessary removal of choice healthy body parts needed. It is living and loving myself that is the biggest fear and threat to the trans community it would seem, hence all "trans in denial" comments this blog gets saturated with.

I will be the first to agree the "butch experience" and the "ftM experience" is quite different, one leads to the love of one's self while the other pushes the envelope in female self hared. What they share are the feelings of disgust, alienation and confusion that later gives way for the Butch's enlightenment and later makes way for the ftM's self hating transmutation. And, if as so many ftM's believe that I am "trans in denial", then they too believe by my example that "trans feelings" can be worked through and arent something one is born with. Then the question is, what causes one self hating female to work through her negative female feelings and another to plunge into the ocean of female self hatred?



FINALLY a new Dirt Video.



A Little Promotion for the Zuna Institute

According to the Zuna Institute, they are a "National Advocacy Organization for Black Lesbians that was created to address the needs of black lesbians in the areas of Health, Public Policy, Economic Development, and Education"

They begin in 1999 and since then have managed to stay true to their core commitment to black lesbians and black lesbian issues without fail and without succumbing to the pressures of "queering" their goals! 

Hmmm perhaps someone should inform organizations like the NCLR , the Mautner Project or the Audre Lorde Project that you can remain true to the lesbian inspirations that created and founded them as well as the lesbian women they were created for without falling prey to the queer (anti-feminist) agenda.


Mautner Project-The National Lesbian Health Organization

The Mautner Project is yet another organization created by lesbians for lesbians whose monies are now being utilized to treat straight women walking on the wild side, men who claim to be "women" and women/lesbians who no longer want to be women.

Everyone deserves health care and proper treatment, but lesbians do NOT deserve to have our identity co-opted so that our needs, our time, our donations, our hard work, our love for other lesbians become an umbrella for non lesbians and their problems, while our issues get push aside or shoved completely under the fucking rug!

Please do not donate any time or money to the Mautner Project if you are a lesbian trying to ease/benefit the lives of needy lesbians. This organization deceptively uses our Lesbian name to wrench our time and money from us (the least economically affluent group out of the whole queer alphabet soup).

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Dirt's Introduction to Great Women

I'm going to begin a regular post devoted to the introduction of a great woman both historical and present.

I'm starting this series with the great Monique Wittig!

While I may not agree with everything she wrote, I find all her writings to be beneficial to lesbians and how we understand ourselves as lesbians.

One of Wittig's most famous pieces...

One Is Not Born a Woman
Monique Wittig

A materialist feminist approach to women’s oppression destroys the idea that women are a “natural group”: “a racial group of a special kind, a group perceived as natural, a group of men considered as materially specific in their bodies.” What the analysis accomplishes on the level of ideas, practice makes actual at the level of facts: by its very existence, lesbian society destroys the artificial (social) fact constituting women as a “natural group.” A lesbian society pragmatically reveals that the division from men of which women have been the object is a political one and shows that we have been ideologically rebuilt into a “natural group.” In the case of women, ideology goes far since our bodies as well as our minds are the product of this manipulation. We have been compelled in our bodies and in our minds to correspond, feature by feature, with the idea of nature that has been established for us. Distorted to such an extent that our deformed body is what they call “natural,” what is supposed to exist as such before oppression. Distorted to such an extent that in the end oppression seems to be a consequence of this “nature” within ourselves (a nature which is only an idea). What a materialist analysis does by reasoning, a lesbian society accomplishes practically: not only is there no natural group “women” (we lesbians are living proof of it), but as individuals as well we question “woman,” which for us, as for Simone de Beauvoir, is only a myth. She said: “one is not born, but becomes a woman. No biological, psychological, or economic fate determines the figure that the human female presents in society: it is civilization as a whole that produces this creature, intermediate between male and eunuch, which is described as feminine.”
However, most of the feminists and lesbian-feminists in America and elsewhere still believe that the basis of women’s oppression is biological as well as historical. Some of them even claim to find their sources in Simone de Beauvoir. The belief in mother right and in a “prehistory” when women create civilization (because of a biological predisposition) while the coarse and brutal men hunted (because of a biological predisposition) is symmetrical with the biologizing interpretation of history produced up to now by the class of men. It is still the same method of finding in women and men a biological explanation of their division, outside of social facts. For me this could never constitute a lesbian approach to women’s oppression, since it assumes that the basis of society or the beginning of society lies in heterosexuality. Matriarchy is no less heterosexual than patriarchy: it is only the sex of the oppressor that changes. Furthermore, not only is this conception still imprisoned in the categories of sex (woman and man), but it holds onto the idea that the capacity to give birth (biology) is what defines a woman. Although practical facts and ways of living contradict this theory in lesbian society, there are lesbians who affirm that “women and men are different species or races (the words are used interchangeably): men are biologically inferior to women; male violence is a biological inevitability…” By doing this, by admitting that there is a “natural” division between women and men, we naturalize history, we assume that “men” and “women” have always existed and will always exist. Not only do we naturalize history, but also consequently we naturalize the social phenomena which express our oppression, making change impossible. For example, instead of seeing giving birth as a forced production, we see it as a “natural,” “biological” process, forgetting that in our societies births are planned (demography), forgetting that we ourselves are programmed to produce children, while this is the only social activity “short of war” that presents such a great danger of death. Thus, as long as we will be “unable to abandon by will or impulse a lifelong and centuries-old commitment to childbearing as the female creative act,” gaining control of the production of children will mean much more than the mere control of the material means of this production: women will have to abstract themselves from the definition “woman” which is imposed upon them.
A materialist feminist approach shows that what we take for the cause or origin of oppression is in fact only the mark imposed by the oppressor: the “myth of woman,” plus its material effects and manifestations in the appropriated consciousness and bodies of women. Thus, this mark does not predate oppression: Colette Guillaumin has shown that before the socioeconomic reality of black slavery, the concept of race did not exist, at least not in its modern meaning, since it was applied to the lineage of families. However, now, race, exactly like sex, is taken as an “immediate given,” a “sensible given,” “physical features,” belonging to a natural order. But what we believe to be a physical and direct perception is only a sophisticated and mythic construction, an “imaginary formation,” which reinterprets physical features (in themselves as neutral as any others but marked by the social system) through the network of relationships in which they are perceived. (They are seen as black therefore they are black; they are seen as women, therefore, they are women. But before being seen that way, they first had to be made that way.) Lesbians should always remember and acknowledge how “unnatural,” compelling, totally oppressive, and destructive being “woman” was for us in the old days before the women’s liberation movement. It was a political constraint, and those who resisted it were accused of not being “real” women. But then we were proud of it, since in the accusation there was already something like a shadow of victory: the avowal by the oppressor that “woman” is not something that goes without saying, since to be one, one has to be a “real” one. We were at the same time accused of wanting to be men. Today this double accusation has been taken up again with enthusiasm in the context of the women’s liberation movement by some feminists and also, alas, by some lesbians whose political goal seems somehow to be becoming more and more “feminine.” To refuse to be a woman, however, does not mean that one has to become a man. Besides, if we take as an example the perfect “butch,” the classic example which provokes the most horror, whom Proust would have called a woman/ man, how is her alienation different from that of someone who wants to became a woman? Tweedledum and Tweedledee. At least for a woman, wanting to become a man proves that she has escaped her initial programming. But even if she would like to, with all her strength, she cannot become a man. For becoming a man would demand from a woman not only a man’s external appearance but his consciousness as well, that is, the consciousness of one who disposes by right of at least two “natural” slaves during his life span. This is impossible, and one feature of lesbian oppression consists precisely of making women out of reach for us, since women belong to men. Thus a lesbian has to be something else, a not-woman, a not-man, a product of society, not a product of nature, for there is no nature in society.
The refusal to become (or to remain) heterosexual always meant to refuse to become a man or a woman, consciously or not. For a lesbian this goes further than the refusal of the role “woman.” It is the refusal of the economic, ideological, and political power of a man. This, we lesbians, and nonlesbians as well, knew before the beginning of the lesbian and feminist movement. However, as Andrea Dworkin emphasizes, many lesbians recently “have increasingly tried to transform the very ideology that has enslaved us into a dynamic, religious, psychologically compelling celebration of female biological potential.” Thus, some avenues of the feminist and lesbian movement lead us back to the myth of woman which was created by men especially for us, and with it we sink back into a natural group. Having stood up to fight for a sexless society, we now find ourselves entrapped in the familiar deadlock of “woman is wonderful.” Simone de Beauvoir underlined particularly the false consciousness which consists of selecting among the features of the myth (that women are different form men) those which look good and using them as a definition for women. What the concept “woman is wonderful” accomplishes is that it retains for defining women the best features (best according to whom?) which oppression has granted us, and it does not radically question the categories “man” and “woman,” which are political categories and not natural givens. It puts us in a position of fighting within the class “women” not as the other classes do, for the disappearance of our class, but for the defense of “woman” and its reinforcement. It leads us to develop with complacency “new” theories about our specificity: thus, we call our passivity “nonviolence,” when the main and emergent point for us is to fight our passivity (our fear, rather, a justified one). The ambiguity of the term “feminist” sums up the whole situation. What does “feminist” mean? Feminist is formed with the word “femme,” “woman,” and means: someone who fights for women. For many of us it means someone who fights for women as a class and for the disappearance of this class. For many others it means someone who fights for woman and her defense-- for the myth, then, and its reinforcement. But why was the word “feminist” chosen if it retains the least ambiguity? We chose to call ourselves “feminists” ten years ago, not in order to support or reinforce the myth of woman, nor to identify ourselves with the oppressor’s definition of us, but rather to affirm that our movement had a history and to emphasize the political link with the old feminist movement.
It is, then, this movement that we can put in question for the meaning that it gave to feminism. It so happens that feminism in the last century could never resolve its contradictions on the subject of nature/ culture, woman/ society. Women started to fight for themselves as a group and rightly considered that they shared common features as a result of oppression. But for them these features were natural and biological rather than social. They went so far as to adopt the Darwinist theory of evolution. They did not believe like Darwin, however, “that women were less evolved than men, but they did believe that male and female natures had diverged in the course of evolutionary development and that society at large reflected this polarization.” The failure of early feminism was that it only attacked the Darwinist charge of female inferiority, while accepting the foundations of this charge--namely, the view of woman as “unique.” And finally it was women scholars--and not feminists-- who scientifically destroyed this theory. But the early feminists had failed to regard history as a dynamic process which develops from conflicts of interests. Furthermore, they still believed as men do that the cause (origin) of their oppression lay within themselves. And therefore after some astonishing victories the feminists of this first front found themselves at an impasse out of a lack of reasons to fight. They upheld the illogical principle of “equality in difference,” an idea now being born again. They fell back into the trap which threatens us once again; the myth of woman.
Thus it is our historical task, and only ours, to define what we call oppression in materialist terms, to make it evident that women are a class, which is to say that the category “woman” as well as the category “man” are political and economic categories not eternal ones. Our fight aims to suppress men as a class, not through a genocidal, but a political struggle. Once the class “men” disappears, “women” as a class will disappear as well, for there are no slaves without masters. Our first task, it seems, is to always thoroughly dissociate “women”(the class within which we fight) and “woman,” the myth. For “woman” does not exist for us: it is only an imaginary formation, while “women” is the product of a social relationship. We felt this strongly when everywhere we refused to be called a “woman’s liberation movement.” Furthermore, we have to destroy the myth inside and outside ourselves. “Woman” is not each one of us, but the political and ideological formation which negates “women” (the product of a relation of exploitation). “Woman” is there to confuse us, to hide the reality “women.” In order to be aware of being a class and to become a class we first have to kill the myth of “woman” including its most seductive aspects (I think about Virginia Woolf when she said the first task of a woman writer is to kill “the angel in the house”). But to become a class we do not have to suppress our individual selves, and since no individual can be reduced to her/his oppression we are also confronted with the historical necessity of constituting ourselves as the individual subjects of our history as well. I believe this is the reason why all these attempts at “new” definitions of woman are blossoming now. What is at stake (and of course not only for women) is an individual definition as well as a class definition. For once one has acknowledged oppression, one needs to know and experience the fact that one can constitute oneself as a subject (as opposed to as object of oppression), that one can become someone in spite of oppression, that one has one’s own identity. There is no possible fight for someone deprived of an identity, no internal motivation for fighting, since, although I can fight only with others, first I fight for myself.


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Open Comments, TransTrolling and Disruptions

For most of this blog I have moderated comments, I have done this for two reasons. The first is because I quickly discovered there was no place online where one could even question the trans disorder let alone write and discuss truthfully about how and why this disorder develops, specifically the misogyny behind it. Second, the reason this serious feminist issue couldn't be written about/discussed was because if anyone tried they were either immediately attacked by those suffering from the trans disorder, slandered or the discussion would be hijacked. Nothing that we all havent witnessed recently since I've opened up the comments here.

This blog will continue to be a space and voice for women, particularly lesbian women and the issues that affect them/us and their/our community/spaces. So long as lesbians develop the trans disorder and lesbians get lumped in with the queer alphabet soup, the misogyny that informs the reasons for both will remain at the forefront of this blog. That said, so truth can also remain at the forefront of the posts and comments, if your comments are not on topic or at least in the ballpark they WILL be deleted.

There are hurt, confused young females out there searching for answers to stop their pain and end their self hatred, there are TONS of trans sites out there that are willing to help them continue in their pain and more. This blog is and will continue to be ONE space where they can come to understand why they are in pain, which will enlighten them and give them the power and courage to finally end their pain by learning to love themselves.


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Lara Login's Rape-And the Misogynistic Reaction to it

Passing this post along-please read
From the post:
And second of all, guess what? If women never went anywhere where we risked being sexually assaulted, we'd never go anywhere, period. We certainly couldn't go to work on foreign aid projects. Or to U.S. military academies. Not to college. Not on dates. Not to parties. Not to bars. Or on cruises. Not to work as models. Or security contractors. Except that even if we never went any of those places, we'd still be screwed (pun intended) because of course a high percentage of rapes happen in the home, committed by perpetrators whom the victims know. Putting the responsibility on women to prevent sexual assault by restricting their own behavior - or on their employers to limit it for them - won't actually solve the problem, it will just reinforce gendered norms about what "good" women "should" do.

And, finally, the idea that Lara Logan was "more at risk" of sexual assault because she was attractive is laughable. I'd be interested to know what fuckability threshold women should stay below in order to be safe from rape. Could Logan have just added some thick glasses? What if she had spinach in her teeth? How about if she gained 20 pounds - then would she be safe from the mob of 200 people who apparently decided to subject her to a prolonged beating and repeated sexual assaults because her delicate beauty stirred their romantic longings? Give me a break. Rape is about power, not how cute the victim is.

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Stealth-From Transman to Man

Each of us has our very own personal pasts, memories we think back on when we're alone, memories that make us laugh aloud, memories that bring tears to our eyes, memories that comfort us when nothing or no one else can. One of the best things about memories are sharing them with friends, both old and new. With past friends we reminisce, with new friends we share ourselves through sharing our memories, with each childhood story or silly teen story our new friends getting to know the REAL us. What happens to a mind when whole portions of its past have to be constantly edited or totally erased?

The editing and or near total erasure from ones past, which is ones REAL true self is what happens when female transitioners go stealth. Stealth in this case meaning passing as male to every new person met and maintaining the lie that they not only are male but have always been. What are the psychological ramifications of editing or deleting ones past on a regular/daily basis?? Are there consequences? Can a mind on constant edge of being "found out", a mind living a constant lie be a healthy mind???


Today's Dirt Workout Tips are for the Triceps

The triceps are the muscles on the back of the arm opposite the biceps in the front of the arm. Females of all ages have had complaints with this area of their arms. We've all heard women joke about waving goodbye and the back of their arm continuing to wave even after they have stopped. The triceps are small muscles so you will not need much weight to work them, and in some exercises, no weight except your body weight. I'm going to link you to a handful of tricep exercises, I apologize that a male is illustrating the movements, but the site gives good video as well as still photos of how the exercise should be properly done.  

Remember, if you are a beginner, keep your reps high and your weights low-this also works well for those only interested in toning. So 3-4 sets for 10-15 reps should be your goal. If looking to build muscle keep your sets between 4-6 sets and your reps between 6-8.

Bench Dips-This can also be performed using a chair placed firmly against a wall.


Dumbbell One-Arm Triceps Extension-I suggest doing these seated.

Seated Triceps Press

Triceps Dumbbell Kickback

Decline EZ Bar Triceps Extension aka Skull Crushers These can also be performed using a flat bench.

Triceps stretches

I'm adding a workout log for those interested.


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Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

You do NOT have to change your body to wriggle from the gender straight jacket, something feminist everywhere need to begin letting our young women know before its too late.


Stone-Sexuality or Sexual Dysfunction?

Stone has long since been associated with Butch Lesbians; a deep shame masked, then worn like a badge of courage sprinkled with pride. The Stone badge has also been mistakenly worn to indicate the degree of butchness, as in the greater the degree of stone, the greater the degree of Butch. There is also a strange twistedness that the greater the degree in Stone Butch, the closer the Butch is to male. This twisted thinking came into fruition via STRAIGHTBIANS back in the 50s, but the problem was exacerbated in the early 90's with the advent of the equally twisted queer movement through Queer Theory.

The strange twistedness is the aligning stone sexual behaviour with that of male sexuality. If you arent familiar, stone sexual behaviour is a limited sexual dysfunction. The Stone lesbian limits or excludes her lovers touch/love making, especially around her breast and pussy region. She oddly attributes those specific body parts to femaleness, able to ignore that her entire body is in fact female and her entire female body sexually tactile. The Stone will fuck her partner but is too ashamed of her own femaleness to allow her partner reciprocal sexual intimacy. So that whenever a lover desires to lick/suck/caress/make love to the Stone Lesbian, she refuses outright or if her natural desires gets the best of her and she concedes, she feels INTENSE shame afterward, like she's suddenly become less Butch or has been un/Butched. Now when was the last time you heard of a male refusing a blow job or his penis being off limits because it would make him feel less manly?? NEVER!

Being afraid and ashamed of sexual intimacy has never been an identity and never will be. Stone is a sexual dysfunction to be challenged, worked through, and overcome. Where there is no mutual love, including sexual familiarity, true love cannot exist, because true love requires intimacy. Stone is all walls with no open doors or windows. Isnt it about time we start talking about the shame that laid those walls of Stone brick by bloody brick so that in the future no other Lesbian will suffer from this deepest female shame?

If you have suffered from sexual shame and overcame it or are suffering now and wish to overcome it, share with us your stories. They may just save a life, yours.


Trans Regets-More Proof Trans is a Mis/Mal-Treated Mental Disorder??

The trans community is infamous for its cloak and dagger politics, especially the cloaking. The most pedestrian of studies, regardless of how unscientific, shoddy, poorly written or use of cherry picked subjects in numbers so small you could count them on both hands, if pro-trans, are shouted about from the rooftops from every major and minor trans group/sites across the globe. But the most exhaustive first person trans regret accounts made by those who realized their/the male medical machines mistakes are given the cold shoulder by a community that no longer embraces them, their stories buried or worse, they are out right attacked. For a community so "sure" about transition, why after decades is there still no room for trans critique/trans discussion, especially from those who've been there??

From Sex Change Regret


This bears repeating "GID is controversial, its effectiveness is unsubstantiated, and it has no basis in science"!


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Book Club February Read

This months read comes to us from a monologue written by Sylvia Plath in early 1962. While it predates official feminism, clearly Plath was attuned to what was coming. It is a HIGHLY female work, not simply for its dealings with motherhood, but the subtleties of femaleness that only women know.

Three Women-A Poem for Three Voicces

Please read and be ready to discuss by the 25th of this month, I will post reminders till then.


Friday Discussion

Homosexuality crosses all races and all handicaps, why do you feel transism is disproportionately a white issue and why are there next to no (if any) blind transsexuals? Were transism something one were born with like homosexuality, why would transism step over blind men and women???


Dildo's and Lezbo's

I've had a recent back and forth with a fellow lesbian blogger regarding dildos, lesbian sex and how much queer politics have phallusized/heterosexualized what we read/hear about lesbian sex, specifically how much the all mighty CLIT seems as lost among lesbians these days as it is among non lesbians past, present and future.

I suspect the "queering" of lesbian sex to be exaggerated if not an all lie by straights queers for straights queers. In my own experience and the experiences of lesbians I know, even among those who use dildos or strap, the CLIT is NEVER forget and usually remains a major target of pleasure for both partners.

My question to other lesbian readers, what are your feelings on dildo's/strapping and lesbians who give/receive LBJ's (lesbian blow jobs)??? What are your personal feelings, and what are your political feelings?


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

When feminism fails, females suffer.

Stop misogyny!
Help to end the hatred of women and girls!


Book Club Book for this Month

Given the interest, it looks like the Book Club is on! I know we're already a bit into this month, and seeing this month is a short month, suggestions for our first Book Club read, preferably something short. Some basic suggestion guidelines, feminist or a feminist subtext or something worth reading through a feminist lens and if your suggestion has the full text online, include that with your suggestion.

Thanks and totally looking forward to some good reading!


A Book Club

Over the last few months several of you have expressed an interest in a feminist oriented book club, if you are interested please vote and comment. If I get enough interest I'm thinking we could read a book every 3 weeks and on the 4th week I'll have a post to discuss the book. I'd like us to read not just non fiction feminist specific books, but fiction as well.

Any interest or suggestion, please leave a comment here.


ps The book club will be for ALL female born persons, so if there are any ftMs interested you are welcome to join.

Dirt's Workout Tips for the Female Bodied

A little later than I promised, but I am now beginning a series of workout posts aimed at the female bodied. If readers are interested in better eating tips let me know and I will include some with the workout series of posts.

One area females have self conscious issues with whether they feel they're feel too big or too small is the breast area. I am not going to delve into the external societal issues that unfortunately inform much of that self consciousness and just go right into a few exercises that can help change how you feel about your chest and the appearance of your chest.

So regardless of breast size, if you are seeking to minimize how your breast appears while wearing clothing, upper chest exercises are the key. If you increase the muscle over the top the breast, the way your shirt lies across your chest will give your breast a smaller appearance, and depending on your breast size, may make your breast disappear altogether.

Some primary upper chest exercises:

Incline bench pressing is a good exercise to start with.

Beginners should do no more than 3 sets, keeping your sets at about 8-10 reps.

 Following the incline Bench press,, should be incline dumbbell presses for the same sets/reps.
 See example below:

If you are a female seeking to give her breast (regardless of size) an increased look, decline chest exercises are the way to go. These exercises will increase the muscle tissue underneath your breast, which lift the breast giving them a larger, perkier appearance.

See exercises below:
I suggest like the incline chest routine for beginners, start with the decline bench press doing 3 sets between 8-10 reps, then follow that with decline bench presses with the same reps/sets.

For all the chest workouts here, use a weight that challenges you to push yourself to get the last few reps on your last set. You may have to play with the weight a bit to achieve this, but in the long run the right weight will give you the desired results quicker. And please use good form!

Also let me know if you want stretching tips, if you do I will include them with each specific body parts post.


Does Support always equal Love?

A question for the Readers: If a child, teen or adult person were suffering intensely from  BIID  , and the parents of said BIIDer supported their child/teen/adult child in having the offending healthy limb/s amputated, would you consider that "support" love?

Or in the same token if the child/teen/adult child were suffering from anorexia or bulimia and the parents supported their child's eating disorder are these good loving parents?


Out and Proud Lesbians?

Long before gay men convinced lesbians that "gay marriage" was the pinnacle of gay success within straight society, lesbians worked diligently and urged each other on in being out and proud. Unlike gay men who can utilize their male privilege to make up for the short comings of the closet, being out is essential and absolutely necessary for lesbians and a lesbian movement aimed at strengthening and gaining lesbian rights and lesbian visibility.

We've all heard that there is strength in numbers, but what good are number when no one sees them? Since the inception of the queer/trans movement and queer/trans politics lesbian has become a dirty word, even to other lesbians. Queer/trans have urged, pressured and sometimes threatened lesbians into a lesbian silence for the last few decades and with each new year there seems to be a greater and greater urgency for lesbians to STFU. 

"Stealth" is a word we see/hear with regularity in the queer/trans community, along with "passing" and a slew of places containing "passing" tips. The queer/trans community claim to be "allies" of lesbians yet predominantly seek and insist on the privileges of "passing", privileges that do nothing but harm lesbians by invisibilizing us, from each other and from the society we're working to change.

My question to you is, does being a part of the now queer alphabet soup which is chock full of folks blatantly seeking the closet by obtaining "passing" privileges, hurt lesbian rights which is anchored on lesbian visibility, which rests on how out and proud we are as lesbians?


Delusions of Gender-Cordelia Fine

The male medical machine along with trans activist have for decades tried to use brain differences to explain away transgenderism. The trans studies from beginning to current are fraught with a lack of participants, sexism within the scientific community and a desire for a specific outcome. Like John P. A. Ioannidis, Cordelia Fine explores and disproves scientific brain scan theories/studies around sex differences and why science cannot be trusted to be objective.

Until homophobia has been removed from science, do not leave piddly meaningless trans studies involving a handful of cherry picked participants in the comments, they will not be released as they are full of sexist holes a tour bus could be driven through.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Luckily I grew up around people who actually practiced the saying "it takes a village to raise a child", so that where a parent may be absent or society fails, there were others who cared enough to step in when you needed it or put their foot in your ass if thats what was required. One has to ask not simply where are these girl's parents, but where the hell are any of their family that they would wind up here?


Trans Aggression-Trans Hate

I'm not sure when this went up, but someone (I think its safe to assume a trans someone) created a tumblr account using the gist of my name and date of birth. This came to my attention yesterday and I took the proper legal steps to shut this tumblr account down due to its clear copyright infringement by using both my blogger posts and my youtube videos while pretending to be me. My apologies to anyone who came across this bogus "dirt" account and believed it was me, and for the sake of transparency I screencapped the emails between myself and the tumblr support team. You can see from the last email received from the tumblr support team that account has been closed down.

Topics Tuesday-What Informs Female Transition?

What do you feel are some of the prime factors informing female transitioners? Obviously the trans disorder develops through a combination of factors, just list those factors in and of themselves.

Possible examples: child sexual abuse, current society's extreme sexualization of females (at younger and younger ages), strict confining gender norms, lack of visibility of anything but the strict confining female gender norms...


Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

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