Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Any one of these young females could be your daughter. Misogyny + the male medical machine + limited roles for females and hyper femininity equals what you see before you, self hating females desperate to eradicate all traces of their femaleness. 



  1. This one: called "3rd last day (of my entire life) with boobs!" made my day...

    The description is so...:

    "Can't wait to wake up at Friday after the procedure and have a look at my new flat chest!!"

    "Let's see if I'll get rid of my boobs and bleed instead...gross!!"

    I suggest to this person a lobotomy too because there is no way he passes as male even with a flat chest...

  2. The effects of testosterone take time. He's probably only 1 year or so into his transition. Growing a beard, etc, can take up to 5 years, depending on his genetics. Also, his voice is pretty deep compared to his earlier videos.

    Calling for a lobotomy is verging on a suggestion for violence just because in your eyes he doesn't look male.

  3. "growing beard"...

    The issue here is: this "guy" would have developped a baldness pattern far before having a visible beard because he seems to be the thin hairs blond type and he has already a baldness pattern appearing...

    Then, most (bio)guys do not have to grow a (fluffy)(patchy) beard to look like males.

    In the case of this guy, his face is already rectangular, long and massive so growing a beard will make him look super weird...

    Finally, I do think it is super uncomfortable for partners to date someone who has ugly scars, no penis and an enlarged clito, body and facial hairs and is sterile...

    Socially, you date something that may look like a teenager male (the acnea) but in the closeted room of your home, you are screwed because he can't give you what you need...I imagine the partners can't help thinking "too bad he is not a real male"...We never hear partners' perspective so often and we should...

  4. i'm honestly waiting for the day i come to this site and see my face among the lucky six you pick out to publicly admonish, dirt. it won't surprise me to see it, and it won't deter me, either.


  5. Miss Clark,

    If you were to actually READ posts here instead of being paranoid about whether or not you find your youtube link on a "who is transitioning" post, then you would know I have ZERO interest in the drowned. These post clearly arent to "deter" you or any of the other young female transitioners like yourself. You are the drowned.

    These posts are to inform the general public, parents and those still on the beaches about the trans trend in efforts to dismantle some of the misogyny that informs female transitioning.


  6. "We never hear partners' perspective so often and we should..."

    And the partners are giving too much to transmale. Specially the female partners. Look:
    1/ those female partners are forced to switch from lesbian sexual orientation to straight/freak sexual orientation when their partner transitions
    2 then they have to become pregnant from anonymous donors to have their "husband" feeling more like a male (see there: and there: )

    All in one, I think the changes a FTM female partner is supposed to cope with are really huge. Nobody talks about it.
    The whole transition process (including the "I want to be a daddy" phase) is itself as violent as a rape for the partner.

    Dirt, do you plan to do an article about the transdaddy fad and its impact on female partner?

  7. Dirt, you're doing a good job.

  8. @Anon 11:30, thanks for the blog links.
    On, "If I only… had some sperm, I could get my wife pregnant. If I only had some sperm, there would be no questioning my parentage. If I only had some sperm, we could just “start trying”. If I only had some sperm, we wouldn’t have to think about sperm donors, contracts, family acceptance…For a very long time, I got really caught up in the “if I only’s”. In fact, the mental preparation for the mere preparation of fatherhood has been the most difficult part of my transition. Forget the coming out process, the therapy, the surgeries, the lost family… it all pales in comparison to the struggle I have had with letting go of the fact that I will never be biologically related to my child."

    It is sad: it looks like all this FTM process, even for "guys" who go to all sort of T, surgeries, a sort of never ending quest for something that will never be.

    "I really want to be a supportive partner throughout the pregnancy, and I was finding myself being short with her and basically shutting down when she would start talking about feeling sick – and this behavior is anything but supportive. So I saw someone at my school’s counseling center, in hopes they could help me come up with some coping strategies for when when I’m feeling irritated about listening to all of this."

    So selfish, this "guy" has found a woman who is loving enough to try multiple experiments:
    *having kids with an anonymous donor
    *being pregnant with twins,
    *not wanting to know their sex before birth
    *raising them with a person who is not a man technically
    *coping with the fact she will have to consider this person legally as "father" of her twins

    so multiple challenges and this "guy" is not even supportive....

    Am I the only one shocked ?

  9. Regarding female transitioners who want to be "fathers". Its really just another product of their trans delusions, but if folks would like to see it discussed I have no problem writing about it.

    It would also lend itself to the equally mentally problemed women who involve themselves with female transitioners.


  10. @Dirt, if you can document 2 posts: one on transfather and the other on their female partner, yes it will be great :)! I am curious to know more with your perspective!

  11. Reminds me of "Faces of Meth".

  12. Dirt, I hope you never use my pic on here, since I stupidly made videos on youtube on me being trans. I used to think I wanted to be a man, but before taking any drastic turns (hormones, surgery) I realized that I was stupid. I'm back to living as myself, a proud, "soft butch" (as some may call me) lesbian. It really does seem like a trend, and I just got caught up in it. Thank you for your blog, it gives some real insight. I love women and am not ashamed to be one. I'm better than that, I'm proud :)

  13. @Nolongerconfuse: if you had previously made videos on Youtube about transition, it would be fair that you do a video explaining why you stopped your tranistion and send us the link ;)!
    My point is: why were you so proud of making video when considering transition and now why are so ashamed of being a butch, you don't even want to make a video about it?

  14. Found

    Weird: facial and body hair but still boobs....She looks like a woman with hirsutism...

  15. @Anonymous 9:01 -

    I'm not ashamed of it now, and I do plan on making a video soon about it all. When I was considering transitioning, I was ashamed of myself and when I talked to a therapist, she told me I should try living as a woman again. I've never felt happier and more like myself! Look out for my video link in the coming days. :)

  16. It is sad to watch their videos, and how they kid themselves, because there really is no other alternative for how they end up - women with secondary male characteristics. I guess they don't even see the irony that they give eachother tips on how to "be a man."

  17. "women with secondary male characteristics"

    Yes that is the sad true about FTM transition. There is no transition: you will die with a weird body: male secondary sexual characteristics+female genetalia.

    And yes, why on earth, there are never ever in those FTM youtube channels, one of their biomales fellow/pals/brother/father explaining those girls what is really a male? As anyone an aswer?

    The father and brother and all the males relatives of those girls seem so silent about this fad!

  18. This generation of girls and their grotesque penis envy is truly disgusting. What the FUCK is this world coming to??? The only thing these girls want is male privilege. Plain and simple. That is all the comes from transition because obviously you cannot ever truly be the opposite sex than you were born.

    Uhggg. As I said, this is DISGUSTING.

  19. Well transitioning is so old fashioned, so 90's! I just don't get why those kids are even going into it nowadays...I suspect they live in Oklahoma or in remote places abroad like Turkey or Finland....

  20. Those kids are so normalised: binary gender cliché, same milestones (one month T update, top surgery updates..), same questioning, same work-out plan, same issues with relatives/friends/lovers...
    There is no creativity, no innovation, no meaningful thought and it is not even trendy anymore: even their tattoos, and their first names look the same...
    They feel like they are unique but in fact, they look all the same, like a Gattaca army.
    I find them so boring and pathetic. Instead of spending their poor lonely life in front of Youtube congratuling their "bros", they should go out there and have a real life: friends, family, sports, hobbies...
    They are (and will always be) as far as being "males" than a unicorn can be...It is just a urbania trend that spreads now in the remotest place of the world due to Youtube virality...
    At least, local freak shows will not have any shortage of performers...

  21. why are we calling them he and him? why dont we call them "it"................xoxoDirt
    femme mystique


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