Trans Trending-Who is Tranitioning

In a world where misogyny is king, there is always a fresh supply of female bodies for the flames.



  1. Hey Dirt, on estimate, how many of those FTMs you have been seeing were influenced by anime and yaoi in regards to transitioning?

  2. Bluetraveler, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Look at the names under the pictures and you see Kamikazeboy, Ohito, Mori Hikari- it's a big influence.

  3. Women are at the highest level of the evolution ladder so I don't get why those girls are so impatient to go down this evolution ladder by destroying their perfect body to the point it matches species like males and in some cases Apes...

  4. I don't think if I hadn't stumbled across your blog I would ever realize just how big this trend is. Now, more lesbians than ever are talking about it and how repulsive it is.
    My lesbian friends and I have seen a true lesbian woman that used to take on groups of bible thumpers in the Bible Belt, defending herself and others.
    NOW, she is dating one of these "men".

    Greatly saddened loss to our group and she has lost contact with most of us as she now identifies with the straight relationships she used to deem detrimental to homosexual relationships.


    P.S. I am shocked at how many "14 yr old FTM"s there are on youtube. It's like they know how to sign up to youtube and must therefore become one.

  5. it really breaks my heart to see these young women destroying themselves. I wish they would understand our concern for them.. that T is going to ravage their bodies and cutting off/squashing their breasts is so unhealthy.. 10 years from now, when the trend's worn off, they'll probably be bald "men" with vaginas, or butchered genitalia..

    and BlueTraveller you hit the nail on the head with pointing out the yaoi influence. the part I find ironic is that the bishounen they want to become look more like women than any men on earth, so in reality they're moving farther away from their goal. it's really tragic that we're living in an era where non-stereotypical women are encouraged to chop up and poison their bodies and call themselves men. misogyny is king indeed.

  6. @Bluetraveler

    I can kind of give you an answer to your question based on some real life experiences. I regularly attend the anime convention circuit on the west coast (including a yaoi based one).

    Out of a group of, let's say, fifteen lesbians that I regularly talk to at these events...four of them have decided to transition, and five consider themselves trans. Aside from those five individuals, another three consider themselves gender-variant.

    If we apply that same statistic to the population at large, the numbers are pretty horrific.

    And you're absolutely right in thinking that this particular sub-culture is a feeding ground right now for this phenomena.

  7. I don't want to promote my work without a cause but I think this is relevant fot those "FTPrettyboy" to notice how damn easy it is to look like a "bishie" without transitioning. MUCH EASIER, in fact.

  8. "A lot of transguys still go in lesbians bar because some lesbians are aware of what is a FTM and because they have difficulties in finding a sexual partner elsewhere as they can't compete with fully complete biomales"...That is the explanation given by a FTM I know. But he also agreed that forcing lesbians to make it with a hairy, bald no boobs body is a violation of any lesbian desire, identity and expectations...
    "As long as the lesbians let us FTM go in, we go there." he said...

  9. "Forcing" a lesbian to have sex with us is a violation of lesbian desire? How stupid are you? Ftm's have to beat women off with a stick at the bar for chrissakes. If anything the excess attention paid towards us can border on harassment, especially when I just want to enjoy my beer. If I were you, I'd keep far away from someone who sleeps with you willingly and then claims she was "forced" to do so.

  10. DIRT! You need to put up a photo of this one!! When I saw this video of it's mangled chest I about fainted!!

    LittleManAiden is the channel and the video is entitled "Almost 7 months on T and 5 months post op"
    You have to check out this one.........ewwwwww

  11. Anon@12:21

    Thanks for this info, given thats the case then there shouldnt be any reason female transitioners should have to seek lesbians in lesbian spaces since lesbians are as you said seeking female transtioners in theirs.

    Glad we have that straight, please pass that along to your constituents.


  12. Anon@12:38,

    Please do me a big favour, dont call females an "it". By not recognizing her as the female she will always be, can never truly erase, you erase something of all women.

    I agree her mutilated chest is awful and the butcher who did this to her little girl body should be leveled.


  13. I've never seen an FtM "beat women off with a stick" at any bar. I've never ever even seen one at a "straight" bar/club either in USA or Germany. I have one friend who is FtM and she never goes out anymore at all since "transitioning."

  14. Anon@1:06,

    Sadly thats what I've seen as well and been told by others who have know a female transitioner. So many wind up alone. Short shelf life.


  15. "So many wind up alone. Short shelf life."
    Yes but when you see the ageing effect of T and also the fact that they end up with an hybrid body, it is not a surprise, the number of lovers is limited.
    Last day, on FB, some very well known trans poster boys were complaining about the "small market" they are it. So if those trans poster boys are complaining, what should happen to the less sexy ones? Or the ones living in very remote places where people are less open minded than, let's say SF?

  16. The sad truth is many trans people regardless of sex end up alone/lonely with far too many seeking anonymous sex partners from places like craigs list and other sad personals. Far too many seeking human connections through sex also put themselves at serious risks for STDs.

    I believe if serious studies and stats were done and available more doctors would be less likely to physically transition people and instead work on where their problems really lie, mentally.
    (and no, that isnt me saying those who develop these issues are mental cases-they are people with problems)


  17. Dirt: "I believe if serious studies and stats were done and available more doctors would be less likely to physically transition people and instead work on where their problems really lie, mentally."

    This really says it all. It's the absolute bottom line to all of this. These are not personally-affirming odysseys into selfhood, this is the confusion of women lost in the wilderness of self-hate and misogyny. If the first person to get to them is a man with a knife and a syringe, promising to lead them "home, it's because of our women-hating culture, not because that is really the best path.

    The only way for this butchery to end is for our society to know more about this trend and do everything it can to provide an answer that competes with the guy who is in it just to pad his own bank account and ego.

  18. damn, being a lost little girl has never looked so horrible.

  19. And what's really scary is they're dating both lesbians/queer girls AND Gay/bi men, which means they could bring A.I.D.S and other powerful STD's into a much greater sector of the Lesbian communities(or what's left of them). This is scary statistics, out of 15 Lesbians, 5 consider themselves trans and 4 of those are physically transitioning...SICKENING...really says alot about Lesbian Nation eh? and how it's so much better to be a 'man' than a Dyke or a Butch....

    And these photos, these girls are so young! Tragic, absolutely tragic that they feel they have to take hormones/do surgeries to 'fit in' because they're not 'feminine enough'. We gotta break this Female/Woman/Womon=Feminine. I thought we broke this years ago, but then we had a strong Lesbian movement where a woman/Lesbian could be ANYTHING, given the opportunity, and not held back by her sex...then there was the backlash..and now womonhood is a burden to be shucked rather than to fight the rampant sexism/homophobia in the the problem is personalized rather than collectively tackled. Too many years of therapy. Too much media influence as you've mentioned above.

  20. @Dirt, what bout their girlfriends?

    I have done a search on Youtube with 'FTM girlfriend" and the result is...interesting and surprisingly standardised.

    You never mention FTM lovers or girlfriends so can you do the same update but instead of posting FTM faces, can you post FTM girlfriends faces?
    Can you give us some examples of confused women who date those people?

    Are they all Manga lovers or nurse or therapist or bdsm fans or fashionistas or academics?

  21. We will face a huge health tsunami in the coming years when those kids will suffer from the side-effects of testo and the consequences surgeries...And the depression when they look like your old bald hairy uncle. One of my FTM friend told me one of those "trendsitionners" was at his support group, wanted to transition faster than the speed of light and one year after all the fuss (top surgery, T), he committed suicide because he/she could not recognise oneself in the mirror...
    I hope this story will make think twice before the big jump...

  22. The " lesbians" who date transguys are women who were in the L world because they were fearing dicks but are attracted to males characteristics (facial/body hair). They were here because L places were a safety nest for them, they don't like women bodies, curves, boobs...Or maybe dating a transmale cure lesbianism? Who knows?

  23. Bring back the Lillith Fair Goddamnit. It was so awesome to be gay in 1999. Trouble is, these trenders never got to experience that community and diversity.

    Once the LWord was over, there was nothing left to set an example for them. These were the same effing girls that wanted to look like Shane, now they want to look like Justin Beiber... except for real.

    We need a Lesbian Icon for them to emulate, because they get all their ideas from the media. So jesus get Hillary out of her beige closet already!

    I miss riot girl chick rock PJ Harvey Tori Amos lesbians who weren't afraid to be a girl making out with another girl and middle-fingering the bald hairy dudes for gawking.

    At least my girlfriend digs my boobs and vice versa.

  24. Check out these 2 links



    I personally don't care about what a person feels to do with their body - if you want to go on T and have Top Surgery, by all means knock yourself out, I'll respect you the same way; but just know what you're getting yourself into.
    T is not a piece candy that you can have every now and then to satisfy your sweet tooth. Its permanent

    Think before you act.

  25. @ Anon, 7:27 PM

    I have watched them and it is really painful. Nobody warns potential/prospect FTM of the risks of having one's body going too far under T...You can't control T effect on your body...You may loose your hairs while you did not want to. You may grow a lot of facial/body/back/butt hair while you don't like it animal fur.
    It really deserves a whole article by respect for this person who is brave enough to say after all, he is not feeling as male inside as he looks on the outside and explains his transition was initiated by confidence issues....
    Those brave FTM should be encouraged to share their views out of the standardised trans speech. Dirt, can you do a whole article about " you don't control the transition process" ?
    My point is FTM thinks they will control their transition process and that they will be smarter than other FTM but they won't because:
    * you don't know how T will affect your body. In a sense, it is more risky to take T than some recreational drugs whose effect are less permanent
    *you don't know how your surgeon will perform the different surgeries even with revision even if it was looking good on other Tran guys. Even with a good top surgery, you may don't like the scars (look at all the FTM who say loud and clear, they want a chest tattoo or do it to hide the scars)
    *you will be silenced by the trans community every time you want to de-transition because it is a cult like community...Nobody will hear you then. No more "great bros" and so you will re transition or continue your transition not because you like it but because you are forced to continue to play (just like when you loose at poker and any money games).

    Some good examples are:
    *the video provided by anon above they had to do a chest tattoo to hide the scars.
    * this video of Meiko Xavier : you will notice he had a de transition period when he stopped T and in the same time did a tattoo to hide his scars. He hasn't made so far a lot of noise about it but during 2 years he de-transitioned .... It is obvious in the time line.

  26. I don't know if my comment fits there but I wanted to confront publicly the trans-community and their young members about their contradictions after having seen this video on YouTube:

    It is called "FTM Disclosure and Outing".

    I don't understand how the brain of those Transguys works and I wonder if T alters basic logic.

    So let's make it simple for all FTM reading this: when you put personal information on different social media like Youtube or Facebook or Tumblr, when you answer any question possible on Formspring(see there:, you document every breath of your life on Twitter,... you disclose so many information, they get out of control.
    And so it is just math & statistics: you increase the risk of being visible and so outed.

    Moreover if your public identity on the different social media is not consistent ie if you "leave" traces of your female past either in video or nicknames or by connecting people who are not aware to whom you are out or not...

    For example, if you have a Facebook account under a male name and in the same time, your link this FB account (cf additional information) to your YouTube channel where you post a video about your female to male timeline, it may be likely that your trans origins will be known and that you will be busted and outed.

    I am pretty sure that most of the time, people will out you by accident (ie they didn't want to hurt you).

    Sometimes it happens when somebody make a comment on your FB wall about your gender identity...Sometimes this person does not even know in the first place you are not out as trans because you disclose so many things online and to such a number of fans, friends, subscribers, followers...

    so all those people assume you are just out as they have no clue what part of your identity you disclose to others (remember you are the only one to know your privacy settings ;)...

    So please don't make of an accident a political act like "he outed me, I will sue him or her with my trans rights non profit or support group".

  27. the sight of two red top surgery scars on all these youtube FTM girls are heartbreaking and emblematic of everything that is wrong with this generation of young lesbians and girls.


    Instead of posting video about this blog, I advise those 2 people to go out and have a good run and to start a diet...

    About the bashing, it is an insult to all Dirt's blog readers including transmales: this blog is not a hateful blog against trans. I sometimes wonder that transidentity and transition is an easy & basic answer to all the life meaning questionings those not so special youngs may have. They close the questioning by entering in a cosy process well documented online....

  29. it's so (i know the word is used often here) tragic
    if you look at one ftm's youtube channel
    you can click on any of the 'you look great dude' commenters
    to find videos of an almost identical nature
    and click on any commenter of those videos
    to find even more
    it seems the supply is endless and i could spend the rest of my life finding more and more young female to male aspirants
    and that's just on youtube!

  30. Aside from the transition scars, there is a huge market for acne medications. The company which launchs an acne medication for transmales will make fortune in a minute :D

  31. First I have to say is that english is my third language, so it will be pretty bad.

    But, first about the accne, transguy go trough a second puberty that's why day get it. And yeah for some it dont go away. But there are so many bioman with accne, specially that is far worse then what most transmen have.

    Losing hair, that is a side effect because most transmen inject T. And that's the wrong way of taking T. They should be taking a kind of gele. It's just the same that biomen whos body can't make enought T take. It's esaey to use and makes the level of T in the body stay at the same level all the time. The change will come slower, but the health risks are not that many.

    I'm not a part of the youtube-communit. That thing scares the shit out of me. I dont understand how people can get there hands on T so fast.

    I took me 7 years of thearpy, and i'm 2 years on it now. But i took even longer time form me to start my "transitioning".

    It was in the 90's that i understod that something was not right, and did not know what trans was, i dont even think i heard that word until 2005-2006. I just knew that i was a man.
    So i have never ever defined myself as trans.
    But i'm closer to the intersexuall line, the being female.

    Keep up the great work Dirt. We must save the trenders from them self and from the doctors!

    Love from cold Europe.

  32. OK that's funny how u talk shit when u look like some kinda jacked wrestler with ur big broad ass shoulders but i would watch wat u say i know were u live butch

  33. @Dirt (private message don't publish)

    Dear Dirt,I think the transtrending pictures/faces are great.
    I have also noticed many times on your blog that commenters give links to very interesting videos made by transmales.

    I was wondering if, in addition to the transtrending, you could do an additional article evry week called "video focus or highlight" maybe on a fixed schedule (wednesday?) where you would post:
    * the photo of the video,
    * the link (eventually embedded) of a video you or your readers watched
    * a short summary of what it is about with maybe some printscreen of interesting part of the video (in case the video disappears from Youtube)
    * perhaps a question people can comment on after having watched the video (ground rule)
    * invitation to provide other links

    For example, I have seen this video of this guy posted by a commenter last week:

    and I tought it was really worth giving it more exposure...

    Thank you for your consideration!

  34. The "binders give away" campaign whose primary aim is to convert YouTube watchers to become transtrenders and start a transition is going international:

    Binding your breast is not neutral!

  35. Anon@10:25pm,

    Not only jealous but I bet all lip.

    Come on over if you know where I live, I'll be waiting Miss All-Talk.



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