Trans Trendering-Who is Transitioning

We are ALL to blame for the shear, pure self hatred that these young women feel. What are YOU doing to STOP the Misogyny?



  1. Dirt, it has reached such a viral/epidemic level that I really start to freak out for the health of those kids when they will understand the consequences on transitioning...

    Hopefully some "old" trans FTM (Charles Asher, Meiko Elias Xavier, Ethan D. Fechter-Leggett) are here to show us the mid-term effect of T...

    Regardless of my opinion about trans FTM, I do think that we are in front of an upcoming huge public health disaster...

  2. Dirt,

    As an individual who's currently questioning transition, thanks for the blog. You shed a completely different light on it then all the "Way to go dude, we're here for you! They all be transphobes!" Support spaces that I've found. Which is really awesome! I want to look at my situation from all sides so I end up doing what's right for me.

    I don't necessarily agree with you on some points you make, but I can appreciate your freedom of speech. I'm still a young pup anyway! You're not the god of all knowledge, of course, but I'm nowhere near as close. ;)

    It's too bad most of your trans readers feel the need to attack you so viciously. You'd think if they put enough thought into transitioning, they'd put enough thought into keeping a level head.

    Thanks for blogging!


  3. this is getting so out of hand. i wish the mainstream media would report about transtrending and the insane amount of girls who are taking testosterone, getting their breasts removed, changing all their legal documentation.... for no reason at all.

    it's not like the medical community gives a shit, they laughing all the way to bank.

  4. "it's not like the medical community gives a shit, they laughing all the way to bank."

    Yes, and look: it is really different in countries when health is not a business. Transition process are longer and TransFTM are fewer because the trendsetter are blocked from transitioning...

  5. [it is really different in countries when health is not a business.]

    Transsexuals are recognized as a different sex or social status in some countries on every continent in the world, so there's not as much of this feeling of urgency in those. Our worst problems in the United States are sociocultural, though doctors going by gender and handing out testosterone like candy isn't helping matters. The reason this is getting out of hand is that gender definition, because everybody can fit into it.

  6. great post yet again! maybe one day these girls will stumble upon your site and see themselves in a whole new way.

  7. as someone posted in this blog, i would like to say... honestly, everyone is allowed to their own opinion but posting someone you don't actually know is a bit harsh. i am someone who does not loath myself. i love myself very much and with coming to terms with my transition and my life. if you feel as though you can judge me as someone who you think you know, who you think you understand simply because you seem to think you have the answers to why trans people are deciding to transition.

    i don't hate you but i wish you wouldn't stab hatred towards people you don't know, don't understand and could not possibly understand as you are not me.

    you are free to think what you want but i am not ashamed of who i am. i am glad to be who i am and i really feel as though it's my business what i do and if i want to reach out to my fellow trans men... that's my business.

  8. Anon@3:54pm

    That you see "hate" here only shows how little you know of me or this blog.

    And you may fool yourself, lie to yourself, thats your prerogative. But if you are not proud of the woman you are and instead choose to murder through erasure that woman, you are nothing BUT ashamed of yourself.


  9. it's everybody's business who cares about losing a huge segment of the young female population to absurd outdated notions of what it means to be male or female

  10. They give out hormones like candy because when you get sick from them you come running back trying to figure out what's wrong and treating those problems. More $$$$$$. From the little things like acne and anxiety to the biggies like diabetes, cancer, thick blood, sleep disorders etc It's a money trap, just like psychiatry.

  11. Does anyone have any numbers on how many young women are transitioning?

  12. It would be good to get some statistics on this trend. If there are (conservatively) 30 new FTMs posting a day on Youtube, and if that is (conservatively) 10 percent of FTMs, that's 300 a day. That's 109,000 a year. A very conservative guess.

  13. "And you may fool yourself, lie to yourself, thats your prerogative. But if you are not proud of the woman you are and instead choose to murder through erasure that woman, you are nothing BUT ashamed of yourself."

    Perfectly said.

    A girl I knew fleetingly I have heard is now transitioning. When I first met her I thought she was one of the most bold and beautiful women I'd ever come across.

    Masculinity can be embraced within the female gender. This is how the limitations of gender are pushed, varied and redefined. To transition on the other hand, is to accept and concede to these boundaries and in doing so reinforce them. So sad.

  14. At first when I would read your blogs they would anger me and get me down but now I see it all in a new way. You have your right to state your opinion and I admire that. I dont agree with most of what you say but I like getting to know the other side of the argument. The big question comes, why do I read your blog? Because with each blog you seem to be getting nicer and not so harsh.

  15. # 6 looks like she just had laser over her entire face to get rid of all the acne -- it has that "I'm made of rubber" look.

  16. Most of the things that these girls say are absolutely horrifying and indefensible.

  17. @Hexydismal

    It wasnt such a problem when docs where handing out Estrogen to most transitioning MTFs whose main reason for transitioning was to wear pink frilly dresses and make up, was it?. And oh yeah they liked playing with barbie dolls and fairies when they were kids.

    why dont you just stay out of FTMs issues. You like hiding behind FTM issues so that your own MTF issues wont be scrutinised. I have called you out before, because you are such a HYPOCRITE, with people like dirt and others i can try and brush off their ignorance, but people like you, who have transitioned and now want other people not to have the same rights?.

    Take a look at yourself first.

  18. Personally, I don't worry about egotistical trans people and their obnoxious statements and actions because at the end of the day, they know and have to live with the cold hard truth. That strap-on you cling to for dear life will never be real. You have a medicine spoon in your pocket. That binder is killing your back and internal organs. Those top surgery scars are not going to be invisible somehow. No amount of bravado and big talk can change that.

  19. I don't understand why the it's care that their pictures are on this Blog...They are all on youtube talking about how they wanna b a tranny; and are outing themselves in the FIRST PLACE. Maybe they shouldn't get on YOUTUBE with their "look at me I'm a tranny" attitudes........

  20. "It would be good to get some statistics on this trend. If there are (conservatively) 30 new FTMs posting a day on Youtube, and if that is (conservatively) 10 percent of FTMs, that's 300 a day. That's 109,000 a year. A very conservative guess.

    Very interesting :)

    So there is a market potential for *liver cancer cure of let's say 80 000 transguys at 40's
    *and let's say 90 000 of them will need hair implants by their 30's. *and let's say 30 000 of them will like to be daddy one day and will pay for their partner IV
    * plus the revision and bottom surgeries, the life T, the top surgeries, the therapist...

    Hum juicy $$$$ :)

    The good point with FTM is they are such real cash cows for the medical industry, it is almost a pleasure to see them transitioning.

    Not like those cheap butches lol

    (Dirt: it is of course a joke comment :)

  21. The pink/blue, Barbies/trucks nurse/firemen cult is back :)

  22. Queer theory is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. If you want to believe that the sky is polka dotted and striped with sparkles, that's fine and whatever, but that doesn't mean that it's true or will ever be true.

    The dictionary definition of the word "Insanity" is to repeat a single action over and over again expecting a different result each time to no avail. Hmmmmmm....

  23. The dictionary definition of the word "Insanity" is to repeat a single action over and over again expecting a different result each time to no avail."

    thats not the dictionary definition, its a quote by albert einstein. though he does make a valid point, quotes should not be used as a sole basis of an argument.

  24. "Queer theory is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. If you want to believe that the sky is polka dotted and striped with sparkles, that's fine and whatever, but that doesn't mean that it's true or will ever be true."

    100% agreement here.

    "The dictionary definition of the word "Insanity" is to repeat a single action over and over again expecting a different result each time to no avail."

    In my experience, this saying is mostly used in 12 step programs to shut people up who think some other approach might be better for them. If it's originally by Einstein, I'm guessing he said it in the context of an anti-war statement, and was being highly rhetorical. In real life, the same actions often get different results at different times.

    But that doesn't mean queer theory can somehow make old-fashioned gender stereotypes "subversive" or "transgressive" and therefore okay.

  25. Part 1:

    Dear Dirt,

    I stumbled across your blog by accident through facebook.

    I am so glad I did!

    It is wonderful to see someone raising their voice and demanding to be heard on such a femininst issue. I cannot believe as one poster described, 'the epidemic/viral level' of young, predominantly lesbian identifying women who are wilfully destroying their own female selves. To go further and promote this miysogny on youtube is just unpalatable. I really cannot believe it, I am overwhelmed. I am disappointed.

    I watched some of the videos you posted to the point where I could not watch anymore as I was truly sick to the core by these poor little lost girls who think in some way they are challenging the social construct of gender by hacking of their breasts and letting their bodies be invaded by synthetic testosterone, yet in reality their goal is to be masculine men??

    I have two words .... Grow Up! Actually two more .... EDUCATE YOURSELF! Geez, being a woman isn't easy ..... for all the reasons society throws at you. We all feel trapped in the wrong body at many different times in our lives. Trapped because the female body we inhabit indentifies us as just that, female. And in many ways society disables us because of that.

    Fight and rage against that you young FOOLS. I am in my early thirties and if I had made life altering unchangeable decisions like you young women are making in your early twenties that would have been foolish of me. In other words, the way you think and feel grows and evolves with time. I look back at my confident Know-it-all self 20-something self and I realise I didn't know shit about shit. You become more comfortable in your own body, your own skin, your own head with time.

    Read about the history of women or lack therof. Don't go trawling through the internet for your education! You will get alot of opinions and not much substance.
    Read Virginia Woolf, Mary Wolstencraft and Gertrude Stein to name just a few. Know your female struggle, who fought for it, who raged against it, rallied for it so that women could have a place in public society.... Celebrate all these women who have contributed to smashing the polarized models of behaviour society has designated to either sex. You enjoy today so much more freedom than these women ever dreamed off, BECAUSE of these women. And you spoilt little brats throw it back in their faces by reacting to the bipolar model of human behaviour served to us by society. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad! All I know is that if these women have access to Youtube from their grave they'd be rolling in it!

  26. Part 2:

    When I was younger I was always called a Tomboy, because I liked some "boy" things, but I also like "girl" things. I could never wrap my head around it because I loved being a girl, it was just what I was, but it wasn't go to stop me from enjoying 'boy' things or expressing thoughts and behaviours that were designated only for males. I had a wonderful grandfather as my father figure who taught me as much as my male cousins. A grandfather, who celebrated my strength, my intellect and my ambition. I had wonderful female friends. All who were strong and bold and beautiful but also very heterosexual. I never felt growing up around my family and friends that being female was anything less than wonderful. I hope for these girls sake they find it in themselves before it's too late. By all means be the gender you want to be, but realise it's just a construct. You were born female, your experience is female and in no logical or rational sense can one's mind feel male when you were never born or have experienced being a male. You are you, you may feel more masculine then feminine but that is so normal in every human to feel one way or another because your feelings only have the social construct of gender to align themselves with. And this will continue to be the case as long as young women continue to murder their female selves by choosing one gender binary over the other rather than celebrate the unique woman that they are, "masculine" traits or not.

    Keep up the good work Dirt, the essential work, I will definitely follow your blog from now on. It is interesting, insightful and powerful. You truly are an awesome woman.
    I have seen many FTM comment on your blogs on social networking pages. Many comments directed at you are along the lines of, 'she is more manly than me'. My god!! Do these young girls know anything?? What vaccuum of human intellect are they suspended in? You foolish, foolish little girls. Dirt will always be a woman, whether she looks like what you deem and society deem to be 'masculine' or not and that is the whole point the FTM world seems to have missed. I don't know how, when it is the ONLY point!

    It kind of reminds me of being in a gender studies class (can't call it women's studies anymore?) a few years ago at University. As part of the subject we had to watch "Priscilla Queen of the desert" a film about Drag Queens. At the end of the film the lecturer asked if any 'group' were portrayed poorly/badly in the movie. "Feminists" in my class extended their sympathy to the draq queens who were 'marginalised' in mianstream society, yadda, yadda, yadda. It wasn't until the ensuing 20min discussion had ceased that I raised my hand and announced that the women in the movie were badly portrayed and that the movie was openly condoning hatred towards women. The lecturer smiled while the other (mainly) girls in the class swung around to stare at me eyes agape and I wondered if I was really in a gender studies classs with self proclaimed feminists?
    The teacher asked me to expand on my thoughts so I explained how the women in the film are portrayed as less of a woman than the drag queens and that's impossible. Even the butch lesbian in the bar scene is derided and mocked by the drag queens who basically tell her they are more woman than she will ever be. Funny how that's a factual impossibility that is just simply ignored. Not unlike the FTM commenters who spew forth there sexist, misyognist bigoted rubbish at you.
    By the end of the class my peers were agreeing with me and thanking me as they had never looked at it that way. So strange, when it SHOULD be the only way they look at it. I agree with other posters on your blog, these little lost girls need a good dose of education. Education breeds rationalilty and logic. I see none of that on these sad youtube videos.

    Thankyou for listening x

  27. Anon@5:45pm

    No anon, thank you for reading and actually understanding whats being said here.


  28. stop talkin about us transguys! bitch i seen you in real life one time and you look like shit. your mad short and you was waddlin down the street in your burkenstocks and plaid button down with cats followin you. and guess what? i fuckin LAUGHED and called you a bulldyke cunt. everyonee laughed!! your fat to.

  29. ha
    you followed her? Think you got the wrong person.
    she ain't short, nor fat.
    you on the other hand sound just like idiot punk kid who's never say a peep to anyone OUTSIDE the internet.
    "posers are us" me thinks is the main trans catchphrase

  30. ["posers are us" me thinks is the main trans catchphrase]

    If you only knew...

  31. Maybe if most of her FTM trans readers stopped acting like children...

    You might think Dirt is a terrible person, but you ain't any better, sweetheart.

    This blog is her space on the internet. Dirt can talk about whatever the fuck she wants.

    I don't agree with many of the points she makes either, but that doesn't make them wrong.

    If you consider yourself a man, then have the balls to respect a woman's right to have her own opinion. Reinforcing social stereotypes like you're the better human being and talking down to her doesn't help matters.

    Oh, and neither does making shit up on the internet. Grow up.

  32. Anon @ 4:43 PM, there are many trans people expressing their point in a far more rational and mature manner.

    A lot of people within the trans community find your attitude very frustrating as you are trying to push a false equivalence and sell people out so you look more reasonable in return.

  33. @ Anon 3:21

    Lol whut? I don't recall calling out the entire trans community. T'was a response to an earlier post about someone following what they thought was Dirt and calling her a dyke.

    I've been reading Dirt's blog for a little while now, because I feel like reading about the opinion of trans folks in a negative manner will help me get an entire look on the whole thing. While there are mature comments, most of what I see are childish call outs from "Trans men" that act like they're 12.

    Please read the comment more then once and actually read what it says before you get defensive? As a trans guy, I was simply pointing out that all these childish remarks that I keep seeing is not helping us be taken seriously.

    Idiots exist in every community. All I was doing was calling out said idiot.

  34. It's gotta be the younger trans guys who are doing the name calling and what not because none of the older trans guys I know of would even post a hateful comment as some that I have seen lately. It's just goes to show their level of maturity.

    @Anon at January 6, 2011 2:35 AM...Wow, you are real mature! I am sure you didn't see Dirt and if you did, by calling her a bulldyke cunt is just ridiculous and immature as hell. Name calling is so grade school like.

  35. This is a complete breach of privacy. What is with the photos of guys transitioning???? You had NO permission to use these.

  36. The trans youth on this site ARE kids. thats why they respond like such. however, that doesn't mean that they don't understand themselves or how they're feeling OR that they "hate" themselves.

    I'm a 24 year old women's college grad who is also a transguy and pre-op and you know what? my self esteem is great. my reasons for transition have nothing to do with hating the female form or misogyny. it has to do with how i feel comfortable moving through the world. it has to do with people knowing and calling me by MY name. not theirs.

    i've never been a lesbian, and i've never been all that butch either even though i might look like a butch dyke to you. i'm not some macho dude trying to emulate straight masculinity. but you know what? i'm not a macho/masculine dyke either. in fact, i've got a pretty feminine personality. and i completely embrace my social experiences as a female, which have molded who i am today.

    which is a proud trans person with lovers, friends, and supportive family, an education, a life, positivity and love. i don't hate myself. this is a journey to love myself. my circumstances already include a medical need to reduce the size of my gigantic chest and you know what? if i'm going to be going under surgery anyway, if i need a breast reduction to reduce spinal injury and back problems, if i'm going to have massive scars no matter what, i would prefer a FLAT CHEST instead. because it matches how i want to present and look and feel in the world.

    i have no intention of being a stealth privileged male because in fact, i intend on USING my b.a. from a great women's college, which will always follow and out me. i will never have the privilege of being viewed as cis-gender except perhaps by strangers. and fuck em! and my gay expression can't hide just as my trans expression can't hide, so my assumption is that when on HRT, i will STILL READ as a queer person.

    this gives me a unique opportunity to not be INVISIBLE. not an invisible woman, or an invisible man, but a VISIBLE TRANSMAN. which i would say is a unique experience entirely.

    sorry dykes, but i'm just not a butch lesbian! i AM however, an FTMinist, a Feminist, and will always be pushing for equal rights for minorities who are disenfranchised like 2nd class citizens.

    i reserve the right to modify my body how i please. and as a journey forward and not backward, i view it as a coming into my own, a being SEEN, a creation of myself. and i don't have to disown my female past or my women's community and life to do it.

    (continued post... )

  37. Thats not "coming into your own", that denial and hiding from your own. And lesbians are "masculine", we are feminine bodied.


  38. HOLY CRAP---Youre fucking depressing. youre dismissing the experience of a million people who DO NOT identify as what YOU identify as; and its unnervingly sellfish. you are taking their experience personal, because you are creating a false sense of commonality among ALL butch presenting female-bodied people. stop fucking compartmentalizing identity, and stop hating men. Its not 1970 and revolution looks WAY different these days. When other people pursue the identity they need in order to feel connected to self; they deserve support. The fact that you see their experience as an attack on YOUR OWN really helps us see who's the REAL insecure one.

    also---person who listed 3 middle aged F-M people as if theyre the only ones alive/healthy ----- get over your text books and get out and meet some trans guys. COME ON. Ill take you out.


  39. At what point do we draw the line and say..'no you may not do 'that' to your body?'
    Where is the line that society draws at which society dictates the limits of self determination?
    Who makes the call?

    How is calling for the end of medical transition any diferant than laws that dictate to women what they may do with their bodies?

    No one has a right to complain about what others do to their bodies. Yes transition has some heavy costs medicaly. The medical comunity makes the cons very well know to you when a person decides to transition. Yet people transition none the less.

    Unless it is someone close to you why would you find the need to confront them on their transition? It is not your buisness. It is not your place to say anything.

    Personaly I like your posts on Butch/Fem issues. I have a bi butch mom. I like your posts that adress the butch experiance. Helps me gain insight into my mom. But...when you go off on a trans bashing spree I get lost. I understand that you think trans is wrong but it seems to me that you're beating a dead horse here. The medical comunity makes allot of money and employs alot of people in the gender swap field. Enough people want to change their sex, enough to make it profitable for the medical comunity.
    You can't exercise the right to control other peoples bodies. That smells similar to patriarchy to me. Not quite the same but very similar.

  40. I understand and agree with a lot of things in your views.

    Being trans this day -is- becoming a huge trend. Docs that allow people to walk out without seeing anyone for mental health are wrong. These people should be talked to and should be analyzed properly to sort out the trends and confused.

    I'm positive that there are some who know deep within themselves that they were born in the wrong body and are absolutely miserable being in the wrong body and those people should be respected fully. It is a physiological problem that many people face and it needs to be respected.

    This, as true as some of it is, causes hate and confusion. we need to be careful there's enough hate in this world and to add more is dangerous.

    do I agree in what some of these people are doing to themselves
    (FTM and MTF) not fully. Not unless it's been talked about and properly gone through.

    Another thing is we can't sit here and be like FTMs are bad. They're tearing there bodies apart. They're this and that.MTFs are doing the same thing with breast implants and turning they're male organs to females.

    If your going to focus on the issue focus on both of them. It's not fair to go after FTMs only.

  41. Are you actually educated on any of this? Have you read what is required to start hormones and transition? Are you knowledgeable on this matter?

    After you have fully educated yourself on this topic, then you have the right to make the comments that you do.


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